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    Should I charge to 90% every night, or somewhere between 50-70%

    What I have heard is that it is best to leave your car in the 20-90% range over the long term. Charging up to 95+% or letting the car get down to 5% does no harm at all as long as the battery does not stay in that state for an extended period. I personally charge to 85%, but I also don’t drive...
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    Tesla Should Update Firmware to Allow Regen Braking When Battery is "Full"

    Maybe you are confusing the fact that regen is limited when the battery is cold? I’m not sure if the mornings are cold enough where you are to limit regen, but when the battery is cold, regen is limited until the battery warms up. As others have said, the limit you set has nothing to do with...
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    Autopilot Gripe (and not what you think)

    It may be speed related, but it may also be that the car does not feel the grip on the steering wheel, but instead it feels resistance to turning. On a windy road, if you are holding the steering wheel, the car will probably feel some resistance each time it tries to turn the steering wheel and...
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    For those with two Tesla’s, is there a trick to waking up the correct car?

    I second what @DriveMe said ... you don’t need to wait for the car to wake up. At least for myself, when I switch from one car to the next, I slide to the other car in the app, and the second car will unlock instantly as it just needs a direct blue-tooth connection (the “waking up” in the app...
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    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    I bought a pair of recent PNY 128GB usb drives to use, and I also received the “too slow” errors from our telsas. I assumed it was Tesla’s fault, but after a recent update didn’t resolve the problem, I brought the drives in and tested them on my computer. They were SOOO slow. They are USB 3.0...
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    Tesla Model 3 Range

    The screen reboots are not normal for me, but can happen and may fix itself with a software update. For the range, aircon will hurt range somewhat, but driving speed makes a huge difference. If you want to see if anything is wrong, try driving with climate control off at a speed of 55mph or so...
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    M3P alarm scared my granddaughter, who was exiting a locked car

    When you unlocked the car and walked away, the car auto-locked itself. The only way the car has of knowing a passenger is inside is through the phone or keycard. Once the car was locked, the alarm was armed, and opening the door without using the key triggers the alarm. Sometimes when I am...
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    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    Is your USB drive directly connected to the USB port, or is it going through a splitter. I’ve read that people who use USB splitters (with power going to another device, and data to the drive) have been having problems.
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    Speed Limited on Autopilot

    I get that message frequently, and I think it is generally on roads that are not divided. It limits my speed to 5mph over the limit.
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    2019.20.? pushed out?

    I think 20.0.1 is early access, and 20.1 is a for everyone release.
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    Just had a Tesla charger installed. Charges are going at 12 amp at 246 volt?

    I’m a little confused ... in mine, the dial is not labeled with amps at all. It is labeled from 0-9,A-F just like the table above. You just need to read across in the table to figure out the correct setting (i.e. if it is a 40A circuit breaker, then #6 would be the setting).
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    Tesla Software 2019.16.2

    Just got it a few hours ago. Haven’t tried it out yet.
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    Bankrupt Tesla = Bricked Tesla?

    I look at their value in the stock market (currently way down but still at $37 billion), and that says to me there is a lot of value there, even if they haven’t figured out how to be reliably profitable yet. It is entirely possible that Tesla might go bankrupt, but as others have said, the...
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    Wouldn't neural-networks easily solve bridge/overpass phantom braking?

    How well the software works has nothing to do with whether or not it is a neural network. You can have well programmed neural networks and poorly programmed neural networks. But all of that is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what the underlying software is, but how well it works. And the current...
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    $16% increase in registration for EV vehicles in. Illinois

    And the % increase is off by more than a factor of 10. 1000 / 17.5 * 100 = 5714%
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    Is it now cheaper to drive Model 3 w/ gas hike?

    At 50 mpg and $4.00 / gal, that would work out to 8 cents per mile. At 250 wh / mile, and $0.12 per KWh (about what I pay in Oregon), it would be 3 cents per mile. Probably this needs to be adjusted a bit because of inefficiencies in charging (I don’t know how efficient a Tesla Wall connector...
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    MASTER THREAD: Rear view camera image goes black [2019-2020]

    I was just about to ask the same question. My camera always starts out with 3-5 seconds of black recently (the past 3-4 weeks or so). It is starting to get a little tiresome. Glad that others are having the same problem as it means it should get fixed in a future update (hopefully soon).
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    Amazon Rainforest charities

    What a great thing to do! I have contributed a lot to various rainforest protection groups, and my favorite has always been “The Rainforest Action Network” Rainforest Action Network - Fighting for People and Planet I like them because they seem to get good results, and I feel that a larger...
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    How can I tell if I have FSD?

    When I click on “Manage”, I see a picture of my car, “Ron’s Model 3” under that, and then under that is a link “View Details”. Clicking on this shows the options on my car.
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    Long term parking and Sentry Mode

    I haven’t measured, but I’ve also read about 20 miles or so a day of loss using sentry. It might be nice if Tesla could add a mode to have Sentry only on at night as an option to help the battery last a little longer during long term parking. Or maybe a low power mode. I have Arlo cameras that...
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    Autopilot completely dead after service center visit

    Or have you tried rebooting?
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    Feature request: Location-aware Sentry Mode

    Personally ... I would like to have it on everywhere except in my own garage. I’m not sure how much battery it drains, but maybe an alert on my phone could let me know that sentry mode was automatically turned on to remind me in case I don’t need it at that time.
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    Did you upgrade to FSD for $2k?

    I’m considering paying for the $2K just to get the new hardware. While Tesla says that the new hardware is not necessary for existing EAP functions and safety functions that depend on AP hardware, it should help.
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    Sharing Map Destination to Tesla App Not Working

    I’ve had trouble in the past with my Tesla not accepting shared addresses, and it has always been address-specific (i.e. I can pick a diferent address and it will work every time, but the address that fails also fails consistently). I think there is a problem when the format of the address is...
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    Back to the Future Easter Egg

    The Easter Egg switches all models to be a Model X (with the falcon doors). And the address is actually an address from the movie, not the OPs address.
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    Tesla Model 3 Performance value at CarMax - appraisal lower than expected!

    A while back, Carmax wouldn’t even take a Tesla. My guess is that they are not set up to deal with electric cars now, and they are just lowballing you because they aren’t that interested in your car.
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    Autopilot lane change success right vs left

    I haven’t noticed this, but I haven’t used the lane-change feature that frequently. Did you check to see if the right side cameras are dirty?
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    Should Sentry mode be the default setting when car locks? Poll

    I think we should be able to choose always on / always off, and also have GPS-location based exceptions. I can imagine that I would want it on all of the time when I am away from my house, but default to off in my garage (which already has security cameras).
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    Any M3 owners with a family regret it?

    We also have a 14 & 12 year old, and the roominess of the cabin is not an issue at all. They love it. If you like bringing a lot of luggage, trunk space is adequate but not huge.
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    Software Update 2019.5.x

    I think the 2019.5.2 is an early access build. We have it on one of our 3’s. It is actually missing all of the new features from the 2019.5.1 build, but has some other changes.
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    How do you turn off car...

    I do this all the time as I wait for my daughter’s soccer practices to finish. I just turn off the headlights manually (no need to turn them on again ... they will switch back to “auto” when you start driving). At least for me, the interior lights go off by themselves after a minute or so. I...
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    Do Teslas have an accelerometer (Summon)?

    I believe so. Have you ever noticed when you are stopped on a slope, and the car is in “Hold” mode, a warning pops up telling you that you should press the brake to get out of Hold rather than press the accelerator (at least it does this on the Model 3).
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    Elon! Please send Sentry mode

    But it was not a smash and grab, it was a hit and run. If Sentry mode could have taken a video of the license plate of the offending car, that would have been useful.
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    Autopilot Upgrade

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the first invoice for FSD only (i.e. the car already had EAP), while the second invoice is for EAP ($6000) + FSD ($4000)?
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    Tesla Model 3 Windshield issue

    We have two model 3’s. My wife’s model 3 has the same issue, but luckily it is at a lower point on the passenger side of the car. There is a defect in the glass that warps what you see when you look through it. My model 3 has no issue (at least that I have noticed so far). We’ve thought about...
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    $7500 tax rebate - what proof do I need?

    I have no idea how the whole system works, but I would imagine that they could track the VINs that are registered. If there is a duplicate, then they could request that both filers submit proof, and the person without proof could be convicted of tax fraud which is a serious offense. Not sure how...
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    Identify Tesla Connected to Wifi Router?

    I think that the Tesla goes to sleep some of the time. I see that it comes and goes on my router. If you go to your car and turn it on, it should connect to the network and you should be able to find it.
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    Tesla Vehicle Safety Report Shows Autopilot Crashes Less Than U.S. Average

    I was also wondering about the types of roads being driven on. I would guess that accidents per mile are much higher on city streets vs on freeways where people generally use autopilot. If you looked at cars without autopilot driving on freeways, I wonder what the accidents per mile would be. I...
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    How future proof is model 3 hardware?

    When you buy any technology product (phone, digital camera, etc.), it is always going to be surpassed by something new and better in relatively short order. Like a cell phone, the car will continue to improve through software improvements, but newer cars will come out with better hardware...
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    HPWC Installation Question

    It sounds like your home could easily handle a 100A breaker, but the issue might be code. I think that you might need to “prove” that your existing loads can coexist with the HPWC with a breaker that size. I would probably try to push for the 100A anyway ... while 70A (56A usable) would be...
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    Rain sensing wipers too tolerant of rain

    I find that it works reasonably well for large drops, but barely works at all for misty rain. It also has a lot of trouble at night (sometimes turning on when it is not raining, and other times missing rain completely). If they are using their neural nets for the wipers, hopefully continued...
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    <redacted> So Dissapointed

    Its just disappointing that conservative <redacted> like yourself are even allowed to own Teslas. Actually, just a joke, but it is hard to give you any sympathy with obnoxious uncalled for comments bashing others.
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    Devil's Advocate - Charge it to 100%

    The graph is metric, so the speed is 60km/h or about 36mph.
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    Stupid App Question

    I believe that the “start” function allows you to start the car remotely, even if you aren’t near the car. This could be useful if someone else is driving the car, and either lost their keycard, their phone ran out of battery, you want to let someone use your car and you aren’t nearby, etc.
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    The Right Daily Charge Level

    I’ve read a lot of people’s opinions, and I don’t think there is a straight-forward answer to this. Pretty much everyone agrees that having your car at close to 100% or close to 0% for extended periods is not good for the battery. And batteries will degrade over time, regardless of how you...
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    No firmware updates in a while

    Tesla seems to roll out updates slowly unless there are major bugs to be patched. After V9 came out, I was getting updates frequently, but I am also sitting on an older version (42.2). It is always fun to get new updates, but from what I’ve read, I don’t think we are really missing out on...
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    Aero cover paint color

    Is this what you are looking for? https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HE66OK8 It is not designed for Teslas, but read the questions / comments, and lots of people are using it for their aero covers.
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    90% the new recommended SOC?

    > effectively reducing your range. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the actual range is not reduced, but rather the car’s estimate of the current state of charge (leading to inaccurate display of range remaining).
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    Model 3 - L2 charging speed

    I have only used public chargers twice so far, but both times I was getting in the low 30’s mi/hr. One was a chargepoint, and the other was a free charger set up by the city I live in.
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    Wheel curb rash repair Portland

    If the damage is minor, and you just want to cover it up, apparently this paint matches the aero wheels pretty well (I have just read this, but have not tried it out yet ... knock on wood). https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HE66OK8

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