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    Account Upgrade - Supporting Member (yearly) still available?

    🤦‍♂️Didn't even occur to me to do it from the pp side. Thanks for taking the time to link to the specific instructions!
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    Account Upgrade - Supporting Member (yearly) still available?

    Lots of Purchase options, don't see a cancel option - something weird on my end with the browser, or maybe something related to the forum software upgrade?
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    Account Upgrade - Supporting Member (yearly) still available?

    I believe last year it just auto-renewed at the same level. What if I DON'T want to be a supporting member anymore - how do I choose that?
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    Account Upgrade - Supporting Member (yearly) still available?

    Here's what I currently see under "purchased upgrades": Supporting Member (yearly) -Almost no ads (in Community and Groups sections) -Supporting Member badge That subscription is almost up (<2w). Is it going to auto-renew at the previous rate ($30/yr), or do I need to change to one of the...
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    How to report issues to Tesla?

    LOLOLOL yeah you really ARE new. Thanks for the laugh though! What they choose to work on, and how they prioritize things is a total mystery. Do we all WANT a better understanding of their priorities? Yes, and people have been begging for it for years. Tweet spamming Elon is your best hope...
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    How to report issues to Tesla?

    You are new. That phantom braking problem is not. It's been there for a loooong time. Sometimes seems to get better/worse with new builds.
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    Rattle noise

    Can you record or describe the noise better? I had a noise that I thought was coming from the center console (it was pretty quiet, but I heard it when turning). Then one day I was in a parking garage with the window down and I heard it VERY loudly outside the car. Still haven't identified it...
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    Leaving new M3P in garage while on cruise

    That seems pretty low. Thought the normal loss people observed (with sentry off) was around 1% a day?
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    Is the Model Y the perfect EV.....

    No, it's not. The price is still out of reach of most buyers.
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    Sleepy Tesla and Hapless Service Center

    Service center will often say "it's a known issue that will be fixed with a future firmware update", even when they have no idea. They are also not great about giving reliable ETA's for anything.
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    Nick Makes Panic Sound and Turns on Flashers

    You should get a blog or maybe a podcast or your own youtube channel
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    How Early is too Early to get the Y

    Incredible that ANY members of this forum, who saw what a complete cluster the Model 3 launch was wrt build quality, would be willing to purchase the earliest ones off the line. Poll currently showing 50% of people responding are willing to do that.
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    SB 6586 - Do NOT let this happen!

    Adding to the gas tax is more likely to push people to elect different politicians who are DEFINITELY not EV supporters. I get that many other countries tax gas at a significantly higher rate. But most Americans are too attached to their cars or do not have reasonable alternatives. Also note...
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    SB 6586 - Do NOT let this happen!

    @mister yub - Thanks for the detective work. I did my best to try to track that info down, but their website certainly makes it more difficult than it needs to be. Also, thank you for reading the bill (seems like many in the thread have not).
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    Seattle Area 240v install

    How much for the permit?
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    SB 6586 - Do NOT let this happen!

    Just one of the fees (I think the $75 one?). There are still other EV-specific fees.
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    Marking threads as "forget" or "ignore"?

    Bumping this thread again. Still a need for this. Seeing tons of duplicate threads. I report them, but sometimes it can be days before they get merged. In the meantime, 3 more people start threads on the same topic. It never ends! :D:mad: 2 possibilities: 1) If I have ignored a user, I...
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    Last version 2019.40... anything brewing?

    I wish they would do it, but I don't think they'll ever go this route. If they do, I'd say it's years away. They would have to have a support org for this.
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    SB 6586 - Do NOT let this happen!

    Where do they want to charge $750? I recall seeing some horrible EV bill get proposed last yr, but don't remember anything that bad. One tiny piece of good news is that this current bill gets rid of one of the EV fees (the $75 "electrification fee"). But yeah, 3.5c/mi doesn't seem reasonable.
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    SR Purchasing Doubts

    Definitely overthinking, especially since you have an ICE for other trips.
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    What is this warning light symbol?

    Not 100% certain, but I'd suspect it's related to the Pedestrian Warning Sound system. That's a safety feature, so there are likely requirements for there to be an indicator when it's not functioning properly (and when you start the car, that's a "test" of the indicators for other safety...
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    HPWC Gen 3 info

    Not available online anymore. Uh...are you new to the way Tesla works? They change stuff ALL THE TIME. It would not surprise me at all to see them call such a charger a v3 as well, and leave it to people digging into the spec sheets to figure out the differences between them :p
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    Bug in "dumb" cruise control

    What is "non AP cruise control"?
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    Wall Charger v2 for v3 exchange

    Based on my recent experience, they are probably not going to get to your email before they ship your v2. Not from experience, but it's unlikely they would treat this as an exchange - you return the v2 (you pay shipping), and make a separate purchase of the v3. It would not surprise me at...
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    HPWC Gen 3 info

    Please share links. Before posting, I searched for a variety of things like "HPWC gen 3". After your post, I searched for "HPWC v3". This post is the only relevant hit. If search is busted here, that would explain a lot of things...
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    WTB: NIB gen2 wall connector

    Found more info on Gen 3, posted here HPWC Gen 3 info
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    HPWC Gen 3 info

    Saw a thread in for sale forum referencing a gen 3, but didn't find other threads here. Went looking on Tesla's website. Looks like this is VERY new...like within the last few weeks. Wall Connector Just ordered a gloss black late last month. Now that's no longer even listed. Guess this...
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    WTB: NIB gen2 wall connector

    What are the differences? Searched here, don't see any reference to it. Thought they were still selling 2nd gen online.
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    Car won't charge

    There's a known issue where something can break off (think it's insulation off one of the pins) in one of the ports. It's possible this happened in the port on your M3, preventing the HWPC from making a good connection. Take a look in the port & see if anything looks unusual. Pics here might...
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    In-app Supercharger status?

    I've observed this as well. But it doesn't appear to be functionality that's going away, because I see the same stations at another time reporting stall info. I've yet to figure out the pattern for this. At one point, I thought they didn't show # of stalls when the # available reached 0, but...
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    Will "re-route to save x min" work without premium connectivity

    I have premium connectivity & I've never seen it work. So even if it goes, you won't be missing much.
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    Supercharger - North Bend, WA

    I charged here today. Arrived with < 30% charge, max rate I got was 110kW. M3 LR. I was the only one there for a little while, then within 15-20m, 7 of the 8 stations were full. Related: Popeye's is currently OUT of chicken sandwiches! :eek:
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    Is anyone else unhappy with the way this forum has been re-organized?

    Yes. And SO MANY of them say exactly the same thing. People don't bother to search before posting. If the posts are off topic, then you should report those to the mods. I would assume when they're merging threads, they do some sort of cleanup. But that cleanup wouldn't include deleting the...
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    Is anyone else unhappy with the way this forum has been re-organized?

    How do you ignore it? No way to hide threads (at least not that I've found).
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    Supercharger - Issaquah, WA (LIVE 10/8/2018)

    In my mail to them, I made 2 suggestions: 1) Give us an easier way to report the problem from the app 2) Skip the damn app - when they're aware of the problem, send a message to the app/car that lets us know they know.
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    Supercharger - Issaquah, WA (LIVE 10/8/2018)

    One of the chargers is on the blink here. On the side facing Best Buy, it's the 2nd station (counting the one nearest to FM as #1). I was pulling 14-17kw today in a M3 LR. Someone was nice enough to put a temp sign on it, but that'll probably blow away by tomorrow.
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    Seattle Area 240v install

    My interpretation is that it would be, but IANAL. :p Might want to try grabbing one @ a local service center, because I bet they're already aware of the rules on this & would know if it qualifies. Tesla's online store still charges tax on things like the HWPC, you have to submit the form &...
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    Seattle Area 240v install

    <$700 including inspection seems to be the going rate, as long as your install is relatively simple inside your garage. No tax on the work. PSA: You are exempt from WA state tax for EVSE (HPWC) installations - and for the HPWC itself!
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    FS: BNIB Signature HPWC $420 firm - pick up in Orange County, CA

    Sure, that might be a good option for some. But... #1 - you can't purchase this variant from Tesla #2 - These have been going in & out of stock on Tesla's website for the last few weeks, with no reliable ETA for when they'll be back in stock or delivered to you. #3 - Have you ever dealt with...
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    Why does Tesla get so much attention from NHTSA?

    https://ktla.com/2019/12/31/feds-investigate-deadly-gardena-crash-involving-tesla/ Plenty of other vehicles have varying levels of automation (like TACC). But stories of crashes with those vehicles don't seem to make the news every day. They only hit the news when there's a major...
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    Delivered With a Dozen Paint Defects...Am I Being Unreasonable?

    Never surrender, never give up! The company that makes the software has probably released several new versions since then. Maybe they've added the feature, and TMC just needs to turn it on?
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    Thanks mods

    The internet is a cesspool. Thanks for your hard work keeping the majority of that garbage out of these forums. Much appreciated.
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    Moderator, can you color code the trolling topics?

    I'm confused on what you're looking for. You have the ability to ignore users, so you won't see their comments within a thread. Do you want the ability to hide their threads too, so you never see them in the list of topics? If so, go to this thread to add your request - Marking threads as...
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    Delivered With a Dozen Paint Defects...Am I Being Unreasonable?

    Add your 2c to this thread - Marking threads as "forget" or "ignore"?
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    Delivered With a Dozen Paint Defects...Am I Being Unreasonable?

    Only a dozen? Glad the QC is getting better as they make more & more M3's. :D
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    FS: BNIB Signature HPWC $420 firm - pick up in Orange County, CA

    Agreed. Seems like $475 or 500 is the going rate in most areas.
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    What do you think 2019 holds for the Model 3?

    What's different vs. the lowest end config available online? What do users here call this config? Interested in looking @ other threads about it.
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    What do you think 2019 holds for the Model 3?

    Bumping this thread to see how well people did with their predictions. Looks like the cheapest car is 39990 - 1875 = 38115 - so still no $35k version :( Think everyone finally got their spoilers & AWD/P badges, right? :D
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    Fix for “ping pong” effect. So far works great!

    What is the "ping pong" effect? Sounds like an urban legend type thing (that and 20 other things along with the reboot happened to have worked once for a tech, so now they're telling everyone to do it).

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