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    FSD Beta Attempts to Kill Me; Causes Accident

    Sounds like you're the one that crashed?
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    It's in the thread title.
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    Went from about 1 intervention per trip on average to well over 10. Talk about a massive step backwards. This software is *sugar*.
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    Announcement: Tesla AI Day Watch Party - Friday at 5:30PM PDT

    Does anyone at Tesla speak English? I couldn't understand a single word anyone said.
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    Dear Tesla and Tesla FSD Team

    Visualizations are irrelevant, they don't affect safety.
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    FSD beta waiting game

    NOAP is beta and is publicly released. Beta or not is not the point. People paid for it 6 years ago and expect to use it, beta or not.
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    Warning: You can get FSD beta strike for any forced disengagement, even with FSD beta disabled in settings...

    It does not count as a forced disengagement either when calculating safety score.
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    Warning: You can get FSD beta strike for any forced disengagement, even with FSD beta disabled in settings...

    Off in the menu. I have 2 profiles, one with beta on and one with beta off. When I drive the profile with beta off a forced AP disengagement does not add to the strike count. Beta and strike count apply to the car not to profiles, so if you lose beta the whole car loses it.
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    Does having a forced autopilot disengagement prevent you from receiving FSD beta?

    I got 3 forced disengagements in 3 days then got into beta the next week.
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    Warning: You can get FSD beta strike for any forced disengagement, even with FSD beta disabled in settings...

    Verified: A forced disengagement with Beta off does not count as a strike.
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    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    I heard they downgrade people that opted in.
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    Another Tesla motorcycle death in Boca Raton, FL

    This is a Tesla forum. We only care about Tesla crashes.
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    Another Tesla motorcycle death in Boca Raton, FL

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    You said everything I wrote was wrong then proceeded to repeat exactly what I said. 🤦‍♂️
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    Lidar doesn't work without HD maps because it cannot recognize objects or read signs. Tesla used lidar with vision but vision makes lidar redundant. If you're going to use lidar just drop vision.
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    Developing for specific routes is exactly the wrong approach to AV and even Elon is getting suckered back into it with that stupid chuck's left turn nonsense. If he wants a gimmick just go back to lidar with hd maps.
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    Lidar lost Tesla the robotaxi?

    It's not robo anything. It's essentially a railway car.
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    Apply light force to steering wheel 5 seconds after applying force to wheel

    All these hoops we have to jump through just make people drive less safe.
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    Lidar lost Tesla the robotaxi?

    They rely on HD maps.
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    Any way to dispute FSD strike?

    Take off your hat and sunglasses.
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    Lidar lost Tesla the robotaxi?

    Vision has higher resolution than lidar. That's the problem with lidar and why Elon ditched it, the resolution is too low to be of any use. It's only good for telling you if "a large object" is at a certain distance from you.
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    Lidar lost Tesla the robotaxi?

    So what's the point of this thread???
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    Lidar lost Tesla the robotaxi?

    There are no L5 robotaxis because they are all geo restricted.
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    Tesla to increase cost of FSD beta software beyond its $12,000 price tag

    Then what are people paying $15K for? There have been no improvements to existing FSD features, only beta ones.
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    Tesla to increase cost of FSD beta software beyond its $12,000 price tag

    What is "wide" release? Is it to 100K beta testers or 1M FSD owners?
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    M3 Tire Wear After Accident

    Does the invoice say the did an alignment?
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    FSD fails to detect children in the road

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    Tesla Raising Price of FSD to $15,000, AI Director States "We Can Build a Car That Never Crashes"

    Or maybe outsource that part and just focus on the software.
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    AC on Manual but Recirculate keeps reverting to Auto

    It seems to work if I don't make any adjustments on the next drive, such as changing fan speed, which is what I usually do, any changes at all and it will go back into auto recirculate.
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    Another charging battery life thread

    Anything faster than 0.5C (2 hours) causes immediate battery degradation.
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    Perpendicular Auto Park Hits Curb

    When I say hit I mean more like slams into the curb. Aren't there sensors that detect curbs? Seems like they are turned off when auto parking. Just a regular wide open parking lot in a shopping center with curbs between perpendicular spaces.
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    Be aware! Missing Control Arm Nut: Potential Safety Issue

    Sorry, Tesla is too busy focusing on Chuck's left turn to do anything about suspension parts being properly installed on their vehicles.
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    Tesla laminated glass explanation from Munro

    3 db is a significantly noticeable difference in volume. You're confusing it with 1 db.
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    Tesla laminated glass explanation from Munro

    That's not correct at all. 3 db is literally twice the amount of acoustic energy.
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    Service appointment no longer showing in Tesla app

    I had the opposite happen. An appointment showing up that I didn't make. 🤔
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    Sheared Lug Nut

    My bad, I thought your lug bolt sheared off, not the lug nut.
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    Sheared Lug Nut

    It should tap right out.
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    2022 RWD 18K miles; battery requires replacement, poor service experience

    I've been to a few different SC and noticed they are all staffed with fresh out of high school or college kids. Must be Tesla policy to only hire complete noob millennials that couldn't care less about your car.
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    Tesla Needs to Up Their Service Game - Dismal Experience with HVAC Failure On My Y

    They can't even keep the mobile connector in stock bro, you think they're going to have anything else???
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    Brand new Y on 2022.15.102

    I got update same day.
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    Does 2022.20.8 AP still require steering wheel torque?

    How come GM super cruise doesn't require steering wheel torque, is it more advanced than Tesla AP/FSD?
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    Was My Front Subframe Installed Wrong?

    Your caster is off. That will cause pulling.
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    Does 2022.20.8 AP still require steering wheel torque?

    Now that cabin camera is on?
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    2022.20.6 Cabin Camera and Autopilot Nags

    Are you referring to steering wheel (torque) nag or cabin camera (pay attention) nag?

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