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  1. CanadianMetal

    Mirror Not Going Back To Normal position after Autotilt ?

    I have had this issue of the passenger side mirror not going back to original position , and just staying tilted down as I drive . Have manually adjusted it back to normal position , but the next day it has same problem..... Has anyone else, had this problem ? If so , how did you solve it ...
  2. CanadianMetal

    How often should you charge to 100% , if you do not go on a road trip ?

    I have owned my 3 for almost a year , and have NEVER charged it to 100% , I have it set to 80% and just leave it there. Is it advisable to once in a while, charge the car to 100% (or even 95% etc.) , if you don't need the range ? Do you need to do this once in a while to "Re-balance...
  3. CanadianMetal

    What is the best console wrap ? (looks, easier to install, longevity)

    Seems to be many choices out there , so looking for opinions from those that have installed them already . What is the best console wrap ? (in regards to looks, easier to install & longevity ) In the past I remember hearing good things about the products from : EV Wraps, among others. Also is...
  4. CanadianMetal

    Is there a wheel for Tesla 3 that looks like this one ?

    I recently was driving , and saw a new Acura NSX driving next to me and loved how the wheels looked , (especially on a red on a red car like mine) and they looked amazing as the wheels rolled. I have a red 3 and this is the first wheel that really grabbed my attention as I like the bright and...
  5. CanadianMetal

    Got my first flat tire...now Tesla charging me for fixing it. Is this normal ?

    Well I got my first flat tire, (screw), phoned Tesla and they said I can have car towed to SC , or they can send me a truck with loaner wheel. I opted for the loaner wheel, and they were to contact me after wheel was fixed so I could come in to swap out the wheels. When buying the car I asked...
  6. CanadianMetal

    How long will the brakes last on a Tesla as compared to a similar ice car ?

    Got my first tesla a few months ago, and was curious as to what to expect as far as how many years till I need to replace the pads on my M3 ? (assuming average driving mileage per year )
  7. CanadianMetal

    What are the Various Uses for the NEUTRAL Gear ?

    After a few months of ownership, I finally got around to putting the car into Neutral , as I was driving at a slow speed, to see how it would work on a Tesla. In my last manual 6 speed, I had found some uses for the neutral gear in my driving and when on long trips etc. Those that have had...
  8. CanadianMetal

    New lower Canadian price for Autopilot and FSD now available

    I now see that we can buy: AP for $2600 CAD FSD is now only an additional $4000 CAD (Yesterday it was $5300 & $9200) Total $6600 for both, so the exchange rate seems to be set at 1.32 from the $5000 USD Total Very happy (I wonder if I can tell my wife , who's birthday is later this month...
  9. CanadianMetal

    Options for the Smallest Winter Wheels at best price for the M3 ?

    For next winter , I was going to start looking into winter wheels and tires to buy for my RWD M3 . As I like to just swap out my winter, for the all season wheels for a few months each year myself. What is the smallest wheel you can buy ? at the best price ? Are we able to get a wheel...
  10. CanadianMetal

    Anyone installed or seen how the Red Logo stickers look on OEM Center Caps or Aero Wheels ?

    Has anyone installed the red stickers on the OEM center caps or Aero wheels ? How did you find they looked ? Specifically how did they look with a red car ? I am trying to decide if I should put them on my Red Model 3 , and wanted to get others opinions who may have already done this . If...
  11. CanadianMetal

    Taking my kids to their first concert tonight - KISS

    I still go to a lot of concerts (average of 2 or 3 a month) , and my twins (Son & Daughter) always ask if they can go with me . So for their 8th birthday earlier this week, I surprised them with tickets to their first concert ! KISS was the first band I got into when I was their age, and also...
  12. CanadianMetal

    Need advice: Is this location in my garage ok to install a plug / charger ?

    I will be installing a 240 plug soon in my garage. Was thinking if the small area between the garage door openings would be ok ? Will be using the charging unit that came with car and the install a hook to hang it up . Please have a look on the photo and let me know if any others have done...
  13. CanadianMetal

    What does that speaker icon that sometimes comes on mean ?

    Sometimes when driving an icon of a speaker comes on at the very left area of the screen. In area under the Auto-Pilot icon . What does this mean ? What is the car trying to tell me ? It usually only stays on for a short time , I clicked it once and it changed to a muted speaker symbol , but...
  14. CanadianMetal

    Anyone elase get a Black screen from rear view camera ?

    I noticed this morning when reversing out of my garage that the rear view camera pop up screen was pitch black ? When going forward , I put on the rear view manually and it was still black . Anyone else experience this ? And what is going on ? I texted my sales rep. and he said to try...
  15. CanadianMetal

    Who else Loves the Whoopee Cushion (Fart app) in their car?

    When I first discovered it , my almost 8 year old twins and I sat in our garage for almost half an hour killing ourselves laughing and experimenting with the Whoopee Cushion app and all the different types of fart sounds and seat locations you can make it do. I texted my wife to come to the...

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