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    Did the blind spot monitoring just got worse

    Before update (4.18) it always zoomed out when there were cars close by, now it doesn't. Now it shows the car too late.
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    which adapter comes with 5-15 14-50

    Anyone who recently got model Y, which adapter does it come with now, only NEMA 5-15? Not 14-50?
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    selling model 3 privately

    I'm planning selling model 3 myself. So just asking for advice, what should I do? what to look for? what papers? I'm thinking I will meet the buyer at my bank, that way my bank will confirm the money or check. I know I will factory reset the car and remove car from my account. Thanks
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    Standard range trade in value

    Just want to share, if anyone interested, seems pretty low. I paid 38k (35k plus 3k autopilot)
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    SR to SR+ how many miles

    Anyone knows if upgrade from SR to SR+ will give 263 miles? Or how many miles, 240, 250? Car purchased April 2019 (standard range)
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    SR and SR+ displayed range at 100%

    Please post a screenshot like this (in the app - charging - slide the line all the way to the right). Mine is now only around 200 (SR, not SR+)
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    Spotify not starting the song

    Some songs in Spotify will not load, the circle just spins. Month ago I never had this problem. It's not all songs, some start playing right away. Anyone else has this issue?
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    Screen maps swipe bug?

    On screen when swipe right on the search bar, it used to navigate to work. Swipe down to home. Now it's both home. Is this a bug? Or is it just mine?
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    YouTube forward 10 seconds

    Is there a way to forward a video 10 or 20 seconds? If not can someone tweet Elon to add it..
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    SR displayed estimated range (not SR+)(not actual range)

    You don't have to charge to 100% . Just divide miles left by percentage left and multiply by 100. (lot of people don't realize this)
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    energy display - energy/distance

    It should always be showing this right? Or not? (when you switch in energy display- energy/distance) Can you guys check yours and confirm. SR = 220 miles, 1%=2.2 miles, 2.2x50=110 so at 50%=110miles SR = 220 miles, 1%=2.2 miles, so at 60% = 132, 40%=88 SR+ = 240 miles 1%=2.4 miles, so at 60% =...
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    text from service center (downgrade from sr+ to sr)

    So tesla did downgrade from 240 to 220. But it's showing only 204 miles at 100%. Service center texted me this, can someone explain?
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    Tesla finally downgraded me from SR+ (240 miles) to SR (220 miles)

    Tesla finally downgraded me from SR+ (240 miles) to SR (220 miles). Fog lights and immersive sound are gone too. (I paid for SR 220 miles). I'm on 2019.28.3.1
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    audio issue bluetooth

    Strange issue, sometimes when I play anything (music, youtube..) on the phone (galaxy s10) it doesn't go through bluetooth, the sound is coming from earpiece, but it shows the title of music or video on tesla screen- tesla thinks it is playing it. When I restart my phone it works fine. I'm not...
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    camera video distorted

    About 20 to 40% of the time one of my cameras are distorted at bottom (see photo). Also sometimes the file has 0 kb and it says file corrupted. I did format my ssd and that didn't help. Any advice?
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    software SR (not SR+)

    Is there anyone who has higher software version then 8.6.x on SR (not SR+). I think tesla will release new version with miles limited to 220 and that's why it's delayed.
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    open doors

    To open front doors I push button and door opens. Rear doors I have hold the button and open door at the same time. Is that normal?
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    2019.12.1.2 ......... 8.6.1

    I see that everybody is on or getting 2019.12.1.2 . I still have 8.6.1. I'm on wifi everyday and every night. Should I be worried or is this normal, how long I might be waiting?
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    stay below 70 mph to reach destination

    On a trip it says "stay below 70 mph to reach destination" , is there a way to get rid of it and have it plan to closer supercharger? I would like to drive 80+ mph...

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