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  1. Masklin

    Apple Music integration…

    For the moment, or at least until the next Twitter tantrum (a twantrum?) there’s a ceasefire… https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-63816110
  2. Masklin

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    In which case it’s good to see they appear to have been installed in such a way as to allow charging from cars with ports on either side without unnecessarily blocking stalls. Oh.
  3. Masklin

    iPhone 14 Pro Max in Model Y

    Update to say that a slimmer Torras case without MagSafe and the 14 Pro Max has resumed wireless charging in the Model 3.
  4. Masklin

    iPhone 14 Pro Max in Model Y

    iPhone 14 Pro Max with Apple Silicon MagSafe case, 2020 Model 3 Performance with Jeda Wireless Charger. Phone does not wirelessly charge with case on, it does wirelessly charge with case off.
  5. Masklin

    Tyre Pressures and warnings

    Mildly interesting… my Model 3 Performance the label in the passenger door says pressures should be 42psi front and rear, whilst after a recent software update (forget which one) the service page with tyre pressures on the screen now says they should be 43psi front and 42psi rear.
  6. Masklin

    New Energy Price Guarantee

    Just read this on Money Saving Expert regarding unit rates under the new cap. I note it says average, which possibly indicates there may be some small variations between companies? The energy price guarantee limits the amount households can be charged per unit of gas or electricity. So your...
  7. Masklin

    LEZ zone London - what the heck do I do?!

    As I understood it before being able to register my M3 for the cleaner vehicle discount, you will have to pay the congestion charge for the day if you enter the congestion charge zone. You won’t be able to claim it back later once you are registered for the discount. If you know you’ll...
  8. Masklin

    Alarm false fires

    Mine had gone off a few times since being at Goodwood House at the weekend. Found the culprit a little earlier today, a grasshopper!
  9. Masklin

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    This is what Oxford Redbridge looked like when I pitched up just over a week or so ago towards the end of what had been the official opening of the EV facility. It was still a bit of a building site, and certainly off camera there’s space for additional facilities. I think the other Teslas in...
  10. Masklin

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    I can confirm there are toilets. Rest of info including opening times at link below. Don’t forget to use app or machine to register for free hour’s parking. https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/residents/roads-and-transport/public-transport/park-and-ride/redbridge-park-and-ride
  11. Masklin

    EV Fuel Price Protest

    Relevant point of note in the below is, I suppose, the acknowledgment that as switch from fossil fuel cars to EVs takes place there will be a significant loss of tax revenues that will need to be replaced from somewhere else… https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-62079052
  12. Masklin

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Stopped off at Oxford Redbridge earlier on the way back south from Bolton. The sat nav suggested a limited service and, not sure if this was the reason why, but when I got there there was a bit of a party going on for what was apparently the official opening ceremony of the EV charging facility...
  13. Masklin

    Track day in in a P-?

    If anyone was ever thinking about doing a track day at Goodwood, they have two BP Pulse 50kWh chargers adjacent to the paddock area.
  14. Masklin

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    If you read the Consumer Experience section starting near the bottom of the page of the latest CCC report linked to below, Tesla are going to have to change their Supercharger design at some point it appears…...
  15. Masklin

    Latest Climate Change Committee report to Parliament…

    Chapter 3 on Surface Transport is quite interesting with regards to EVs, including charging and taxation… https://www.theccc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Progress-in-reducing-emissions-2022-Report-to-Parliament.pdf#page112
  16. Masklin

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    It is simply that if the aim is to ultimately open up the UK network beyond what is being trialled, then going forward it really needs to be capable of one car/one stall charging irrespective of make. It seems ludicrous to continue building and opening new installations that now have a known and...
  17. Masklin

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    It’s about time Tesla redesign their charging solution, they are now form over function.
  18. Masklin

    Electric car rapid charging costs soar, says RAC

    News article this morning… https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-61592931
  19. Masklin

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    There must be some mild irony in opening up the SC network in order to benefit all EV users, but in so doing certainly potentially making the self same network overall less efficient.
  20. Masklin

    What happens when you drive from UK to Europe? Headlight? Self drive overtaking?

    This is what the online manual says…
  21. Masklin

    Highway Code: Watching TV in self-driving cars to be allowed…

    That’ll be an extra box to fill in on the insurance form… what program were you watching at the time of the accident? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-61155735
  22. Masklin

    EV running costs starting to look expensive?

    Pays your money and takes your choice, cost of everything isn’t going down the way for the foreseeable. Well, possibly bar insurance, which I renewed this morning and was actually cheaper than last year!
  23. Masklin

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    There are some suggested monthly and kWh costs here… https://www.notateslaapp.com/news/625/tesla-superchargers-opened-up-to-other-evs-how-much-non-teslas-will-pay
  24. Masklin

    SuperChargers need screens

    I thought getting overly excited about what maximum charge rate one hits whilst supercharging was the Tesla driver’s charging porn?
  25. Masklin

    Proposed Recharge One site at Buriton A3 Interchange

    Happened across this earlier, not sure what to make of it. It’s a proposal for a combined off-grid eco lodge village, retail site and EV charge facility just south of Petersfield on the A3 so not too far from the Liphook superchargers. Seems a strange sort of set up with the eco lodges and...
  26. Masklin

    Tesla Screen (Dangerous)

    Just a public service announcement that the forum does have an ignore function if desired.
  27. Masklin

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    With the UK’s infrastructure still being sold off to foreign investors only interested in turning profits for themselves whilst saddling the utility with debt, think new National Grid investor Macquarie and their previous time with Thames Water, the chances of any target or investment or indeed...
  28. Masklin

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    Possibly, but all the evidence available right now today then suggests that like everything else that is left to the market they’ll be unaffordable to a significant minority (which gets ever bigger and may soon be, if it’s not actually already, a majority).
  29. Masklin

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    There is. We just need a Superchargers infrastructure and installation ministerial VIP lane, then the cash would be falling from the magic money tree’s branches like confetti.
  30. Masklin

    Lifecycle Analysis of UK Road Vehicles by Ricardo…

    Report below. Tl;dr… government study, conducted by Ricardo, which confirms that the lifecycle emissions of an EV are ⅓ of those of a petrol car. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1062603/lifecycle-analysis-of-UK-road-vehicles.pdf
  31. Masklin

    How Secure Are Teslas/Tesla Thefts

    Not odd, just selfishly lazy, in assuming everyone else here will have read it in order to answer your easily researched by yourself questions.
  32. Masklin

    Tesla Screen (Dangerous)

    The Tesla screen is only dangerous if the driver wants it to be dangerous. A good read of the manual, use of voice commands as much as possible and, again, it’s only dangerous if the driver wants it to be dangerous. There is after all, if really challenged, always the option of stopping safely...
  33. Masklin

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Weeks away from likely causing chaos at peak times at least, with non-Tesla cars that will have to block bays to charge. But then chaos and our current government go hand in hand I suppose.
  34. Masklin

    Electric car chargepoints to overtake fuel pumps

  35. Masklin

    The Tesla (dash) Cam

    Why is a speed camera alert needed?
  36. Masklin

    Incessant chirping/squeaking in Model 3 cabin…

    If anyone else should find themselves with an at times incessant chirping/squeaking noise appearing in the cabin, having never occurred before and appearing out of the blue, some time spent earlier today trying to trace it revealed it to be the rear seat centre armrest in the down position...
  37. Masklin

    Rownhams supercharger disappeared?

    Certainly within the last few weeks there has been zero sign of any sort of associated work having started or been about to start.
  38. Masklin

    Parking annoyance

    I think some folk do it deliberately just because they know it will irritate the person they are parking close to. Takes all sorts I suppose. Coincidentally I stopped at Fleet (northbound) earlier for a splash and dash as well. In these circumstances northbound I usually park in one of the...
  39. Masklin

    What’s been your kWh usage over the year?

    15/03/21 to 15/03/22 M3P 8,665 miles 2620.83kWh for £247.95.
  40. Masklin

    Public charging vs ICE running costs

    Schadenfreude is not very becoming given the circumstances.
  41. Masklin

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    If what's just appeared on my credit card is accurate, I didn't check price before actually charging, then I think Rugby Superchargers have just increased from 33p/kWh last Thursday to ~40-41p/kWh today.
  42. Masklin

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Used Rugby Superchargers earlier for the first time in around six months. Could have sworn the last time I passed through they and the adjacent bank of Gridserve chargers were the same kWh price, but this time though the Superchargers were 33p/kWh and Gridserve 45p/kWh. Just wondering if my...
  43. Masklin

    Charging Notifications

    Notifications also certainly work at home here.
  44. Masklin

    Snippiness 2.0

    Mildly curious if user name is number of complaints since ordering or number being aimed for 🧐
  45. Masklin

    Anyone regretted getting a Performance M3?

    Did you buy the key fob so’s to have something more substantial than a card to throw on the table? :p
  46. Masklin

    Anyone regretted getting a Performance M3?

    So what? 3.1s M3P v 4.2s LR v somewhere between 7-10s probably for an average car. At a roundabout/traffic light/crossing junction or whatever grand prix either the M3P or LR will see off most else that’s likely to be sat there beside them, or be able to go for the same gap. Both M3P or LR is...
  47. Masklin

    Anyone regretted getting a Performance M3?

    Not regretted it, but I wouldn’t buy another one. If I do buy a Model 3 again it will be the LR. The acceleration/performance is a novelty that wears off, can’t be sensibly used the majority of the time one is driving and makes for a bit of a hair trigger throttle that isn’t always ideal. Then...
  48. Masklin

    Alternative to UK VED (car tax)

    I think it actually all depends on which of their mate’s companies they can give the contract to, rather than what the most efficient outcome for the end user may be.
  49. Masklin

    Alternative to UK VED (car tax)

    Can't they also use the chips in the covid vaccines for tracking when you're in a vehicle and then charging accordingly? :cool: Whilst it's true to a degree already, the only apparent certainty in the future (apart from death and taxes) will be that there is zero privacy for anyone anywhere.

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