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    Strange Issue Driving Straight

    If “they” was the Tesla SC, I highly recommend getting it aligned somewhere else. My problem started with an alignment at the Tesla SC. Getting it aligned at Firestone fixed it, plus I got a lifetime alignment at Firestone for less than what Tesla charged for a one time alignment.
  2. K

    Strange Issue Driving Straight

    Alignment fixed this issue for me. Specifically the toe settings.
  3. K

    Excessive front tire wear

    Time will tell. Interestingly, the SC claimed that they didn’t need to align it after changing the axles because the axle change didn’t require them to touch the bolts that adjust the alignment. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I took it back for alignment after noticing the excessive...
  4. K

    Excessive front tire wear

    Update. Had the vehicle aligned at a local shop and they stated it was way out (front toe was way off which would explain the wear). The squirrelly feeling on wet highways is gone now so I’m guessing that alignment was my problem (and that the Tesla SC didn’t align it properly in the first...
  5. K

    Strange Issue Driving Straight

    I have some similar symptoms. It’s very noticeable on wet or snow covered roads. I’m also having extreme front tire wear (see my other thread). Tesla aligned it to no avail so I’m trying another local shop tomorrow. Will report back what they find.
  6. K

    Excessive front tire wear

    It is very odd, especially considering how gently I drive and that most of the miles were highway miles so not a lot of stop and go. All four of the OEM tires were wearing evenly until I had the front axles replaced around 12k miles to deal with the shudder. Then by 15k miles the fronts were...
  7. K

    Excessive front tire wear

    50% tread gone evenly on front tires. I noticed this starting to happen right after the front axles were replaced for the shudder problem. I had it aligned but the problem persists. I’ll try another alignment and replace the tires one more time. If the problem continues after that, I’ll...
  8. K

    Tesla Service: SC says they will charge 0.5 hour diagnostic fee for vibrations, noise issues - Model X

    I’ve experienced this with other brands occasionally so I think it’s becoming a more common practice. Tesla is being fair when they say they’ll waive it if the cause is covered by warranty.
  9. K

    Excessive front tire wear

    2019 Raven LR. Front tires were worn out (evenly) by 15K miles. Rears had plenty of life left (even on the inside edge - I drive on low all the time). I had it aligned at the Tesla SC the put new tires on all around (Toyo Proxes). Now with 2K on the new tires, the fronts are more than half...
  10. K

    Vredestein Space Master spare

    I didn’t realize inflatable spares like that were still made. GM used to use them back in the 70s (in lieu of the more common “donut” spares) in cars with small trunks. We had a Camaro when I was growing up that had one.
  11. K

    Elon Musk Confirms Tesla Full Self-Driving Subscriptions Coming Early 2021

    If I truly trusted it I might. I do use it whenever possible though to give Tesla more training data. For example, I used it on a suburban road outside of Knoxville, TN last week where if I hadn’t intercepted it, I would have had a head on crash (three lane intersection, one lane each...
  12. K

    Elon Musk Confirms Tesla Full Self-Driving Subscriptions Coming Early 2021

    Having completed a couple of 1,500 mile (round trip) road trips in the last few months and living with FSD for the last couple of years, I’ve come to the conclusion that AP plus lane change (turn signal activated) is all I ever want or need. I find NOA somewhat annoying actually... it changes...
  13. K


    I’ve sometimes had that after an update. Do a hard reboot (thumb wheels, buttons above the thumb wheels and the brake pedal) and it should clear
  14. K

    LTE Outage

    Had you recently updated to 2021.4.13? It seems to be causing LTE and SiriusXM issues
  15. K


    Hopefully this fixes the SiriusXM that 4.13 broke
  16. K

    2021.4.13 breaks SiriusXM again

    Well I’ve grown tired of the crappy software updates breaking stuff so I schedule service appointments when it happens. Tesla can pay their people for a couple of hours of service labor every time their update breaks something. Maybe they’ll learn to put some rigor into their code management...
  17. K

    2021.4.13 breaks SiriusXM again

    Models S and X have SiriusXM. 3 and Y do not
  18. K

    2021.4.13 breaks SiriusXM again

    After a number of releases with stable SiriusXM, it looks like 2021.4.13 brought back the gremlins. Tesla source code management must be a disaster for these kinds of regressions to keep happening.
  19. K


    Just got 2021.4.13. No button :-(
  20. K

    After what time has passed would you consider an FSD class action lawsuit?

    There are enough weasel words in the original contract and on the website that it would be tough for a class action to proceed. Features will continue to be added over time and it was clearly stated what features you’d get when you bought it. I suspect that the only legal action that might...
  21. K

    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    I ran my car on low which changes the camber. It puts more pressure on the inside edge for sure, but that didn’t translate to increased wear at all. Only the side where the toe was out showed increased wear on the inside edge. The other tire showed perfectly even wear across the tread area...
  22. K

    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    It is only the toe being off that wears the rear tires, not the camber. I recently had my 2019 Raven X aligned and the toe was slightly off on the drivers side rear (the right was within spec). The drivers side rear tire had substantial wear on the inner edge. The passenger side had perfectly...
  23. K


    I just had a set of these Toyo Proxes put on yesterday at Sam’s Club. I did some consumption and noise measurements before and after having them installed. The OEM Contisilents were about 64db at 70 mph. The Toyos were 65db on the same stretch of highway at the same speed. Along a 3 mile...
  24. K

    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    On the plus side, this should bolster the resale values for us current owners.
  25. K

    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    Certainly not enough to make me trade my mid 2019 Raven X. The 10K price increase is a bit of a head scratcher; I’m guessing that won’t hold. I’ll bet free unlimited supercharging will return when these start piling up inventory.
  26. K

    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    I thought they were upgrading the paint shop in Fremont. That alone might be enough to account for the delay until March. Perhaps the refresh content will just be better paint jobs.
  27. K

    Cybertruck order under different account. Need to merge.

    Success! I’ve been able to have it fixed. I found a statement on the support pages about “merging” accounts. It says you just have to send a message from ONE of your existing accounts explaining which accounts you want merged. The only problem is that the don’t tell you what email address to...
  28. K

    Model Y Rear Crash Bar / Impact Bumper Beam

    You might try selling this to an auto parts recycler rather than sell it here. Anyone that needs one is likely to be handling it as an insurance claim (from being rear-ended)
  29. K

    Cybertruck order under different account. Need to merge.

    I have the same situation. I did get in touch with someone at Tesla a while back and they weren’t able to fix it. They just advised me to move the Cybertruck to my other account after I take delivery. If you figure out how to fix it before delivery, please share here.
  30. K

    Is $10K too much?

    Back to the original topic... I see that Rivian is including their FSD equivalent at no cost because they don’t believe that you should have to pay extra for safety. I doubt the 10k price tag will stick if competitors provide similar capabilities as standard.
  31. K

    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    FWIW, there’s a group on FB devoted to this problem and a legal firm has joined the group and is looking for members (presumably to join the class).
  32. K

    Issues with Tesla app on iPhone 12

    Or maybe get someone over at Electrek to write an article with the headline, “iPhone 12 Tesla owners stranded by AT&T 5G” or “Tesla strands iPhone 12 AT&T users”
  33. K

    Is $10K too much?

    Another perspective. I paid 6K for FSD when I bought my Raven X 15 mos ago. In that time the price of the car has dropped significantly, so if I price out my exact configuration today, the overall price is about the same. If I think about it from a total package perspective (buying an FSD...
  34. K

    External indicator light whena vehichle is self driving. Which color?

    I would tend to disagree. Would only add unnecessary cost and complexity to the cars with little benefit. We’re all supposed to be driving defensively meaning we anticipate the actions of other vehicles (self driving or otherwise) and pedestrians around us to avoid accidents.
  35. K

    Things We’d love to see FSD try-

    Road debris and potholes. Until these two are addressed, the notion of robotaxis and true FSD remains a stretch. A bit off topic... Truck tire carcasses are my personal pet peeve. It’s tough to take any highway road trip without encountering them. Personally, I’d like to see the practice...
  36. K

    Is the energy app trustworthy?

    It all depends on how you drive and the road conditions over those 30 miles. If the next 288 miles are similar, then you should expect that range. If you were driving downhill over those 30 miles and won’t be for the next 200 or so, then no.
  37. K

    GMC Hummer Debut 2020-10-20

    The intro sure looked impressive. I went to reserve one and the 350 mile range model starts at $112,595. No thanks. I’ll stick with my cybertruck order
  38. K

    Battery Calibration 0-100% - does it make sense?

    I can’t speak to the 0-100 or 5-100 case, but my experience has been that an occasional charge to 100 does provide some benefit. My Raven X typically showed 296-297 miles at 90%. After a 1700 mile road trip with lots of supercharging, my 90% reading was down to 294 miles (consistently for...
  39. K

    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    FWIW, these are the same part numbers that others on this forum had installed earlier this year (June/July timeframe) and the problem came back (scroll back a few pages in this thread). So this isn’t “the fix”. I’m keeping mine on low and accelerating gently to prolong the life of this set of...
  40. K

    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    I had the same parts installed in mine last month. Seems ok so far.
  41. K

    Raven (non Performance) real world range?

    If you read the fine print on the window sticker, it shows what consumption rate (Wh/mi) yields the 351 mile range on a full charge. Again, that assumes you’re using 100 percent of the battery (just like in a gas car, you never use 100% of a tank of fuel). If long range without stops is...
  42. K

    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    I thought the axles and half shafts were the same thing on these vehicles. I just had mine done this week too and the invoice shows “half shaft” on the parts description
  43. K

    Project Palladium Timeline?

    Assuming the Palladium refresh is close, from a purely strategic perspective, I wouldn’t expect to see it unveiled until sometime next quarter. Why? Because if they truly are close to hitting “record” deliveries for the third quarter, announcing it now might cause some of those third quarter...
  44. K

    Key not in car

    It may be totally unrelated but if you’re having odd instances of the key not being recognized, make sure you do not have key fobs from other cars in your pocket or purse. I had a Mercedes that consistently would not recognize its own key fob if I happened to have the key to my Jeep in my...
  45. K

    Odd paint rash on Falcon Wing Doors - anyone else?

    That looks like tiny chips from stuff getting kicked up from the front wheels. Splash guards are a must on the X to prevent this.
  46. K

    My MY is stuck on Version 2020.11.105

    My X got stuck like that once for some reason. After a hard reset to address another issue, it immediately downloaded the update. Try a reboot.
  47. K

    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    Update. Mine has now progressed to where I get the shudder on low anytime I accelerate at 75kw or more. I’ll schedule another service appointment but if they balk at replacing the driveshafts, I’ll go the lemon law route. In NY, if the manufacturer refuses to fix a defect, that’s enough for a...
  48. K

    Nervous about suspension/Axel issues and shuddering...HELP!

    That problem with the doors not opening has to do with the sensors. Sometimes when they get hot, they think that something is obstructing the door. It happens more often on darker colored cars (since they get hotter when the sun shines on them) than white. I rejected delivery of the first car...
  49. K

    Softer Ride Options

    Some of us remember car ads in the 70s advertising “road hugging weight” as the key to a good ride :-)
  50. K

    Pearl white scratch kit recommendation?

    X2 on the Tesla kit being a poor match. If I was you, I’d go to an auto parts store and try another manufacturer’s pearl white touch up paint. Another option could be to ask any local car dealer if their detail guy can touch it up. All of the dealers have someone that comes by to touch up...

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