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  1. CinRedMan

    Autopilot worse after latest Update

    2017 MS 100d; having same experience with 2019.12 cb68c3d update. Hoping for another update soon. as a footnote, browser is a complete FAIL; just doesn't work at all.
  2. CinRedMan

    Fremont Factory Tour

    You just need to email [email protected] with your information and request. They will get back to you fairly promptly.
  3. CinRedMan

    Windows freeze

    Common problem on BMW convertibles too. My advice, use a credit card, or better yet, a hotel room keycard to break the seal between the glass and outside window sweep.
  4. CinRedMan

    Normal wear for car with 14k miles

    Curious if others with tan interior are seeing similar wear on the driver seat. IMG_1886 by CinRedMan posted Aug 24, 2018 at 11:31 AM
  5. CinRedMan

    Driver's seat wear; normal for 1 year of ownership

    Approaching anniversary of taking delivery of my 2017 Model S This morning, I took a look at my drivers seat and became a bit concerned. IMG_1886 by CinRedMan posted Aug 24, 2018 at 11:31 AM I use the "easy entry" to help move the seat into a more accommodating position. And, for the record...
  6. IMG_1886


    Driver's seat
  7. CinRedMan

    Why I Won't Be Purchasing My 3rd Model S

    A most interesting post and follow-up comments. Having come from driving a 2004 BMW 330Ci (convertible), I can appreciate the trade-off's between the two manufacturers. My other car is a 2014 Lexus RX Anyone who has been behind the wheel of a BMW would probably agree, totally a Driver's...
  8. CinRedMan

    40 min Supercharge took over 2 hours...

    My AppleWatch and Phone both display an alert when there is enough charge to continue AND when the car is fully charged.
  9. CinRedMan

    A possible solution to the autopilot nags

    We are all suffering from the fact that stupid *sugar* happens. After the update, I am prompted every 30 seconds. Likewise, I am finding the sensitivity of the wheel "feels" adjusted, requiring a heavy hand too. So, while personally, I am not liking it, if this saves lives...I'm good with it.
  10. CinRedMan

    Brake Hold is one of the coolest features nobody talks about

    Yea, I completely agree. Initially, I was worried brake hold would create issue when I drove an ICE car...I turned creep off which provides the HOLD feature and I LOVE IT.
  11. CinRedMan

    LTE connection almost completely unreliable lately

    I too, have an AW3, so I will test tonight and report observed behavior between my car's LTE signal with respect to the Watch3's radio on/off
  12. CinRedMan

    No LTE connection in car

    back up here in Ohio (around 12:30 PM). Coverage at Teslarati Looks like this happened back in Aug of 2017 too. ATT outages reported on down detector.com I also experienced problem with the Tesla.app back on April 22nd.
  13. CinRedMan

    Rate my inventory deal!

    Looks great, but remember, the value of the deal is a very personal matter. What matters most is your comment "I am pretty happy with that deal". As for AP2.0 vs 2.5, there are a number of posts regarding the differences and when cars began shipping with AP2.5; believe it was around August...
  14. CinRedMan

    Which Maintenance Plan and Extended Service Agreement Did You Get? Anyone Run the Numbers?

    Currently, for my 2017 MS, purchase 9/2017, the pricing is as follows; [email protected]$1,625 or [email protected]$2,400
  15. CinRedMan

    Which Maintenance Plan and Extended Service Agreement Did You Get? Anyone Run the Numbers?

    I am still on the fence with respect to the maintenance plans and have ample time to make the extended warranty decision. I do like the fact that I can make the extended warranty decision "years" later. By then, with forums such as this one, there should be ample evidence from real-world...
  16. CinRedMan

    A little help on a used Model S

    Shocked there hasn't been any reply from "P" owners. But, with that said, most "high-performance" cars would come with similar warnings. In short, this is based on the fundamental assumption that the owner is going to EXERCISE the performance characteristics...A LOT! In other words, "hard"...
  17. CinRedMan

    Temperature management

    Yep, I've experienced this too! 99% of the time, my system is set to 69 degrees; full auto and am typically pleased with the results. But, there are times when the system self-adjusts and leaves me scratching my head. Then again, my 2004 BMW 330CI would exhibit the same behavior, so...nothing...
  18. CinRedMan

    Charging options near Angel's Envy in Louisville, KY

    pedriscoll, thank you for the response and I agree, the SC isn't that far away. Again, just trying to leverage idle time as my current ABRP plan indicates no more that 15min stop at the Louisville SC. Ideally, if I can grab juice at the lot behind the science center, great! My local grocery...
  19. CinRedMan

    Charging options near Angel's Envy in Louisville, KY

    Yes, I have been to Plugshare and there appears to be a few options. However, having never used plugshare...feeling a bit anxious :-)
  20. CinRedMan

    Charging options near Angel's Envy in Louisville, KY

    Heading to Nashville this week, with stop in Louisville, KY to visit Angel's Envy distillery. Expect to be at Angel's for over an hour. I'm looking for EV charging options with-in walking distance of Angel's (500 East Main St.) I would appear the Kentucky Science Center, located at 727 West...
  21. CinRedMan

    Did I miss the Tesla EDR announcement?

    $800 bucks for a freaking cable?
  22. CinRedMan

    Front and Rear Lighted T Review/Columbus Installer

    was interested right up to price ($550 for set). Then again, they are showing "sold out" on website, so others must see these as a bargain.
  23. CinRedMan

    “Systems Are Powering Up. Press Brake When This Message Clears

    Yep, got this last week too Has not happened since2018.6.1 641efac update
  24. CinRedMan

    I keep wavering back and forth between a Model S and Model 3

    I was in a similar position. Assuming you can afford both cars, get ahold of an owner advisor (OA), give them your wish list (configuration) for a model S and see what they find in inventory. My 2017 had just over 1,000 miles on it and came with a nice di$count, plus the tax rebate... I love...
  25. CinRedMan

    Michigan Winter driving in a Model S

    This morning, awoke to 3-4 inches of the white stuff. Commute into work on main roads, highways, side streets...many not yet plowed. The combination of AWD, direct drive, amazing torque control and overall weight make the MS a dream to drive in snow. Mind you, my car is setup with all-season...
  26. CinRedMan

    For me the big benefit of autopilot is that it makes driving so much less fatiguing

    "less fatigue" is exactly how I describe the joy of driving to my friends. AP2.0 isn't perfect, but after traveling over 350 miles from Ohio to Chicago and back...just freaking nice and comfortable.
  27. CinRedMan

    No warning while reversing - no camera either!

    Sorry you ended up knocking into another car. I've had one occurrence when the backup camera failed to function, but a reset (hold left/right steering wheel buttons) solved the problem.
  28. CinRedMan

    4 year old Model S: what does the future hold?

    Still a NOOB owner of my 2017MS, but over the past 20 years, I've only purchased/owned used cars; BMW, LEXUS, Buick, Chevy and those vehicles NEVER received any sort of update/support SANS mandated recall programs. Consistently handling the basic ICE maintenance routines, all cars lasted well...
  29. CinRedMan

    Sudden Unintended Acceleration

    How freaking scary. This represents one of the many concerns I have with respect to my car and the underlying technology. You mention "Tesla", but elaborate with respect to whom at Tesla; just their role. Service manager? Risk management, Support? My recommendation, maintain a level of...
  30. CinRedMan

    Whats the craziest or coolest wrap you have seen on a Tesla? Upload pics!

    Have to admit, the color shift wraps look super cool. I am a NOOB on the topic of car wrap; what are the downsides post-wrap?
  31. CinRedMan

    Color when water is on windshield

    Thanks for all the pictures. Big Earl's is fantastic.
  32. CinRedMan

    Color when water is on windshield

    Weird observation of water on windshield and glass roof. At different viewing angles, both outside and inside car, I catch a hint of redish purple color. The color closely matches transmission fluid. I haven't attempted to capture it digitally and can only assume it is caused by the light...
  33. CinRedMan

    Windows/Doors won't open in cold weather

    Having the same issues with my MS. Note, I also had this problem my BMW 330Ci (Convertible), so this really isn't unique to Tesla. I do question the "quality" of the material Tesla is using for the glass sweep. Now, with this said, the recommendation of using a CreditCard to break things free...
  34. CinRedMan

    Take the MS or ICE???

    This group is awesome! Took the MS because, I luv me my MS; oh wait, was that insensitive? Trip metrics attached. And, a tesla 72amp charger at the cabin to boot!
  35. CinRedMan

    Take the MS or ICE???

    Appreciate all the replies, opinions, information, etc. With respect to safety, the ICE is a 2014 Lexus RX350 (all wheel drive). And, while the Tesla is probably stronger, the Lexus is no Pinto (let's see how many get that reference).
  36. CinRedMan

    Take the MS or ICE???

    I just hit Tesla's site where they allow you to input variables and see estimated range per charge 70 MPH, 32F, heat on, 19" wheels...276 mi. Turn heat off and it jumps to 303. I am very comfortable driving in winter conditions, but don't most guys make that statement :-) Just now, I realized...
  37. CinRedMan

    Take the MS or ICE???

    I'm still trying to properly calculate reduced range. Plan on leaving at 100% which equates to just over 300 miles! Could I actually experience more than a 30% hit in range...because of the weather?
  38. CinRedMan

    Take the MS or ICE???

    This is my first winter with the MS Preparing to head down to Red River Gorge in KY today! Yes, today as the winter storm is tracking toward Ohio. Distance is just under 200 miles I can either drive the MS100D or Lexus RX350 and I really want to drive the MS, but also don't want to be a fool...
  39. CinRedMan

    Worried about round trip distance in the cold, please help

    please post the results of your trip in terms of actual energy usage.
  40. CinRedMan

    Tesla Space Heater?

    I really appreciate this post/thread as I have been pondering the possibility of using my MS to provide heat in my garage, but had yet to actually take any action. Especially after the SW update which includes "keep climate on"
  41. CinRedMan

    White seats option

    I just had a loaner X with this color combination and I must tell you...it was striking. The white is bright white and it absolutely pops against the black accents. You might want to give your Owner Advisor at the closest Tesla shop a heads-up of your interest. Good chance they could alert you...
  42. CinRedMan

    SoCal Service Experience: A Reminder of Why We’re a Tesla Family!

    Thank you for posting your experience. As a recent new member to to the Tesla family, I've been wondering about scale of both service and the SuperCharger network. My recent service experience (suspension problem) from the Columbus, OH center was very good too. Likewise, I think you are spot...
  43. CinRedMan

    First Service on 2017 MS

    Final update - all is good with suspension! Easy Exit configured too.
  44. CinRedMan

    First Service on 2017 MS

    Update - Car has been returned to my place of business; very nice! Visible inspection - all looked acceptable. Lucky for me, the delivery team noticed I had left my bowling ball bag in the Model X and alerted me prior to leaving. All items mentioned have been addressed Car was cleaned...
  45. CinRedMan

    First Service on 2017 MS

    Totally agree Xtek. In fact, the X i have includes the "Easy Exit" feature, which, at last check, my MS doesn't yet offer in the SW. I solved this by creating a driver profile named "Exit". The enjoyment I am feeling from the windscreen on the X really caught me by surprise. Having been a...
  46. CinRedMan

    First Service on 2017 MS

    Mid-morning update and first sign of trouble. Part on back order, trying to source from another service center. But wait, I am still driving a 100D model X; so, why complain
  47. CinRedMan

    First Service on 2017 MS

    Update from Tesla Service - Service manager called me around 5:30 PM. Left rear strut appears to have leak. Unit ordered for over-night delivery. Software update applied along with a bit of lube on driver side mirror along with diagnostics to ensure browser speed is in spec along with WiFi...
  48. CinRedMan

    First Service on 2017 MS

    Being that I have read so many "bad experience" stories regarding service, I plan to document my experience in hopes that it will be great! As stated earlier, the suspension alert disappeared late yesterday, so I contacted service. As they reported seeing various messages in the logs, they...
  49. CinRedMan

    First Service on 2017 MS

    why yes, 2017.42 is currently installed. However, just crossed over 4k miles, so I am keeping the appointment and will have the car inspected.

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