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  1. hill

    Max charging amp on 240v60a circuit without wall charger

    our model X could charge at a Max of 72 amps. both 72 and 80 amp charge rates are nice on multiple accounts. you may get home, be miles away from a supercharger, but need to still get out and about in short order. at 72 amps, though we only use it sporadically comes in handy when you have that...
  2. hill

    Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta V9 Will ‘Blow Your Mind,’ Says Musk

    Got our FIRST theoretically "capable" FSD tesla in 2016. seeing all those cameras, all the way around the car, it was easy to get suckered into the narrative, "soon". Now - ½ decade later? LOL !!! when you hear the stories about FSD "soon"? You can just smile, nod, & feign belief. At least...
  3. hill

    Corded 14-50 Tesla Charger - Improved Speeds?

    Our gen 1 mobile cable is much thicker than newer Tesla EVSE's (& it stays cooler than our 72A wall model) , and 40 amps (even 10% over) is still under the 50 amp rating of the plug.
  4. hill

    2 Powerwalls + "Free Nights" Plan...can they pay for themselves?

    curious how it can be that Northern Minnesota pv users find enough solar for panels - yet not in (any part of) Texas (unless and some tall forest with tree cutting prohibitions) ?
  5. hill

    Tesla vs. semi crash reported 03.11.21

    true .... we don't know what the NTSB knows . . . . but do they head out on a flight, w/out making a phone call to ask if AP was on? there you go . . . diplomat33 said: We don't know if AP was on at the time of...
  6. hill

    Tesla vs. semi crash reported 03.11.21

    So - owners still complaining (as has yours truly) about phantom braking (seems over pass is the lion's share) on the one hand ... but on the other, there still seems to be the possibility of sliding under trailers (if AP is on). Make mine phantom, if there's a choice. .
  7. hill

    Blog Tesla Plans to Expand FSD Beta Rollout Next Month

    if there were a couple shares of Tesla stock doled out for each, "really significant release" since 2016 .... drivers would own almost all the company. ;)
  8. hill

    Tesla Is Number One In Consumer Reports' 2020 Owner Satisfaction Survey

    Once upon a time we got Tesla's as rentals for ownership service center timeouts. Now it's coupons for Uber. .
  9. hill

    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    actually - My phone is twice as fast as MCU 2.
  10. hill

    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    You think we had a hideous time waiting for - & getting a resolution of ½ shaft shudder / issues with over 500hp, oh boy, can't wait till there's over 1, 000hp. .
  11. hill


    any data yet on Anaphylaxis between the 22.9K? seems to be (at least) some are having varying reactions. .
  12. hill

    Want you to lease but don't want you to buy so that they can keep charging "interest"?

    google "tesla" & "end of lease" to get similar scenarios as yours, as well as different stories. We leased our X (2017) & its fit & finish were so bad (along with ½ shaft shudder, windshield ghosting, bad prox sensors, screen problems, headliner falling off etc) that we used "swapa" to get out...
  13. hill

    EV advertising in the South

    "a few" being the operative word ..... not hundred of thousands any time w/in the distant future. Odd - writing commercials for cars hardly available, while Tesla is devoid of ad's yet sell plenty. .
  14. hill

    Induction Stoves

    the savings are small compared to the cost difference of regular gas or electric - ESPECIALLY if your existing cook-top works just fine. Similarly - we have a 4 decade old dinosaur central air unit ... probably lowest seer made. But it runs fine. The rooftop PV pays for its inefficiency...
  15. hill

    Warranty Adjustment Program – Touchscreen Component email - Wow - watch for it

    yes - give 'em an "A" for doing it .... but for taking YEARS of ignoring customers complaints before they finally capitulate? .... That's an "F". Average the 2 issue & give 'em a "C" .
  16. hill

    Do you regret AP3 upgrade with MCU1?

    when Tesla went from V8 to V9, that's when the real slow down happened imo. Likely brought about WAY more logging, which is the death knell to MCU1. .
  17. hill

    Total braking system failure?

    it's a shame (some) cars don't still have the pull lever between the seats or the e/pedal. Guess the ol' cable notion is a by-gone era. .
  18. hill

    Red Y - Full Xpel Wrap - 1 piece wrap on the hatch!

    Do they do wraps in hey doll finish clear? Seems like many wants the dull finish look nowadays as though they used an aerosol can with flat colors. .
  19. hill


    from a fellow 2015 joining member - you may have noticed, for whatever reason - the folks in the model Y group seem to have a tad less compassion/Grace/empathy - whatever you want to call it compared the MX group. That's what some say. Yeah MX & S can be brutal too, and as a fellow suffer...
  20. hill

    My Experience With EAP Suggests Not Only Won't FSD Go Up In Price, It's Going To Go Down

    By your date of registration on the forum - perhaps you didn't realize - Tesla began pushing sales of FSD back in 2016. Smelling snake oil - we said no thanks on our MS. It's been four years now of owners getting snookered. better than that . . . . if owner gets frustrated w/ various issues...
  21. hill

    Found this little gem on my $55K Model Y

    panel gaps? You mean there really are panel gaps? it's not a Fiction? not something That was simply made up by trolls or stock short'ers? Hard to imagine! :p sorry to hear they wouldn't fix yours. I guess they only did it for the more expensive models. Of course it took many many tries...
  22. hill

    Model Y tint pictures

    Although it's much more expensive, photo sync shows temperature readings of all the competition and it always beats them hands down. We put it on our model X huge windshield & it really made a difference. It's so light that you'd be hard-pressed to even notice it's not clear at night. It has a...
  23. hill

    Model Y tint pictures

    Dang - those tract homes look like the same Builders as many of the Southern Nashville areas.
  24. hill

    Still leaking after 4 service attempts...

    Just think how pissed the OP would be - if he had spent roughly 2x as much for the model X and all the its leaks (& assorted other warts) that they had - in the early days - some 4 or so years ago. Of course - the trade-off was back then, the lines & wait times to get into the shop werr 2X to...
  25. hill

    Be aware! Missing Control Arm Nut: Potential Safety Issue

    This looks like a one piece Stover.nut/washer. And since it's not castellated, does anybody know if by removal if it is in fact a Stover? Stover Lock Nuts - Fastener Mart Fun fact - turning on different varieties of Loctite, when coupled with a Stover? You would literally have to use MAPP gas...
  26. hill

    Be aware! Missing Control Arm Nut: Potential Safety Issue

    new low? hmmmm ~ i see your forum join date was this year. Maybe that explains the new low for tesla view. Sorry to say, even the pre-facelift model S had some of these completely snap. Tesla tried to say it's not a warranty problem. LOL. in stead they'd rather blame the driver for...
  27. hill

    Tesla wall connector gen3 overheating fix

    still don't get what the need was to go from Gen 2 to gen 3. but yea - we'd have been hosed on several occasions if we couldn't have charged the X at 72 amps. LOL !! sorry - but that reminds me how all too often Tesla solves problems ... the "CS" way. Kind of like throttling & capping...
  28. hill

    Driver side window would not close for 10 minutes after 2020.36 update...but eventually did.

    next time, if it happens again, try the double wheel reset & that may clear it. Works for us.
  29. hill

    Fan Noise so loud that I have to turn off while at drive thru

    last year driving through Utah on our way to Flathead Valley Montana, it was 117°. this is a 15 second snippet of the cooling fans' sound ... & after driving over 50 mi in those temperatures, then hooking up to supercharging? Not that bad imo; so it shouldn't freak anybody out, really.
  30. hill

    Gen 3 Wall Connector

    So .... 48amps is max on gen3/newer HPWC's ? that's just 8 amps more than our portable; from the looks of the cable's sheath, the wire looks like it could hold more than 48 but for the various other limits.
  31. hill

    Anyone thinking about an VW ID.4 Instead?

    hopefully VW won't use the OTA function to cap charging speed as Tesla did with Model's X&S, as well as chop maximum capacity, so the battery can make it to the end of warranty. Porsche Audi Volkswagen seam to give a much larger upper and lower unusable buffer, so this tactic shouldn't be...
  32. hill

    Blog Neuralink Says it's Nearly Ready to Install Computers in Human Brains

    Yea - maybe after the cars consistently 100% no longer Phantom stop or slow, or slam into the back of stopped trucks, ever again .... for at least a few years - maybe hold off until then before we go planting crap inside of our heads. :rolleyes:
  33. hill

    Are folks getting a car to use while their car in for service?

    Tesla is getting bigger. a LOT bigger. complaints come with growing pains ... growing pains mean you have to continually buy a new set of clothing & shoes. So whether its automotive or ones own kid ... it's just part of the process. ;) .
  34. hill

    Are folks getting a car to use while their car in for service?

    what do you expect, pre-facelift S has the notorious MCU 1 failures going on, which cost thousands - Who would pay premium $ for a car with a known gernaid. Tesla looks on these failing cars as clogging the SC, plus the SC's don't want to fool with you because Tesla wants owners to believe that...
  35. hill

    Drivetrain "shimmy" a "feature"?

    Call it a shimmy, call it a shudder, supposedly it's been fixed, for years, members say - yet here we are. When you go into the SC, you can take your pick from any one of free responses that they give. .
  36. hill

    Best Ceramic Coating for White Seats?

    Google - and the threads here on TMC (talking about it) can be your friend Before we found this out, one of the threads at least back in the day, suggested isopropyl alcohol as being the best thing to remove blue dye .
  37. hill

    I've loved Tesla for 7 years. But after years of abuse, I'm out

    you just reminded me of something, as well as a scene from the movie, "The Princess Bride" . "thank you for bringing up that painful memory ..... why don't you just give me a paper cut & pour lemon juice in it" :p After our 8th or 9th visit (within the first 3 months of ownership), we decided...
  38. hill

    Tesla Semi's Latest Makeshift Megacharger Suggests Major Battery Upgrade

    You could see the driver backing up by himself, rather than cameras on the trailer and semi that would allow software to do it for him. Interesting. .
  39. hill

    I’m starting to drive like *sugar* without Autopilot

    add one of these to your Volt - for a thousand bucks & it'll keep lane; Cheaper than your basic AP too .
  40. hill

    Anyone seen this flavor of door handle failure?

    There's a great DIY video on youtube - if owners are relatively handy. WAY less expensive / time consuming than 2+ week wait for the SC to get around to owners. .
  41. hill

    Blog Study: Model 3 is the Fastest-Selling Used Car

    If the 3 is the fastest sold . . . . doesn't that necessarily indicate it's also possibly the fastest to get unloaded? After all - you can't base a 'fastest sold' moniker on a car that's not getting sold as much or more than others - right? or does that read into it more than what it's saying...
  42. hill

    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    Ahh - therein lies the irony. If one could only have $10 for every poster who complained about the various issues ..... only to be berated by fellow members that the affected victim(s) MUST be Tesla short holders. Or at best - another whiner. As for things that fail on short order, whether...
  43. hill

    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    Not at all! We used the sale proceeds - to buy tesla stock, back in 2017 - so not only have we recouped our losses & and gotten past the disappointment, there is a sick Joy - knowing some other owner - poor slob is suffering with all the same things that we did on our MX. If only I could...
  44. hill

    Elon Musk Says Tesla Is 'Very Close' To Level 5 Self-Driving Technology

    and yet mobile eye / AP1 did this & more. (If only their MCU's weren't programmed to auto destruct - due to excess data log rewrites) :p .
  45. hill

    I've loved Tesla for 7 years. But after years of abuse, I'm out

    They've been saying that for about a year now .
  46. hill

    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    Simply incredible. People commenting, "all you have to do is not use the air suspension" . LOL. That's like saying, "all you have to do is not put your foot into it. Or ... how 'bout this zinger ..... "all you have to do is not by the car". See, if a car has air suspension, then that means it...
  47. hill

    I've loved Tesla for 7 years. But after years of abuse, I'm out

    our neighbor/friend was a manage of of our local service center. After a couple of years? She headed for the Hills. That got me thinking. Have you ever seen one of the managers last more than a couple years? Most of us should know, if we take as many trips down there as the threads would...
  48. hill

    Rear doors and hitting your head

    The better ½ has had it happen a couple times. a side note - MANY other cars / manufacturers - after the warning alarm goes off? It might take a couple seconds before door actuates ... giving slow folks more time to get the heck out of the way.
  49. hill

    I've loved Tesla for 7 years. But after years of abuse, I'm out

    New customers turn into disgruntled customers - once the SC begins giving you the runaround. Consider GM. It practically got run out of town, once the Japanese made GM quality look like . . . . dare i say it? . . . . look like Tesla quality. .

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