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    2019 Model 3 Performance to Model S LR at 90K, worthwhile?

    Appreciate the thought out post. This leaves me even more conflicted as I thought the S would just be overall superior in every facet but then I guess there are limits as the 3 is physically a smaller car. I'm torn. I love the 3 size but the inside just lacks a certain quality after sitting in a...
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    2019 Model 3 Performance to Model S LR at 90K, worthwhile?

    Have a 2019 Model 3 Performance with 30K miles. Dealer is offering 47K for it. A friend took delivery back in August of his Model S LR but he already got another car in the meantime. Willing to sell it to me at 90K (he bought it for $79K). Car only has 25 miles. Is it worth doing the upgrade...
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    Need a Place to Fix Small Paint Transfer

    Accidentally hit my metal shoe rack in the garage with my new three day old car. Some thin but long paint transferred occured. Maybe about 6 inches on the front. It seems to come off with light scratching but because it's so long, scratching at it would take hours. Can someone rec. a good shop...
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    2021 (December 21 Delivery) Model S Plaid for sale 4K miles

    How much did it sold for? Bummed I missed it (local)
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    Definitive Answer?: Transferring Res. from an Account w/ Multiple Tesla's to New buyer

    Every single search result gives a differing answer. Some say they were able to do it, some say they were blacklisted, some say the manager was able to override, etc. I have a local person open to sell me their S LR. Only issue is, he already has a Tesla account with a Tesla in it so it's not...
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    2021 Model Y Performance w/FSD - For Sale in Las Vegas

    Definitely makes me want to move to NV. MD sucks then.
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    2021 Model Y Performance w/FSD - For Sale in Las Vegas

    Yeah I think you have to pay tax regardless when you go and get it registered at the DMV. Only way to avoid it would be to write 0 on the bill of sale which will definitely raise flags.
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    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Ah shoot. That sucks. I guess its not bad news for people who wanted plaid from the start but sucks for the people who got it pre-price hike for the LR.
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    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Quick question guys. I have a Model X LR (red, 5 seats, cream seats) on order that I placed back in July-ish. I was able to get the order in at $92K I think? If I were to upgrade to the plaid, which I'm assuming is the 6 seater now, does anyone know what the pricing would be? Would I pay the...
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    For Sale: 2022 Model S LR reservation, Salt Lake - Black w White Interior, Tempest, Delivery before Jan 15th - Best Offer

    Ah shoot. Does that mean someone actually has to take delivery in Utah? I too like like am located on the East Coast. MD to Utah is pretty far. Hoping it's possible to re-route though.
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    Definitive Answer Needed: Driving Feel b/w Model 3P vs. REFRESHED Model S LR

    Ha, I actually read the thread this morning. Will the driving feel feel the same between a LR and Plaid though? Also, does the car feel planted in corners like the Model 3 or a bit more loosey goosey?
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    Definitive Answer Needed: Driving Feel b/w Model 3P vs. REFRESHED Model S LR

    I've been searching high and low but can't find a clear answer from a person who drove BOTH the Model 3 Performance and a refreshed Model S LR. Alot of the experiences I read are from the older Model S models which even I have. I know that the new Model S LR has more power (faster straightline)...
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    WTB: Model S LR Reservation

    I know everybody wants to profit for a reservation but if you decide you don't want to want the LR anymore, please let me know. Looking to get a LR soon.
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    Maryland Excise Tax Rebate

    Called MVA customer service this morning and they said they can't find the title number/vin number associated with my license (well of course, I had traded in the car to get my other Model 3). I had purchased a Model 3 LR August 2019 titled under my name only. I then ended up trading in the LR...
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    Maryland Excise Tax Rebate

    Got the refund for 9/23/2019 ($600 something) but still waiting on the $3000 8/18. I wish they sent that one first. Hope they don't try to find a reason to invalidate the larger one by saying no two checks can be issued to one address.
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    Maryland Excise Tax Rebate

    Dang it. Im in the 8/18/2019 and 9/23/2019 boat
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    Maryland Excise Tax Rebate

    Dead serious!? When was your purchase date?
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    Maryland Excise Tax Rebate

    Ditto, no update on the DMV site either.
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    Maryland Excise Tax Rebate

    Most recent update: Post Passage 5/30/2021 5/30/2021 Enacted under Article II, Section 17(c) of the Maryland Constitution - Chapter 670
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    Maryland Excise Tax Rebate

    Been checking everyday but nothing so far on the MD MVA site
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    Maryland Excise Tax Rebate

    YESSSS! IT FINALLY PASSED. People on the backlog will be getting the check (no new purchasers though). What a long couple of years (can't believe its been a couple of years). http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/mgawebsite/Legislation/Details/hb0044?ys=2021RS
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    Maryland Excise Tax Rebate

    Good news (or potential good news), it's in the Senate at the moment. It has been amended to only include people on the waitlist so hopefully this pushes through.
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    Silver spring, MD tesla detailers

    Any updates on this one? Looking for a solid place that can just wash the exterior.
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    Damp Car, Where is the Moisture From?

    Having an odd issue. On days with heavy rainfall or heavy condensation, I would get in the car with the steering wheel a bit damp. Its not full on wet but its damp enough that you can right away feel it. I double checked all the windows and they're closed and when I'm driving in rain, there...
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    NJ EV Tax Break | Is it feasible with AWD + FSD

    I thought MD ran out of the tax credit for 2020 and all apps are on hold. I know they were looking to extend it in Feb. but the bill wasn't passed due to you know, COVID.
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    Tint Shops in NoVA/MD?

    Does anybody have updated recommendations? Or is LA Tint still one of the best ones around.
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    Ding or METAL Defect From Factory?

    Was washing my car and noticed something on my passenger side front door. A door ding would make a dimple, a small dent from the impact. The thing I found, it seems as though the metal is bowing outwards and I can't for the life of me figure out what could cause that. Its like a lump or a little...
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    Pirelli Cintuarto P7 All Season Plus 2 — anyone try these?

    I went with the II's as they were the newer model (I mean new models are always better than the old ones, right!?) and also they were advertised to address the originals weakness which was wet performance. I don't push my car hard in the rain but it's good piece of mind to have that my tires are...
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    Pirelli Cintuarto P7 All Season Plus 2 — anyone try these?

    Sure, sample size is a bit small though. Original pick up of the VH was 9/23(ish)/2019. Drove the PS from then to 12/26/2019 and then the II's from then till now. Driving habits were the same as well as the places driven. Didn't get to drive much with the PS's though as the car was in the shop...
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    Pirelli Cintuarto P7 All Season Plus 2 — anyone try these?

    Nope, they were the II's. Bought them as soon as they were uploaded on Tirerack. Got rid of the Pilot Sports due to me being in MD and experiencing lots of below 30 weather. Tires are fine, feels a bit "dull" but definitely softer and cushier. Less engagement than the Pilot Sports but that's a...
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    Pirelli Cintuarto P7 All Season Plus 2 — anyone try these?

    4900 miles in so far. Installed 12/25/2019.
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    How Often Do You Wash Your Car?

    How dirty does your car get? Any tips on cleaning the side rocker panels?
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    How Often Do You Wash Your Car?

    Washed my car for the first time since getting the car in August (?). The side rocker panels were absolutely disgusting from driving in the rain. Caked worms, dirt, grime, etc. I went ahead and did the two bucket method. Presoak with ON. It took three hours. It took three hours and that was...
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    Maryland Excise Tax Rebate

    The website shows that all three bills related to the MD tax excise is "dead" :( Is this the end of the road?
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    Model 3 Accessories (Touch Up Paint, Console/Handlebar Wraps)

    Sorry for the late response! Pearl White paint has been told. Adding Taptes Wireless Charger Revision 2 with Packaging. Used for about 3 weeks. This is newer model where you can charge horizontally and vertically. Looking to sell everything (just no touch up paint) as a bundle. $66 shipped...
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    Tesla Certified Bodyshop Recommendation in the DC Area

    I'm located in Rockville MD. Made the 1 hour drive to Severn after doing some research. They seemed to have the most exposure to Tesla repairs compared to the local shops (for example, Kenwood). Ryan at Severn did an awesome job on a repaint (flaws from delivery).
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    Maryland Excise Tax Rebate

    I saw the revised bill and I'm a bit confused. If you bought the vehicle before 2020, would you be eligible for only the sales tax refund up to $3000 OR would you be eligible for the flat $3000 tax refund regardless of the tax actually paid. Reason why i ask this is because technically the bill...
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    Car Wash or Detail near Bethesda?

    Have you found any solid touch-less car wash places? I keep getting differing answers on whether these are safe. "Touch-less washes use hoses that are too powerful" "the jets messed up my cameras" "water is recycled and has contaminates" "the dryer is too strong" etc etc. Is there really a...
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    Model 3 Accessories (Touch Up Paint, Console/Handlebar Wraps)

    -MATTE BLACK IS UNUSED AND COMES WITH ALL PIECES. MATRIX WRAP COMES WITH ALL PIECES EXCEPT THE PIECE ABOVE THE THE CUP HOLDER. WILL ALSO INCLUDE A EXTRA CUP HOLDER PIECE (total 3) Plenty of spares in case you mess up. Mix and match so you can have a pretty slick combination. Will include the...
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    Switched to Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II - My Thoughts

    I had a mishap recently which led to me having to switch out my tires a lot quicker than expected. After careful consideration between the A/S 3 and the Cintuarto P7, I opted for the latter. When I was placing my order, I realized that the P7 recently came out with the Plus II. I couldn't find...
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    Just Shredded Three Tires: Need Tire Recs ASAP!

    Dammit guys, you guys are making me want to go up to 245 then. Okay so the new options are: P7 All Season Plus 2 DSW06 A/S3 Only issue with the A/S3 is some of these reviews are stating that they're getting like 15-20K miles. WHAT. The P7 has a warranty of 70K. That is an absolute gulf of a...
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    Just Shredded Three Tires: Need Tire Recs ASAP!

    Well thats a bummer.... A construction truck in front of me dropped a TON of debris on the road which I coincidentally ran over. 3/4 tires are pretty shredded while the fourth has a slow leak. Have to change the tires out a lot quicker than I had expected. Currently running tsport rims 19"...
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    Do Smaller Tires Are Longer Lasting?

    Hey guys, Had a quick question. I currently have the Tesla 20" rims on my vehicle and absolutely love how they look. That being said, I realized that my options are pretty limited in terms of tires that fit the 20" Im contemplating on going to 18" or 19". Which size has more tire options...
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    White dash peeling

    JW but what material does the white feel like underneath that peel, plastic or aluminium?
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    Undercarriage Damage from Delivery? How?

    Has anyone dealt with this before? I went to go pick something up off the ground next the car and something caught my eye. I looked underneath and the undercarriage (the side black plastic trim where the jack points are, not the actual middle portion where its metal or composite) was absolutely...
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    Squeaks from Driver Side Window?

    Where did you spray yours? The upper portion where the top of the window makes contact with the frame/foam?
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    Advice Needed: Respray or Touch Up Paint?

    Thats a hard decision... There is always a chance that the respray can be PERFECT but at the same time it can even be worse. Not to mention that it looks like its two different panels that need to be sprayed. Does anybody know if it can be spot fixed or would the body shape have to respray the...

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