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  1. P85_DA

    Supercharger - Irvine, CA - Main Street (LIVE 29 Dec 2020, 24 Urban stalls)

    What’s up with this place twice I went here and Max can get is 20kwh.. this is like ROWDTLA..was wondering why michelson is always full and this is empty
  2. P85_DA

    Supercharger - Los Angeles, CA - Alameda St. (LIVE 17 Sep 2020, 16 urban stalls)

    LOL I tried five chargers and yes this is still the case .. after ten minutes bounced to Rowland heights and the perpetual lines there ;)
  3. P85_DA

    Supercharger - Needles, CA (4 V2 stalls)

    Try charging here in summer ;):eek:
  4. P85_DA

    Model X - Replacing 20" with 22" Turbine Wheels

    Yes they are ;)
  5. P85_DA

    Vehicle Wrap - Newbie questions

    Sorry I may have confused you ..if u order a normal MSM color xpel makes a wrap that is matter in transparency that will make the car look matte... there are other alternatives where u can get any color car and apply any color matte wrap to .. I assumed u wanted the former ...the second method...
  6. P85_DA

    Vehicle Wrap - Newbie questions

    1) matte wrap looks good on darker colors 2) xpel makes a nice matte wrap 3)in SoCal a matte wrap will set u back around ~$5-6k 4) sorry don’t know :(
  7. P85_DA

    Suggestions on new tires?

    Wheel warehouse in Anaheim
  8. P85_DA

    Suggestions on new tires?

    I have had two sets of stock pirelli p zeroes ..first set went 42k miles ..second set went 50k miles I maintain 45psi in California..been happy with them and don’t see myself using other tires ..I have local shop where I’m able to get set for $1k installed
  9. P85_DA

    2017 Model X 100D Supercharger capped at 100kW

    I’m on 48.30 I have 27000kwh supercharging and I got my speed back peaking around 165 now on V3
  10. P85_DA

    Throttled supercharger speeds

    sorry if I missed in previous posts but what battery do u have ??
  11. P85_DA

    2017 Model X 100D Supercharger capped at 100kW

    Hi mine is early Jan 2018 build E pack
  12. P85_DA

    2017 Model X 100D Supercharger capped at 100kW

    As other poster noted the latest software update brought speeds back
  13. P85_DA

    Throttled supercharger speeds

    Here’s another session I did at a V3 I am back to pre throttle speeds maxing around 164kw for brief period of time overall charge session also is inline from what is was before
  14. P85_DA

    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    I charged again at a real low SOC I did peak around ~160kw and it tapered fast ..normally I carried 100kw up to 50% but now it tapers at around 40%... I can confirm though now unthrottled from a very low SOC under 10% to a 90% charge I back in the 45 min range which is a improvement for me...
  15. P85_DA

    Throttled supercharger speeds

    Confirmed on my throttled E 100 pack I did go from 108kw now to 120kw which lasted for about 30sec :eek:
  16. P85_DA

    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    Ok I tried at a V3 today can confirm my rate did go up with new software from a throttled 108kw .. I did Max to 120kw for all of 30seconds ;)
  17. P85_DA

    Trunk Wing (Spoiler)

    Some are ABS plastic some of the higher end ones are carbon fiber ..rpm Tesla has some decent options ..I would avoid eBay ones for possible fitment issues and trying to return ...nothing wrong with double sided tape ..that’s what Tesla used for factory ones ;)
  18. P85_DA

    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    LOL I should have come to TMC first ...I spent too much time doing reboots I thought I had an issues with fonts and missing the “T” at top :eek:
  19. P85_DA

    Throttled supercharger speeds

    I have 27000kw+ Supercharging on my 100 pack “E” and Max I get is 108 and my taper starts at around 50%soc where it goes below 100 max speed .. so not sure Tesla telling u correct story ;)
  20. P85_DA

    Supercharger - Rowland Heights, CA (LIVE 7 Nov 2020, 8 urban stalls)

    This location was really needed as someone who commutes regularly thru the 60corridor u will know that u either have to detour south or hyper mile to riverside ...only complaint is they should have made these V3s to speed turnaround.
  21. P85_DA

    EPAS_w001 - Our Model X almost killed us today :(

    I just got this error code EPAS_W001 on 2018 X P ...my situation a little different than OP ...I was passing on a single lane road and did a quick jerk of steering wheel ..for the duration of drive autopilot was disabled and steering was a little heavy ...called in to SC to remote diagnose and...
  22. P85_DA

    Supercharger - Indio, CA (8 V2 stalls)

    many years living her part time in Indian Wells I learned to drive around 65 to get to Cabazon ...u can easily eat 30% range with the winds driving this 30mile stretch ...u also could have went Rancho Mirage with 24 Urbans never busy ...also I try and bypass Cabazon now that the Beaumont V3 is...
  23. P85_DA

    Supercharger - Irvine, CA - Walnut Ave. (at Jeffrey Rd., LIVE 4 Dec 2020, 8 V3 stalls)

    I have been driving Tesla’s since early 2013.. I have seen every station from SJC to fountain valley .. to Santa Ana get swarmed ;)and this was mainly Ss in the early days ..I expect this site to be full most of the time given amount of Tesla’s in OC...my comment was mainly around the number of...
  24. P85_DA

    Supercharger - Irvine, CA - Walnut Ave. (at Jeffrey Rd., LIVE 4 Dec 2020, 8 V3 stalls)

    Great site ..horrible lines ...was 10deep at 2pm on Sunday ...honestly not sure why Tesla would only build 8 stalls anything in OC needs a minimum 16 ;)
  25. P85_DA

    MCU2 - do u need to request AP3 at same time?

    This is the part MCU2 that includes the FSD MCU INTEL HW3 UPGRADE-For TegraAP2.5- NA Part #: 9874561-00-A
  26. P85_DA

    MCU2 - do u need to request AP3 at same time?

    Lot of semantics mixed up on the thread ...ur car most likely had AP2.5 if late build 2017 when u get the MCU2 upgrade HW3 is included..I will find my invoice later and post up. HW3 is what u need for FSD ..As others have noted u don’t get AP3 new cams
  27. P85_DA

    Supercharger - Las Vegas (North Premium Outlets)

    Was here over the Black Friday rush not a single stall in use in middle of day ..when I came back saw a few Tesla’s ICEing slots without charging I assume because parking was horrible that day ..but hey at least charge ;)
  28. P85_DA

    Any recommendations for a PPF installer in SoCal??

    they normally do Tesla discounts ..when I did for full front on X was ~$1000 ...I assume Y is close to same price as this was few years ago ...but a lot of Tesla are done there ...congrats on new ride !
  29. P85_DA

    Any recommendations for a PPF installer in SoCal??

    If your in Temecula just drive to San Diego go to five point they do a lot of Tesla’s
  30. P85_DA

    How to engage Model X auto-park?

    U don’t use AUtopilot for auto park ..u need to drive slowly for cameras to see
  31. P85_DA

    Road trip suggestions

    Best thing I have read on this thread ;)..I concur :cool:
  32. P85_DA

    Holiday travel congestion at CA Superchargers; possible solutions, complaints, comments, discussion

    I did the LA to Vegas route at peak times and no issue ..with the opening of new Hesperia V3s makes this trip easy ..: still remember first time doing this over thanksgiving when only Barstow was available;).. Tesla has come a long way filling in the popular travel routes
  33. P85_DA

    Buying Model X for the wife, just test drove a Model X Performance, need help

    Three Tesla’s for me and all Performance ;)..it a personal preference though..as others have noted it’s great initially :cool:..not so much concerned in range as in California the density of chargers is so good I never go beyond 200 miles ..if I can skip two super chargers on a long trip than...
  34. P85_DA

    Is Unlimited Supercharging Speed Limited?

    OP I assume u have a 90 batt as well those were some problematic batteries and if I recall if u had a V1,2 of the 90 batt those no longer could charge more than 100kwh anymore
  35. P85_DA

    Total Weight of Tesla 22" Turbine Wheel/Pirelli upgrade? Looking for Max Range

    OP I have been on stock 22s since I got car new ..at 100k miles my lifetime average is over 400wh/mile driving average 70mph never use heater...they do look good though ;) ...for max efficiency I say stay away from 22s
  36. P85_DA

    Model X battery drain in park totally off

    If I recall there is actually a setting now to turn this off at your home or work location
  37. P85_DA

    Range decreases when I charge at home vs other locations

    I have been reading this thread as the OP saying if he charges to 90% using a supercharger...vs charging 90% using wall connector at home his displayed range is different ...yes cold will cause you to lose percentage (range ) but I understood this whole thread to he about AC vs DC charging...
  38. P85_DA

    Model X battery drain in park totally off

    Yes phantom drain is normal maybe 2-3 miles overnight ..sentry mode does cause a lot of phantom drain as well as cabin pre conditioning which probably explains ur drain ..also if cold expect some phantom drain as well
  39. P85_DA

    22 Inch Tires for Aftermarket wheel recommendations.

    I run stock pirelli 22s first set lasted me ~40k miles on staggered ...probably could have gone 50k no problem as the wear was even ...as far as range hits ..yes 22s I take a range hit ;)..don’t think I have ever been able to get more than 220miles on 90% charge driving at 70mph
  40. P85_DA

    100kwh Battery for Model Y

    Not happening any time soon ;)
  41. P85_DA

    Mounting an iphone magsafe charger

    Check these guys out Vehicle Mounts I have an X and use a ProClip they have a standard pattern called AMPs ..but this company has some mounts u can stick in 3
  42. P85_DA

    Range decreases when I charge at home vs other locations

    Car doesn’t see AC the onboard charger converts to DC ...depending on ur overall charging habits the BMS will fluctuate
  43. P85_DA

    Range decreases when I charge at home vs other locations

    I figured it would t ;)...that thread is long list of conjecture and speculation only Tesla BMS software knows the true capacity and range ..personally having three Tesla’s and over 200k miles I wouldn’t worry u have a model 3 with newer battery even my old S’s and my current X are holding fine...
  44. P85_DA


    Congrats !! Great car !
  45. P85_DA

    Tesla does not repair crash damage at Service Centers?

    Tesla does have a few In-house body shops unfortunately none in your area Body Shop Support
  46. P85_DA

    Range decreases when I charge at home vs other locations

    Also here is a good reference thread... How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity
  47. P85_DA

    Range decreases when I charge at home vs other locations

    No ;)....a lot of threads here about fluctuating range personally I wouldn’t worry too much the BMS manages the battery fine ..TeslaFi is still an estimate at the end of the day ...unless u get some message in the car stating your battery needs service I wouldn’t worry ...you will drive urself...
  48. P85_DA

    Tesla app - false “rear passenger window down message?”

    This is a bug I have seen last two releases I reported it LOL ...but my windows are never open ;)

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