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  1. TES-E

    All these tire threads have me...tired

    Check the rolling resistance. It will make a difference in your range. Some tires roll easier than othrrs.
  2. TES-E

    Poll - uglY - fuglY - sexY

    One word... Aerodynamics.
  3. TES-E

    170 miles in 15 minutes Model S?

    I've supercharged 4 times in the last month. Results: 1st... first stall did not respond. Moved to another stall and charged successfully. 2nd... charged normally 3rd... first stall started, but stopped after about a minute. Would not restart no matter what I did. Moved to another stall and...
  4. TES-E

    Model 3 tire damage on the side wall

    Damage that large requires replacement. Pure safety issue.
  5. TES-E

    SPINOFF: Did you test drive a Tesla before buying yours?

    Yes. At the time, Tesla was still pretty unknown, and I was not about to shell out that kind of money without driving one first.
  6. TES-E

    XM Radio

    Some cars have XM radio without the pano roof. My 2014 is one of them. I think the roof requirement started sometime in 2015. Someone who knows for sure please verify.
  7. TES-E

    1200 Miles of Pure Joy!

    4.5 years into my Model S. VERY happy!!
  8. TES-E

    Tire Mileage on Model S

    2014 model s with 31k miles. All 4 tires measured at 5mm in October. I expect to get 40k miles. Michelin primacy.
  9. TES-E

    Are you concerned about Tesla's survival?

    Not concerned.
  10. TES-E

    Beginnings of a trade war between Canada and the USA. Affects on Tesla?

    Most of Congress is reportedly most upset about these tariffs. They are also the American Government. This is the action of one man by and large. Some support him, but the vast majority do not.
  11. TES-E

    Moats: Why Tesla Can Do What Other Car Companies Only Dream About

    Nice post. Well Done!!
  12. TES-E

    New Owners - Neutral is different for Car Washes!

    On my MS, I use a car wash where you stay in the car and ride through the car wash. I simply leave it in D and let the rollers push the car through. It's slow enough it is just like very slow coasting. At the end of the line when the green light comes on, I step on the accelerator and drive on...
  13. TES-E

    Michelins vs Goodyears

    Michelin Primacy has worked great for me. 26k miles now... I expect to get 40k from them. I will replace with the same when the time comes.
  14. TES-E

    Many of the busiest Superchargers in the worlds are in California

    Not the least bit surprised.
  15. TES-E

    Leaving car with valet

    Don't... Just. Don't.
  16. TES-E

    $200 Primacy MXM4?

    From what I remember reading, the primacy has better (more efficient) rolling resistance, which means a bit better range, all else being equal. If you want the performance and are willing to give up some range and tread life, get the pilot. Otherwise go with the primacy.
  17. TES-E

    Brakes sticking after car gets wet

    My 2014 does this. I have had non Tesla cars do this as well. Totally normal.
  18. TES-E

    First Drive

    It's a pilots term meaning keep you hands (and feet) on the controls. Throttle, stick, and rudder. Flying 101. His user name is an aircraft tail number, so assumed to be a pilot. Keep 'em flying!!
  19. TES-E

    12 Volt battery issues

    Sounds like it is not being charged by the main pack.
  20. TES-E

    Supercharger - Casa Grande, AZ

    On the other side (West) of the interstate. A bit of a walk...
  21. TES-E

    Charging a Model X at 240v 16 amps vs 32 amps

    I have been told by Tesla that the dual chargers do in fact split the load for any charge rate over 40 amps. Below 40, it runs on the primary charger only. My car does exactly the same thing as Canuck's car does.
  22. TES-E

    Android app question

    Mine connects reliably. No missing data.
  23. TES-E

    Kudos Bonnie, Devina, Jon and Tesla

    Way to go Team!!!
  24. TES-E

    Key fob relay thefts, should we be concerned?

    Simpler to put the fob in a metal box if you are worried about it.
  25. TES-E

    Which Auto Maker Should Tesla Acquire First?

    They won't want the dealers that would come with such a purchase.
  26. TES-E

    Warning against touch based car washes!

    I also fold the mirrors before going through a car wash. No problems do far.
  27. TES-E

    I hate when people call my car a classic

    Classic designation is a point of pride for me.
  28. TES-E

    Window opens/closes slightly when door opens/closes.

    Correct. My 2017 Mustang does it as well as my Tesla.
  29. TES-E

    We Aren’t Saving the Earth Like People Think When Buying an EV.

    It's a step in the right direction.
  30. TES-E

    Will the hi amp charger be available for model 3?

    I use mine EVERY time I have charged over the last 2.5 years. People's needs are different.
  31. TES-E

    Has Tesla solved the satellite radio with NO glass roof issue yet?

    So do I. It works great!
  32. TES-E

    How often do you have to reboot the display?

    Every 2 or 3 months. The only thing that prompts me to do this is the loss of the green/yellow/red traffic indicators on the navigation map. Also lose the blue NAV line when using the navigator. Everything else works fine as far as I know. A reboot restores all the colored lines.
  33. TES-E

    A Possible Solution for Dealing with Superchargers Being ICEd?

    McRat... I also share your feelings. My wife is in a wheelchair, and there is not enough room in a standard parking space to open the door wide enough for me to get her out (assuming car parked in the adjacent spot). If we cannot find an open HC spot, I will take two lanes, but I only do so as...
  34. TES-E

    And now the GPS...

    Mine works fine. Always has and has been very accurate no matter where I go.
  35. TES-E

    Lucid (Atieva) reveal is December 14th. I'll be there, let you know afterwards.

    I live in Casa Grande and I certainly have not heard anything about this.
  36. TES-E

    I was never contacted by Tesla for an event reservation?

    I agree. I have been to 3 events... all confirmed by email.
  37. TES-E

    New Tesla Motors Club Logo

    I like it far better than the old one. At least this one looks like it is related to the Tesla.
  38. TES-E

    On\Off Switch for Air Conditioning

    All I can say is when I set the temp to LO and set the fan to vent outside air, I get unheated outside air. If it is 40 degrees out, I get very cold air. I don't look at the energy meter on the dash... I look at the energy graph on the big screen. You can see a difference with heat on/off (and...
  39. TES-E

    On\Off Switch for Air Conditioning

    For those who never saw version 6.x, ac on/off was on the main screen next to the auto button. One of the many steps backwards when they went to v7.x and beyond. To turn the heat off, set the temp to LO. Make sure the a/c is off when you do. Many button pushes, but it works.
  40. TES-E

    Update to the Supercharger network policies

    I wasn't aware that the Bolt was offering free electric for life.
  41. TES-E

    Is it worth it to use a supercharger as a local?

    I live 1 mile from a Supercharger, and I have used it exactly twice in two years. Once was when it opened (second user... missed being first by 5 minutes... :(). The only other time was when I got home with about a 30% charge, and found out I needed to make an immediate unexpected trip that...
  42. TES-E

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    Ahhhhhhhh.... fond memories of the best design they had. Numbers that you can actually read in daylight, no toy car... ... ,.. ...
  43. TES-E

    Should We Buy Our Daughter An S Or Wait Until M3?

    The Model S is the safest car on the road. Why wouldn't you get one for your daughter if you can afford it?
  44. TES-E

    Did the factory tour

    I did it a little over a year ago. FANTASTIC!!!

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