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  1. A-E

    Vendor Model 3 & Model S Customizing

    This is the same Model 3 Thanks for watching!
  2. A-E

    Vendor Model 3 & Model S Customizing

    Thanks !!! We just got the Black Model S for stealth Xpel so I will update soon!
  3. A-E

    Vendor Model 3 & Model S Customizing

    We are not going to be wrapping this Model 3 in Xpel Stealth although I would love to see that. We do however have a Model S coming that is also black and we will be applying the XPEL Stealth paint protection film. I can't wait to see the outcome! There will be more updates on the customizing...
  4. A-E

    Vendor Model 3 & Model S Customizing

    Thanks for watching! Let me know the services that you are interested in and I will PM you the cost or feel free to call me at (310) 854-5454 and ask for Jerel
  5. A-E

    Vendor Model 3 & Model S Customizing

    Thank you!
  6. A-E

    Vendor Model 3 & Model S Customizing

    Hey guys! This week we worked on 2 Teslas. Below are the products used and a video of the process and final outcomes: 2017 Tesla Model S Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film 3M Crystalline Window Tinting Chrome Delete Package Tsportline Wheels 2017 Tesla Model 3 Xpel Stealth Paint...
  7. A-E

    Is Tesla "Most American"? (Plus: "Angry" Tesla nose)

    This would look much more aggressive with the chrome delete!
  8. A-E

    Is it possible to upgrade speakers to premium?

    We offer an upgrade for the factory Tesla audio system at our store. We replace all of the speakers and add a custom built subwoofer enclosure in the trunk area. Feel free to call Jerel for more details and specifications at (310) 854-5454
  9. A-E

    Looking to wrap chrome to black! How much did it cost you?

    If you are interested in seeing a Tesla Model S blackout in person , you are welcome to come into our store located in West Hollywood. We are not too far from Santa Monica. This week we have a Tesla Model S and we are installing full paint protection in a stealth matte over the pearl white. in...
  10. A-E

    How to make your own "Tesla garage"

    Awesome garage transformation! Love the cable holder!
  11. A-E

    Getting the X tinted today. How dark?

    Cool! 20% will match great..it is a fix it ticket in California
  12. A-E

    Getting the X tinted today. How dark?

    Your blackout looks great! What products did you use for your installation ? I would recommend 3M Crystalline for your window tinting application. The 3M crystalline product does wonders and keeps out a superior amount of solar heat and is 99.9% UV protection. As far as the color shade goes...
  13. A-E

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Thanks for sharing the photos. The new Model 3 looks amazing! We are looking forward to customizing these in Q4 when they really start to take the road by storm. The body lines on this car are absolutely stunning and we can't wait to wrap one in 3M Black Satin Vinyl to make those body lines...
  14. A-E

    Got My Beauty Wrapped!!!

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful wrap and awesome color!!! Your Tesla Model X is a showstopper! I would love to see some shots of this color under the street lights at night. We haven't tried the Rushing Riptide color from Avery yet but looking forward to offering this color after these...
  15. A-E

    Poll: Should I black out my MC Red?

    It makes sense that you will be choosing Plastic dip for that reason. I actually used the anthracite grey plastic dip on wheels in the past and I can agree it does look great. If you decide you want your chrome accents to match the plastic dip (antracite grey), the vinyl that matches almost...
  16. A-E

    Model S - Window Tinting

    I recommend window tinting from 3M Crystalline for the maximum protection from solar heat and UV rays. In regards to the shade of film, 5% is extremely dark and may cause an issue seeing out clearly. If you do a 15% shade all around it will still appear that the rear windows are darker due to...
  17. A-E

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    TSportline TS114 21" Wheels on a Multi-Coat Red Tesla Model S 2.0
  18. A-E

    Speaker Stats

    Alpine makes a very impressive shallow subwoofer that sounds amazing without compromising too much trunks space. We like to flush mount the subwoofer in the trunk on the left side. If you are looking for bass, this option works perfect! :-)
  19. A-E

    Poll: Should I black out my MC Red?

    I would highly recommend vinyl wrap for the chrome delete over plastic dip. Although the plastic dip looks great when first applied , it is much easier to scratch/damage. 3M vinyl wrap is much more durable and easier to clean. In addition, it is much more painless to remove vinyl wrap down...
  20. A-E

    What are these seats?

    We offer a wide variety of interiors including vegan ultra white options. Considering your car is black , check out the custom Ferrari Creme option in the pics. Let me know what you think :) You can view more options at Tsportline.com under custom services.
  21. A-E


    We recommend TSportline wheels. Check out the wheel selection at www.TSportline.com!
  22. A-E

    X rims in the Gta

    We recommend TSportline wheels as your aftermarket solution. Check out TSportline.com for available styles!
  23. A-E

    13 cars broken into last night, for laptops - costco sunnyvale parking lot

    Sorry to hear about the damage to your Tesla. You can call Mitch at Avio Coach Craft located in Van Nuys (818) 994-6400 . They are an Tesla approved body shop and provide excellent service.
  24. A-E

    Model S Shows Its True Colors (Photos)

    This is a nice photo shoot. The Pearl White looks great in comparison to the white! Due to the pearl in the clear , it creates harder shadows causing the body lines to show off more.
  25. A-E

    Model S Photo Gallery

    The Red Multi-Coat on the Tesla Model S 2.0 looks amazing. Check out this Bentley Red Interior!!! :-)
  26. A-E

    Just Got Rear Ended...Now What?

    We are sorry to hear about your recent accident and glad to hear everyone is okay. It's a good thing you invested in a Blackvue camera for events like this. Since you have already made copies of the event onto your computer, you are in good shape. The last thing we would want is to loose that...
  27. A-E

    Blog Tesla to Add Dashcam Functionality ‘Soon’

    The integrated dash cam will be an amazing feature for Tesla owners. We install a large amount of Blackvue dash cams for the Tesla Model S and Model X here at Al & Ed's Autosound in West Hollywood, CA. The Blackvue dashcam is one of the best with GPS Tracking and Remote Video Playback via wifi...
  28. A-E

    Wheel Manufacturer

    The phone number provided in the post above is the best number to reach us in regards to Tsportline (310) 854-5454. My name is Jerel and I would be happy to help you in customizing your Tesla. Our hours are 9-6 Monday - Saturday Pacific time. Thanks again ! :-)
  29. A-E

    Vendor One of the Craziest Colors We've Seen On a Tesla!!!

    What color would you wrap your Tesla? Check out the Tiffany Blue Tesla Model X P90D from one of our recent Tesla transformations. This is a 3M Vinyl Wrap that covers all the exterior body panels of the vehicle. Vinyl wrap protects the paint's surface from damage caused by rock chips and road...
  30. A-E

    Wheel Manufacturer

    Check out TSportline.com for the latest on 19" TST Wheel options for Model 3 or Call Jerel at (310) 854-5454. If you would like to stop by in person and check out our wheel selection for Tesla, we have a display located at Al & Ed's Autosound located at 8500 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood...
  31. A-E

    Vendor Custom "Hand Carved" floor mat kit for your Tesla Model S

    $700 is the cost. Please call Max at 310.854.5454 to place an order.
  32. A-E

    Vendor "Dodger Blue" painted brake calipers

    or this. What color do you have in mind?
  33. A-E

    Vendor "Dodger Blue" painted brake calipers

    Something like this?
  34. A-E

    Vendor Retro Fit: Roadster Double DIN Radio Installed

    Thank you. This project takes about 3-5 days to complete. Please call Max (store manager) with any questions at 310.854.5454
  35. A-E

    Vendor Custom "Hand Carved" floor mat kit for your Tesla Model S

    For the 5 piece kit the cost is $1000. That includes the Tesla "T" logo on the driver and front passenger mats.
  36. A-E

    Vendor "Dodger Blue" painted brake calipers

    To do this custom job takes 2-3 days (depending on workload) and $1000. We are located in West Hollywood, CA. Call Max at 310.854.5454 with any questions.
  37. A-E

    Vendor Custom "Hand Carved" floor mat kit for your Tesla Model S

    X Floormat Front 2 by A-E posted Apr 27, 2016 at 11:11 AMX Floormat Front by A-E posted Apr 27, 2016 at 10:48 AMHere are pics of the latest we did for a Model X P90D. If anyone has any questions or just wants to place an order please call Max at 310.854.5454. email will work as well -...
  38. X Floormat Front  2

    X Floormat Front 2

  39. X Floormat Front

    X Floormat Front

  40. A-E

    Vendor Tesla Model S LED Ghost Lights

    Yes, I am. I stock them at my West Hollywood location. They cost $500 installed per pair ( i.e.2 doors). I will do all 4 doors for $750 installed. Call Max 310.854.5454 to schedule an appointment.
  41. A-E

    Vendor New custom steering wheel options for your Model S

    I would like to offer everyone a new core exchange program for your stock Tesla steering wheel. This will really improve the look in your Model S interior. The cost is $2500. FREE INSTALLATION when purchased at our store location. There is a $500 core exchange charged up front, then refundable...
  42. A-E

    Tesla Model S 19" Cyclone Wheels for Sale OEM Factory Original - No Longer Available

    Tesla Model S 19" Cyclone Wheels for Sale OEM Factory Original This auction is for a complete set of 4 Tesla factory original Cyclone OEM 19" wheels for a Model S. The wheels are in very condition with no curb rash and minor wear shows on them. Center caps, tires and TPS sensors are not...
  43. A-E

    Model X Signature Configuration has begun!

    I'm just really anxious!
  44. A-E

    Model X Signature Configuration has begun!

    Is anyone interested in selling me their Model X Signature reservation? I will pay over MSRP. Please PM, email or call me directly at 310.920.5454
  45. A-E

    WANTED: Model X Signature will pay over MSRP

    Is anyone interested in selling me their Model X Signature reservation? I am willing to pay over MSRP. Please PM me if you are interested or you can call me directly at 310.920.5454 to discuss.
  46. A-E

    Vendor Limited Edition 19" Gold Wheels for your Model S

    Limited edition, only 20 sets will be made, each wheel will be serialized.
  47. A-E

    Vendor 3m Crystalline Window Tint

    90% does not make sense where we are (California) anyway because our limit is 70%. Here are the links for reference - www.iwfa.com http://www.iwfa.com/Portals/0/PDFDocs/Law_Charts/StateLawChart03.27.2015.pdf 3M Crystalline And here is the chart for all 3M film. Take note of the "TSER"...
  48. A-E

    Track your Tesla for $150 bucks!?

    ***Disclaimer - I am NOT affiliated with this event*** - I'm just excited to give everyone a heads up. All you need is a car, helmet, and some balls! This is a great deal for anyone interested in some track time. Check out the link - http://www.tracknightinamerica.com/ I went to the Southern...
  49. A-E

    Vendor Black T Sportline Grille on a Black Model S

    Grey Model S with a T Sportline "NCG" Black Grille The most popular color car with a Custom look.
  50. A-E

    Vendor Black T Sportline Grille on a Black Model S

    Black T Sportline Grille on Dark Blue Model S This grille blends well with the factory exterior trim. I have them in stock and ready to be installed! Call me (Max) at 310.854.5454 or PM for special TMC member pricing!:cool:

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