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  1. Phil K

    Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    Once again, thank you very much. The app is getting better and better.
  2. Phil K

    Ohmman's Model X - A One Month Perspective

    Great site up. Thank you for sharing your opinions and real life experience.
  3. Phil K

    AutoFlexed Tesla Model S in ZTS Hypershift

    Very interesting and very nice indeed.
  4. Phil K

    Gen. 2: TESLA Phone Supercharger

    I try to order from your link but cannot select another country(Hong Kong), please advice.
  5. Phil K

    Tesla in Hong Kong

    And nice to see Mark in the video.
  6. Phil K

    Hong Kong Tesla Special Event - 25th January 2016 6:30pm HKT

    A few photos from yesterday's event
  7. Phil K

    Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    Allen, all the best for 2016.
  8. Phil K

    Cannot park my car in the garage without Stop being displayed and BEEP BEEP BEEP

    I get so used to it in my home and office parking spaces that it doesn't annoy me anymore. One thing you can do is to turn off 'park assist chimes'.
  9. Phil K

    Spotify in Tesla

    Email said today but so far nothing.
  10. Phil K

    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    Great. Could not order the spudger initially and when I went back to try to add it, the lights were shipped. Can now order together with these.
  11. Phil K

    Hong Kong removes autopilot

    Yes, I am a bit unhappy having the features removed from my car. But: 1. I don't blame Tesla as they have to follow the ruling of Transport Department. 2. We bought the license for the software but we don't own the software and Tesla has the right to change the software when there is safety or...
  12. Phil K

    Frustrations with door locks

    1. I think it's a safety feature to not allowing unlock when the car is still in motion. No big deal as you can get the timing right after a few tries. 2. As mentioned above, the car is still unlock even when the handles are retracted so it is not a bug.
  13. Phil K

    Should we disconnect our Teslas from 3G and wireless to stop Tesla revoking AutoSteer

    I think Tesla HK pushed V7 out together with the rest of the world because it was a major update and we were all waiting for it. Then a tabloid reported a stupid guy using autosteer on busy streets and almost causing accident, and then asked Transport Department about it. TD replied that they...
  14. Phil K

    Ultra Hi-Fi Sound Upgrade

    I did not do AB comparison but if you listen a lot of FLAC with USB media, consider UHF. If you mainly listen to FM, internet radio or Bluetooth, it doesn't matter much.
  15. Phil K

    Valet Attempts to Park A Tesla- You Decide?

    Why everyone still talking about valet parking? I say again - the original poster in Hong Kong did not mention anything about valet. He just saw a bad driver.
  16. Phil K

    Wiki Firmware Upgrade Tracker

    So far no difference.
  17. Phil K

    Wiki Firmware Upgrade Tracker

    3 days after the launch of 2.7.77, we received 2.7.85. At first we had hesitation to install it as there was a rumour that it would disable autopilot because of regulatory issues. A few brave guys tried it first and everyone was intact. Release note is the same.
  18. Phil K

    Model S Premium Center Console - Only in Black

    Jeremy, yes, if you close the door, the 12V plug is hidden. But I never close it because it's piano black and my trim is CF, plus I have an USB adapter plugged in the 12V which prevents closing of the door. You can see the photos here...
  19. Phil K

    Upgrading to P85 foot pedals

    I bought mine from them, but you have to know Chinese and I don't know if they would ship to US.
  20. Phil K

    Wiki Firmware Upgrade Tracker

    LOL. That's the effect after hiking for 3 days at above 3000m.
  21. Phil K

    " Europe and Asia are pending regulatory approval "

    Available in Hong Kong since last night. This morning I saw a lot of Model S on the freeway. LOL.
  22. Phil K

    HKEV Charger/E-Charge App review

    Right, DS should explain how to use different charging protocols and at the same time explain charging etiquette.
  23. Phil K

    Wiki Firmware Upgrade Tracker

    Just for your information, V7 started to roll out in Hong Kong December 24 evening local time.
  24. Phil K

    UI version 2.7.77 for EU only?

    2.7.77 for Hong Kong too, rolling out since last night. Lane change by signal only, no need to turn wheel.
  25. Phil K

    UI 7.0 in HK

    Yes, we started to get it last night, 2.7.77. Just installed it and autosteer works fine. Haven't tried autopark yet.
  26. Phil K

    Took Delivery of my first EV car

    Congratulations! When I took delivery, the registration was done 2 days earlier. BTW, I got nothing, not even a fob cover.
  27. Phil K

    Repetitive posting and unrestrained complaints

    Thank you and agree with you.
  28. Phil K

    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    No worry Pete. We would rather wait for a bit longer knowing that the final product will be perfect and safe.
  29. Phil K

    The new nose

    My first reaction - where to place the toll tag?
  30. Phil K

    Valet Attempts to Park A Tesla- You Decide?

    The video was first posted here in Hong Kong in a local Chinese forum and no one, including the OP, had ever said it's valet. It's a bad driver, that's it. Someone in the English media just made up the valet story.
  31. Phil K

    Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    iPhone 6 IOS 9.1 and Watch OS2. No problem here.
  32. Phil K

    V7 improved RWD performance?

    From the leaked release note: Motor control enhancements initially developed for dual-motor Model S have now been incorporated into real-wheel-drive Model S, enabling higher acceleration at all speeds, especially near top speed. Tesla releases second version of its beta v7.0 software update...
  33. Phil K

    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    Beta 2 released, leak photo and release note - seems that we have individual tire pressure display at startup plus other improvement. Tesla releases second version of its beta v7.0 software update with Autopilot [Updated] | Electrek
  34. Phil K

    Valet Attempts to Park A Tesla- You Decide?

    This video is taken in Hong Kong and I don't think it had anything to do with valet.
  35. Phil K

    Warning to model S owners in Colorado.

    We have the same problem here and Tesla will install the toll tags in the nose cones for us on delivery.
  36. Phil K

    I saw my car on the 405!!

    LOL. It's funny and I don't think you can concentrate on your work in these few days.
  37. Phil K

    2016 Prius Reveal

    The front reminds me of angry bird.
  38. Phil K

    Imagine one day in Hong Kong....

    You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
  39. Phil K

    Advice on connecting to this dang Android App

    Yes, it happened often when the signal was okay but the car just lost 3G connection after sitting for awhile. Removing the USB stick from the USB port would eliminate this problem(discussed somewhere in another thread too).
  40. Phil K

    Advice on connecting to this dang Android App

    When I cannot connect, most of time it's the car's 3G problem and I need to reboot the touchscreen.
  41. Phil K

    Scalding Hot Door Handles!

    Not only the handles, but the whole body, and I have problems closing the frunk.
  42. Phil K

    Japan has More EV Charging Stations than Gas Stations

    Also remember that one plug/connector can be counted as one charging station, whereas one gas station can refuel many cars at the same time.
  43. Phil K

    Required Delivery Time to HK

    It's about a month from completion of production, including transit from US and preparation locally.
  44. Phil K

    Abusive charging spots by (some) tesla drivers

    This is very sad, and unfortunately becoming more commonly seen now.
  45. Phil K

    Elon Musk

    I read that his weight goes up and down a lot, and when he is busy and stressed, his weight goes up.
  46. Phil K

    What color is the (rear turn signal) in Europe and Asia?

    Orange/yellow/amber in Hong Kong
  47. Phil K

    Premium Centre Console

    The fit is solid with no wobbling.

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