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  1. Lon12

    Planning a trip from Toronto to Vancouver in Model 3 SR+

    You are new here. It would help us if you put up a nice avatar and a signature line that shows your current vehicle. A lot of times FUD spreaders just come on with one or two posts to get folks upset. Thanks for clearing up your perspective on sustainability. Welcome. :)
  2. Lon12

    Hesitating to order Tesla Model 3 SR+ ( in Canada )

    Oh Pick me. Pick me.... :) Did I mention Sudbury rocks?;)
  3. Lon12

    Heated steering wheel

    I see Tesla has finally put the heated steering wheel on their web site now. Have to click on Interior/Feature Details last page to see it.
  4. Lon12

    New Matrix projector LED vs "old" reflector LED headlights comparison on US cars

    Do you know if your camera was using the same exposure (shutter speed and ISO) for the different pictures? Thanks.
  5. Lon12

    ID.4 Canadian pricing announced, undercuts MY LR AWD by $20k CAD :(

    From what I've read and seen VW said they were targeting the RAV4 and CRV crowd with the ID.4 pricing. But I agree with our Canadian Tesla being overpriced compared to US pricing. Still hoping they fix that price difference soon. I've done a few road trips Calgary-Vancouver and Calgary-Edmonton...
  6. Lon12

    Golden<->Radium round trip range anxiety

    Remember your last supercharge to 100% will take a lot longer when you stop in Golden. So plan for that. I always prefer to have the car plugged in overnight. A good 110v outlet will give you enough for any driving you might need while you are in town. As mentioned, the BC Hydro J1772 at the...
  7. Lon12

    Model Y with new headlights

    So I was waiting for the heated steering wheel.... Now I'm waiting for the new headlights.... Don't think I'll wait for the 4860s. :rolleyes:
  8. Lon12

    Level 3 Charge cable theft.

    Well they took the whole cable on the other side. So maybe the short cut was their first try.
  9. Lon12

    Level 3 Charge cable theft.

    Walked past a Electrify Canada charger that has not been turned on yet and saw cable coolant puddle beside a pedestal. Then noticed someone had cut the cables. I'm suspecting copper thieves. They have been very active in Calgary lately. Very sad.
  10. Lon12

    Model Y SR RWD available to order for $56,290

    I watched that a few days ago. Very interesting to see how the new Octovalve works in transferring the heat stored in the battery to heating the cabin now. Wish we had some way of insulating the bottom of the battery for the winter....
  11. Lon12

    Best areas for photographs

    Love the color. What kind of wrap is that?
  12. Lon12

    Model Y should be $6500 cheaper in Canada

    Sorry. But I’m not the only one tired of paying more than our neighbors for a vehicle. Remember when our dollar was at par: https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.1141083 When I purchased a Honda Odyssey in 2002 the dealership made me sign that I would not sell it to an American. So I guess it can go both ways.
  13. Lon12


    Why two airbag icons?
  14. Lon12


    I have never stuck around long enough to read this screen before. Cute. Also never noticed I could take the aero covers off the image.
  15. Lon12

    12V Battery Replacement Outside of Warranty

    No. The ranger came out to my house and I watched him change it. They replaced the 12V twice under warranty. $35 for labor is a great deal. It took him quite a while to take the tub out and then get at the 12V. It is hidden in the upper right side under the cabin air intake.
  16. Lon12

    12V Battery Replacement Outside of Warranty

    First question I think depends on which car you own. The 12V in my 2014 S was a bit difficult to get at.
  17. Lon12

    winter is coming..how do you prepare your tesla for winter beside winter tire swtich?

    I would also highly recommend practicing track mode on a snow covered parking lot. You can make perfect four wheel drift circles without damaging your tires. Makes even an average driver look like a pro. :)
  18. Lon12

    Cost of EV charging in Vancouver

    I like to use 5 km / kWh as an easy math average for most EVs. So you are close. Summer can see 9 winter 4.
  19. Lon12

    Canadian Leaf Owners are Frustrated

    I owned two Leafs. The 2011 was at 84% capacity after 8 years and 51,000 km. The 2017 30 kWh one was at 88% at 53,800 km and three years. They were Canadian cars so were not subjected to high heat.
  20. Lon12

    New Model 3 update

    Electrek is saying that the we are finally getting a heated steering wheel but I don't see that on the Tesla web site yet.
  21. Lon12

    Charge Rate Reduced - Model 3 SR+

    Can you try your Mobile Connector on a 240 volt outlet and see if you still have issues?
  22. Lon12

    Is it time to get rid of my Model 3 Performance Stealth?

    That’s funny. My wife says she misses our S as well. I will definitely be waiting to see what the new S will offer. I moved to a Model 3 for the same reason. Wanted newer tech.
  23. Lon12

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    When I purchased my fist model S (2015) they told me a happy Tesla is one that is always plugged in. Back then the car wouldn’t use shore power for heating the cabin. Now my model 3 will use that power instead of the battery. So if you can plug it in when you are at work I would recommend it. I...
  24. Lon12

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    If you are parking your car in a heated garage every night and only leaving it outside during the day then your battery will not have enough time to get cold soaked. I don't think you will notice much in the way of energy loss due to battery heating during the day. I purchased the Scan My Tesla...
  25. Lon12

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Happens all the time. :rolleyes: Mostly trucks. Last year had a bicyclist as well. You can watch the dash cam: We have rooftop solar so the "zero emission" label on the back of Leaf is actually a thing. But he didn't bother to ask.....
  26. Lon12

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    I have 23 West facing panels that I was able to sweep the snow off of last winter. Just really bugs me when we have such nice sunny days but the snow blocks 100% and it is not warm enough to melt off. I know they say the snow only costs you about 3% of your annual production. But I still hate to...
  27. Lon12

    Preconstruction home electrical set up requirements

    I have three EVs with two NEMA 14-50 plugs on each side of the two car garage. That way it is easy to hang up a cable on each side and the plugs let you take the wall charger with you or upgrade later. Putting the plugs half way down the garage lets me run the cables out to the driveway when needed.
  28. Lon12

    App failed to wake up the car. “Vehicle connection error”. Anyone else ?

    I have been having the same issue since updating to v28.5 two days ago. If the car is a sleep it doesn't want to wake up with the App. I just tried rebooting the car and the iPhone App. Tried WiFi and LTE. Both failed again. But now after trying two more times the car has finally woken up. I...
  29. Lon12

    Need advice from experienced owners

    If you are viewing this forum on an iPhone you need to rotate to landscape to see the person's signature line with the referral code. As mentioned we were not allowed to put referral links in our signature. I had done that in the past but got a warning message from the forum after a year or so...
  30. Lon12

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Calgary has a Y on display and another for test drives now.
  31. Lon12

    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Can someone let us know when Calgary puts a Model Y on display please? I've called a few times. They told me maybe this week. July 6th.
  32. Lon12

    Highway 5A crash

    I just drove this route again a couple of weeks ago. Traffic was very light so I experimented with autopilot. It was not able to slow enough on its own for the corners. I would have to take over for a lot of them. Also a long stretch of gravel now beside a lake. Wouldn't recommend it if you are...
  33. Lon12

    Sentry mode triggering every minute

    I just had this happen to me. 359 Sentry Mode events in one night. My Sister said she couldn't sleep because the lights would flash every 60 seconds. Started as soon as it got dark and then stopped when it got light in the morning. Each recording was one minute apart. No rain, no wind or...
  34. Lon12

    Need advice from experienced owners

    Only other consideration is the depth of the snow you get. There will be days that a Model 3 will be pushing the snow. The X has a bit more clearance.
  35. Lon12

    ChargePoint Home Flex flashing yellow LED

    Posting this in case anyone else has a ChargePoint EVSE fail. Customer support has to remove your broken unit from the App. After that the App will ask you to set up the new home charger. All of your charging history remains intact.
  36. Lon12

    ChargePoint Home Flex flashing yellow LED

    So my ChargePoint Flex started flashing yellow. Owners manual and FAQ don't mention yellow at all. Customer support indicated that it was stuck in bootloop. They sent me a new unit within two days. But no instructions for how to remove the old one from the ChargePoint App so that I can add the...
  37. Lon12

    Dispute Experience with Tesla Canada

    Tesla battery degradation at less than 10% after over 160,000 miles, according to latest data - Electrek Based on these data plots for S and X I don't think you are that far off the expected degradation. Hopefully you see a flattening of the capacity decrease soon.
  38. Lon12

    Non-Tesla EVs in Canada

    We own an Outlander PHEV GT. Please do not buy one without knowing the issues with the BMU. Mitsubishi Canada would not help me nor would the dealership. I'm very disappointed with their response. You can view the online petition asking for help: Sign the Petition
  39. Lon12

    Why does Tesla use a Resistance Heater instead of Heat Pump

    So I see from Munro's latest video that Model Y owners are already complaining about the noise of the heat pump and that Tesla will be installing a noise cover on it soon.
  40. Lon12

    Why does Tesla use a Resistance Heater instead of Heat Pump

    Just pray that the Y heat pump is much quieter than the heat pump in my 2017 Leaf. I suspect it will be just as noisy as the AC we have right now.
  41. Lon12

    Anyone got 2020.8 in Canada yet

    I just installed 2020.8.1.
  42. Lon12

    Highway 5A crash

    Well I have to say that I'm surprised this crash has not become front page news for the Tesla haters out there. Let's hope this is the new normal for us.
  43. Lon12

    Highway 5A crash

    So sad to hear about this crash. I've taken this road many times as it avoids the elevation changes that highway 5 has. Also very scenic and less traffic. Alberta man, 2 children killed in Highway 5A crash near Kamloops, B.C.
  44. Lon12

    Supercharger Taxi Overuse - What to do?

    I stay at the Best Western when we drive through town because of their chargers. I was a little annoyed that the Level 2 chargers where either iced or had a taxi plugged in. I asked the front desk about the taxi's and they said they allow them to charge there. It's great that the hotel has solar...
  45. Lon12

    Disappointing Range on a New Model 3

    I can see active heat target is -7°C. I haven’t parked outside to see that since I got the program. My garage never gets that cold.
  46. Lon12

    Disappointing Range on a New Model 3

    I don't understand why you quoted my post for that information? I was not discussing how it heats. Just when it heats. :)
  47. Lon12

    Disappointing Range on a New Model 3

    I don't think I've seen the model 3 actively heating the battery from just driving (Using ScanMyTesla). I do see it when charging, preheating, or navigating to a Supercharger.
  48. Lon12

    Why does Tesla use a Resistance Heater instead of Heat Pump

    I don't think the model 3 has much waste heat from the drive units. When I'm driving in cold weather at highway speed I can leave the supercharger at 50ºC battery temperature. Once I'm on the highway the pack cools almost one degree per minute until its sitting below 30ºC. Not active cooling...
  49. Lon12

    Why does Tesla use a Resistance Heater instead of Heat Pump

    You can't be serious.
  50. Lon12

    Why does Tesla use a Resistance Heater instead of Heat Pump

    Oh I'll agree with that. The 2011 Leaf would go full 6 kW heating right off the bat. The 2017 barely pulls 2 or 3 kW and the cabin does NOT warm up as fast. You can add my data.

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