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    Cybertruck in sub. -30C temperatures

    I wonder what happens when you touch the Cybertruck's steel body with bare hands in sub -30°C temperatures... instant frostbite?
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    VW ID.3

    Well, that was awkward how they dragged the two children on the stage... I guess some marketing guy said, they have to do a "fridays for future" thing. Because... its a thing. Awkward. But I liked how you could clearly point out the single person on stage who did not got paid for being there...
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    VW ID.3

    Livestream of the final ID.3 unveiling, starting in 10 minutes: VW ID.3 im Live-Stream: Hier sehen Sie die Weltpremiere And here it is: Rear view: Inside:
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    Porsche Mission E

    2,8s 0-100 km/h, 9,8s 0-200 km/h, sustainable top speed 260 km/h. I like it.
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    Porsche Mission E

    3 minutes to launch - here is the livestream: Live broadcasting of the world premiere of the brand new Porsche Taycan - soul electrified.
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    Porsche Taycan

    Decals to disguise the final look. Jonny provides an insight into the final look when he walks around the car: I think it will be a great car - because fun is not a straight line.
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    Lambo CEO can't imagine e-supercars

    Funny, because just today I saw a video about Lambo's vision for a fully electric Lambo. "Terzo Millennio" - skip the video to 12:20: TL;DR (IIRC): - They want to keep the car as flat as possible, so the driver will not sit on top of the battery - They will use a gear box with several gears...
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    Audi Q6 e-tron EV

    Here you can see the car a little bit closer (starts from 13:12):
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    Dual Fatality Model S Crash/Fire: Fort Lauderdale, FL May 8, 2018

    What are you talking about? I have not heard or seen a thing about this case in german media. Let alone german "mainstream media". The only thing I heard about cars in german media was Audi (aka Volkswagen) cheating again with a supposed to be clean post-dieselgate car.
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    White Seats, are they really easy to keep clean?

    Here are some videos from Tesla Bjørn:
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    Jaguar I-Pace

    The newest generation of CCS charges with up to 350 kW. This is the Porsche version: 350kW CCS chargers are currently getting build all over Europe along the highways by a BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen with Audi and Porsche joint venture...
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    Record to fall in 2020?

    In case you are interested in the physics and math of going 300mph:
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    MOIA (VW) - fully electric on-demand shuttle

    Moia (VW) made a fully electric light commercial vehicle for app-based ridepooling and ridehailing. Google Übersetzer 300km range and charging to 80% takes 30 min. They will start with 200 vehicles in Hamburg (Germany) in 2018.
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    AUTO BILD: Tesla suspected subsidy fraud in Germany

    Denying the incentives to cars which cost more than 60k Euros is not against Tesla it is against moving poor people's tax money into the pockets of rich fat german bastards. Rich fat german bastards can avoid taxes in Germany, the poor people have to pay them, which is why the rich get richer...
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    Motor Trend 2018 Car of the Yeare Article

    Or MT measured the fake rollout "0-60" while Tesla measured the real 0-60 time.
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    Drag Strip Launch Mode

    You have a reaction time of half a second? You should get some ego shooters on your PC and practice your reaction time... And does the reaction time matter at all for your time? I thought they have a photocell, which starts the measurement.
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    Lets work out the Tesla Semi-Truck Technical Specs

    Have you guys seen the charge port? Kman has it on video - looks like the megacharger connectors got quadrupled compared to the supercharger:
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    200 kWh Roadster Pack: How is Tesla Pulling This Off?

    Maybe a solid-state battery? From Wikipedia: "Solid-state battery [...] As the batteries can exhibit a high power-to-weight ratio, they may be ideal for use in electric vehicles. Such batteries are estimated to have two-to-three times the energy density of existing automotive batteries." From...
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    100 kWh batterypack doesn't fit in M3?

    +1 Maybe Solid-state batterys? From Wikipedia: "Solid-state battery [...] As the batteries can exhibit a high power-to-weight ratio, they may be ideal for use in electric vehicles. Such batteries are estimated to have two-to-three times the energy density of existing automotive batteries."...
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    Tesla Semi Event -- November 16, 2017

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    Tesla Semi Event -- November 16, 2017

    Sweet... roadster
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    Cheating Pollution Company Decides to make poor selling old car electric

    Poorly selling? They sold 21.5 millions of the beetle. They are not converting an existing car to electric, it will be based on the new "Modularer Elektrifizierungsbaukasten (MEB)" platform (like the ID and ID Buzz) which will be the base for 50 different purely electric models until 2025 (not...
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    Musk Says Thursday’s Semi Truck Event Will ‘Blow Your Mind’

    400 kW superchargers. You have read it here first.
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    Tesla Class 8 Semi Truck Thoughts

    Also there is this one word in the headline, which starts with a "c" and ends with a "t"...
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    Porsche Mission E

    BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche just announced a joint venture to build a pan-european High Power Charging (350 kwh) network: http://www.ionity.eu/assets/20171103-press-release.pdf It looks like the charging cables will be water-cooled...
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    100% drive unit failure rate??

    Looks like Tesla Bjørn's Model X (2016 model?) drive unit has joined the choir invisible, too. Happened while he was livestreaming: But Tesla customer service helped him quickly.
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    That Motor Trend 1 foot rollout

    The 1ft rollout has always been bullshit and it will always be bullshit. When you use it, you simply do not measure the 0-60 time. And here I have to quote Spicer (even though this might make my argument look weak): "Period!" Really. Either you measure 0-60 or some bullshit. 1 ft rollout is...
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    Audi Q6 e-tron EV

    Germany ordered a "Zulassungsverbot". From your first link: "Außerdem werde ein Zulassungsverbot für diese Geländewagen erlassen, so dass keine weiteren Exemplare auf die Straße kommen, bis eine andere Software zur Verfügung stehe." Thats not just a recall. And look at the dates: Germany 27.7...
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    Audi Q6 e-tron EV

    Since when is Berlin in Switzerland? Just wondering... From your link: "Für europaweit 22.000 Fahrzeuge, davon 7500 in Deutschland, vom Typ Cayenne 3 Liter TDI werde ein Pflicht-Rückruf angeordnet, sagte Dobrindt am Donnerstag in Berlin." Germany banned these cars Europe-wide. But it is all...
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    MX 0-60 Increases! (75D and 100D)

    I never heard of this industry standard beyond a drag strip. And why is Tesla using the 1ft roll out only for the most expensive models? If it would be a real standard, they should use it for all of their models. Otherwise it is just a marketing scam.
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    Did Tesla make a weirdmobile? Comparison 3 BMW 3 dash

    I think Porsche did the best job integrating the screen:
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    Tell me this isn't the final steering wheel

    Actually the Mini has two speedometers. One in the center nobody looks at - and one little LCD speedometer right behind the steering wheel:
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    Electric planes

    Shouldn't a 3D environment make things easier? Trafiic from west to east can go on a different height than traffic from east to west and so on... defining virtual flying corridors is much easier than building autobahns. Which parts do you think will make a VTOL jet expensive? The battery, the...
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    Electric planes

    A new electric VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) jet:
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    VW I.D. CROZZ concept

    I think you are mistaking the MEB for the MQB (2012) platform. The MEB is a dedicated BEV platform. It is impossible to put a combustion engine in a MEB car. And a VW battery plant is getting build in Sazgitter, Germany.
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    Audi e-tron Sportback

    New ‘ultra-fast 350 kW charging stations’ for EVs to be deployed in Europe in partnership with Audi, BMW and others 5 major automakers join forces to deploy 400 ultra-fast (350 kW) charging stations for electric vehicles in Europe Electric vehicle charging networks are partnering to create...
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    Criticizing the Criticism

    Haters always hate - and fanboys will always hate criticism - even valid criticism. I wish there would be a Tesla forum without haters and without fanboys - and without investores who try to defend their short or long positions.
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    Did Elon Musk lie to us?

    Maybe the steering wheel will go away and we get side-stick steering: Picture by Naddsy - A380 Cockpit, CC BY 2.0, File:Airbus A380 cockpit.jpg - Wikimedia Commons Here a Mercedes prototype from the late 90es with side-stick steering:
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    Oh hell naw!

    Tesla does not build weird mobiles. This Screen would make Model 3 a weird mobile, so this will not be the final screen. +1, looks awesome and it would fit perfectly into the Model 3 dashboard. I think such a display is much more likely than the prototype abomination.
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    For cars with the towing option Tesla should offer a 150kwh battery option.
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    VW doesn't get memo: "EV's no longer have to look stupid".

    You do understand the difference between a concept car and a real car, or maybe not? Look at VWs current fully electric EVs: the e-Golf, the e-Up, and the hopefully in 2017 upcoming e-Crafter. All perfectly boring.
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    2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

    How far do the e-hybrid Panameras (really) go these days in fully electric mode? I think they have a 14.1 kwh battery (11 kwh usable). A max electric range of 31 miles seems really small for 11 kwh. Well, at least the Panamera does not look like a dog which takes a dump in your front yard anymore.
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    German Government Votes to Ban Internal Combustion Engines by 2030

    This will never happen, because Germany is not a democracy - it is a lobbycracy. The german politicians only care which industry is giving them the highest "donations" and the best 7-digit salary post-politics jobs. A tiny spark of hope: Thanks to pressure from the EU, from 2018 on at least in...
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    Arnie's new fully electric (80 kwh) G-Class conversion from Austria

    Pretty cool ride: Making of:
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    Model X Travel Trailer Consumption Analysis

    More data about towing with a Model X:
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    Muted Auto Industry response to Tesla's Full Self Driving move - why?

    Where can I buy a full self driving Tesla? And in which country am I allowed to use the full self driving on a public road? And which insurance company gives me coverage while the car is driving itself? *crickets-chirping* Why should carmakers react to vaporware? In 2017 they will be busy...
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    Model S P100D becomes world's fastest car from Dec update !

    Tesla is still doing the rollout scam? Pathetic. They should grow up because the Teslas are good enough without cheating.

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