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  1. Whisky

    Low ceiling sensor briefly doesn't detect low ceiling

    My underground parking has some big pipes running above. I've been parking here for two years and haven't had an issue. A few days ago, it seems the 'low ceiling' sensor didn't work and the FWDs opened in their full glory, thus hitting one of the pipes. It's a small dent, not a huge deal, but...
  2. Whisky

    Shorter range MX and MS not appearing on Canada's website

    While the US has an $8K discount for shorter range vehicles (the software locked 100D batteries), there's no such option in Canada. Anyone hear about the reason why?
  3. Whisky

    Charing strategies for an infrequent driver that drives lots of miles

    * I'll preface this with stating my understanding that this is a largely academic discussion, and that no matter what charging strategy employed, battery degradation won't matter overly much across the 5 or so years I plan to own this car. I also have a MX75D but there are more people in the MS...
  4. Whisky

    Uncorked MX75D needs restart to complete update, each and every time

    Since getting my MX75D uncorked last summer, each and every single update has needed at least one (usually more) reboots for the update to take. I did talk to Tesla support about it, and they told me it had to do with the low strength of the wifi to the car. That was true last summer, but not...
  5. Whisky

    Condo install with load splitting, not load sharing. How will it work?

    Anyone have experience with load splitting, a Tesla, and a Tesla Wall Connector? Long story short, the building I live in is installing a load splitting system with 30A to each port. The way this works, is once the 11th car plugs in, the 1st car gets cut off, and then the enabled again 30...
  6. Whisky

    MX slow to 'boot-up', turn signals don't work etc..

    I'm guessing this isn't unique to my car, but thought I'd check. I did email Tesla service about this but haven't had a reply yet... When not driving the car for a few days, I'm guessing it goes into a sleep mode. When I get into the car and press the break, I get that message where 'system is...
  7. Whisky

    Removing Speed Limit Mode without pin

    For whatever reason (probably because of children playing with the phone), Speed Limit Mode got enabled on my mom's Model 3. We don't know the pin. We've called Tesla twice. The first time we were told it needed to be done on their end, and they'd call back, but we haven't heard back. The second...
  8. Whisky

    Drive from New Orleans to Savannah

    Realizing that neither New Orleans nor Savannah are in Florida, this route seems to largely be a Florida challenge. I have a MX75D. When I use the Tesla web app between these points, I get the attached route notification. abetterrouteplanner.com suggests I can make the drive so long as I keep to...
  9. Whisky

    Renewing the debate on the best Fridge/Freezer for 6 seater MX

    There are a few older threads on the topic, but looking to renew a look into the best fridges and/or freezers for the MX that fits between the two seats in the 6-seater combination. We're doing an extended road trip with our twin girls (under 1 year of age), and having lots of reliable...
  10. Whisky

    One Year Anniversary Thoughts on my Model X75D Configuration--Recommendations for new buyers

    Lots of stress went into my final configuration. When I ordered my car in April of 2017, my wife was pregnant with twins and we were moving into a new place (eventually). Lots was “up in the air.” I wanted to go with the 100D, but as Nicole made the great point that with twin babies, we were...
  11. Whisky

    Ontario inacted regulations mandating condo charges - Your experiences?

    The Liberals in Ontario made it mandatory for condo boards to accommodate EV charging. As of May 1st, the condo board needs to respond within 60 days to requests for a charger. Anyone have any positive experiences yet? Thus far, in my condo, I have three owners that have requested a hook-up. The...
  12. Whisky

    Toronto has charging issues...

    Almost a year in, I did a quick summary of challenges of charging in Toronto: Would love your input for Part II. It'll include Eaton Centre Supercharging, how one should never charge at Lawrence because damn it's busy, and changes to the laws that force condo boards to say yes to EV...
  13. Whisky

    Without home charger for 3 months in Downtown Toronto...

    Any tips for charging in Toronto for a few months when there's no home charger? I'm temporarily living in a condo in the St. Lawrence Market area... no sense in getting a charger installed at the condo parking (though they do offer it, it's just fairly pricy) ... beyond charging at the Tesla...
  14. Whisky

    New from Toronto awaiting Model X

    With twin girls on the way, I needed to change from the BMW 135i that I currently drive. I love that Beamer, but I knew my next car would be a Tesla. I was assuming I'd have a singleton baby, make it work with the BMW for a little bit, and move into the Tesla in a few years. Well that definitely...

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