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    Anyone ordered with Full Self-Driving option?

    Anything is possible but currently there's no rear radar so no, not with this current set up. Thanks for the info. How then can they implement FSD without a rear facing radar.
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    Anyone ordered with Full Self-Driving option?

    I am a sucker and bought FSD on my 3 Here were my thoughts: -the Model S descriptions of the 2 options indicate that you will eventually get access to all 8 cameras with FSD. I figure that might eventually make for better lane changes, etc, even if full FSD is not achieved Agree, We traded in...
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    Gas Stations Are Not Dead

    We get extra savings from charging during late hour at reduced cost
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    Does buying from dealer other than Tesla void warranty?

    We recently traded in a 2015 Tesla with a new inventory 2017. Tesla rebated us directly for the unused maintenance warranty on our 2015. I assume this could mean that Tesla may not transfer warranties to new owners. If the original owner can't get his rebate back and pass the savings to you then...
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    Drive Model X to Tibet ?

    Congratulations. More on the trip and charging please
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    I can't take it anymore!

    Check the lumbar support on both seats. My personal experience is any lumbar support on the drivers seat = uncomfortable ride
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    Has anyone compared USAA?
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    Smelly feet smell from AC

    You might consider calling or taking to service center
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    Did you name your Model S, and if so, what?

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    Some damage to our baby...

    I got terrific results from a non certified Tesla repair shop that was 1/4 the price of the certified shop and less than the insurance deductible for a minor fender problem. Found using Yelp in my area.
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    “We’ll now connect you to the nearest Service Center based on your area code” $!&@?!&#%

    You sure like to comment around 3 times a day about everything. What do you do with the rest of your time?
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    Blog Report: Tesla Swapping Nvidia Chips For Intel To Power Infotainment System

    Question: Since Intel owns Mobileye do you think this opens the door for Tesla getting back in bed with Mobileye? Autopilot seemed to work well under Mobileye but not much progress since divorce from Tesla.
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    SF sues oil companies because of climate change

    Its difficult for me to understand how a city that continues to use oil and gas after determining it is bad can sue someone for producing it. I have no problem with carbon tax or renewable energy incentives.
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    Porsche Mission E

    We've owned a number of Porsche's. One thing they all had in common. High maintenance costs.
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    Here are some missing features that Tesla should have!!

    I agree with your first 2 statements. Speed is usually not the cause. Its most often following too close.
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    Article states M3 maintenance costs highest

    I had an 8 year Tesla maintenance plan. They included rotating tires every 6K miles and annual full wheel alignments. Also when I traded it in on a new Tesla they rebated my unused maintenance cost. I don't have maintenance experience with the new Tesla. I do plan on getting a maintenance plan...
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    Can we watch solar eclipse through pano/all glass roof?

    Good suggestions. One more. Watch it on TV. Better view, no clouds, no worry about eyes.
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    General Range Advice

    With the new build out, SC will be about 100 miles apart. Closer in urban areas. My garage is my gas station and I use SC only on trips. I have never beaten SC time to top off on a trip when I need a restroom, stretch legs or food after 3 or more hours of driving for me and my family.
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    Out of warranty concerns about Tesla

    Tesla may be worried about someone getting inside the car and possibly disturbing/breaking/changing something else and then being held responsible for something someone else caused while under warranty. One of the problems could be how much you need to dismantle/"tear apart" the car to get at...
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    $1,250 Center Console Worth It?

    Really depends on what you need and how custom you need it to look. The Tesla console, while very attractive, reduces right leg room for me with long legs. Personally I got a much smaller Topfit Portable Silicone Center Container. I really like it. Its perfect for me and my wife can place her...
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    Window Tinting...

    Note also there are clear window tint materials that work very well. My wife got a prescription from her dermatologist in CA.
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    Slower supercharging on Model 3

    Not sure I understand your point. I get the 176 miles (220 x .8). I understand the 4.3 miles a minute. What I have trouble with is your 176 / 4.3 = 41 minutes issue. You are right if you let your battery discharge to zero. But I would think that is an extremely rare occurrence for most of us. If...
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    Model 3 entry via ... keycard & app. No fob.

    Good, easy question for current 3 owners
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    Model 3 entry via ... keycard & app. No fob.

    I prefer the key fob. I always have my house/work keys with me. Key fob is on my keys.
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    What is the best way to keep my Tesla #1316 clean and protected?

    For washing I use Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax. I live in Southern CA so water usage is important. This stuff is easy. I use it in my garage and its really good. I would recommend it no matter where you live. Only negative Ive found is excessive amounts of bugs or tar need special treatment as...
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    Where are the employee model 3 reviews?

    Purpose would be to share information not yet known. As example, driver legroom for long legged people or how does the key card work, do you need to swipe it across the pillar, what functions can be done on a smart phone, home link? None of these things would appear to be "big deal" press...
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    310 Miles plus Premium Upgrades at $41,500 after Fed Tax Credit

    Some of us also get state tax credits, plus utility rebates, plus reduced electric costs at night.
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    Slower supercharging on Model 3

    I only get 26 miles per hour in my S at home using a nema 1450. Going to 37 or realistically a little less will be a big welcomed jump for me, particularly since I will have 2 Tesla's to feed.
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    The sky has fallen

    When it comes to tax issues I would recommend checking out what a sales rep tells you with your accountant or tax guy. I believe the term CPO that Tesla uses is synonymous with a car previously sold by Tesla to another owner, repurchased by Tesla and is being sold again. This new purchaser is...
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    Does the "aero" design in the 18 wheels add any range?

    Excluding wheel rim esthetics is there any merits/adantages to the smaller tire as there was in the S or X?
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    How is legroom measured?

    Any evaluation from a long legged person who has sat in the 3s drivers seat? Or the front passenger seat and their view of the drivers leg room?
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    S75D inventory purchase or custom order?

    Check out the new custom order S75D. Its around $88K depending on equipment, etc. It includes their newer faster motor and air suspension. But its Sep delivery.
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    Musk Says Hyperloop Connecting NYC to DC in 30 Minutes Received ‘Verbal Government Approval’

    Why don't they start with transporting stuff first and people later. Reduces trucks and pollution on highways. Many more complications, regulations and obstacles to transporting people (AC, bathrooms, etc.).
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    Financing strategy

    Agree, but consider purchasing bonds or interest bearing stocks that yield more than 1.49% until you need the money for "other things". Also don't forget to consider using the money to pay off part of your mortgage or credit cards that cost you more than 1.49%
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    Got our AP1 S in Sep 2014. AP software not downloaded for a year. Revolutionary changes can take time to develop
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    SoCal: Tricked Out 75D or Bare 100D?

    If one has AP 1 and the other 2, I would go for 2
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    Need advice on 2016 Tesla Model S 60 4dr midyear release

    Looks like a very good deal to me. We just got a new inventory S 75 with AP2, air suspension and the 1.49% financing. Love it. I really prefer the AP2 because even if the EAP is not fully implemented for a year or 2, some of the 8 cameras and 12 sensors should be brought on line which should...
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    Pre-Order for Family Member

    Using your logic I assume if Mr. X reserves a 3 today an early reserver Mr. Y can tranfer their reservation to Mr. X?
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    Range degradation for S70D

    Agree. Its not like measuring the amount of gas in the tank. The algorithm used to show these miles has many variables and subjective measurements. And the algorithm even changes with some firmware updates. My point is using how many miles you show on a % charge contains a lot of estimates and...
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    Your (3) does not work well in Huntington Beach for me. We have a S 75 AP2 with 17.26.76. Had to break for car coming from right within 2 car lengths or less at about 40 mph, twice.
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    Powerwall 2 - is it for me?

    I am not familiar with SDG&E rate structure. I live in Huntington Beach's SCE area. I heard that SDG&E had a special something for EV owners. I get a much lower rate at night than you. Check your alternatives. My point is it may be cheaper to add low cost electricity to your over production...
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    New 75d vs inventory 90d question

    Their will be 6 SC's within 75 miles pf Pittsburgh. I may not fully appreciate your cold weather issues because I live in Southern CA. But coming back home from work with nearly 50% charge seems OK to me. I just bought a new inventory 75 with AP2 and air suspension.
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    New 75d vs inventory 90d question

    Personally, I do not think range is an issue, especially sense Tesla is covering the US with superchargers about 100 miles apart. To me the issue is inability to get air suspension. Also AP2 cars should not depreciate as fast as AP1. AP2's should be safer once the 8 cameras and 12 sensors are...
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    2015 90D CPO with AP1 or 75 Base new with EAP?

    The new 75 just came out with a new 1 million mile motor. Its also faster than before. Plus it has the 8 cameras 12 sensors and AP2. To me important even if don't get EAP for safety reasons alone plus the upgrade ability if you change your mind. Battery mileage difference is not that significant...
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    75? 100? 75? 100? ARGHHH!

    I think getting the most range is not necessary especially since they are doubling the number of superchargers. It looks to us like 100 miles between charges will be about the norm. We almost never use superchargers except on long trips. Just traded in our 85S with AP1 for a 75 new inventory...
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    Vendor New Cubby Drawer

    I have one. Perfect. Great video:
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    is there a tesla lemon law?

    Tesla has posted their official "Lemon Law" position by applicable state in the Document section in of your "My Tesla" account section of the Tesla website. Simply logon to your account and select "Manage" next to the image of your Tesla car. I found several helpful official documents in this...
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    When do you think the 2170 battery comes to MX and MS?

    Never. Believe they will change S to S2 or something else when that occurs. The 2 battery sizes are not compatible without significant remodeling and engineering changes. They really need to "refresh" the S anyway to keep new customers coming.
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    Are 75 going to be replaced by 80?

    The S75 and S75D were just reduced by $5K in their configurater.

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