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    Can you turn the screen off?

    Noticed this too when I went to the drive in this weekend. There is just no way to turn the screen off. I thought ah yes, I’ll do screen cleaning mode but how annoying and bright that new instruction page is. So I next said ah yes, camp mode. And after a few minutes the campfire came on, luckily...
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    Car won't go into Drive. At all. Ideas?

    Will say this just because no one else has yet, but anytime my car wouldn’t shift into drive it was because it had a bad connection with the Bluetooth key to my phone. It had enough permission to open the car door and let me in, but not enough to actually drive. Try tapping your key card to the...
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    Passenger side mirror partially obstructed.

    I followed this video’s advice and had great success on my previous car but in the model 3 the rear seat headrests are just right in the way from getting to see straight into what the side mirrors can. It’s unfortunate.
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    Discoloration spots on frunk

    Hey, has anyone seen this before? I started noticing these sort of spots of discoloration around where I press to close the frunk. I just washed the car hoping they would disappear but they are still there. Know of anything that could remove these? tried ONR, which is what I’ve been washing the...
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    FSD and still haven’t received update, normal?

    I also have FSD and haven’t gotten the update. But I also noticed on my Tesla.com account under my vehicle it doesn’t show FSD as one of my configured options anymore. Thinking it’s a glitch but gonna reach out on Monday to see if they think I don’t have FSD for some reason.
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    FSD missing from vehicle options, no v10 yet

    So, after not getting v10 yesterday and being antsy about it, I started to wonder why my earlyish vin, with FSD purchased before delivery, and advanced update button checked in the car, isn’t getting it yet. I noticed that on the Tesla site the Full Self Driving Capability is now gone under...
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    Reduced price Autopilot & FSD for existing owners announced March 1st

    For the early supporters who purchased FSD, the dust seems to be settling and no resolution other than Early Access Program invites seems to be happening for us yet. I think we may need to file formal complaints to continue to let Tesla know we are unhappy. I've called 1-800-51-TESLA, and sent...
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    Reduced price Autopilot & FSD for existing owners announced March 1st

    I think we just need to continue to let them know this is unacceptable until they change their mind. I’m planning on calling today.
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    Referal for Model 3 Performance not working?

    So, now I show my one referral used, with his name and delivery date (9/16/2018) but when do I redeem it for a prize? And which would it be now? If I click My Awards it says there was an error retrieving your awards. When I referred him, he got unlimited supercharging and I was to get a wall...
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    Referal for Model 3 Performance not working?

    Can confirm. Seems they are pushing this through, mine just showed up as well. :) Shows 1 friend with their name under Ordered, and the date they did so.
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    Referal for Model 3 Performance not working?

    Did your friend take delivery yet or just place the order?
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    Manufacturing Issues on my Model 3

    I have this issue! Vin 45xxx built June, Delivered July. I don't think it's worth going into service just for this, so I'm just gonna wait a while and bring it up if I have other issues. Any word on updated parts from service that fix it?
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    Referal for Model 3 Performance not working?

    Nothing yet. I replied to an email they sent about using my referral code yesterday, not even sure that email gets read, but we'll see.
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    Referal for Model 3 Performance not working?

    Sorry, that makes it sound confusing. I'm a model 3 owner (LR, RWD), and a coworker used my referral to buy a model 3 performance last week. Gonna give it some time before trying to contact somebody, hopefully it updates.
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    Referal for Model 3 Performance not working?

    Also not showing up for me. Model 3 owner, and a coworker used my referral to order a performance model 3 last week. He says he got free supercharging, so he's getting the benefit from me, but it's not showing on my account anywhere.
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    turning radius rwd v awd/p

    The turning radius on my LR RWD is significantly wider than my old Nissan 350z. I’m still getting used to it. I feel like it’s it’s wider than my girlfriend’s Mazda 3 as well.
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    I wish Autosteer kept me a little more to the right of center

    Just got the car two days ago and from my initial driving AP tends to drive a little too close for comfort to the left divider in the carpool lane. Like it shows the grey lines because the divider is close by to the left of the car. And for regular driving if there is a car next to me who’s a...
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    Will editing after June affect free internet connectivity?

    So, I ordered on June 26th in the AM, and have delivery scheduled for 7/14. My ISA is on vacation so I called the ISA who’s covering to ask about adding FSD now for reasons, and then he said adding it would not change my order date that’s before 7/1 and assured me I would still get the free...

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