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  1. racerx43

    Tesla delivery times

    I had a small issue with the rear seats not folding smoothly-1 barely moved. It’s a 7 seater, they have electronic release and one just needs the SC to adjust something. The other was a trim piece on the rear window that needs to get reglued it’s there but loose. The paint was perfect and I...
  2. racerx43

    Tesla delivery times

    Picked up my mxp today, only a few minor things to get the SC to look at after the year end rush. Car is great - the new seats are great, no odd noises, build quality is good, trim matches and falcon wing doors are aligned too. Hope you all get your rides soon.
  3. racerx43

    Tesla delivery times

    sorry about that - they do need a communication overhaul !
  4. racerx43

    Tesla delivery times

    Was it everything you thought it would be?
  5. racerx43

    Tesla delivery times

    congrats ! Here's hoping it all goes as planned for you !
  6. racerx43

    PSA for yearly Vehicle Recall Check

    Excellent PSA - thanks for the link and the reminder !
  7. racerx43

    Tesla delivery times

    Tesla just called and put me back on the schedule for tomorrow- they got the firmware fix and are downloading it to cars now. Good news should be heading your way for mod s and x owners looking to fake delivery. Good luck all !
  8. racerx43

    Tesla delivery times

    Thanks - seems this is pretty much any car about to be delivered- I called back after you all replied and they said it’s a bug that Tesla engineers are working on in real time, and the sw push could happen at anytime.
  9. racerx43

    Tesla delivery times

    I had a confirmation for Saturday pick up in Scottsdale Arizona. Just received a text saying the car did not pass final inspection something about a bug found in the firmware that was safety related? They asked for an additional 3 days! Not sure if this was a real issue but find it hard to...
  10. racerx43

    Tesla delivery times

    O Me too 10/14 PMX, Grey, blk 7 seat, 22" FSD Scottsdale AZ
  11. racerx43

    Model X damaged in transit to delivery center. What should I do?

    Hope for the best for you - let us know how it goes.
  12. racerx43

    Guaranteed Delivery by 12/31?

    Tesla isn't super great on predicting the availability of units - they should wait to "quote" delivery dates based your configuration and location. (Even that might stretch it) but just saying 2-3 weeks like mine did when I ordered 10-14 and still haven't got a VIN is a bit misleading.
  13. racerx43

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    Congrats on the new X - Hope your ordeal in the lot is the last of that, and you get a lot more miles on it with the family.
  14. racerx43

    MCU Yellow Border - Fixed!

  15. racerx43

    MCU Yellow Border - Fixed!

    So does the UV light above work to remove the yellow?
  16. racerx43

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    Congrats on that all happening in a short tight timeframe.
  17. racerx43

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    I’ve tried that too - empathize with you all - I placed my mx100p 7seat order 10/14 - no vin, no word, except an email telling me time to get a charging solution ready, as “December” is almost here. My Store has “no word” except saying they are going to make good on the year end delivery in AZ
  18. racerx43

    Tesla Pickup Truck Question

  19. racerx43

    20 MX P owner, truck res holder, Tesla solar owner

    20 MX P owner, truck res holder, Tesla solar owner
  20. racerx43

    Tesla Pickup Truck Question

    I’d be all over that and I could get rid of my current toad
  21. racerx43

    Delivery Delays

    ^^^^^^ Hope that pans out that way
  22. racerx43

    Model X Lightbar for refresh?

    I’d do it
  23. racerx43

    Business Loan

    Credit Unions (Some) may allow you to put in a business name, and the ones I checked had lower rates. With minor membership criteria- Some are state based or others are like clubs that you have to join. There is a spreadsheet someplace that had that info updated pretty regularly.
  24. racerx43

    Tesla delivery times

    Congrats on getting a VIN - thats what is maddening about this wait game...
  25. racerx43

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    Who do you call ? I didn’t get a person “assigned to me” yet - Does that happen automagically? I’ve gone back to my RN and used the “chat” feature which responds like AI, and tells me the “best is yet to come” and “we know waiting is hard”... what the heck ???
  26. racerx43

    December 2017 S 100d for sale

    That sucks !!! Sorry for that !
  27. racerx43

    My Very Detailed CPO Buying Experience

    Loved the details and appreciate the time it takes to write up, especially since you could be out driving !
  28. racerx43

    Tesla 's Number One Fanboy Neutered

    Love is blind....
  29. racerx43

    2017 Tesla X 90D (9K miles) Images attached

    See it now - thanks
  30. racerx43

    Looking to own a MS

    Looking to own a MS
  31. racerx43

    2017 Tesla X 90D (9K miles) Images attached

    I don’t see the attached sticker??
  32. racerx43

    Model S/X deliveries with Intel-based MCU

    Did anyone with a new S run this in the browser? Free online browser speed test - SPEED BATTLE
  33. racerx43

    My Tesla X 2017 black brand new 14,500 miles for sale

    A VIN will help too
  34. racerx43

    Best insurance for Tesla Model S 2018

    Esurance is powered by Allstate not Geico
  35. racerx43

    Tesla Motor Club Forum Mobile Login

    I'm also a fan of tapatalk and have used it for 20+ other forums. I hope it gets resolved.
  36. racerx43

    Seat mounting safety?

    Is the fix user modifiable ?
  37. racerx43

    2016's getting pushed back?

    Congrats- we expect a full first impressions!
  38. racerx43

    Trade-In Experience

    I'm contemplating buying a used 7k mile, p85d, not CPO, but can't seem to find the VIN in the Ev-cpo or the Google doc to get the full detail of the build. The seller seems very trust worthy and only had the order sheet from Tesla. Any ideas on a way to get all the build codes by using the VIN...
  39. racerx43

    New Order, March Delivery?

    Good spec's colors etc, same as mine! I'm doing matching grey wheels (painted by a body shop after taking delivery) but on 19" cyclones!
  40. racerx43

    Email from Tesla About 1.99% Financing

    Me too (1.9) I'm always on that site
  41. racerx43

    Suggestions for rim curb hit

    +1 on the fugly
  42. racerx43

    Suggestions for rim curb hit

    A good body shop can make that look like new. There are Mobil wheel repair guys that can do it too. You won't even notice. I did a similar thing and it was $350 a wheel which seemed high until I prices a new rim.
  43. racerx43

    East Coast Detailing Service - SpeedFreak Detailing

    That's beauty!

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