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  1. grichard

    Supercharger - Nashville, TN (Old Hickory Blvd)

    Thanks, that makes sense. You're certainly right that those chargers are miserably crowded and tricky to access. I wonder if it will be like the old downtown Chicago location, where the chargers aren't really restricted, but Tesla doesn't acknowledge them publicly.
  2. grichard

    Supercharger - Nashville, TN (Old Hickory Blvd)

    Just curious: do you know this, or is it speculation? It makes some sense, but 6 SC pedestals seems like a lot to reserve for dealer use.
  3. grichard

    Long term EV storage

    I have a vacation house with a garage. Right now, I don't keep a vehicle there. Overall, I'm concerned about the hassle of a car needing service every time I travel down there, so I just rent cars instead. I'm thinking about buying a used Leaf to park in the garage. It would be used for a...
  4. grichard

    “Coming Soon” Gainesville Supercharger Station at Butler Plaza is now operational

    I see that supercharge.info has listed this as "under construction." Any idea why it got the cone, rather than just the blue dot?
  5. grichard

    Bethany, MO Supercharger

    @Cringgen: Thank you!
  6. grichard

    Bethany, MO Supercharger

    Anybody seen the site recently?
  7. grichard

    New Superchargers Proposed in Greensboro and Raleigh, NC

    Wow, I'm very pleased. I have to travel each year for a week to an office building right across Six Forks Road. Kind of a substantial road trip from St Louis, but might be fun...
  8. grichard

    2017 Supercharger Plan: New Chicago city location?

    Yeah, it's annoying... but then again... who drives right through the middle of downtown Chicago on a road trip? Anybody not actually stopping in Chicago would be driving up the interstates, with several other SCs to choose from. (Well, it's not a very *good* rationalization, but it's...
  9. grichard

    Supercharger - Effingham, IL

    Well, my daughter is 15, so I don't think she'd be tempted! No; somebody bought it, will (I hope!) refurbish it, and make it part of a playground in Kansas City. As far as I know, nothing is happening to the lot in Effingham.
  10. grichard

    Supercharger - Effingham, IL

    I had a funny incident at this charger today. Figured I'd share: 3 weeks ago, my wife and I charged here. We were driving back from dropping our daughter off at camp in Michigan. It wasn't meal time, and we were killing time by walking around. A few hundred feet from the chargers, there's a...
  11. grichard

    Supercharger - Ludington, MI

    Well, this is ironic. I drove through Ludington on Saturday evening. I was coming off of the SS Badger and heading up to Interlochen to drop off my daughter at camp. Never even noticed it on the in-car map. Could have saved myself stringing an extension cord to trickle electrons at my hotel...
  12. grichard

    Hold Grocery Bags Upright in the Trunk

    I usually just make my kid ride in the trunk and hold the grocery bags, but maybe your solutions are better.
  13. grichard

    Supercharger — Traverse City, Michigan

    Thank you very much for the kind offer. Cadillac is close enough that it's not really a problem, but I will be pleased once they build the SC in Traverse City.
  14. grichard

    Supercharger — Traverse City, Michigan

    Well... well... this is disappointing. I'm driving my daughter up to Interlochen in a few weeks, but I guess I'll just have to hit Cadillac on the way in and out, instead. We drive up Illinois and Wisconsin and take the SS Badger over to Michigan. I get a kick out of seeing the electric car...
  15. grichard

    Superchargers in Normal, IL

    Or take 57/70 instead of 55.
  16. grichard

    Total Solar Eclipse - Aug 21, 2017

    I'm just driving down to the south 'burbs. My house isn't quite within totality. Still, the Caltech alumni trip sounds like fun...
  17. grichard

    Supercharger Road Trips

    For what it's worth: I once had trouble finding that one, too. A couple of months ago I emailed Blueshift with a precise description of the location, and he updated the map on supercharge.info. So the pin on that site is precise, even if not on Tesla's. I think the original "wrong" location...
  18. grichard

    Least-used supercharger?

    This site has any number of threads about congestion at California superchargers. Most of my long-distance travel has been here in the Midwest... and of course I see nothing like that crowding around here. It set me to wondering: which SC station is the *least* used? Now that Tesla puts out...
  19. grichard

    Supercharger - Osage Beach, MO

    It's absolutely, completely, made for destinations rather than something placed en route. Lake of the Ozarks draws a great deal of vacation traffic from St Louis and Kansas City.
  20. grichard

    SpaceX Falcon 9 FT - NROL 76 (classified) - LC-39A

    For those of us who don't follow this quite as closely: What sort of potentially-sensitive data could be revealed by following the launch beyond the first stage?
  21. grichard

    SpaceX Falcon 9 FT launch - EchoStar 23 - LC-39A

    I'm in Crescent Beach, so yeah, my camera was pointed kind of southeast. I think the real difference may just be that I'm zoomed in more, since I was probably farther from the launch site than the other photographer.
  22. grichard

    SpaceX Falcon 9 FT launch - EchoStar 23 - LC-39A

    Sorta weird that the star tracks look longer in my photo, even though I think I stopped my photo after MECO. (Well, it was cold out...) No idea why.
  23. grichard

    SpaceX Falcon 9 FT launch - EchoStar 23 - LC-39A

    Got a nice picture from my deck.
  24. grichard

    Supercharger — Traverse City, Michigan

    Yes, this confuses me, too. Usually blueshift doesn't flag a site as "construction" without something more definite. Is there information somewhere other than this site?
  25. grichard

    Heroic Driver Sacrifices His Tesla To Save Unconscious Man In Runaway Volkswagen

    That was impressively quick thinking on the driver's part. Do you notice that Mr. Musk's tweet offers the repair "free of charge **and expedited**"? I've read a bunch of threads here about delays at European service centers. It appears that he's well aware of that problem.
  26. grichard

    Looking for 60kw or 40kw Tesla not to picky

    Somebody may correct me, but I don't think that supercharging is offered on the 40s.
  27. grichard

    High pitched whining/buzzing noise coming from front of car?

    Yes, I've heard the same confusing sound. You were probably sitting in a car other than your Tesla. It's a noisy piece of vintage technology that makes the car go. Don't worry about it. It'll be obsolete soon enough.
  28. grichard

    Jack up the fees please!!!!

    This may be true for the charging fee. I suspect that if I had a Tesla without unlimited charging, I might not feel guilty about SC'ing locally, figuring that I was paying Tesla what they asked. The idle fee, on the other hand, is pretty high. I suspect that it will deter most people from...
  29. grichard

    Insurance won't pay certified Tesla body shop their charges. Claiming they're too expensive!

    That's very good advice, although it doesn't really help the original poster. I was very relieved when I found out that the one Tesla-approved shop here in my city was also on my insurer's "preferred" list.
  30. grichard

    Ohmman's Airstream Adventures

    Regarding weight-distributing hitches: I have a restored '62 Airstream (...that I don't tow with my Model S...) and occasionally read posts on airforums.com, which has a lot of information about using/restoring old Airstreams. The towing forum there consistently and strongly recommends Can-Am...
  31. grichard

    Any value in keeping AAA

    That's interesting. In Missouri, most (all?) DMV offices are franchised--usually to nonprofits. The AAA office that I've been to has among the longest lines of any DMV office that I've used. They're pleasant and competent, but the wait is atrocious.
  32. grichard

    Tesla Supercharger network

    Was it ever clear *why* there was so little activity in mid/late winter last year? At that time, too, people said "maybe we're just not finding them." In hindsight, that wasn't the case: there really seemed to be a genuine construction slowdown. I imagine the same thing is happening here...
  33. grichard

    Suggestions For Pit Marks On Windshield

    Many insurance companies will pay for windshield repair with zero deductible, and often have a preferred vendor. (They figure it's cheaper than paying for a new windshield.) Check your policy.
  34. grichard

    Missouri bans sales of Tesla starting 1 Jan 17

    When I go to replace my SUV (which still needs to be an ICE), I will certainly buy it across the river in Illinois rather than give the business to a member of MADA. Frankly, if this lawsuit ends up sticking, I really hope Tesla just moves its St. Louis and KC dealerships across their...
  35. grichard

    Non tesla owners using tesla chargers.

    I think the distinction is whether the charger is really a "destination charger" or whether it's just a HPWC mounted in an accessible commercial location. If it's a true destination charger--appearing in Tesla's database--then Tesla subsidized it to some degree. I still say that use by other...
  36. grichard

    Purpose of speed in circle need to speedometer?

    It's the speed at which the cruise control will engage if you pull the stalk toward you.
  37. grichard

    Supercharger - Paducah, Kentucky

    Thank you for the update! If you go by again, you might look at the electrical pad. Is Tesla's stuff done? Is there a transformer? Is the meter installed? This might explain why the chargers look done but the site isn't live. Still, they often leave the chargers bagged until things go...
  38. grichard

    Extended warranty denied because I did not do the scheduled inspections

    I'm disappointed to hear this, but I think they're within their rights. You were promised the 4/50 warranty even if you didn't do routine maintenance, which the company did indeed honor. I don't think access to the extended service plan is an entitlement in the same way. I imagine that this...
  39. grichard

    Tesla Motors Again Tops Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction Survey

    Well, they probably don't post to this website very often.
  40. grichard

    Has anyone noticed longer time for limited regen to go away?

    Also, to clarify: preheating the car will preheat the battery only up to a point. If the car is cold enough to have little or no regeneration, preheating it will get the regen up to about 25 kW or so. As far as I can tell, you can preheat indefinitely and not warm the battery further than...
  41. grichard

    What is unlimited lifetime supercharging worth?

    In just over a year of ownership, I've used superchargers three times: trips from St. Louis to Florida, northern Michigan, and Chicago. I would have exceeded the free charging quota under the new system, but it's hard to believe this much charging could cost much. So I guess my answer to the...
  42. grichard

    Do you keep Creep on or off?

    I'm just guessing, but I think she means: If you push the brake pedal, the brake pads will inevitably start squeezing the rotors. This happens even when the car is slowing gently enough that it's shedding energy at < 70 kW. She wishes that pushing the pedal slowed the car by making the...
  43. grichard

    Timeline for new St Louis showroom?

    A few months ago there were several reported stories about Tesla buying a building in Chesterfield to open a real showroom / service center. Nothing at all in the news since then that I can see. Does anybody know the timeline for this new facility?
  44. grichard

    Green/red lines in navigation

    Peach-pink seems to be worse than bright red, in my experience and when comparing with google maps on my phone. Kind of an unintuitive color choice, IMO.
  45. grichard

    Ambient lights for the 3rd row model S

    How often do you carry kids in the third row? If it's not too frequent, maybe you'd be better off with some sort of battery-powered LED solution, rather than embarking on a big project?
  46. grichard

    Teen driver re DL test ?

    Neither option sounds great, unfortunately. Did she take a formal driver ed class? If so, you may be able to arrange for her to take the test in one of their vehicles. That's how I took my road test, back in the pleistocene. Unfortunately, you can't have a permit driver drive a rental car...
  47. grichard

    Carwash - safe or not

    I run it through whatever sort of reputable-looking car wash is convenient. About the only thing I *won't* do is use the sandpaper brushes at the u-squirt-em's. Just chiming in to add a "don't sweat it" vote to the thread. Kudos to the folks who do nothing but hand-wash, though.
  48. grichard

    J1772 Failure

    Thanks; I tried that, in fact. Didn't help. Oh, well. I ended up using my 5/20 to plug into a wall outlet and leaving it plugged in all weekend.
  49. grichard

    Which adapters are in your car kit?

    I strongly recommend the 5-20. The difference doesn't seem significant until you're staying at a place with only wall outlets available. Then the difference overnight between 3 mi/hr and 5 mi/hr is huge.
  50. grichard

    J1772 Failure

    I tried to charge my MS from a J1772 this weekend--for the first time ever--and failed miserably. Was this my fault, or was there a problem with the charger? I was using the Chargepoint chargers in the Aqua garage in downtown Chicago. No problem unlocking them with the Chargepoint keyfob...

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