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  1. Led Jetson

    Is $10K too much?

    When I first heard the news I decided that it would make more sense to wait 3-4 years for the next Tesla. But now that I think about it, what if FSD costs 20-25k at that time? I definitely wouldn’t want to pay 12-15k let alone what Elon may or may not hike it to depending on its advancement...
  2. Led Jetson

    Why is FSD not transferable to your next Tesla?

    I am in the same situation. I have a PM3 from Sept 2018, but I am not going to pay 8k to add to a car I may only have for maybe 2-3 more years. I will keep this car until I have enough money to buy it on the next one, however long that takes. To me that is a lose-lose situation for all. I...
  3. Led Jetson

    Software update without wifi

    I have downloaded two different software updates using my paid Lte without Wi-Fi in my 2018 PM3. I was away from home both times so there was no way it was connected to any Wi-Fi.
  4. Led Jetson

    CNBC loading error on Tune-In

    Same here with CNBC and Fox News. The “loading error” started once I logged in to my own Tune-in account using the QR Code reader.
  5. Led Jetson

    Tesla ignoring older cars!

    If Tesla is going to announce a million mile battery, then they need to be prepared for the required customer service that NEEDS to come with it. Right now their customer service can't get past the first six months without telling the customer NO over and over, and then NOT returning calls...
  6. Led Jetson

    Tesla got the worst score in the J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey

    In other news, when Tesla was ranked versus other personal computers, and they ranked Tesla a 10 out of 10. :) As someone who took delivery of a M3P with multiple issues, mostly paint and being told they would take care of something but then when I was ready to have them fix the paint issues...
  7. Led Jetson

    What is your real range?

    You couldn’t be any more wrong with everything you said. 1. 5-10% range loss the first year is not normal for Tesla. There are hundreds of reliable posts that state 1-2% range loss per year can be expected and over a few years of all the reading I have done, seems like 2-3% a year is more like...
  8. Led Jetson

    Tesla model 3 awd lr only getting 286 miles of range at 100% charge

    My god, do you Tesla Bot's listen or try to read to your response posts????? It's like a broken record of Tesla Bot fanatics over and over programmed, "If you don't like the EPA, just go change it, if you don't like it yourself?" Then all the other Fan Boys BS about, okay, what tires were you...
  9. Led Jetson

    Tesla Service Response to Battery Range Issue...

    Great advice but it doesn’t address my problem or the original posters or Tesla’s battery issues. I drove in chill mode for six months straight like Driving Miss Daisy when I first noticed the loss range, it didn’t make a difference, in fact my Wh/mi averages went up using Chill Mode not down...
  10. Led Jetson

    What is your real range?

    Nothings adding up for me. I probably spent 5-6 months lately in Chill Mode, three of them straight with at least a few BMS resets out of the last twelve months in Chill to give my Performance every benefit of the doubt. While I still give it some umph back in P Mode, for whatever reason I get...
  11. Led Jetson

    Tesla Service Response to Battery Range Issue...

    I would only find the "Percentage" helpful if it would have said on the MSRP before buying the car, "you will reach 310 miles zero percent of the time, and not even close to 310 even if you are driving Miss Daisy." Some of you Telsa Elitists on here throwing out all the math and defending Tesla...
  12. Led Jetson

    Tesla Service Response to Battery Range Issue...

    I have the same exact issue. Just hit 23k miles after a 100 mile drive to Ft Lauderdale airport, and am lucky to get 175 miles or so a charge at best with an average of 294w so far. I am down now over 10% range after I kept bringing up I lost 3%, then 4%, then 5%, then 8% to now 10% that it’s...
  13. Led Jetson

    Purchasing a M3 that's only been supercharged

    I thought that might be what Watts-up meant. Thanks for clarifying, makes total sense now.
  14. Led Jetson

    Purchasing a M3 that's only been supercharged

    I am pretty sure Free Supercharging for the life of the Model 3 Performance car ended in 3rd qtr Sept 2018, so there's no Supercharging to transfer unless I missed something.
  15. Led Jetson

    To Supercharge or Not.....

    I question the rumors or talk about just how bad 100% Supercharging really is. If it was so bad for the vehicle, why would Tesla start building the new even faster chargers, other than to accommodate more cars per hour. Why would they encourage the faster home Tesla accessory when the slower...
  16. Led Jetson

    1st Electricity Bill since purchasing the tesla.

    :rolleyes: Not everyone gets Stupidly cheap overnight plans, let alone cheaper ones. I guess you get all the breaks, enjoy!
  17. Led Jetson

    "DIR_a062" error - power reduced mode - what is this?

    It happened to me last week as I put my Performance in reverse. Got out, closed door got back in and everything fine.
  18. Led Jetson

    Tesla rage

    Just put a Trump 2020 sticker on it to take away the Tree Hugger stigma. On the other hand, maybe not. JK....You would have to deal with an even a worse crazy derangement out there. Remember, the “Co-Exist” sticker that went extinct? That sticker was literally magically peeled off and...
  19. Led Jetson

    Tesla Official Statement on Range

    Good post, thanks for sharing. Here's what I don't get. Tesla now builds crazy faster V3 Superchargers. Isn't that supposedly bad for the life of the battery??? Then why are you building them then? I get the eliminating lines part, then find more places to have them that help businesses and...
  20. Led Jetson

    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    I still stand by that, as there are many early supporters of this company that paid a high premium and then Tesla dropped it's shorts (and for the shorts). How else would ANY customer feel. To say those of us that failed to plan ahead because we couldn't take advantage of a tax credit is...
  21. Led Jetson

    Cleaning tips

    2nd that, the Magic Erasers, but be gentle. Tesla Mobile service replaced my front left column liner piece, but the car was in the garage with minimal light at the time. Once I drove out in the driveway after they left, all I could see is the service man's hand print, not only on the column...
  22. Led Jetson

    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    Zero EV state credits in Florida, and for those that don’t get it, just because a $7,500 tax credit was offered doesn’t mean the buyer receives it unless they pay a full $7,500 in Federal Taxes that year. Florida is not like the California tech world where everyone makes hundreds of thousands...
  23. Led Jetson

    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    I never said I was owed anything. Why would I need a lawyer?
  24. Led Jetson

    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    Sorry dude, yeah I can.
  25. Led Jetson

    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    I was not offered a $5k check, didn’t get one nor knew about that, and for the less informed, you have to pay $7,5000 in Federal Taxes that year, to receive the full $7,500. This practice is exactly why the government did the right thing by ending EV TAX credits, as they benefit the...
  26. Led Jetson

    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    I don't know how I am supposed to understand all this. I bought a Model 3 Performance, and now it seems Tesla has P'd all over all of us early M3P supporters as they burned us bad. What is the difference on all these P-, P+ stuff? It's more like a Tesla doing another P in your mouth move...
  27. Led Jetson

    I was offered a damaged Model 3 without telling me about it

    I bought the Model 3 Performance in Sept 2018 with many disappointing paint issues. When you pay a friend to drive you 120 miles to deliver what you think is a brand new car, its a major punch to the face and embarrassing to say the least. At delivery to try to make up for it, they promise you...
  28. Led Jetson

    Planning First Trip

    We just did a trip from Naples, FL to South New Jersey and left at night. It was expected, but I was surprised at how much energy the headlights used versus daytime driving (330 vs 285-290 or so), so keep that in mind to on top of other conditions if driving over 75 mph. We hit seven...
  29. Led Jetson

    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    I love the storage areas in the center console. I just keep mine sitting pointing forward in my pocket holster in the forward storage bin and with one tap on that cover, the lid pops right open and my hand is right on it, and it is not openly visible that way.
  30. Led Jetson

    Drive In, Not back into SC

    I don't know, I just did a 3,000 mile road trip up 95 to Jersey, and saw many of the back in ones, backed over and unusable at a few Supercharger spots.
  31. Led Jetson

    Model 3 won’t charge - broken port

    When I had my last mobile service appointment at home. The tech told me he was switching out a new connector for the charging as there have been connectors breaking on people. It took him a few minutes and it is probably that exact same piece. We just completed nearly a 3,000 mile road trip...
  32. Led Jetson

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    For the first eight months, I was getting by using the 110 plug, and Supercharger doing mostly 80-20 or 90-20. I was delayed in getting plugged in properly at home. Telsa stiffed me on two different referrals, one was or the Tesla Home Charger that the sales person never put the referral code...
  33. Led Jetson

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I have a 3rd Qtr 2018 M3P with 16K miles at one year since delivery, and I have lost 19 miles on average at only 90%, charging only to 260. I am not happy at all with a 6% loss so far, which doesn't seem sustainable for long or short term ownership. :-(

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