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  1. ai4px

    Broken headlight adjuster?

    We have a 2018 p100d and when we got it the headlights were pointed pretty far down. So now that daylight savings time has hit, I decided to raise them. The passenger side moved up without a hitch, but the drivers side went up almost as high as the passenger side and then popped and fell...
  2. ai4px

    5amp charge setting

    I'm at wits end. My 2020 MY charges at 32amps and when done later in the evening shows 5amps charge available. 5amps is NOT permitted under the J1772 standard, so this throws up a red flag to me. Here are some details.... 0) if we program the car to charge as soon as it is plugged in, it will...
  3. ai4px

    Pentalobe screws in front license plate bracket

    We're getting PPF film on front and we live in a state that does not require front plates.... so I look the front plate bracket off only to run into a pentalobe screw. Thingiverse to the rescue! Printed this little tool in 30 minutes. Tesla Pentalobe Tool for Front License Plate Holder by...
  4. ai4px

    2018 MS usb in glovebox?

    I'm at work and not with the wife's car... so can someone tell me if the 2018 MS has usb port in glovebox? I'm trying to order a HDD for her sentry mode and would like to NOT have it in the center console.
  5. ai4px

    WTB: Gen 1 NEMA 6 20amp adapter

    Do you have a gen 1 220v 20amp plug adapter you'd like to part with? I'm setting up a charge station in my detached garage and want to limit the current to what the service to that building can provide. Yes, I could use GPS to mark that spot as limited but it's too close to the other HPWCs I...
  6. ai4px

    FSD features?

    If we buy FSD do we get the EAP features like lane change while we wait for FSD to come around to us?
  7. ai4px

    Paying for supercharging

    We've just bought a Model S from an online retailer and they won't release the title for a month. This wasn't an issue when we bought our 2014MS because it had free supercharging... but this model says "supercharging not permitted, add to account". Well we can't do that until we get the...
  8. ai4px

    A great disturbance

  9. ai4px

    Networked HPWC charger bug

    We have three gen 2 HPWC’s networked together. Two of our cars are daily drivers and we have them set for off peak charging because I want the batteries to be at least a little warm when I’m ready for work in the morning. The issue is that the car with the lowest charge sees that there’s...
  10. ai4px

    Hd-wave with frequency shift power control

    I’m here asking because I think the HD-wave SolarEdge inverter is used with Tesla power wall. I’ve got a semi-off grid system using SMA sunny islands and am looking at AC coupling using the HD Wave. Sorry for the kinda sorta off brand question… but Sunny islands use the same 62hz power...
  11. ai4px

    CT backfeeding your house

    Since Ford is offering a special J1772 EVSE that can backfeed your house, I expect Tesla to do the same. Of course this will require a special HPWC (gen 4??). The poorman's way of doing it is to connect the charge cord to an existing EVSE and use the 240v output to feed critical loads in your...
  12. ai4px

    Power sharing using Gen2 and Gen3?

    I think I saw in the manual that the Gen 3 HPWC has an RS485 port. Is it's current sharing backward compatible with the Gen2 units?
  13. ai4px

    Model S battery warranty

    Our 2014 model S 16 has a battery issue presently. My power display shows that my power is limited to 200 kW instead of 250 kW. We’ve had Tesla do a cooling system diagnostic and they found a problem. Tesla continue to make recommendations and replaced our contactor for free. But none of this...
  14. ai4px

    Reduced power but no error code

    2014 MS60 has been super charging slowly for the last year, seldom getting over 80 kW, tapering to 50 kW really quickly. It’s not cold here at all yet I have a little yellow dashed line on my binnacle display that indicates top end power is reduced… The same sort of dashed lines that show you...
  15. ai4px

    Looking for nice way to stop charging

    We’re going off grid and I’m looking for a way to signal to one of three hpwc gen2’s (master) to signal the cars to stop charging. Brute force would be to use a contactor to kill 240v. We have 12kw of inverters and I need the cars to stop charging if the hvac compressor needs to start and/or I...
  16. ai4px

    Warranty on HPWC

    This may not be the right place for this thread but here goes.... I have two Gen 2 HPWC in my garage and one failed about 5 weeks ago. I contacted Tesla's powerwall / charger folks and they advised me to send some pictures of the unit not powering up. about 3 weeks later, they responded to a...
  17. ai4px

    Autopilot camera in use on 44.10.1?

    So I'm one of those weighted wheel guys.... driving this morning on AP and looked to the side to see a burned up truck at a rest area to my right. When Iooked back, the display was just beginning to flash blue telling me to apply pressure to the wheel. I wiggled it a bit and it would not...
  18. ai4px

    Soft Close latch mechanism for M3?

    I don't care about power trunk... I'm just looking for soft close. Does anyone know where a person can buy only the latching mechanism? My reasoning is I'm thinking about mounting a ham radio antenna on the trunk and I don't want to have to slam the trunk lid and cause the antenna clamp to...
  19. ai4px

    Polishing the CT

    I used to work for a Crown Ltd in Savannah GA and their specialty was hand polished stainless. Looked like a mirror. It occurs to me that someone is going go pay good money for a mirror finish on their truck! The pipes that you see for these pedestals come in as raw stainless and are turned...
  20. ai4px

    2nd display?

    Is there an extra video port on the MCU? Like the MS and MX have the instrument cluster display, wouldn’t it be cool if we had a HUD display projecting on the lower part of windshield?
  21. ai4px

    Funny story for ya'll....

    It was time for new tires, so I went to the local tire store. They asked for the key... I handed them the RFID card.... puzzled looks. I offer to drive it into the bay. No, insurance regulations they say. Mechanic comes into lobby to collect the key and paperwork packet and the cashier grins...
  22. ai4px

    Disconnecting charge port in the morning?

    Maybe this is a silly question but it's got me puzzled. As long as my car is actively charging (or awake) I can simply walk up and hit the magic button on the charge handle and it'll unlock the port. BUT.... first thing in the morning when the car has finished charging and is asleep, pressing...
  23. ai4px

    Unlocking charge port for those in greater need

    I posted this on a couple facebook groups this past weekend and thought it was appropriate to share here as well. I travel for a living in a M3LR and often use destination chargers. I'd hate to think that I'm keeping someone with a lower range car from charging if they needed it. So I got out...
  24. ai4px

    Seeking opinion

    I'm kinda torn on this.... I travel for a living and so I spend time scouting for hotels that have 120v plugs and even unlisted L2 equipment. Yesterday I came upon a hotel in a town where I have a client that has a L6-30 receptacle near the parking lot. They say it used to be used by an...
  25. ai4px

    Extension cord of a different sort

    I just changed jobs and will be travelling 100%. Sold my beloved Bolt EV and got a LR model 3. I'll be dependent on hotel charging as much as possible and ICEing is a real problem. Several weeks ago I bought a 20' extension cord with a Tesla female at one end and a J1772 pistol grip at the...
  26. ai4px

    12 when car is on?

    wheres a good place to find 12v when the car is on. Not just when the headunit is on, I mean when I press the brake and the car comes on. Thanks!!
  27. ai4px

    South Carolina law may change

    South Carolina is one of the several states that does not permit a new car to be sold directly to the public. There is a bill that has just been proposed and is presently in committee which could change this. Mods, I couldn’t figure out where to put this post, move if there’s a better place...
  28. ai4px

    Have Tesla will travel kit

    We're about to go on a road trip where there is no supercharger. So I made a "have Tesla will travel" kit... a NEMA 14-50 mounted in a single gang box with a some 10 gauge romex and a pair of eaton 20amp breakers. Don't yet know what brand our friend's panel box is, but I'll either install the...
  29. ai4px

    Smart phone navi?

    My mother has a 2014 MS that doesn't have navi (no tech package). I can get any old GPS with mapping and route planning for $100... the value in Tesla navi is the battery management and charging suggestions. A better route planner is difficult to use on her phone, but at least it connects to...
  30. ai4px

    Parking brake on unintentionally

    My mother has a 2014 MS w/o tech package. I was pulling it forward tonight to move to a different parking spot and she stepped off the curb behind me. Keep in mind I was moving away from her. The parking brake locked so harshly that I thought for a moment I’d hit something with one wheel. I...
  31. ai4px

    Hpwc broken

    a local hotel installed a hpwc this year and it has only been used a couple of times. I spot checked it the other day and it showed a solid red led. I reset it and it came up again with red led. It seems it should still be under warranty but I hate for the hotel to spend money on it. What is...
  32. ai4px

    120v in parking garages?

    How easy is it to find 120v in parking garages? More specifically, long term places like cruise terminals. For example, we went on a cruise out of Charleston SC a few years ago, but didn’t own an EV then. I think I remember seeing 120v plugs inside their Parking structure. It’d be really...
  33. ai4px

    UMC 5-20 adapter

    Has anyone ever used the 120v 20amp adapter plug? If so, did you ever hook it up to an adapter cable at 220v? Does that work? I think the resistor in the UMC plug sets the current and the car will accept any voltage, is this correct?
  34. ai4px

    Charging reminder?

    Is there a way to have the car send a notification if it's not plugged in by a certain time? My Chevy Bolt will remind me at 7pm. Case in point... dear daughter ran an errand last night and begged mom to take the Tesla. She didn't plug it in upon her return and now mom gets to supercharge on...
  35. ai4px

    Community Outreach

    Our county put in place a 1cent sales tax for parks and recreation projects. Things like soccer fields, tennis courts, ball fields. This morning I called the lady in charge and put a bug in her ear about installing EVSEs. She said she was looking into it but didn't know where to start. We...
  36. ai4px

    Full Self Driving question

    Just wondering... an idle question.... what happens if I order a car with FSD and Tesla decides 3 years from now that the AP2.5 isn't good enough for FSD? Would they be obligated to upgrade my car to the correct hardware? Or would they kindly refund my money and say "our bad"?
  37. ai4px

    Loose wires

    I found this video that shows how an electrical fire can start from a lose connection. Any of you charging using the stock charger (EVSE) on 120v should realize that most 120v outlets are daisy chained together. The outlet in your garage may be 4th or 8th in line from the breakerbox and you...
  38. ai4px

    Fast cars....

    My dad used to say "That car would pass anything on the road except a gas station"... we sure fixed that.
  39. ai4px

    Tesla unlocking battery

    I heard through the grapevine that the MS's with 75kwh batteries that are software limited to 60 are being opened up by Tesla to facilitate hurricane evacuations. Has anyone confirmed that this happened? I have a MS60 made in Sept 2014 and the extra capacity hasn't shown up for me... Just...
  40. ai4px

    Have mercy on fellow EV owners

    North Carolina and South Carolina are under a coast evacuation right now. If you don't mind helping a fellow EV owner and you live in a bordering area, please consider going in plugshare.com and adding your home station and contact info.
  41. ai4px

    Bat Weight

    Attached are pictures of a 1lb bat weight we bought at a local sporting goods store. Last night I cut it in half and drilled two 10.2mm diameter shallow holes in each face. Glued a 10mm magnet in each end voila - homemade autopilot buddy. You might put a little fingernail polish on the ends...
  42. ai4px

    Adding a charging location to nav?

    I don't quite know where to put this question.... mods move it if wrong location. Yesterday a new M3 owner looked up my home charger on plug share and asked about charging options in my town. I ended up riding around scouting a few hotels for 120v outlets for him and found a local hotel that...
  43. ai4px

    EVs in my town.

    I was in a local car parts store trying to buy some seat covers for my little Bolt. The covers didn't fit so I returned them. Told the clerk my little electric car's seats were very narrow. He lit up on that... he said "I've seen two teslas in town in the last couple of days". Cool.... he...
  44. ai4px

    Beat the battery

    In previous cars with gps my wife has always played a game she calls “beat the gps”. Gps says it’ll take you 1:53 to get somewhere and she’s say I can beat that. So today we’re south bound on 95 in Miami going to the keys. She is now playing beat the battery. The nav system says you will...
  45. ai4px

    Allowing someone to unplug you?

    Once you plug the charge cord in to a tesla, it locks and can't be unplugged unless the key is nearby or you unlock from the touchscreen. But is there a way to /not/ lock the charge port? Let's say I'm destination charging and don't mind if someone comes along and unplugs me in the next...
  46. ai4px

    HPWC working with other cars?

    Word on the Chevy Bolt forum is that the new firmware in the HPWCs won't talk to a J1772 car via the Jtap or J-esla adapters. Can anyone confirm this? I was getting ready to buy one and this is cause for hesitation.
  47. ai4px

    Sharing 50 amp circuit with two EVSE

    Since we are a tesla and bolt house, I want to share the 50amp circuit in the garage with a siemens versicharge and a tesla HPWC. The Siemens Versicharge has a logic level input on a small terminal block that is used to stop it from charging gracefully. So I found a current sense relay that will...
  48. ai4px

    Auto close the charge port on non-refresh MS?

    Just asking, but I think I know the answer.... is there a way at all to motorize the charge port door closing on my 2014 MS?
  49. ai4px

    Can't access car away from home

    My car is hooked to my wifi, so when it's in the garage, I can access it. But when it is riding down the interstate, parked at work, etc.... the app can't talk to the car at all. But the data connection is working because we have nav and slacker radio. Any pointers?
  50. ai4px

    Verizon ending 3g service

    Verizon says they are ending 3g service in 2019. I think ATT also ending 3g... so what does this mean for those with 3g nav systems? Verizon Confirms That It Will No Longer Activate 3G Phones

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