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    Slider for charge percentage not accurate?

    Charged past the limit that i set The above thread might shed some light on the issue in this thread.
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    Slider for charge percentage not accurate?

    I observed this when the ambient temperature falls below 30F. When charging from 50% to 80% using the app, the scroll bar when it hits the grid bar it shows 79%, but as the car start charging it recovers to 80%, but towards the end of the charging session it shows 81%. In addition to this, there...
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    Autosteer oscillation during curves on 2019.40.50.1

    It could be due to different pressures in the 4 tires. I had this issue before the 2019.40.50.1 update. There was a 3 psi difference between the left and right set of tires. The car would oscillate all the time, albeit very subtle movement, but when there is a curve or an while passing an exit...
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    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    Got #9 item from the Model3Part Shop giveaway. Writing a review, as asked for in the giveaway. Vendor - Giveaway from Model3Part Shop PRO Full Cover Floor mats (Front & Rear) Custom Fit Tesla Model 3 2017 2018 2019 Shipping took about 4 days and the mats came in a box with lots of padding...
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    My cost to charge in a NY winter

    So difference between 367 Wh/mi (noted from trip meter) and 619 Wh/mi is 252 Wh/mi which includes: Batter preconditioning Cabin preheat Vampire loss Sentry mode (if not used, zero, else 10% of battery per day?) Other (may be negligible) My question is, which of the above options is causing...
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    My cost to charge in a NY winter

    (275-300) Wh/mi to > 500 Wh/mi! Highly unlikely. (a) Preheat battery and preheat cabin are two different things. I agree that the car will always preheat the battery in winter. What I meant was I don't preheat the cabin (I should have been more clear about it). (b) Based on my energy meter...
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    My cost to charge in a NY winter

    I don't preheat. But I do plan such that my charging ends right before I start driving in the morning. I park in a garage both at home and work, since OP parks outside, preheat might be needed. It did snow in the last month.
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    My cost to charge in a NY winter

    Your Wh/mi is high, possibly because you take short trips. I am in Michigan, LR AWD with temperatures b/w 10F and 30F last month, 70 miles round trip, I get between 275 to 300 Wh/mi.
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    Windows venting on their own?

    Update to my earlier post in this thread. I had the "close" issue for an entire week. I kept hitting the "close" button to change to "vent", after few minutes it would show "close" again. I checked it by standing next to the car, the windows were definitely closed. I was looking at winter...
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    Regenerative braking in Autopilot?

    While on autopilot, on the screen, you can see the bar below the speed number go back and forth between black (using battery) to green (regen) while slowing down.
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    Battery Degradation

    I am not convinced that the difference between the in app battery % and the API parameters reported to the third party is due to the phantom/vampire drain caused by weather changes. I always observed the difference towards the end of the charge cycle, which should not be effected by battery...
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    Battery Degradation

    I also noticed the 1% difference between what the tesla apps shows and what teslamate (another tracking tool) shows. This may be due to API changes from the tesla's end?
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    36.2.1: 90% charge is now 274 miles!

    2018 LR AWD, 90% for me shows 260 (+/- 2) miles. As noted by @ngogas, consider yourself lucky!
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    24 Months of Model 3 - How is Reliability?

    Can we have a poll added at the top of the post for reliability (and exclude cosmetic issues)?
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Another data point. Teslamate, logged 2600miles so far. TM3 LR AWD.
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    Windows venting on their own?

    An update. Today the car was parked in a parking lot, 20F outside temperature, locked, sentry mode on, I saw the "Close" icon instead of the "Vent" icon. I check the car, all the windows were closed. I clicked the "Close" icon, the windows make the sound as if closing the closed windows and the...
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    Range question - how does traffic effect range when travelling long distances?

    Based on this, a 2019 LR AWD 18" Aero hubcap is rated at 417 miles when driven at a constant 55mph. So the slower you drive (due to traffic), the higher will be your range. Though as suggested above, AC will eat up your range the longer you use it. Use the energy graph while driving to get a...
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    Windows venting on their own?

    There is a discussion at reddit about this.
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    Windows venting on their own?

    I had this issue couple of times so far. Few days back I saw the icon in teslamate showing the window was open while parked at home. I checked the app, the option for "close" showed up. I didn't think much of it and hit close without checking the car. Today when at work, 32F outside parked...
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    Very interesting battery observation

    1) Too few data points to make any conclusion. Several other factors could effect and there might as well be no trend with just random fluctuations.
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    LR AWD now rated by Tesla at 322 miles of range

    2018 LR AWD 13K miles, 289 rated miles at 100% charge. I have seen it fluctuate between 289 and 295 since V10.
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    Mobile Ranger Service in Colorado

    I would not recommend someone purchase tesla based on the expectations of using mobile ranger services. Look at what happened to Michigan since mid of this year! (Michigan Customers are Screwed!) We not only lost the valet service, but the kind of issues fixed by mobile rangers were reduced to...
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    How are the 3D MAXpider floor mats holding up?

    Anyone compared TapTes 3D All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3 $129.99 and 3D MAXpider B07D9GMYG8 Complete Set Custom Fit All-Weather Kagu Series Floor Mats in Black for Select Tesla 3 Models $205.09 ?
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    Post Something You Love About Your Tesla!

    75% of my daily driving in on Autosteer. I am more relaxed now driving the TM3 than my ICE car. Sudden change in traffic patterns are not annoying anymore.
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    Poll: LR battery degradation @ 3k miles

    Source: https://www.maadotaa.com/firmwares More discussion: Compare your full range with other Model 3 cars : teslamotors
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    Vacation Charging.

    I don't know what caused the 1-2% discharge per 24hrs, but I assume it is normal for the TM3. From what I read through this and other electric car forums, lithium-ion batteries are recommended to be at 30-50% capacity for long term storage. By keeping the limit to 50% and plugged-in, I ensured...
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    Vacation Charging.

    For a week of vacation, I charged the car to 80%, changed the limit to 50%, left the car plugged in and disabled all settings to reduce vampire drain and left. During the vacation, I checked the car only couple of times to avoid waking it up, thus also reducing the battery drain. I lost 1-2% per...
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    Charged past the limit that i set

    I observed this few times on my LR AWD. Usually what happens is, I start charging early morning when it is cold, it charges to 80% based on the set limit, I get a notification that it is done charging to 80%. Then few hours later, when the temperature gets warm outside, it shows it charged to 82...
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    Is there a way to view charging energy consumption by location?

    Teslamate gives you a whole range of stats for location based charging: Using geofences, you can give names to location, thus generating an informative table like above.
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    Are winter tires necessary with the long range dual motor AWD?

    There was a recent reddit thread on Comparison of best Model 3 compatible tires (18", 19", 20"). You can compare the tire ratings in different weather conditions. If you have time and interest, you can dig more into the reviews.
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    Autopilot: swinging left and right

    As mentioned in the OP, I checked using a pressure gauge, all tires read 49psi. However, the TPMS on the screen shows a higher number for the front passenger side tire. The rear driver side tire was replaced because the acoustic form came loose.
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    Autopilot: swinging left and right

    My LR AWD 18" wheels with 10K miles (2019.28.3.1, Autopilot, no FSD) recently had a new tire installed on the rear driver side due to the acoustic foam issue. It was replaced at the tesla service center. Couple of days after the installation, the car started swinging left and right in autopilot...
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    Can't charge at home. Optimal charging habits?

    Others might chime in with more info. Following is what I learned through this forum. Charge above 90% SOC only when planning for long trips. 80% SOC seems is be the general consensus. When parking outside all the time, be mindful of sentry mode, as it eats up the battery quickly compared to...
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    Slow charging on NEMA 14-50: any advantages?

    Thank you for the explanation. I have an electrician check if I am near the max Amps of the house with everything running. It is not a problem in my case. The price difference between ToU and standard plan for my situation is very small. I don't see opting for ToU in the near future. With...
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    Slow charging on NEMA 14-50: any advantages?

    Thank you. I will go with (b) schedule the start time 3 hours before I leave next day morning.
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    Slow charging on NEMA 14-50: any advantages?

    Would there be any benefits to charging slow (lowering the Amps in the car) on a NEMA 14-50 capable of drawing 32 Amps? My commute is very predictable every day and charging my M3 LR AWD takes about 2-3 hours to reach 80% SOC. I tried 2 other approaches while charging with NEMA 14-50 at 32...
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    “Wash-by-handers” in Northeast, what do you do in the Winter?

    Any advice on (a) how to clean the salt and grime from car underbody and (b) prep the car before winter arrives.
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    Weathertech vs Tesla. Who has compared Model 3 cargo mats?

    It will be nice if someone can compare 3D MAXpider priced at $205 and the new tesla Model 3 All Weather Floor Liners priced at $195.
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    Req. recommendation: Electrician in Novi/Canton Michigan area

    Thank you mhinterseher for referring Dan. In my case, the new NEMA 14-50R installation was in the garage and right below the fuse box. Note that our installation is very simple: 2 tandem breakers to make room for a new 50A breaker and cut in for a 2 gang box and the NEMA 14-50R. I contacted...
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    Req. recommendation: Electrician in Novi/Canton Michigan area

    Hello All, I am looking for an Electrician recommendation in the Novi/Canton Michigan area. I am in the market to buy a Model 3 LR. If anyone has idea on expected cost of installation for a standard 240V, NEMA 14-50 outlet in the garage with the following conditions, please let me know: 1...

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