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  1. Velcade

    Seat destroyed by dog

    I'd go the totaled route and find a mint front seat.
  2. Velcade

    Just got quoted $3000 to re-paint hood

    MAACO baby! $50 for a hood job
  3. Velcade

    First time using schedule, car won't run initially

    Is there a reason you can't leave the car plugged in? Setting the car to off-peak charging telling it you want to leave at 5am. It'll charge closer to departure time and have everything warmed up. Then set pre-condition for the same departure time. You'll never have to worry about a cold...
  4. Velcade

    Anyone hearing "SEGA" when the car boots up?

    YES! I hear it every time I restart the car. It's annoying and I don't remember when it started. Maybe 4-6 months now.
  5. Velcade

    Supercharger credits disappeared?

    I believe the credits expire after 1 year.
  6. Velcade

    Where do you charge your Model Y to for daily use?

    Home 80% in the summer / 85% in the winter
  7. Velcade

    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    Same build date. How big is the improvement over our current side markers? Worth spending the cash?
  8. Velcade

    Enhanced Autopilot $6k

    This is all I'd want as well. Normally I'm not a fan of piecemeal but in this case it makes sense.
  9. Velcade

    Any other owners second guess if their next car should be another Tesla?

    If the Cybertruck doesn't release by 2025 I'll have to rethink Tesla.
  10. Velcade

    Does your SOC ever show higher than your charging set point?

    I usually see 2-3% higher on the charge and I associate that with the preconditioning in the morning. On mornings where I don't precondition my batt is filled right to 80%. The wall connector will dump more juice into the car while your preconditioning.
  11. Velcade

    What's your next EV after Tesla?

    Thinking about the Cybertruck or an EV pickup. We'll have to see since I plan to keep the Y for a few more years
  12. Velcade

    Bad speed limit sign recognition

    From what I've experienced it's what the car can see. I've had times where on the highway it's posted 70 for cars then 60 for trucks. If there's a truck in the right lane blocking the 60 sign the car won't change the speed limit to 60. If there is clear line of sight to the 60mph sign it...
  13. Velcade

    2022.4.5.17 Recommends 100% Daily Charge for LFP Battery Vehicles

    This is my go-to winter charge rate and 75% in the summer. 1.5yrs in and still have 312mi est on 100%
  14. Velcade

    Snowmode for Model Y

    Why would you say that?
  15. Velcade

    Snowmode for Model Y

    If it's not something you can manually turn on or off I'm not interested. Right now lowering regen and driving in chill mode work just fine.
  16. Velcade

    What's everyone's electricity bill increase to/by?

    You've got to remember that there are delivery fees associated with electricity as well. So realistically the true cost of the juice is probably 50% to 75% less than what you're dividing out here.
  17. Velcade

    All weather protection kit

    I wish the code was for rear door repaint. I'm 25,000 miles in at this point. The email is too little too late.
  18. Velcade

    nail in tire. this is repairable?

    Costco was great with my Y. They are familiar with the cars and were able to repair a tire with a bolt puncture in a similar location to yours. I would avoid Tesla SC for this kind of thing. I've heard good things about Discount Tire as well, we just don't have one close.
  19. Velcade

    Who ordered a Tesla Model Y without test driving one first?

    I did just fine. The regen was intuitive and I felt like I caught on quickly. My drive home was about 35 miles so it gave me some time to practice. The one that took the longest was AP. I didn't realize it was a double tap, a single is just adaptive cruise. If you've watched videos and...
  20. Velcade

    Who ordered a Tesla Model Y without test driving one first?

    I had never seen a Tesla in person prior to going to pick mine up. I sat in the parking lot of the dealership longer than I care to admit figuring out how to shift the car and get things adjusted. #NoRegrets it's been a fantastic vehicle for the family.
  21. Velcade

    Cold Battery, No Regen, Not Fun

    It's not a phenomenon... your batteries are cold. If you don't want cold batteries set your leave time and have the car precondition.
  22. Velcade

    Free roll in car wash mode

    You have to be at a complete stop with foot on brake for the button to work.
  23. Velcade

    Slipping in highway during winter - Regenerative driving problem

    Wow... I guess a bonus for those of us that adopted early, we can still control our regen. I always drop it to low in the winter, makes a big difference. I'll have to look up the information stated by @DrGriz, the bias change makes sense as I do notice a change to the regen.
  24. Velcade

    2022.4.5 Software release

    I've noticed these past few updates no longer push to the app and let me know they're available. I only find out when I get in the car and I'm ready to leave. Has anyone else noticed this?
  25. Velcade

    Motor shutdown

    Hey, that's great! Glad to hear it. I wish they'd go over some of these simple things. Since the car doesn't have a key you can't cycle the ignition like an ICE vehicle.
  26. Velcade

    A close call with running out of battery power driving home

    I found this to be true last week. It was right at 0'F and I had a trip to make. Made it home with 18% left and the car estimated I'd make it back with 17%. I've found through the winter, really the only time I'm paying attention to range, that the vehicle does a great job of estimating...
  27. Velcade

    Dang, I don't know which is worse...trying to buy a PS5 or Homelink

    This is exactly what I did. It was easy and quick too. They got the part in a few days.
  28. Velcade

    100 AMP electrical service in home, should I install Wall Connector Gen3?

    I would look at upgrading your service. 100 amp is quite old at this point.
  29. Velcade

    Motor shutdown

    I had this happen 12 days ago. I hadn't even shifted out of park yet. I got out waited 20 min and came back and the errors were gone. It's been fine since and the service team ran some diagnostics and said it was a software issue. They said sometimes the vehicle needs the "Drive Rail" cycled...
  30. Velcade

    Side Cameras and Purple Light

    This is what mine look like and I was told it's "a characteristic of the product".
  31. Velcade


  32. Velcade

    Heating "System unavailable or limited"

    It worked for me immediately. Sent the message at 7pm and had a 7am appointment right away. They monitor the message system 24/7
  33. Velcade

    Heating "System unavailable or limited"

    Send a message in the appointment saying "Other than freezing my ass off is there any damage or concern with driving the car with the heating system is broken?" They'll move you up to next day.
  34. Velcade

    Was away for Dec for Christmas and came home and my MY says "Service is required"

    It's a remote service alert pushed by Tesla to your car. Possibly a recall.
  35. Velcade

    Bad speed limit sign recognition

    That isn't the real speed limit. It's more of a suggestion or warning. The true speed limit is always posted in white.
  36. Velcade

    Heating "System unavailable or limited"

    Had this happen last week. They replaced the three pressure sensors and added refrigerant. The tech said that they've made 3 iterations of these sensors since my vehicle was built. They old style don't last as long in the extreme cold. There were also two recalls they performed "Reseal Front...
  37. Velcade

    Bad speed limit sign recognition

    I run into something similar here. We have car, bus, semi speed limits and they appear on the road in that order so the AP sets 70 then 65 then 60. Going 60 on the highway is a death sentence. Makes AP useless...
  38. Velcade

    Cabin overheat protection

    Have you had the windshield replaced? I heard of instances where after the windshield is replaced the cabin temp sensor doesn't accurately read the cabin temperature and needs replacing as well.
  39. Velcade

    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    Can you post your invoice for the warranty claim? Thanks.
  40. Velcade

    Cold weather operating.

    Similar experience here. Winter uses double the energy of summer. My commute usually takes 10% each way and in the winter I was talking 20-25%.
  41. Velcade

    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    Tesla came back with "it's a characteristic of the product; no repair or concern required. Please close your request." I pushed back with a video of a 2021 Model Y without the glare. We'll see what they say...
  42. Velcade

    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    Service appointment for tomorrow morning. We'll see what they say.
  43. Velcade

    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    This is exactly what I see as well. I'll open a ticket and see what they say. It'd be nice if the view was clear.
  44. Velcade

    2021.44.30 and now cars locks at home

    soft reset is all you need.
  45. Velcade

    2021.44.30 and now cars locks at home

    Restart after each update. Fixes 90% of the issues people experience. This was the first update I had the lights flash as the update installed. Afterwards though no issues with locking at home.
  46. Velcade

    Model Y Service Bulletins

    https://service.tesla.com/vin-recall-search check yourself.
  47. Velcade

    Anyone Get Latest UI Update?

    I'll have to play around with it but it wasn't doing anything during my morning coffee run.
  48. Velcade

    Anyone Get Latest UI Update?

    Got the notification at 0330, installed right away. Going to take some getting use to... I thought we were getting the turn signal camera with this update. Don't see it or an option to turn it on. The auto seat heater is interesting.

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