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    Preventative 12V battery replacement before road trip?

    Seemed like there was a rash of Model 3 batteries dying after two years in 2020. Could have been a bad batch. Maybe Tesla started treating them better. Maybe that's just going to be normal. Our 9/2018 Model 3 12V battery went bad without prior warning. Lots of warnings and a pump or motor in...
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    Does any other owners out there think it is a bit strange that they can't readily access history of SW updates to their vehicle?

    I have access to my software history on TeslaFi, at a cost. It is occasionally handy to reference the software version I was on before posting about some incident from the past. But really, you can't downgrade your software so the history has a very limited usefulness.
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    Is there an easy way to tell if MX has dual onboard chargers installed?

    My 3/2017 X 100D has the 72A charger. At least for the X 100D there was no dual chargers in 2017. The old single charger was 40A and the dual charger was 80A. I had a choice between 48A and 72A, both a single charger.
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    Locked out of Model X - Both Key Fobs not working

    MCU1->MCU2 upgrades require some kind of security registration on Tesla's part. Otherwise you can't unlock or start the car. SC's can be sloppy about doing this. Anyone with this problem should contact Tesla to get it fixed. It does not require a mobile or SC visit to fix. A remote possibility...
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    AP1 in future

    This should have a bunch of thoughts about that: AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6
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    Autopilot Safety/Convenience Features Disable

    Are you saying that if you cause lane departure avoidance to activate a few times while manually driving it just turns itself off? But doesn't seem to affect anything else? Kind of reasonable I guess, if you're going to be avoiding potholes for an entire trip. But not something I've heard of before.
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    Loud chime with no on screen notifications???

    You may have a speed limit warning set, even if it wasn't before. Check your settings. Chime is one of the options for it, and it will go off when you exceed the set speed or if your current speed is excessive as you pass a sign lowering the speed limit. Or if it thinks the speed limit is slower...
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    Best time to press the TeslaCam/Dashcam icon

    I'd experiment. My impression is that it will save all existing files from the last 10 minutes, or used to at least. That could mean that it hasn't yet written the file for the last minute or less. So you push the button (or horn) and get the existing files but not the one you really want. I've...
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    How to deal with Model X width?

    I went from a Porsche 911 (and my wife's Mini Cooper S) to the Model X. I didn't have a problem driving it, but parking is still a problem. I usually like two empty parking spaces together when perpendicular parking so I can turn through one of them. I'm fine with a single space if no one is...
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    Model 3 Lack of Grip on Curves/Changing Lanes

    I don't suppose there's ice on the road?
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    New Model S Yoke Steering RETRACTABLE?

    You just create a driver profile for Easy Entry (or something close to that). Move everything where you want it and save. I'm not sure of the naming to get it to run automatically. If you have driver profiles it should be able to do that. I don't use an entry profile (hence my imperfect recall...
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    cruise brakes automatically in traffic? is this normal?

    On divided highways the speed with Autosteer active is not limited to 5 MPH over the speed limit. The maximum speed it will allow is 90 MPH.
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    Drivers side repeater cameras light stays on

    Not something I've seen on our 2017 X.
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    cruise brakes automatically in traffic? is this normal?

    There are three possible basic modes: 1. Manual - You drive the car. It may (is supposed to) emergency brake but that is not something you would normally encounter in normal driving. 2. Traffic Aware Cruise Control (TACC) - Enabled with one press down on the shifter stalk. The car will maintain...
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    12v Battery Options - Which is best?

    I had to replace the OEM battery on our March 2017 Model X in August 2020, about 3.5 years. Which is pretty good for Arizona. I got the battery warning, but the car still seemed drivable. It was quicker, and easier to replace it with an Ohmmu rather than wait for Tesla Service. Hopefully it will...
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    Occasional Error Code from M3 - Driver pillar camera blocked

    A plain concrete wall to one side or the other, so that the camera just sees a featureless view, has caused warnings for me and others. Every time the barrier height increased enough the warning appeared. When the barrier height decreased enough the camera warning disappeared. This is on a...
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    Any way to disable brakes lights from activating when letting off accelerator?

    You can hold the parking button down to use it as an emergency brake. I'm not sure if that activates the brake lights or not. You have no way to modulate the braking, so you may be attracting unwanted attention by using them also. Light regen so that the lights don't trigger is probably the best...
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    Total Shutdown of Electronics on Freeway!!

    It's only the MCU crashing/rebooting, which has very little effect on how the car drives. It's not a "total shutdown of electronics". AP uses a different computer and will work normally without the MCU. You do lose your displays, so it's like driving with a non-working speedometer. It's been...
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    Model X and S 12V battery finally going Li-ion

    Tesla/Elon want to go with a 48V system to reduce wire sizes, but there are probably not enough options for auto accessories using 48V at this time. There will probably always be a secondary battery to power the car while the high voltage battery is disconnected. Strange but necessary.
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    Retuning a Long Range Model X

    Our X has averaged about 90% of EPA range under mild to very hot weather conditions, while actually driving, per TeslaFi data records. My Porsche used to average about 14 MPG around the city while it's EPA rated MPG was 19 MPG. So my Porsche was even worse than the X as far as actual vs...
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    UHFS sound quality after MCU1->MCU2 upgrade?

    The X may be a little different than the S, but my only noticeable change was that I had to turn down the bass on the EQ. There was an old thread on new EQ settings for MCU1->MCU2 that pretty much matched my experience.
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    the rate at which this car chews thru tires is insane

    We're replacing our 3 AWD (with acceleration boost upgrade) OEM Michelin MXM4 tires at a little over 15k miles. Just called today. And that was about 1.5k later than we should have. We rotated them once at a little more than 7k miles. Very even treadwear except the backs wore much faster. That...
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    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, How to Maintain Battery Health

    It's not charging all the time even if it is plugged in. You can set a charging start time and it will charge no more than once a day. Otherwise it will charge when it has drained 1% to 3%. Used to be 3%, but that seems to have changed. I've had my X plugged in for weeks without using it. It...
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    Question about supercharing

    I use TeslaFi, though I didn't have it for the first 7k miles or so.
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    Question about supercharing

    If you plan to go on many long road trips you might want to ease up on unnecessary Supercharging and save it for the long trips. I haven't seen anyone reporting a 100/3/Y battery that has been throttled by Tesla yet, but once it happens it's likely to be permanent. Then you're stuck at a slower...
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    Emergency braking activated today, first time in 2+ years

    Not sure of OP's exact situation. I was modulating the brakes to a quick stop for a traffic backup when AEB decided I wasn't stopping quick enough and jammed on the brakes. Ended up with at least two car lengths to the car ahead. But that was a true AEB intervention with AP off. The guy behind...
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    Best Battery Usage Strategy for a low mileage user.

    40% to 60% is fine. No reason you can't leave it plugged in and set the charge limit to 60%. The idea is to keep the battery around 50% most of the time. I leave my X at 70% when we're not on a road trip. We use 80% for our 3, where we want a little more range available. We used to drive about...
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    Twisty mountain roads driving tips?

    Steering wheel technique can be different due to tighter turns, so think a bit about that. Decreasing radius turns can catch you out if you're at the end of your arm travel. For example, if you are leaving your hands at 3 and 9 and crossing your arms to make the turn you'll only have about 180...
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    Model X 2017

    I own a March 2017 delivery X 100D, the first time the non-Performance 100D version was available. I added all the options, many that don't show up in my car's details on my account page. The key non-appearance options to look for, all of which are standard now, are: High Amperage Charger...
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    Supercharger experiences

    My ABRP plans are usually 20% charge time/80% drive time and they're usually pretty close if we don't delay at any stops. We average 30 min per stop with our older 100D X, per TeslaFi. Long trips might have a couple of relatively long detours (5-10 miles off to on) to reach a Supercharger. And...
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    Supercharger experiences

    Our experience on road trips has been generally empty Superchargers unless you are in a major metro area. Southern California can be a little crowded. I don't think we ever had to wait to Supercharge while travelling, though we rarely have had to share a paired charger. We travel mostly during...
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    2021 Model X Tire Pressure Display?

    Long press the left or right scroll wheel until you get a scrollable menu. Car Status should be selectable from there. I use the left side, but I think the right side works the same way.
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    Minor annoyance: can't shift to drive without getting beeped at.

    Pressing the brake turns on the car. It takes a while to return to normal operation after going to a low power mode while parked. You can watch the idiot lights all come on and then "slowly" go out. At some point, after the idiot lights come on but before they are all out, you should be able to...
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    Drive Model X around U.S.?

    Certainly feasible. Our X is used almost exclusively for road trips. We love it, and EAP is a must for me. I'd want to have at least automatic lane changes and sometimes Navigate on Autopilot. All states are accessible using Supercharging. But if you want to visit some out of the way place you...
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    Have anyone else tested the traffic light, stop sign detection with Autopilot yet?

    RTFM? You need to confirm it's OK for the car to go through the green light/stop sign. That's the current designed behavior. Plenty of people have been using that feature for months now.
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    Which driving pattern is best? Over charge or Supercharging every day?

    Charge to 95%, ending just before you leave. The data I've read about battery SoC levels was for storage. So we know 100% for a year is not good for generic lithium batteries, and 70% for a year is OK. So I'd worry about total time spent at anything but 50% SoC. I'd charge to 50% when you get...
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    If I only have a 50A main in my garage, can I get a Wall Charger and run it at 40A to charge?

    Depends on what else is connected to the same 50A circuit as well. You may have to dial down the max amps if there are other devices. Details on the connector, with a nice chart of how fast various currents charge the car: Wall Connector A 14-30 may indeed be a good option. I like the WC so...
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    Question for those in sunny/warmer climates! (glass roof)

    No tint on our 3. I never even think about the glass roof. We're definitely used to hot cars, so maybe we're just tolerant of the roof. Might also be different if you're on a long commute with the sun in a bad position. As our local driver, the 3 rarely goes in one direction for long.
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    Range decreases when I charge at home vs other locations

    I was thinking maybe lower SoC when charging at a Supercharger, versus charging from 50% to 80% all the time at home. The BMS may have no clue about the lower half of the battery's behavior if it never sees lower SoC's.
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    Is Unlimited Supercharging Speed Limited?

    The "MPH" number is also an average across the entire charging session. It will decline as you charge.
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    Phantom Braking vs TACC in Late 2020

    I think if you have HW3 Tesla will eventually fix phantom braking with the new FSD 4D vision. No reason not to make basic Autopilot better, though not with extra features, by sharing the code. HW2.5 won't have the computing power to keep up.
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    Road trip suggestions

    We road trip with our X, AZ to the East Coast or California. #1 watch the charge remaining at destination. It's at the bottom of the nav directions list. #2 if that charge remaining at destination keeps falling (below 10% for us) slow down. Maybe just a few MPH will be enough, but slower if...
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    Are there any issues using an older HPWC...

    This is the only issue I remember: Series 1 HPWC issues with 2018 model S Some newer cars had/have problems with Gen 1 HPWC's.
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    Planning to replace 12V in M3 with Lithium Ohmmu battery.

    Our 3's battery died quickly after 18 months. Given the number of replacements I've seen here it would be good to replace it before a long trip. You could also just purchase the replacement and carry it with you until needed I suppose. We had Tesla replace the 3's 12V because of the car's weird...
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    Since my MC2/HW3 upgrade, the car will not sleep when plugged in

    No, the 3 has never had a problem sleeping. My problems started after an MCU1->MCU2 upgrade. It doesn't seem to be a problem for most X's.
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    Weird behavior of regenerative braking at higher speeds

    Switching to winter tires has killed regen on the 3 in the past. There were a few threads here about that. It seemed to be fixed, but if you are using an uncommon brand of winter tires it could be the issue. The main issue was very low regen at higher speeds, recovering to almost normal at low...
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    Driver initiated lane change during NoA

    That's true only for a 3 or Y. S and X have latching turn signal stalks that can't be automatically canceled. For them a partial push of the stalk without latching is enough to initiate and complete an auto lane change. If you end up latching it you'll have to unlatch it manually when the lane...
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    2017 MX 100D - MCU1/AP2 but no FSD - should i do FSD first?

    The FSD should be a reduced price for any car with EAP, first owner or not. EAP already includes much of what is in the current version of FSD. I agree it might be better to get FSD now to avoid future price increases.
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    Since my MC2/HW3 upgrade, the car will not sleep when plugged in

    The TeslaFi idle delay timer fix worked for my X for the most part. I ended up setting it to 6 minutes. I still had long idle periods, but those have been reduced with 44.15. I don't think it has slept an entire day yet, but the drain has been reduced to a tolerable level now. Always plugged in...
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    8.5' vs 18' cable

    Our Gen2 8' cable is cleaner for our tight garage pillar space. It just loops down and back up to the handle in its holder, without touching the ground. While I have always regretted not getting the longer cable "just in case", I've never had an occasion that required it. Perhaps if we decided...

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