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  1. MorrisonHiker

    2 die in Tesla crash - Report says "nobody was in driver seat"

    It was dragged up onto a flatbed. Here's a 30 second clip but there's a longer one out there showing it being pulled.
  2. MorrisonHiker

    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    I just use my regular email address, select customer and enter the last 5 of the serial number. No email is ever sent. The password is case sensitive, so something like 123XY would work but 123xy does not.
  3. MorrisonHiker

    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    Yes, login as customer and last 5 digits of TSN. I don't bother trying the password reset anymore. It would work once and then I'd have to reset it again. I've just used the 5 digits since giving up on resetting the password and it always works.
  4. MorrisonHiker

    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    The password reset never worked for me so I always login with the last 5 characters of the gateway serial number.
  5. MorrisonHiker

    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    Do you know if they connected the Powerwall+ to your network? If they did, you should be able to find the IP address on your router's list of connected devices. You can then browse to that IP address. If you are prompted to log in, you can enter the last 5 digits of the gateway serial number...
  6. MorrisonHiker

    2 die in Tesla crash - Report says "nobody was in driver seat"

    Many might remember this dialect quiz from a few years back and this may be a difference in regional terminology, but does everyone here actually call that a culvert? Wherever I've lived, that would be called a storm drain in the street gutter. A culvert (for me) is the actual tunnel or a...
  7. MorrisonHiker

    Refreshed "2021" Model X LR/Plaid waiting room

    Some early non-performance Model X came with the active spoiler as well. Tesla hadn't come out with the fixed spoiler and didn't want to delay delivery of non-performance Model X so they were delivered with the active spoiler originally.
  8. MorrisonHiker

    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    What version is your firmware? I'm assuming it's something newer than 20.49.0. As others mentioned, we haven't seen that Go Off Grid option before.
  9. MorrisonHiker

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    You might also check to see if they just left the plastic film on the screen. They often don't remove it.
  10. MorrisonHiker

    Tesla to J1772 adapter recommendations?

    The Lectron has worked for our guest whenever he's needed it: https://www.amazon.com/Lectron-Adapter-Compatible-Connector-Destination/dp/B07YFY768S We bought our Lectron last year at the same price the TeslaTap is selling for. It's nice there are multiple options available these days and that...
  11. MorrisonHiker

    PW phone app backup notification

    We had an issue with the power transformer closest to our house last summer. Over the course of 5 months, our Powerwalls took over powering the house more than 800 times due to dirty power being provided by the grid. Our neighbors didn't notice most of these instances but there were obviously...
  12. MorrisonHiker

    Tesla App - My home is no longer in your account

    Did you try logging out of the app and then logging back in?
  13. MorrisonHiker

    My Tesla Solar Roof is underperforming by at least 20%

    We've had a few clouds this morning so it hasn't been a perfect solar day like yesterday. With that said, at 70F, our 20.5 kW system is currently producing at 20.9 kW. Our system has 63 panels in 5 different arrays on 4 different inverters. 36 panels face southeast, 6 panels face east, 9 panels...
  14. MorrisonHiker

    5/7/2021 Storm watch on in Tri-Valley (Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin)

    Yeah, whenever I see a weather alert on my phone, I set a couple alarms for start of peak and end of peak and then turn it off and back on, if necessary. Fortunately, it takes effect almost immediately. In the past, it could take up to an hour for it to notice the change, IIRC.
  15. MorrisonHiker

    5/7/2021 Storm watch on in Tri-Valley (Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin)

    Hopefully some day there will be an option to avoid Storm Watch during peak or to require a confirmation before charging up during peak.
  16. MorrisonHiker

    eMMC recall reimbursement

    We received an email a month or so back indicating they had received our request. No word since then.
  17. MorrisonHiker

    PrimecomTech EVSE with 50’ Cable??

    I don't know if they still offer the service, but a couple companies online used to provide a service where they would extend the length of your mobile connector or wall connector cable. Here's an example of one company but it doesn't look like they currently offer that service. Some companies...
  18. MorrisonHiker

    My Tesla Solar Roof is underperforming by at least 20%

    We do have orders in for the cybertruck, S and X and are preparing to sell the 3 and one S to make room in the garage. Our utility does limit a solar install to 120% of previous year's electrical usage. They will also allow something like 3000 kWh for each newly purchased EV whose charging...
  19. MorrisonHiker

    My Tesla Solar Roof is underperforming by at least 20%

    No separate disconnects...just breakers for each inverter and then the one disconnect. In the first picture below, you can see wiring from the four inverters goes into the wire gutter below. From there, it is connected to a subpanel with breakers for each inverter. That connects into the...
  20. MorrisonHiker

    My Tesla Solar Roof is underperforming by at least 20%

    We're in Morrison, just west of Denver, at 5900 feet elevation. We're in a valley so we miss out on a little sun in the mornings and evenings but that helps us stay a few degrees cooler than neighborhoods just east of us. Our original system in 2018 was 16.5 kW with three Delta Solivia...
  21. MorrisonHiker

    Buy a used 2019 Model S P100D 11,000 k's or new Model 3 Performance

    If money isn't an object, I would go for the S P100D. We currently own a 2017 S100D, a 2017 S 75D, a 2018 Model 3 Performance and a 2020 Model Y Performance. I will choose to take the 'old' S100D on a road trip any day over the Model 3 or Y. The suspension and noise levels are much better in...
  22. MorrisonHiker

    Am I not understanding the app?

    It sounds like you understand the app correctly. One reason the numbers are off is because the Tesla app is showing April 1 - April 30 whereas your bill is from April 6th to May 4th. However, I don't think that would account for the entire difference you are seeing.
  23. MorrisonHiker

    PrimecomTech EVSE with 50’ Cable??

    I don't have any direct experience with The Primecomtech EVSE. It seems overpriced compared to what Tesla offers with their mobile connectors and wall connectors Don't be fooled by Primecomtech's claims of charging 6 to 7 times faster. They are comparing that to charging via a regular 5-15...
  24. MorrisonHiker

    Tesla Referral Scheme to change again

    They don't last forever. The rules have changed many times and at one time, a new referral extended the expiration date by 6 months. However, there's a maximum deadline date. At one time, it was 3 years. Now, it appears to be 2 years (April 19, 2023) or less for us. The current rules make it...
  25. MorrisonHiker

    Service center broke latch. How to proceed?

    How long ago was the exterior trunk switch latch first repaired? I believe that repair should have a warranty of one year.
  26. MorrisonHiker

    J1772 to Tesla Charging Adapter Issue - Charge Interrupted

    If you want to use the LAFANEV EVSE, the standard Tesla J1772 adapter should be reliable. I have heard of a few that had issues over the years but I used one for years at work and never had an issue. It's possible your EVSE is having issues and is reducing (or stopping) charging. You might check...
  27. MorrisonHiker

    J1772 to Tesla Charging Adapter Issue - Charge Interrupted

    If you want to use the Tesla mobile connector for both cars, you could get something like the Lectron - Tesla to J1772 Adapter which would allow you to charge your RAV4 Prime. We have Tesla wall connectors to charge our cars, but when a friend visits in his Chevy Spark, he is able to plug in and...
  28. MorrisonHiker

    On the road charging

    There are some local owners' clubs and online sites that allow you to borrow or rent a CHAdeMO adapter. If you are only going to need it for a trip or two, it would be cheaper to go this route. The J1772 could come in handy at your destination, assuming there are local charging options available.
  29. MorrisonHiker

    How to tell if car has MCU1 or MCU2

    An MCU1 car could've later been upgraded to MCU2. To be sure which MCU is installed, just follow the instructions @Shateam posted.
  30. MorrisonHiker

    Cooling Strategies with PV + ESS

    We always used Balanced for our needs as we want to export all solar during peak since we earn peak credits on all power exported. Have you tried the Cost Saving mode to see if it would work better for you?
  31. MorrisonHiker

    Tesla Referral Program

    I think it would've been better to launch a program like this a couple years ago, when Elon said they were going to start shutting down stores. Seems odd to launch such a "borrow my car for a test drive" program during a global pandemic.
  32. MorrisonHiker

    Odometer on Model 3

    I bet a lot of 3 and Y owners would appreciate having a Trips tab like the S and X still have. They could still have the "odometer cards" like they currently offer on the 3 and Y and just add the Trips option so they could see everything at once.
  33. MorrisonHiker

    Cooling Strategies with PV + ESS

    To accomplish that, try using one of the Time Based Control options. We use TBC-Balanced but extend the part-peak hours so that our household is self-powered for 20+ hours a day. Our peak period is always covered by our solar and Powerwalls. One of our cars charges from the grid during off-peak...
  34. MorrisonHiker

    My Tesla Solar Roof is underperforming by at least 20%

    Our 20.5 kW system is regularly producing at up to 22.3 kW thanks to our cool spring and the cloud edge effect. On cloudless days, they are currently peaking at around 18.5 kW but should get closer to 20.5 kW over the coming weeks.
  35. MorrisonHiker

    Cooling Strategies with PV + ESS

    Where we live, evaporative coolers are popular and effective. Our Breezair Icon provides 37580 BTUs of cooling and only uses 1.22 kW at maximum. Normally, that's too cold so we run it at a lower fan speed and it only uses 400W to 600W to cool about 2200 square feet. The 1200 square feet walk-out...
  36. MorrisonHiker

    Installed larger system from another company since Tesla wouldn't change design

    We didn't have any problem getting our design changed either, but maybe things have changed since 2018. We kept requesting a the largest system possible and indicated we had cut down a tree, etc. and they changed the design multiple times. We were able to choose from at least a couple different...
  37. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Joplin, MO

    @Chuq , they might've shut down the "creepiest Supercharger"! As @PLUS EV noted, this is the old Joplin Supercharger. The new Joplin Supercharger is discussed here: Supercharger - Joplin, MO - 5002 S Main St
  38. MorrisonHiker

    Adding EV charging into my PV/ESS setup

    The breakers in the subpanel are within line-of-sight of all of our wall connectors. They used a subpanel that doesn't have a cover, so the breakers are always visible. (See subpanel on the right in post #7 above.) Admittedly, you'd need really good eyesight to see them from the farthest wall...
  39. MorrisonHiker

    Road debris took out a tire at 249 miles

    Is there an actual leak that requires the tire to be replaced? We have a Model S with a similar gouge but were told by Discount Tire that it didn't need to be replaced. BTW, when I took delivery of my Model S in 2016, I had the low pressure warning by the time I got home. That tire needed to be...
  40. MorrisonHiker

    fast charging at grocery stores

    Many Targets, Walmarts, etc. are now grocery stores as well.
  41. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Brentwood, MO

    I think @MarcoRP might be taking a break, so tagging @Chuq , just in case.
  42. MorrisonHiker

    Teslas With Rebuilt Title - Supercharging Removal

    1. Do you have a credit card on file to cover any charging or idle fees? 2. Do you have any unpaid idle fees? There's a billing issue with our account where one of our cars has had Supercharging disabled. We've been trying to get the issue resolved but unfortunately, Tesla's billing system...
  43. MorrisonHiker

    14 Grand and no more range wtf

    The 100 kWh pack is significantly heavier and could require suspension changes, seat changes, restraint system changes, etc.
  44. MorrisonHiker

    Adding EV charging into my PV/ESS setup

    Yes, we have three Tesla generation 2 Signature wall connectors which are capable of charging a car at up to 80 amps each so they require a 100 amp breaker (when configured to charge at up to 80 amps). The wall connectors are all hard-wired and there is a signal wire from the master wall...
  45. MorrisonHiker

    14 Grand and no more range wtf

    I think that's how they handle a battery replacement when a remanufactured battery is used for warranty replacements. They use a remanufactured battery that has a similar capacity as the one being replaced. They don't replace it with a battery that would provide the original mileage/charge...
  46. MorrisonHiker

    Adding EV charging into my PV/ESS setup

    Originally, we had 2 14-50 outlets which were in the garage subpanel (on the left below). When Tesla came to install our solar, Powerwalls and wall connectors, they added the second subpanel (on the right) which has a 100 amp breaker for each wall connector. The 100 amp breaker on the left...
  47. MorrisonHiker

    Adding EV charging into my PV/ESS setup

    Since you have an empty 200 amp panel, you might as well use it if you can. In our case, our garage has a subpanel with circuit breakers for everything in the garage, including a 100 amp breaker which leads to another subpanel that contains 3 100 amp breakers. This allows each of the wall...
  48. MorrisonHiker

    Adding EV charging into my PV/ESS setup

    We have 3 load balanced gen 2 wall connectors that are on a shared 100 amp circuit. This allows 80 amps to be shared between 3 cars at once. Depending on which EVSE equipment you choose, you might be able to share one 60 amp breaker instead of having 3 separate breakers. We have our Powerwalls...
  49. MorrisonHiker

    Free supercharger miles expiration?

    Referral Supercharger miles can be used by any car on the account.
  50. MorrisonHiker

    Is 120v charging enough

    If you have the correct wiring and breaker, you might be able to swap out the 5-15 outlet for a 5-20 outlet and charge at 16 amps instead of 12 amps. It's not a huge increase but might only cost a few dollars for the outlet. Also, you might be able to exchange the 14-50 adapters for a 5-20...

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