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    Would you still buy a Model Y now if you could do it again?

    my wife has a white y with white interior. and the black 20" induction wheels. And the red calipers I painted for her. She gets FAR more attention and stares and compliments in the Y than my Blue and black(interior) S.
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    Elon tweets "pure vision" will solve phantom braking

    Knowing how my FSD enabled Model S handles things like being in the right lane on the interstate and coming up on zipper lane merging traffic and how it handles other situations in a less than natural driving feel (following someone, that person slows down to get into a right turn only lane, and...
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    FSD Not Transferring to new Owner Class Action

    see. this is what I mean. Shadiness by Tesla. If I buy a car from a dealer lot and they claim it comes with FSD and claims FSD will remain? Id need to get that in writing from them, so that if/when Tesla decides to remotely remove my $10k feature, I have some recourse.
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    FSD Not Transferring to new Owner Class Action

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    FSD Not Transferring to new Owner Class Action

    N not just carmax, but if the car also was traded in at a lot, if that lot sent it to auction, then when the tesla was resold (never having gone through teslas posession during the process), Tesla says the FSD gets removed
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    Would you still buy a Model Y now if you could do it again?

    almost every supercharger I've used between NC and Maryland, was either at a Wawa or at a shopping center with multiple restaurants or coffee places there. HAvent visited any others
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    FSD Not Transferring to new Owner Class Action

    if a car goes from owner, to traded in at Carmax, then sold to another person/owner, the FSD is removed by Tesla, correct? Weve seen and heard about that happening. So in that scenario, how and when did that car ever revert back to being in teslas hands? and are we saying we are 100% certain...
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    Help with Ceramic spray choice

    I agree and I get it. All depends on ones needs and preferences I guess. It reminds me of a debate I got into with a car buddy who uses his pressure washer and foam wand thing to create a total/complete thorough layer of suds on the vehicle. Meanwhile, I use the kind that just attaches...
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    Help with Ceramic spray choice

    With all of these "ceramic" monikers, its getting a lot like motor oils to ICE cars. LOTS of marketing hype but in reality? Almost ANY of them will get you nice rain beading and a nice shine/gloss. Even old school Nu Finish paste in a can, when applied according to directions work great. In a...
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    2nd Catastrophic HV Failure – Corrosion

    The "tech has said it is likely to repeat" is of concern. That translates to "we dont know how to prevent this issue from happening/we have no real fix"
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    2nd Catastrophic HV Failure – Corrosion

    Same issue as yours? https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/tesla-model-battery-removal-before-repair-yves-racette/
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    Items to look out for with private party used model s

    Not sure if Tesla Service Centers offer a pre-purchase inspection where they hook the car up to their computers, get it on a lift to visually inspect, etc. But if they did? Id take advantage of that. YOu can always stop by your closest Service Center and inquire. Also, is there any full...
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    Items to look out for with private party used model s

    MCU1 and FSD are a terrible combo. In my opinion, MCU2 a must with FSD. MCU1 and AP will be acceptable
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    Replaced suspension components at 200k miles

    Nice work. And enjoy your road trip with your best friend!
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    Help with Ceramic spray choice

    For your needs? My suggestion - Basic hand wash or wand wash at a self serve type place/bay. If hand washing, I'd suggest using dawn dishwashing liquid as it strips wax/removes wax/degreases. Gets you a good starting point on your paint in the easiest way. - Claying process (Very easy...
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    For sale: 2016 S 90D with FSD, lifetime unlimited supercharging, and remaining factory warranty

    considering how much the used car market has exploded since this thread was first made..and that the seller hasnt upped the initial asking price. Im guessing marketwise, this is a VERY good price/deal at this time?
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    Enjoy https://www.theinertia.com/surf/gear-we-test-4-waterproof-pouches-to-bring-electronic-keys-into-the-surf-with-you/...
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    Help with Ceramic spray choice

    For me/my needs, I dont need the longevity aspect. Ive found that no matter what the product, nothing gets the max shine/max gloss/freshly waxed look like a freshly waxed (or sealed, whatever you want to call it) car. The polishing/buffing effect with a proper cloth always gets the best...
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    12V battery dying but no warning?

    So..was the Teslafi app working as intended? If yes, wasnt letting the car ever go to a deep sleep, no? I keep hearing not to so great things about the various 3rd party apps..
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    Trying to sell with new battery and mcu2

    which battery? The 12v or the actual battery pack itself?
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    Model S

    2 years ago, per Elon
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    GPS Antenna Replacement - Cutting out rear windshield??

    Plenty of GPS ANTENNA FAKRA listings on ebay as well (but this has the female connector. Appears Tesla uses male connector on the antenna side?) https://www.ebay.com/itm/274587953443?hash=item3feeb7a923:g:kK0AAOSwMXZdSkTB
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    GPS Antenna Replacement - Cutting out rear windshield??

    For Tesla connector, I have no idea. But this is the same type Im pretty sure I used on the Benz...
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    free supercharging when buying used

    How were you able to modify a feature (other than performance boost or FSD type option) associated with your car, via accessing your account? We need more details
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    Leather Seat Cleaning - Need Help!

    wont help now, but going forward/after the stain is removed? Wife uses one of these for after gym, anytime she's wearing new jeans, or anytime she even thinks her white seat will get a mark. Goes on in maybe 5 seconds, pulls off in 2. Keeps it on floor of rear seats when not using...
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    GPS Antenna Replacement - Cutting out rear windshield??

    For those outside of warranty. Had a simliar situation on a early 2000s benz once. Wasnt a glass antenna, but a roof mounted antenna that would have needed replacement at considerable cost (Headliner needed to be dropped, etc.) So, an option that I did? I disconnected the OEM GPS antenna from...
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    Who ordered S Plaid/Plaid+

    Didnt Tesla not long ago, raise a price on a model (I forget which one) and tell customers with existing orders "pay the additional amount, or we will gladly cancel your order and refund you your deposit"? Or did I dream that?
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    WTS: 2020 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD PERFORMANCE.

    Would you like some mustard with that crow? Long Range OR Performance Are the two distinct and separate designations for the Model Y. Perhaps You should fully understand Tesla Model names/nomenclature ;)
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    WTS: 2020 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD PERFORMANCE.

    Its Long Range AND Performance? Sounds like a custom build.
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    Local Model S for sale

    Early model, smallest pack (which surely has degraded some over time and like all packs, will lose some range in cold temps, further limiting range), no warranty. I'd pass as I'm almost certain going to a early 75D would be overall, a better value.
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    Model Y Range LR Vs Performance

    totally agree. The other thing I find? Is that without the sensory affects associated with exhaust sounds, engine revs, supercharger whine, gear shift slambacks? I find myself RARELY using full accelerator launches at all. There is lack of sensory reward to the brain I guess. I do often use...
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    14 Grand and no more range wtf

    The reman definition can vary/can be interpreted many ways. Appears Tesla may opt to be quite liberal in their definition. In some cases? Manufacturers leave it up to the customer to challenge. Risk management. They have actuaries on staff, that can determine % of persons that are likely to...
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    Model Y Range LR Vs Performance

    What is sometimes overlooked, is the consistency for Teslas (all Ev's probably) to achive their max acceleration #'s, due to the consistency of electric motor torque production which makes it "easier" for the traction control systems to maximize traction repeatedly. I've been at lights against...
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    14 Grand and no more range wtf

    I suspect the outcome of the chargeback will not be in your favor, all things considered. May have been a better option to have leveraged the arbitration route
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    Washington Post Tesla Fire hit piece

    try as they might (car fires, AP crashes, customer service woes, QC woes)...its like bad boy records. Cant stop..wont stop.
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    Washington Post Tesla Fire hit piece

    Ive read three pages, and then I went to google "most valuable car company in the world" Guess what?
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    14 Grand and no more range wtf

    might be some helpful info in this thread https://forums.tesla.com/discussion/141921/remanufactured-battery-how-is-it-supposed-to-be
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    Rubber trim on roof glass coming off where sunroof slides by.

    I've used Butyl in similar situations before with great success. Can be sticky/messy, so use gloves. HARD to wash off. But also can tend to be hard to work with, using gloves. (Sticks to the gloves). But the latter is better than the former...
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    14 Grand and no more range wtf

    With no discussion of bringing back range and nothing of the like in writing? You are where you are at this point. Options are selling the car privately on the used market (which is on fire right now due to car shortages) and buying a newer Tesla with much more range or buying ICE car.
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    14 Grand and no more range wtf

    as an FYI, I think (but am not sure), that a "reman" pack consists of old pack where the cells have been tested to pass a certain "threshold". (I imagine that threshold is fairly low). any cells not passing the threshold or failing, are replaced. And only those cells. (in case anyone was...
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    14 Grand and no more range wtf

    Sounds like an expectation non commnication. Did Tesla give you a range expectation upfront before they did the job? In writing? Anything? If not, do you typically use/need 260? I know the last part doesnt make you feel any better, BUT I read a book that said we often worry about things...
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    Air Susp. Compressor comes on at startup after car sits overnight, but no drop in height.

    ive found that (most?) air fittings as well as fittings associated with high pressure systems (like old school mercedes hydraulic suspensions) have to be on perfectly to ensure a perfect seal. The right amount of torque (but dont strip) and at the PERFECT head on angle. This might be your case...
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    More Tesla Woes

    Not to attempt to discourage you, but set your expectations accordingly when sending letters to Tesla corporate. Translation: expect to not hear a word back from them.
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    Humming/buzzing from DU

    is it something that can be heard on a recording? If so, you can record it, upload it to youtube or a cloud service, then within the Tesla app, provide the URL.
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    Need help to decide which Model S to purchase

    Performance models older than 2018 apparently have a seal within the rear motor that commonly fail. Costs around $4k to rebuild the drive unit if you catch it early. If not under warranty and you dont catch it early, much more to replace the drive unit entirely.
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    Advise...20 Model S Performance vs new 21 model S

    New Cars have their highest depreciation hits in years 1-3, with year 1 being the highest.
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    No park assist with update 2021.4.16

    You have to pull ahead of the parking spot. It usually wont come up on the screen if you arent far enough forward. I've used it maybe 3 times this year, and while it makes me nervous (curb rash), it's parked the car perfectly each time with no curbing
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    Warranty Escalation

    Alloy rims are notoriously easy to bend. Sometimes the bend can have zero affect on ride/handling. Othertimes will cause a vibration. Sometimes a wheel balance can address the vibration to varying degrees. Thee are also wheel repair places in just about every big city that can fix...
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    Dead in the driveway - “power reduced”

    possibly one of the model S's with the much older battery pack where via software, Tesla reduced range and increased charge times. Or a S with a 60 or 60 battery pack (less range)
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    Model Y Range LR Vs Performance

    90 miles each way? WOW. Have to ask. the 21" wheels and tires in NYC arent a harsh ride to you? (again, realizing that harsh to one person may be full comfort to another, but still..)

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