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  1. ayavner

    What wheels are these?

    I have a spare set of these I don’t really know what to do with - can anyone confirm what style they are? They are actually in pretty nice shape, a little dusty. 19” - also not sure what this color is called. I might list them if I know what they are. Tires might have a few K left on them.
  2. ayavner

    Air suspension not working, sporadic errors.

    Hey TMC brain trust, So - this started a couple of weeks ago (before my MCU2 upgrade, maybe irrelevant but its a data point). When driving, an "air suspension adjustment unavailable" error would flash, followed by a red dummy light on the display. A note would go in the Notifications log, but...
  3. ayavner

    Is there a list of standard colors or paint codes for the wheels?

    I have the 19" Sonic Carbon Slipstream wheels, which are dark grey in color. There is some curb rash on one of them, which is not too bad and I should be able to touch it up myself. Is there a paint code or name for this? Here is a pic (pre-rash): As grey famously comes in many different...
  4. ayavner

    infotainment update price change - now $1750?

    So I was chatting with a tech after completing a remote service and asked him about the MCU2 upgrades. He told me those are now $1750 (from memory) - that sucks, I knew I shouldn't have waited! That's without the FM radio.
  5. ayavner

    Why can't I "top off"

    So I charged to 100% overnight because I am taking a trip that is going to be pushing the limits with mileage and charger availability. It only went to 99%, and throughout the day has dropped to 96%. I would like to be able to start charging and top it up that few % (the trip is pretty close)...
  6. ayavner

    Picture Tutorial/How-to: Model S Tail Light Replacement

    Disclaimer: Yes I know there are plenty of videos on the subject. This is for those of us who would rather just see it all on one page than have to sit through a video to see if it looks worth tackling. Ready to begin? 1. I set up an alert on ebay for the tail light, and lucked out with a...
  7. ayavner

    scheduled departure lost its mind

    Hi all - I've done a search and seems a lot of the advice is around the App, which I don't think applies to me (2015, MCU1). I changed to Scheduled Departure once, a week or so ago, to be charged and ready to go by 0930. Right after that I set it back to Scheduled Charging. It still reflects...
  8. ayavner

    Best speed for automatic suspension lowering for long trip?

    Howdy - I am planning a trip from North Texas into West Texas, about a 300+ mile straight highway shot with a supercharger or two along the way. Right now by default, I believe the automatic lowering is set for 100 mph. I assume this helps (marginally) with aerodynamics and therefore...
  9. ayavner

    re-install front bumper 2015 Model S - tips or things to be aware of?

    Hi all - so I did something dumb the other day - well, probably avoidable at any rate. I parked up against a curb in the parking lot, and did not see the piece of rebar that holds the curb in place poking up a couple of inches. And helpfully painted the same color as the curb. Anyway, I...
  10. ayavner

    1. Best place to get second keyfob? and, 2. Can I program the second one from the control screen?

    .. its as the subject says: Where/how can I pick up a replacement key fob so that I can have 2? So far it looks like I can take my chances on ebay, but not thrilled about that if I can avoid it. also, the guy at the SC told me if I get one that I could pair it myself - which I thought was not...
  11. ayavner

    Trying out CarBuyerUSA

    ... to sell my 2011 Volvo XC60. Their offer was ~ $1300 over the next highest, which was Carmax. It's at the low end of the scale for if I had sold it privately, which is pretty impressive... normally a trade-in/wholesale offer doesn't overlap the range for private at all! Anyway, they are...
  12. ayavner

    2015 Model S USB ports inop.

    As stated in the title - both USB ports appear to be dead. The car is new to me, so not sure when it might have stopped. I saw a similar thread from a couple of years back, but that seemed related to the software at the time and things may have changed since then. There is also a 113-page...
  13. ayavner

    how to navigate iphone from the control panel for music?

    Hello - just wondering if anyone knows how to navigate the iPhone as an audio source? When my phone connects, it automatically starts playing whatever I was listening to at the time, but there doesn't seem to be any way to navigate the phone and browse my music library from the Control Panel...
  14. ayavner

    Rear tail light assembly - repair or replace?

    Hi all - my wife noticed, while driving behind me, that some of the running light segments surrounding the liftgate tail light assemblies were burned out: I see from the parts catalog that this is the Liftgate Tail Lamp Assembly, p/n 6005924-00-E, and available over the counter. Question -...
  15. ayavner

    How far does charge drop while plugged in before kicking back on?

    Hello and happy new year! Well, I pulled the trigger after much lurking and research (and general foot-dragging) and bought a 2015 P85D from a local forum member! I'll upload pics and details to another thread, but I have a general question which is pretty much summed up in the title: That...
  16. ayavner

    Any fans of the Culture novels (Iain M. Banks)?

    It's one of the series I come back to year after year, probably read all of them 5 or more times... I know that Elon Musk is a fan, and names some of his rockets in the style of some of the Minds/ships from the series. If I didn't already have a name picked out for my MS if/when I get one, I...
  17. ayavner

    recommendation for in-wall mounting box for Hubble NEMA 14-50 outlet?

    Hey all - just gathering parts to put this in my garage. I want to mount it in the wall vs on the surface, so I was looking at the various boxes. I know I need a 2-gang box, but went a bit glassy-eyed at the options and no one in Home Depot to ask. I feel like the usual blue plastic "old...
  18. ayavner

    Is there some "Caravana-sniping" function I am unaware of??

    Just wondering, it seems uncanny the accuracy and consistency with which every single potential model S they list in my price range (admittedly not unlimited) shows "purchase in progress" even before I am aware of its existence. Vroom is just as bad, they'll send me an email and even if I click...
  19. ayavner

    New feature? :-D

    Hover Mode!! Beta in 2 wks!
  20. ayavner

    Next generation seats - how to tell?

    Is there a dividing line (model year, VIN, etc) that tells you if a Model S has the newer "next generation" seats? Most seem to agree that they are pretty comfortable compared to the previous attempt. Can one tell by looking? Just curious, I am still on the hunt for my perfect (for me) model...
  21. ayavner

    confused about requirements for wall plug, some clarification please?

    My understanding so far for a reasonably robust wall plug for charging would be the following: 60 amp double-pole breaker --> (Minimum) 6 AWG copper (probably 4 better?) --> NEMA 14-50 wall socket. Its a short run in the garage (maybe 3 ft?) so can just go through the wall right to the next...
  22. ayavner

    Any reason not to get a 70D?

    Hi all - I've been scouring the market for something like a 2015 75D or 85D (due to budget), but recently a beautiful 70D came up on the market, with < 50,000 miles and looking like its never even seen rain. It has all the features I would have looked for and the owner seems meticulous. So...
  23. ayavner

    WTB/Interested in 2015 MS 85D or similar

    I am in North Texas, would like a 2015 Model S, 85 or 90, dual motors. Probably not interested in the P or above, just in interest of keeping to some sort of semblance of budget, but interested in what might be in the area. I know there may be chips here and there in the paint, however I would...
  24. ayavner

    Build quality - at what point has it become acceptable?

    Just wondering - a lot of articles i've read on Teslas make a mention to the effect of build quality being poor 'in the early models' - but unclear as to what would be considered the year range of 'early models' with build quality poor enough to be a common thread in industry articles? I...
  25. ayavner

    "Cheap" listings on craigslist - what's the deal with these?

    i am sure this is squarely in the category of "if it looks too good to be true..." https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/pts/d/fort-worth-2016-tesla-model-tesla-model/7346534677.html What's the deal with these? Is anyone falling for these? Or are they legit but probably only for parts or salvage...
  26. ayavner

    RWD vs AWD - pros and cons?

    As the title says... ARE there really any pros/cons comparing RWD vs AWD on a vehicle, all else being equal? Or is this one of those cases where the dual motor setup is considered an evolution, with no compelling reason to consider the single unit? Enlighten me please; search didn't really...
  27. ayavner

    Joining to learn about Teslas!

    Hi all - joining up because I am strongly considering leaping into the world of EVs and Teslas. I am a big believer in being well-informed as well as the right to repair. So for now I'll mostly be lurking, possibly asking some questions as I narrow down which one is right for me. I have...

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