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  1. rcarpen22

    Stock aero covers on T Sportline 18” wheels

    I have an early M3P+ (if that’s still the designation people are using). Anyhoo, the stock 18” wheels will not fit, but I really want to run aeros. Has anyone tried putting the stock aero covers on T Sportline or other aftermarket 18s? I imagine the inner diameter of the outer lip would need...
  2. rcarpen22

    5% power increase

    I got this in the latest software update. I am 99% sure it's confirmation bias, but the car feels a little quicker to me. Has anyone received this update and subsequently visited a drag strip? Any difference?
  3. rcarpen22

    Saw a black Model 3 Performance at the track

    I was racing this weekend at VIR and saw a black Model 3 Performance with a P75D badge running laps in one of the HPDE groups. I wanted to find the car in the paddock and chat, but never got the chance. Is that someone on here? If so, how did the car fare at VIR? Would love to hear some...
  4. rcarpen22

    Positive Service Center Experience

    I see a lot of posts about the horrors of customer service and SCs, so I thought I'd report my experience from yesterday. I was on an interstate highway yesterday on the way to work. I was on AP and was not as focused on the road surface as I might have otherwise been. I saw a new giant...
  5. rcarpen22

    Anyone else not have version 9 yet?

    My Model S still hasn't gotten the V9 update. The Model 3 has had it for weeks. I've always been near the end of software updates, but from the chatter on the forums, it seems like pretty much everyone is on 9.
  6. rcarpen22

    Option to leave climate control on

    In my S, I can hit a button on the touch screen to leave the climate control on at the current settings when I park the car. I love this feature. It seems to be missing on the 3. I know I can turn on the climate using the app, but that is kind of a pain and it turns itself off automatically...
  7. rcarpen22

    Model 3 Insurance

    For those of you with a Model S and a Model 3, how do the insurance costs compare between the two cars? Presumably the Model 3 should be less, as the car is much less expensive and not as aluminum intensive. I could see insurance companies gouging though, just because they can.
  8. rcarpen22

    WTB Take-off Slipstream wheels with good tires & TPMS in Mid-Atlantic

    I am getting close to needing tires and I'd like to buy a set of new Slipstreams with OEM tires and TPMS. I know a lot of people take these off and sell them, but all of the ones advertised on here are on the west coast. I'd like to find someone in the Mid-Atlantic area. Offering reasonable...
  9. rcarpen22

    Phantom Window

    I took the family on a trip last week in the Model S. We parked the car in the hotel parking garage for several days. At one point I went back to the car to get my rain jacket and nothing out of the ordinary. Two days later, I went back to start loading the car and the driver side window was...
  10. rcarpen22

    Changing Delivery Dates

    Just information in case anyone is interested. I am an east coast current owner with a 3/31/16 reservation date. My date for an awd Model 3 was spring 2018, but has now pushed out to "July to Sept." I was going to hold out for awd, but I think we may not see those for quite some time. I'm...
  11. rcarpen22

    Elon almost has me convinced...

    Obviously, Elon's on a tear trying to convince everyone to go buy a Model S, rather than wait for the Model 3. One minor unintended consequence is that he may be convincing those of us that have a lower spec Model S that were planning to "upgrade" to a performance version of the Model 3, that...
  12. rcarpen22

    40k in 15 months

    My 70D is getting the day of today. It's sitting in the garage with exactly 40,000 miles on it. I took delivery 15 months ago (December 2015) and obviously have spent a lot of time in the driver's seat. While I am always debating about whether I will trade the MS in on a M3 when they arrive...
  13. rcarpen22

    Summon Issue

    So, I used summon for the first time yesterday. I had to disable the continuous press option and use the key fob. It worked ok, but it won't make it over the lip of my garage. This morning, I tested the reverse functionality and it will back out of my garage ok. It was pretty cool to pull...
  14. rcarpen22

    Mercedes E Class

    I saw a commercial for the new E Class last night. It looks like it will have all of the features that Autopilot has (except maybe summon). Maybe it's old news, but has anyone experienced one of these? How does it compare?
  15. rcarpen22

    Potential Model 3 App

    So, reading the comments on the lack of a screen behind the steering wheel got me thinking about an easy way to solve the issue for those that want such a screen. I posted in the thread about that, but I am really curious now about how hard it would be to make an app. I am assuming that the...
  16. rcarpen22

    So this happened yesterday...

    Picked up the car on December 8th. Hit 10,000 miles this morning pulling into work. I may need a Model 3 to replace this car if I keep driving so much!
  17. rcarpen22

    New 70D vs Classic 85 Impressions

    I just dropped my car off for service and picked up a loaner. My car is a very late 2015 70D picked up in December. It got some rock chips on the hood and one on the windshield during transport, so the SC said they wanted to replace the whole front end. I just took it in to have the parts...
  18. rcarpen22

    Oil Change

    So, I'm not at all one of the MS owners who super hates internal combustion now. I still love my old cars and I still enjoy driving them on occasion. So, I was surprised this weekend when I had such an aversion to changing the oil in my winter beater. It's a diesel VW Touareg that takes about...
  19. rcarpen22

    TACC as standard

    So, just curious, for people who have autopilot features, would you give up autosteer if TACC came standard on the car? i.e., is autosteer something you would pay extra for by itself? I really want TACC, but have zero interest in autosteer. Can't justify $2500 for TACC alone, but I guess I'll...
  20. rcarpen22

    iphone App

    When do they connect the app? I'm guessing at delivery? Would be cool if the app started working at the factory so you could track delivery:-)
  21. rcarpen22

    New 70 RWD or classic P85

    So, I think with my budget, I am looking at a 70rwd with a few options (or 70D with virtually no options) or a CPO P85. I agonize over decisions like this a bit more than I should, but in this case, it's justified. It's a lot of money! So, it basically comes down to new car with higher build...
  22. rcarpen22

    70D test drive

    I test drove a 70d yesterday and was very impressed. These cars just seem to be getting better and better. I had driven a 60 and an 85 prior to the release of autopilot and the thing that struck me the most about the new car (other than the stellar performance) was how much more stuff you get...
  23. rcarpen22


    Have all Model S trims always had TPMS standard?
  24. rcarpen22

    Ventilated seats?

    Did it look like the seats had perforations for ventilation? I really want that.

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