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  1. doug

    Reaction Icon Display

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  2. doug

    Blog Musk Says Tesla is Working on ‘Grief’ from Collision Repair

    Yeah, besides service being a sore point in general, it seems to me that parts are the main issue. My right repeater camera stopped working in early December and I'm still waiting for it to be repaired. First mobile service showed up with the wrong part (guy expected to have a replacement...
  3. doug

    Blue Origin - New Shepard

    They really do seem to lack a sense of urgency, probably because they lack a sense of urgency. It's not like their founder is going to run out of money any time soon, so slow and careful probably works for them. Might as well be extra careful if you can afford it since this will carry people...
  4. doug

    Tesla Working on Driver Monitoring System

    I find at times the scroll wheel no longer works, and I'm forced to torque the wheel to satisfy the nag.
  5. doug

    Update on TMC Mobile app for Android and iOS

    You can install the PWA now if you want.
  6. doug

    Feedback on the "new look"

    These should all be working now. Thanks.
  7. doug

    [map] BBCode broken

    These should work now. Stanford University, USA It's even an item in the toolbar of the editor.
  8. doug

    Going down for maintenance this weekend

    Sorry, I had been planning to rename those and just did. Elastic is the more native search which is much improved over the previous native search since I set up an elasticsearch server. It also powers some features like Similar threads. ThreadLoom search is through a search partner and does...
  9. doug

    Push notifications

    I have to say, though, the push notifications are much improved. If you later want to disable them, you can do that in your preferences here, rather than struggling with your browser settings. Also they contain much more useful information and the preferences give a lot of granularity as to...
  10. doug

    Looking for help with copyright trolls

    Thanks, we'll reach out the next time this sort of thing happens.
  11. doug

    Push notifications

    Heh, ...or you click the X on the right side of the box. You can adjust your notification preferences here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/account/preferences
  12. doug

    Going down for maintenance this weekend

    Still a work in progress, but it hasn't crashed yet, so maybe I can to sleep...
  13. doug

    Going down for maintenance this weekend

    Not yet... almost ready to get started. I'll close the site at 9:30, we'll be down for a little before coming back up readable. There might be something fun to check out...
  14. doug

    Going down for maintenance this weekend

    Hi folks, Starting around 9pm EST tonight we're going to start working on some much needed upgrades and maintenance. During that time the site will be in a read-only mode, so you'll be able to browse but won't be able to post to the forum. If for some odd reason, you do manage to post, that...
  15. doug


    I dug into it last night and this morning and didn't see anything obvious. Let me know if the issue comes up again.
  16. doug


    Hmm... this is a feature I never use. I'll poke around tonight to see if I can see any issue. @4SUPER9 Some screen shots illustrating the problem will help with the troubleshooting.
  17. doug

    Non-SpaceX Launch Videos

  18. doug

    Charging fault at supercharger

    Do you know which software version? 2020.48.5 seemed to have caused a problem with one of my cameras on my Model 3. I'm hoping 2020.48.10 fixed it.
  19. doug

    Right side camera not working

    I've had this issue since doing the 2020.48.5 update. I let the update install on the night of Nov 30. The next morning, Dec 1, I set out for a 6 hour drive and got a warning that said "Autopilot cameras unavailable. Features may be restored on next drive." I noticed that the right rear...
  20. doug

    Adding "Watch Thread" at the bottom of the page.

    When you create a thread, the default setting is that you automatically "watch" it, similar to when you reply. You might want to check your preferences.
  21. doug

    Autoweek question about battery longevity

    We got a question from Jim Montavalli of Autoweek. Anyone care to comment? Can someone at the Tesla Motors Club comment on how long they expect to be able to drive on their battery packs? I see 300,000 miles bandied about. This is for an Autoweek story.
  22. doug

    Does the posting modification duration get changed?

    On forum posts that are not the the first post in a thread, current settings are you have to hour to edit (or delete). For the first post in a thread, most members have 10 minutes to edit. This is to thwart certain types of spam and other forum abuses. Supporting members, however, have...
  23. doug

    Blue Origin - New Shepard

    I don't know what they need to do to decide it's safe for passengers. This was their 13th launch, 7th with that booster. No mishaps as far as I know. It seems pretty safe. Definitely safer than Virgin Galactic which has a much more dramatic launch profile, is at least a decade behind...
  24. doug

    Blue Origin - New Shepard

    I think it's significant for comfort, and probably helps the margin on safety. Soyuz has done it for years. In this case it not just acceleration but also the jerk (time derivative of acceleration). Apparently they also have some shock absorbers in the seat mounts.
  25. doug

    Blue Origin - New Shepard

    Definitely. That ring of dust around 47:32 is from the quick burst of the retros just before landing.
  26. doug

    Blue Origin - New Shepard

    New Shepard NS-13 is scheduled to launch today at 9:35 a.m. EDT (1335 GMT) from Texas.
  27. doug

    SpaceX F9 - Starlink 12 - LC-39A

  28. doug

    Forum category restructuring?

    What would you call it? There's already a general forum for software updates: Software: Firmware Updates, Features, Tesla App
  29. doug


    I like that occasional lidar point cloud overlay on the nav screen.
  30. doug

    Tesla Working on Driver Monitoring System

    I'm fine with the cabin camera, but would like access to all that data. I not only want access to the video feed (which should be included with Sentry and Tesla Cam recordings), but should have access to the labels the AI is placing on me and want to know what is being done with that data. If...
  31. doug

    Tesla Working on Driver Monitoring System

    Could we leave the Waymo discussion for another thread, please. [Moderator's note: Posts mostly about Waymo went here: Waymo]
  32. doug

    Tesla Working on Driver Monitoring System

    This was a alluded to above, but doesn't Tesla need to ask permission to use that interior camera, or is it something we've already agree to somewhere?
  33. doug

    SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule Docks at ISS - Crew 1 Thread

    Those SpaceX helmets, particularly that black one, remind me of this:
  34. doug

    SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule Docks at ISS - Crew 1 Thread

    In case you want to hear the actual announcement, they do so at 6:35 in the "Astronauts Discuss..." video above.
  35. doug

    SpaceX F9 - Comm Crew DM-2 - LC-39A

  36. doug

    SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule Docks at ISS - Crew 1 Thread

    Currently targeting 31 October 2020, 06:40 UTC (2:40 a.m. EDT) for launch. Various NASA briefings from today: Starts at 5:20.
  37. doug

    Electric Lawnmowers

    Threads this old go in cycles.
  38. doug

    Blue Origin - Booster Reuse - New Shepard

    Tim Dodd's coverage:
  39. doug

    TeslaMate Super Thread

    Is there a tutorial for this?
  40. doug

    Base vs Founders

    Historically, Founders/Signature versions of the cars have primarily been a way for Tesla to capitalize on folks willing to pay to jump in line. Practically, though, given how production ramps it's not that much more of a wait and the first cars tend to have issues.
  41. doug

    SLS - On the Scent of Inevitable Capitulation

    I've probably said it before, but one of my complaints with SLS (besides the huge cost) is their single use of the previously flown reusable RS-25 shuttle engines. Given the cost of refurbishment and that they expect to produce new ones, they should just use the new ones and reduced their unit...
  42. doug

    SLS - On the Scent of Inevitable Capitulation

    Tim Dodd's 5 minute rant on SLS costs is rather informative. It's at the 46:30 mark of his longer Artemis vs Apollo video
  43. doug

    Netflix series “Away”: the journey to Mars, chock full of personal drama

    Raised by Cosmacelf. I'm up to date on the show (ep5). I find it pretty interesting. The visuals are fantastic. The first episode is on YouTube, if you're curious and don't have HBO.
  44. doug

    Netflix series “Away”: the journey to Mars, chock full of personal drama

    Yeah, the hardest part about dealing with a vacuum leak is locating it. Here they were creating it so they know exactly where it is. Patching such a leak isn't very difficult, particularly from the high pressure side. If they had started with a small enough hole someone could have literally...
  45. doug

    TeslaFi and other AWS and GCP clients currently blocked access to Tesla API

    That's a shame. That's the solution I was planning to set up myself.
  46. doug

    Netflix series “Away”: the journey to Mars, chock full of personal drama

    Yeah I thought it was nuts they didn't start with a smaller hole and have a bit of epoxy (or even duct tape or chewing gum) ready to patch it immediately.
  47. doug

    Netflix series “Away”: the journey to Mars, chock full of personal drama

    Away makes me wish the rumored "play at higher speed" feature would hurry up and come to Netflix. What's interesting to me is how they seem to be trying to get the physics right in some places and just fail in other places. They make a big deal about having centrifugal pseudo-gravity in the...
  48. doug

    "Best Posts" feature not working correctly

    That feature has some other issues that won't be fixed until some other major upgrades are completed. As to the particular post you mention, that thread is entirely excluded from the feature because otherwise nearly every posts listed in all categories would be from that single thread.

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