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  1. jpfive

    Bought Tesla Model Y from Inventory

    I'm with you 'bro. 76 in January. We grew up with cars with longer body overhang. Wheels have moved farther out to the corners in the last decade or so. Especially so with your MY. Just try to go farther out on the turns. I still cut it too close sometimes. Congrats on the purchase. I am...
  2. jpfive

    Does Model Y trim still discolour from carwash?

    I don't know the name of the product but will try to find out and post it.
  3. jpfive

    Does Model Y trim still discolour from carwash?

    I had the problem at the car wash that I use. We solved it by wiping the trim with the same product that they use for dash treatment. It has been effective for two years now.
  4. jpfive

    Halloween light show?

    Used mine last night with the preloaded display. Delighted kids and parents. They called my car the haunted Tesla. Great fun.
  5. jpfive

    Will Tesla perform a 12v lithium-ion upgrade on request?

    Answer to that question, received from Service Center this morning: "No that's not an option at this time". That statement gives me pause re ohmmu or other third party. So, 12V conventional battery replacement will happen soon. I don't wait for them to fail. Cheers.
  6. jpfive

    Will Tesla perform a 12v lithium-ion upgrade on request?

    OK, I've searched threads to try to get an answer. I have read a lot of opinions and discussion. But I have not seen a definitive answer as to whether Tesla will perform an upgrade from a conventional 12V battery (as in my 2021 MY Long Range) to their new lithium-ion battery at customer...
  7. jpfive

    Key fob vs. washing machine

    Dittos to your comments on the fob. I hang my house key on mine - yep, still analog in that department. I have laundered mine at one time or another - both of them. Old and absent minded. Both were fine with a battery replacement. Cheers.
  8. jpfive

    Display at night

    This may help you. I believe I had the problem you were describing after a firmware update several months ago. When my display switched to night mode, brightness was too low, but also contrast. I had difficulty seeing detail on the map display. I solved the problem temporarily my locking the...
  9. jpfive

    MYP ‘22 aka The Vomit Comet

    That was the mantra for my riding group back in my sport-bike-riding days. Stood us in good stead in the canyons and mountains. Smoothness is the differentiator, whether in the air or on land and on four wheels or two.
  10. jpfive

    auto time zone updates

    The three taps trick is a new one for me. I'll give it a try. Thanks.
  11. jpfive

    auto time zone updates

    Has this functionality changed somewhere along the line? I traded my 2020 Model 3 in on a 2021 Model Y. Both of my cars used to automatically update the clock when passing into a new time zone, even though this sometimes took some time - maybe a half hour or so. My Model Y no longer does...
  12. jpfive

    Navigation errors

    2022.28... downloaded for me this morning.
  13. jpfive

    Map Update D/L This Morning

    2022.28... downloaded this morning. Past map updates have been later in the year. I am FSD Beta, so suspect it may be a prerequisite for the upcoming beta update.
  14. jpfive

    Helen Ga. Charging?

    Thanks. We're doing some long-term planning. Unicoi Park and Lodge looks interesting for a 50th anniversary family gathering. A destination charger there would be perfect. :)
  15. jpfive

    Helen Ga. Charging?

    Coming up on two years since this thread. Any charging updates on the Helen area? Thanks folks!
  16. jpfive

    Help me debunk/support rumor that only 3 out of 4 Model Y tires contact road during turns

    I can corroborate this, also from auto-crossing in the 80's. 911's would regularly lift a front wheel. VW Rabbits would lift a rear. There were others. These cars still did very well in their respective classes.
  17. jpfive

    I test drove Hyundai Ioniq 5 SEL RWD (short review)

    My wall charger is the previous generation, installed in 2019 when I took delivery of my Model 3. Traded that a year later for my Model Y. Wall charger still going strong. I had an electrician install it on a 60 AMP circuit. The car restricts the charging current to 48 amps. I use the Tesla...
  18. jpfive

    I test drove Hyundai Ioniq 5 SEL RWD (short review)

    Forgive me if I missed this in the preceeding 13 pages of this thread, but how about using a Tesla wall charger. Will an adaptor make it functional for the Hyundai?
  19. jpfive

    Halfshaft - rear drive unit (CV boot)

    CV boots live a hard life. To have one in four leak after 28k miles is not unusual in my experience - thirty years in fixed operations of a GM dealership. They were a common service item for our customers, both within the warranty, and out. Glad to hear Tesla addressed it for you quickly...
  20. jpfive

    If you wondered how those excellent gaps were achieved…

    Reminds me of a summation by a reviewer of the first Yugos imported into the US. "A Fiat...built by communists."
  21. jpfive

    If you wondered how those excellent gaps were achieved…

    you gotta love watching craftsmen at work.;)
  22. jpfive

    Should I get trunk panel gap fixed? Scared..

    I'll give my $.02 here. Casting my memory back to a similar complaint with the Model 3. I owned a 2020, which I traded for my 2021 MY. If you want to go back a year and a half or so you can probably find the threads. The original complaint was that owners were experiencing damage to the...
  23. jpfive

    Windshield wiper fluid smell with windows closed

    Hmmm... I've also found that bourbon affects cognition. Even with coke.
  24. jpfive

    Backed into post below eye level

    Hey! I resemble that. Seriously, I find myself being very careful when backing the Model Y, especially in parking lots. Situational awareness is little helped by the sensors and camera, which has been a surprise and disappointment, to me. Add to that the limited rear visibility which is...
  25. jpfive

    Body Shop Corrections

    In an earlier life I managed a dealership body shop. On the day a customer takes delivery of a brand-new vehicle, a chip, or other minor defect can seem heart-breaking. I would always advise customers to live with the car for a month before forcing me to break the factory finish. By that...
  26. jpfive

    The Penultimate 2021 Model Y EPA Document

    Wow. What a thread. Thanks all.
  27. jpfive

    Tesla FSD Beta Release 10.5 2021.36.8.8 - 10.5.1?

    I'm confused. I thought that FSD only comes into effect when you are also in NOA. I was indeed using NOA, with a forced disengagement when I exceeded 80. I know that you can use autopilot without engaging NOA, but not FSD.
  28. jpfive

    Tesla FSD Beta Release 10.5 2021.36.8.8 - 10.5.1?

    10.5 put me in FSD jail yesterday. Merging into interstate traffic, it was paralleling a truck in the merge lane. I accelerated to make a safer merge, exceeding 80mph in the process. I guess I could have 1) waited a bit longer for FSD to make its own correction or 2) Deselected FSD with the...
  29. jpfive

    Any idea on fixes? Interior door trim puncture

    If that doesn't work, visit a good body shop and ask for a referral to the person who does their vinyl and trim repair. These folks are amazing.
  30. jpfive

    Adult siting in 2nd row

    Short to moderate commute, as in a car pool situation...no problem. Longer than that, take turns in the middle.
  31. jpfive

    MYLR vs Mach-e vs RAV4 Prime

    Peace, out.
  32. jpfive

    MYLR vs Mach-e vs RAV4 Prime

    How does that old toast go...? "May you live in interesting times..." These last few years have been a rolling puzzle. And populated as they are with great persons, with fractured personalities, has made them even more interesting. Certainly Musk is one of these. A self-admitted, maybe...
  33. jpfive

    MYLR vs Mach-e vs RAV4 Prime

    Thank you for answering as to a difference of opinion, and in a respectful tone. Your point on the handling is well taken, and appropriate, as long as context is maintained. Certainly, none of my bikes remained stock for long, either in powerplant or suspension. Anybody with a passion for...
  34. jpfive

    MYLR vs Mach-e vs RAV4 Prime

    This has not been my experience. For many years I was big into auto crossing, so I have some experience in aggressive driving. When I left auto crossing (getting bored) I substituted sport bikes and semi annual trips to the mountains of TN/NC. I think I am a good judge of performance. My...
  35. jpfive

    MYLR vs Mach-e vs RAV4 Prime

    I agree with your comments about a plug-in hybrid. I see the logic for an in-town commuter car, but not for hitting the road. A standard hybrid would be better for that. The RAV4 is a good example. I would consider one as a replacement for my wife's ICE. Why? Hurricanes are becoming more...
  36. jpfive

    Is WC the way to go for outdoor charging even if I don’t need that much “charging power”?

    Tesla Wall Charger has worked well for me. It is mounted on the exterior brick, adjacent to my driveway. It presents a more pleasing appearance than a 240V outlet, plus no wear and tear from plugging and unplugging charger cables. All things equal, why not accept the additional charge rate...
  37. jpfive

    Do all Model Ys have aero shrouds on the rear suspension?

    When my car was on a lift, I made a point of inspecting underneath. I was impressed by the shielding of the undercarriage. The rear LCA's were shielded on my 2021 (10/20 build date), articulating through a cutout in the shielding. The shielding seemed more complete than on my previous Model...
  38. jpfive

    Tesla Model Y Cruise Control / Autopilot Chime Way Too Loud

    I have a similar experience with my iPhone when placed on the charging pad. It seems always driven to full volume, and yes it is startling. However, the left steering wheel button rolls it down as it should. This seems to work for me in most modes where I encounter the chime, including AP...
  39. jpfive

    Maps: 2020.48-12

    I don't think that is an update. If the first digits were 2021 instead of 2020, then yes. Regardless, we are certainly getting due. Cheers.
  40. jpfive

    GPS Marker Stuck, Computer Replacement on 2 week old Model Y

    Supply chain issues, especially with electronics, are endemic throughout the auto industry now. This is a part failure. No component will have 100% reliability in the fleet. Warranties exist to replace bad parts as well as to adjust defects in manufacture. The aggravating part to the owner...
  41. jpfive

    FSD button is here!

    Ah, I see it now. It took about six hours to populate on my car.
  42. jpfive

    FSD button is here!

    OK, I forced the upgrade to 4.1, but still no driving score. Where do you access this on the app?
  43. jpfive

    Low level whine when backing up

    We call it the Jetson's sound. I sort of like it. ;)
  44. jpfive

    There are no words - Irresponsible driver crashes Model Y into building

    Actually, I made the assumption that this was a used Tesla, from a legacy dealer. Don't know why, just did. At any rate, legacy dealers operate from several different realities than a Tesla store. For one thing, they contract for their own liability insurance, not the manufacturer's. For...
  45. jpfive

    Tesla updates Key Card access to no longer require placement on center console to drive

    I'll put in a pitch for the remote/fob. Works very well and keeps this old luddite happy with the familiar feeling of a key in my pocket. ;)
  46. jpfive

    There are no words - Irresponsible driver crashes Model Y into building

    It was a mistake on the part of the dealer to allow the car out for a test drive without a sales person riding along. I was a partner in a GM dealership for thirty years. That was our practice. Your exposure, and liability, in departing from this practice is severe. Having said that, most...
  47. jpfive

    Model Y windshield washer no longer works

    This is exactly what happened with my Model 3. If you follow the hoses you will find where they fit, or if one is disconnected. The hoses connect to fittings on the wiper arms which resemble little nipples. It takes some manipulation to slide the hose back on, but once snug they will hold...

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