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  1. notrhj

    Beware of Model X

    I understand what you are saying. Just because I have a 2019 M3p and haven’t had any of your issues doesn’t negate them. But the Data shows not everyone is miserable either. Right now Tesla is selling Everything they can produce, and everything coming off their line statistically isn’t 100%...
  2. notrhj

    Beware of Model X

    So you replaced the whole pano roof yourself as verified by Tesla and an independent body shop ? Amazing I’m not the one conflating here just going by independent data, and CR is far from fanboy Tesla friendly. Your S certainly sounds trouble prone, bordering on a lemon. ‘But that’s not...
  3. notrhj

    Beware of Model X

    All anecdotes Let’s look at some data Car manufacturers ranked top to bottom Here is the 2022 Consumer Reports Auto Reliability Report rankings of major automotive brands: 1. Lexus 2. Mazda 3. Toyota 4. Infiniti 5. Buick 6. Honda 7. Subaru 8. Acura 9. Nissan 10. Mini 11. Hyundai...
  4. notrhj

    Tesla service is nothing but a nightmare.

    Could Tesla improve the service experience ? Absolutely When ever you make a service appointment you are presented with an Invoice. It outlines 1. When to bring you car in 2. A statement of Work 3. Projected costs 4. Completion date 5. Your signature authorizing the work Signing the invoice in...
  5. notrhj

    Jumped 12V working fine. Replace anyway?

    Replace it, especially if it was without warning.
  6. notrhj

    Tesla service is nothing but a nightmare.

    Buying a car that’s unsupported and never expecting it to have any issues is not realistic The Malaysia fellow was an illustration or extreme of someone who should have known what to expect. The failure here is spending 100k+ without doing your homework. There are enough forums and complaints...
  7. notrhj

    2022.16.3 released

    Got 2022.16.3 today at 5pm. No mention of 2022.20. Baby steps I guess
  8. notrhj

    Tesla service is nothing but a nightmare.

    They will stop apologizing, when people stop whining about Tesla not replacing their ride. Live in the remote reaches of the earth ? Expecting a helicopter ride ? Upset Tesla doesn’t have a Fleet of shiny loaners, exact duplicates of what you purchased ? There is a guy in Malaysia complaining...
  9. notrhj

    Good service experience

    I concur. My model three would not wake up at 1:30 in the morning on a thunderstorm Sunday. I put a request in on the app for service it said three weeks. Put a request in for roadside assistance since the car wouldn’t start And received a text back in less than 10 minutes. It was raging cats...
  10. notrhj

    Has you driven with falcon wing doors open and had an accident?

    I would like an option for the kids that you cannot get in or out unless the car is in Park. Same for Trunk. You want to override it, fine, your decision.
  11. notrhj

    2022 Apple CarPlay update vs Tesla UI

    79 % for CarPlay. somebody tell android When Apple can integrate to an Tesla FSD API, maybe. But not in 2023-2024 I also find it hard to believe that every automakers dash/UI will look and feel like an iPhone. ‘If that ever happens I will look to run something with Historic Plates
  12. notrhj

    A Dark Night...All Alone At a Supercharging Station in the Middle of Nowhere!

    Not really a supercharger or Tesla issue. You are your own ‘first responder’ Someday you might get wrapped in Kevlar, in the fetal position, with a 911 beacon, at the push of a button. Stay calm and don’t panic. Mod 2 might even etch a chalk outline and throw out crime tape. When seconds count...
  13. notrhj

    Version 2022.16.x

    Loading now 5/27
  14. notrhj

    Child Safety Issue with Falcon Wing Doors

    And shame on any parent who would willfully let their child hurt themselves or others
  15. notrhj


    It’s not an argument, just a delay before saying yes dear
  16. notrhj


    Mine just started to go to 2021.44.30.14 Feb 13
  17. notrhj

    2021.44.30 Rolling out

    How’s that trust working for ya ? Please……. Every update has had issues, “bugs”, yes ? So knowing that do what’s prudent for your situation, or keep railing at Tesla.
  18. notrhj

    2021.44.30 Rolling out

    Or “shoving“ a release into your own car. As a precaution, I’ve read the reviews and I’m installing it Thursday mid morning after it baked on the forum’s for five or so days. Nobody including Tesla is forcing you to “Update” by Mandate.
  19. notrhj

    Tesla is an AWFUL software company

    Awful, compared to which car company ? The magnitude of micro controllers, AI and backend servers sewing a fleet together across models, localizations, and countries. The logistics of over the air updates for all of it. Juggling multiple iterations without forced flash cuts. Room for...
  20. notrhj

    2021 Ford F-150 raising the feature set bar

    My spouse has a 2014 SYNC system in a Ford Fusion For 4 years we had online updates, remote diagnostics, online heath reports, warning for oil life and other fluid maintenance, traffic updates, crash notification, etc. ‘Then Ford released SYNC, based on a Sony system, AND all support STOPPED...
  21. notrhj

    Any reason not to install 2021.32.22?

    I always install the betas when they are first available. Never left me stranded but there was one where my screen would go black as the car was resetting about once an hour. That said I won’t do it if I’m in the middle of a trip or in a situation where I know I’m going to need the car. ‘if it...
  22. notrhj

    Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, remain connected to wifi, and more - 2021.24.x

    And it wouldn’t work up to your expectations even if you had the latest firmware. Bottom line if FSD wasn’t demoed in your test drive and especially your car IT DOESN’T EXSIST. I bought an FSD car in 2019. It’s not completely there yet. I do have some functionality but it’s no robotaxi. I...
  23. notrhj

    Just mashed the pedal on a Performance Model 3, OMG!

    The smile pedal
  24. notrhj

    What is the story of Tesla owner tapping the back before charging?

    He’s tapping to tell the Guy in the trunk ‘Not to get His hopes up as we’re just stopping to charge.
  25. notrhj

    Wonder why 2021.4.21.3 is going out

    Got it 2012.4.21.3 8/4 and now at 6:30 on 8/10 2012.12.25.7 is rolling in
  26. notrhj

    2024.24.1 - is time travel possible?

    The release notes haven’t been written yet
  27. notrhj

    Will cancelling the $10,000 FSD put one back at the end of the line with later delivery?

    No you won’t go to the back of the line just for that. The system will try to match you with supply. FSD can be added and deleted because is mostly a software configuration switch. But you could get waitlisted for options that cannot be changed like color. Let’s say you wanted a white car with...
  28. notrhj

    Wonder why 2021.4.21.3 is going out

    2021.4.18.11 just offered it 2019 radar 3.0 hw m3p. Downloading
  29. notrhj

    Sirius XM update...

    Yes and I like it that way. In my old car I would be rocking out or listening to a game. The after a mellow phone call I’d get volume 90 of some metal group or the crowd goes wild.
  30. notrhj


    That’s a long, but very considerate road trip.
  31. notrhj

    Be cautious on all future updates

    When they come out with V11 I will finally install V10 :rolleyes:, maybe……
  32. notrhj

    2021.4.18.2 on new MY

    Installing on my Model 3 P now 6/7
  33. notrhj

    Firmware update cadence

    I'm still getting an average of two weeks between updates, with the previous one 2021.4.15 a month ago. As of 5/16/2021 its 2021.4.18
  34. notrhj


    First update since 4.15, wonder what’s inside .
  35. notrhj

    What happens if you don’t install a downloaded update?

    Yes…. Some downloads are cumulative building upon what you already have. Others are wholesale replacements like going to V10 or V11. But not every update is available to be pushed to every car. It would be possible that a particular version your car requires is no longer being distributed. If...
  36. notrhj


    Still waiting for some 2021.x V11 2020 is so over
  37. notrhj

    Big new autopilot rewrite update...

    Full Self-Driving Capability Summon: your FSD Update will come find you anywhere in a parking lot. Really.
  38. notrhj


    I got a programmable car horn, with no speaker. A bigger car graphic for FSD that doesn’t work and a smaller navigation and camera display for a large display that used to work. But they did deliver solitaire to keep us occupied if and when FSD is driving the car. Was told the holiday update...
  39. notrhj

    thinking about retrofit heated steering wheel

    English isn’t everyone’s first language. That said many have tacked the model 3 heated wheel and thrown in the towel. No heating element in past steering wheel iterations. No clockwork connector for heater power. No cable harness support for heater. No integration for switch/ controller however...
  40. notrhj

    NoA is worthless, Autopilot is essentially unimproved from 2016-2017, and everybody has caught up.

    Yup, and the constant whine of “well other auto makers” and “just you wait for the big three” continue to sound like tire noise.
  41. notrhj

    Blog Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Software Deployed to ‘Careful Drivers’

    Was excited when my car said there was an pending update ! It downloaded 2020.40.4 :(
  42. notrhj

    Enhanced Autopilot is BACK!!

    You can have EAP on this current 2D code base and with tweaks 2.5 hardware. So ya it could be done depending on the adoption rate.
  43. notrhj

    Enhanced Autopilot is BACK!!

    You think all those cameras and sensors are idle because you didn’t send them $8k. Think again
  44. notrhj


    Exactly. Lead, Follow, but get out of the way
  45. notrhj


    2920.36.3.1 - Phantom braking is now on steroids. Road limit was 50mph car didn’t detect either of these sign types. Only slowed for curve when ontop of it with no change in indicated speed limit. Green light chime was slow Or non existent if a car was in front at stop light. On the plus car...
  46. notrhj

    Software 2020.11.105.1?

    When I took delivery on my model 3 in 2019 it didn’t have sentry mode. The model 3 giving test drives did. The service people said wait, be patient, it’s coming as an update. At a tesla meetup everybody had it. Not me On my car 3 weeks later it finally showed up. Since then I get an update...
  47. notrhj

    3 days after getting the car delivered

    For best life Keep your battery between 20-80 %. The car is never truly off so drain is expected. When it’s awake the drain is worse as the majority of system become energized. The lithium pack is kept at optimum temperature by the cars heating and cooling systems and that takes power. You will...

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