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  1. jdcollins5

    Model 3 Service Manual using Firefox - Print?

    Can anyone running the Service Manual in Firefox explain to me how to print? The print button does not work. I have been running it with Microsoft Edge. Microsoft updated Edge and the Service Manual no longer works. I switched to Firefox and the manual works fine but I can no longer print...
  2. jdcollins5

    Tesla App Touch ID?

    Can someone that uses the Touch ID in the app explain how it works? My thought is that when you try to unlock your car you will get a message to touch your finger. Is this correct? If so, I can see this as added security to prevent someone from taking or finding your phone and being able to...
  3. jdcollins5

    Auto Park and 40.2.1

    I have noticed that after 40.2.1 I have begun to see more of the P for Auto Park and not having to be as close to the cars as before. I have not had a chance to use it due to busy parking lots. I found a chance to try it this morning in my gym parking lot. It did the perpendicular parking...
  4. jdcollins5

    Left door pillar camera blocked or blinded

    I searched and could not find this message. Driving with AP this morning on highway and this message popped up:; Left door pillar camera blocked or blinded Clear camera or wait for it to regain visibility I noticed that the morning sun was directly on my door. AP continued to work except for...
  5. jdcollins5

    Enhanced AutoPilot changed to AutoPilot

    I went to my Tesla Account to download the new Owner’s Manual. I noticed that under my Vehicle Details that my Enhanced AutoPilot has been changed to AutoPilot. Anyone else? It still says Enhanced AutoPilot on my MVPA and I would think that is what counts for insurance or resale purposes.
  6. jdcollins5

    First car inspection

    I took my car for it’s first inspection at my neighborhood Valvoline Oil Change location. I was immediately surrounded by 4 young gearheads with rapid-fire questions. They seemed to know a lot about the things they were most interested in. How fast have you driven this car? 90 How fast will...
  7. jdcollins5

    1 Year and No AC Issues

    After 1 year and 15k miles, I checked my Cabin Air Filters today. They were dry and clean, with very little dust or particles. I checked the coil compartment and it was clean and dry. I live about 5 miles from the ocean in NC and it is hot and humid for about half the year. I keep my AC on...
  8. jdcollins5

    Another Anniversary Thread - with data

    LR-RWD, Silver Metallic, EAP, August 2018 build, 18” tires Aeros off, delivered September 23, 2018 I cannot believe I have had this amazing car for a year now. I still get a rush every time I get in the driver’s seat. The car drives just as good today as when new. I have not had a single...
  9. jdcollins5

    State Farm Drive Safe & Save: my Model 3 is not getting the full discount, why?

    My wife has a 2017 Honda Pilot and I have a 2018 Model 3. We have a combined 95% score on DS&S. On our most recent discounts posted, my wife’s car is getting the full 30% but my car is only getting 10%. I talked to my agent who talked with the Underwriter group that sets the discounts. Long...
  10. jdcollins5

    Iihs - Public Doesn’t Understand Tesla Safety System

    Apologies if this has been posted before, I searched but could not find anything. I read this article in my local newspaper. It lists Tribune News Service as the source. The article talks about driver-assist technologies by Tesla, Audi, Acura, Cadillac, BMW and Nissan but it focuses mainly on...
  11. jdcollins5

    Collision Warning - Nice Safety Feature

    I searched and found a thread on False Alarms so I wanted to follow up with a positive thread. I have had two Collision Warning alarms where the person in front of me stopped suddenly. The first time the car stopped very suddenly due to a chain reaction of other cars. The car started braking...
  12. jdcollins5

    Tesla App 3.8.0 and 48.12.1 - Charging Notifications

    i searched but could not find this exact subject. Prior to 48.12.1 I would get a notification when charging started and the current SOC. I would get another notification when charging completed and new SOC. After the latest update I no longer receive the charging complete update. When I...
  13. jdcollins5

    Browser Time Setting

    I noticed for the first time today, when I was looking with the browser on ESPN for bowl games, that the time is PT and I am on the East Coast. Is there a way to change the time? I feel like the answer is no, since Tesla is in CA, but cannot hurt to ask.
  14. jdcollins5

    Locking Phone in Car - Or Not

    I have read multiple posts about phones being locked in cars. Tonight I left my phone on the charger to go to dinner and turned off the Tesla app. I was expecting the car to lock when I walked away, like I have read in other posts. I walked away and waited but it did not lock. I had to go...
  15. jdcollins5

    TACC Distance Following - Start/Stop

    I was in a 1 mile line this weekend to enter a Christmas Light show at a popular garden. It was stop and go the entire distance, with the typical people trying to go as far as they could in the left lane and then trying to dive in the right lane at the last minute. TACC set to 1 kept right up...
  16. jdcollins5

    EAP Terminology

    Is it just me or does it bother anyone else that so many people use the term EAP so loosely? They say they were using EAP when this or that happened. What part(s) of EAP were you using? EAP covers several subsystems: - TACC - AutoSteer - Auto Lane Change - Navigation on AutoPilot - AutoPark -...
  17. jdcollins5

    AutoSteer limited to 50 mph

    i was driving on a US highway within the city that is 4 lanes with a 50 mph SL. I had the TACC speed limit set at 55 when I engaged AutoSteer. The car immediately slowed down to 50 and I received an “AutoSteer limited to 50 mph message”. I looked around and realized there was no median, just...
  18. jdcollins5

    AutoPark - Car and Concrete Curb

    I have used AutoPark one time before to perpendicular park between two cars and it worked perfectly. Today at the gym I was going to back in between a car and a concrete divider curb. When I put it in reverse I noticed the AutoPark symbol and was surprised that this was not between two cars...
  19. jdcollins5

    Consumer Reports - Automated Driving System Rankings

    I searched but could not find anything on this. I have a CR subscription which includes online and notifications. I received an email with several new tests, including this one. I cannot post since it goes to my online subscription. Has anyone else seen this? Rankings: 1) Cadillac Super...
  20. jdcollins5

    12V Fuses?

    Does anyone know where the 12V fuse box is located? I have looked in all of the normal places without removing any fastened covers. When I search the Model 3 Parts Catalog for fuses only a fuse in the HV Battery Assembly and a fuse in the Penthouse are listed.
  21. jdcollins5

    V9 AutoPark

    I have had my car for just over a month now. Until this morning I have not really thought about AutoPark since I normally park front end first. The gym parking lot was unusually crowded this morning and as I was driving past a row of cars and an empty slot, the gray P appeared. It took me a...
  22. jdcollins5

    Cabin Air Filter Question

    Where is the cabin air filter on the Model 3? It is typically behind the glovebox, but with the glovebox electrically activated I do not see a way to drop it. The new parts diagram in the Parts Catalog seems to imply that there are two filters?
  23. jdcollins5

    LR Battery - Usable Capacity Rating and Rated Wh/mile

    I have read a lot of different opinions on the usable capacity of the LR battery and the Wh/mile rating. The EPA rating for range miles is 310 and 26 kWh/100 mile, or 260 Wh/mile. The EPA rating suggests 80.6 kWH usable battery capacity. I have seen posts that say the rated Wh/mile is as low...
  24. jdcollins5

    Recommendations for 12V Tire Inflator and Tire Repair Kit

    There are so many available on Amazon and eBay. Any recommendations for good, reliable units would be appreciated.
  25. jdcollins5

    License Plate Question

    How does Tesla handle license plates? I know at dealerships they install a 30-day tag and you get the real plate in about two weeks. I have a custom plate that I would like to transfer. I have only dealt with emails with Las Vegas so far and he is setting up home delivery.
  26. jdcollins5

    Home Charging Rate - Fast or Slow

    I understand that on trips you want the fastest charging rates possible. How about at home, is slower better than faster if you can get the needed charge during Off-peak hours? The UMC is limited to 32A but you can always lower the current limit: @32A ~ 30 mph, @20A ~ 20 mph and @10A ~ 10 mph...
  27. jdcollins5

    10-30 Adapter Sold Out

    i just went to purchase a 10-30 adapter from the Tesla shop and received the message they are sold out. Any idea how long it takes to re-stock?
  28. jdcollins5

    2017 Model 3 Reliability

    For those that received some of the first Model 3’s, how are your cars holding up from a reliability stand point? Water leaks, noise, rattles, functionality, battery degradation, etc. Does the car still meet your initial expectations? Are you still as much in awe of it today as the day you...
  29. jdcollins5

    Golf Clubs

    How many sets of golf clubs will fit in the trunk?
  30. jdcollins5

    Towing a Model 3 RWD

    What is the issue with towing a RWD with the rear wheels lifted but front wheels on the road? I only see flatbed towing which I understand with AWD.
  31. jdcollins5

    Newbie Supercharger Question

    Hello. I have just joined the forum and have just recently requested a test drive of a Model 3 at the Raleigh, NC location. I am trying to learn all I can about the Model 3. My current vehicle is a 2010 Prius. Question, when connecting to a Supercharger how is your car identified in the...

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