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  1. twonius

    Weird intermittent dash resonance

    Anyone else have a rattle in their dash pad on the right side MCU? I've had it in twice but it's intermittent so they haven't been able to replicate. Then I'll be out on a road-trip and it decides to sing me the song of its people for 45 minutes (sort of a resonance over rough pavement) It...
  2. twonius

    Independent Shops in SoCal?

    Well the day finally arrived (1k miles after the warranty expired), my passenger door handle is presenting but not opening. I ordered the part and am planning on doing the fix myself since i've taken doors on my other cars apart before and the Electrified Garage's guide doesn't look too bad...
  3. twonius

    1 year NVH warranty

    Did i just space out on this? I bought my car in August 2016 and I don't remember that being a thing but today at the service center they said they didn't want to take another shot at the rattle in my tailgate unless I supplied $195. I'd heard of it as a new thing but I don't remember it...
  4. twonius

    "thousands of dollars" to install 220v line in condo building

    I just had an electrician come out to quote running a 220 line from my condo's panel to to my garage (garage is below the unit). He didn't even want to touch it, said it would be at least $4k which was driven more by running the conduit than any panel upgrades. This seems a bit surprising...
  5. twonius

    Mobile connector very picky on 110V

    Is anyone else's mobile connector extremely picky about whether it wants to work on 110? I've had it work fine on an extension cord in some buildings while in others it wont charge on any of the plugs. On 220 I never have an issue. I've been trying to use it in my new garage but when I plug...
  6. twonius

    Problems buying a used Model X

    Could be worse
  7. twonius

    Leaf a cash cow?

    I was thinking a bit about how the leaf still uses a 40kwh air cooled battery in comparison to what we're seeing from Hyundai/Kia and Chevy. We always hear about the magic $100/kwh mark but as far as I can tell that's based on a small EV with a 50-60kwh battery...
  8. twonius

    Super cheap leases a thing of the past?

    I remember a few years ago seeing dirt cheap lease deals on short range EVs. Lately it seems like you can't get much less than $300/month. Am I missing any good deals? I guess demand was going to catch up with supply eventually.
  9. twonius

    Why are P85D's "cheap" now?

    Model S P85D 5YJSA1H41FF099411 | Tesla Starting to see P85D's in the mid to upper 50's. That seems like a ton of car for the money vs a model 3 long range. Is this just model S valuations returning to reality or is there something wrong with these cars vs a non-P car?
  10. twonius

    Groaning from front end when on hill assist

    I've been noticing a fairly loud groaning when turning the wheel while stopped. I noticed today that if I turn hill assist off it goes away. Is this just the front brakes being dragged around by the scrub radius of the suspension?
  11. twonius

    Norway deliveries slowdown?

    I've seen this meme poppingup on twitter. Are they having to hold off until they can service the cars already in country or is there some other logistic issue going on?
  12. twonius

    Paintless dent removal San Diego

    Hey has anyone had experience with a paintless dent place in San Diego? I'm a bit hesitant to just go anywhere since aluminum forms quite differently than steel
  13. twonius

    Low cost shared charger with billing?

    Hi, My office is considering putting in a plug (yaaay). Here's where it gets tricky Now the building could qualify for heavily subsidized chargers from SDG&E but they already don't have enough parking and therefore can't dedicate the necessary 10 spots needed to qualify for the program. We...
  14. twonius

    Reduced supercharge speed on 75

    Anyone seen what the reduced supercharger speed on the 75 is once you have DC charged too much? I know the 90's go from 115 kw to 96 kw. Does that mean the 75's go to about 80 kw? This is something I really wish Tesla was more transparent about. Frankly it should probably be available in the...
  15. twonius

    Is now a terrible time to buy an EV?

    A colleague asked me today if he should get an EV when the lease on his Audi is up in the next few months. I honestly told him I'd probably hold on to his current car for another couple years, maybe start another lease if they give him a good deal and he wants a *new* car. 1) He's not...
  16. twonius

    Windshield backordered.. any ideas how long?

    Got a small stone chip by my rear view mirror yesterday and immediately started looking for someone to fill it. Unfortunately .like an idiot. I started my AC before I got in the car so now it's spider webbed into a 12" crack (doh). I called the service center this morning and they said...
  17. twonius

    Best source for touchup paint?

    I have the newer blue color PPSB but of course Tesla isn't carrying touchup paint for this yet. Has anyone had good experience with a match from somewhere else? I've seen some stuff for the older paint codes but not this particular one yet.
  18. twonius

    Are FWDs getting better?

    I've been getting a lot of questions about the X from friends who drive my S. So far I've told them I'd be a bit hesitant to own FWDs out of warranty based on the early issues I've read about and my experience in a Tesloop last year where one door would only open 1/2 way and the other rattled...
  19. twonius

    Why does SC permitting / construction take so long

    I'm completely ignorant of this process but it seems like the process of getting new SC's installed takes quite a while. Carlsbad CA has been permitting for over 7 months, and Cupertino has been under construction for a little over 5. (source supercharge.info, click on charts) What holds this...
  20. twonius

    Michelins vs Goodyears

    My car came equipped with 19" Goodyear RS-A2s, and while I can't say they've been bad tires, i'm not blown away by them either. Looking on tirerack i can see they're dirt cheap ($125/tire) so i for that price I'd say they're excellent value for money. The snow traction is pretty awful but...
  21. twonius

    High CPO prices?

    Is it just me or has the used market been really expensive lately? I hear rumors of cars in the low 40's and I remember the CPO sales from months back, but I would've thought the S would've depreciated quite a bit more by now. Am i only seeing a subset of what's out there on ev-cpo? I did...
  22. twonius

    Suparcharger availability during evacuation?

    Any FL owners had issues charging up? I've been seeing a lot about gas lines in FL which made me wonder how the supercharger network was holding up, especially after the long lines after the eclipse last month. Stay safe people.
  23. twonius

    Should I sell my 60?

    Was browsing the sold listings on Ebay and I noticed that since the price of the battery upgrade has dropped I could do the upgrade and sell my "75" for almost what I paid for it after 15k miles. The only problem is there isn't a great option to downgrade to.
  24. twonius

    Turo Tales: Some poeple are not ready for EVs

    I thought I'd share a funny story about renting my car out on Turo. So far I've had a pretty good experience with it and met a lot of nice Tesla enthusiasts. Honestly I usually end up spending 20-30 minutes chatting with them after they return the car about EVs etc. Which no offense, is...
  25. twonius

    Dumb Question: Do non EAP Cars still have AP 1.0?

    Just curious, EAP is a lot more expensive than AP1.0 was. Do cars without EAP still get 1.0 functionality or just TACC?
  26. twonius

    What's the best charger nastygram (mean note) someone's left on your car?

    Not at a charger, but in on some public street parking someone threatened to rub dog poop all over my car if I parked there again (seems worse for them, carwashes are automatic). I can only assume since their driveway was full that they were spilling out into the street to park.
  27. twonius

    Can't Reverse in Sub 0 Temps (solution)

    I had an interesting problem a week ago and I thought I'd share my workaround. I got in the car after leaving it parked in Sun Valley ID overnight. It was completely frozen of course as the overnight temps were well below 0F. When I tried to reverse out of the parking spot everything seemed...
  28. twonius

    Report after a 2700 mile trip with Software Limited 60

    I just got back from a long road trip from San Diego up to Sun Valley ID and Jackson WY and I thought I'd share some things I learned. Time estimates: I averaged about 50 mph including charge times. This seemed to be a good rule of thumb over the trip. Charge time wasn't the big delay, we hit...
  29. twonius

    How far have you driven in one day? How fast?

    ive only done about 600 with multiple drivers but it didn't feel like we were really pushing it. With charging I seem to average 50-60mph
  30. twonius

    Rear seat shoulder belt trim removal

    I have an annoying rattle over bumps coming from the piece of trim where the passenger side rear shoulder belt goes through. Has anyone removed this piece before? It sounds like something behind there has come loose or is rubbing on the trim. I contacted the service center and got an...
  31. twonius

    Skiing in CA, are all season tires good enough?

    Hey, Ski season is approaching and I'm getting excited to start visiting Big Bear and Mammoth mountain but I'm a bit worried how the all seasons will perform in snow. Previously I always put on winter tires around the end of October but in San Diego that's not really an option. Should I...
  32. twonius

    What's the furthest south a US Tesla has gone

    I guess with the new store in Mexico city it'll become more of a possibility but so far, what's the furthest south of the border anyone's been?
  33. twonius

    Center Conssole Door Stuck

    Has anyone gotten their center console door stuck before? I think it managed to suck in a receipt as it was opening and now i've only managed to get it closed once. As soon as I opened it again I heard the sound of paper which is what I assume is jamming it up. I felt around the bottom but...
  34. twonius

    Roadster Review

  35. twonius

    Anyone renting on Turo?

    Since I don't need my car absolutely every day to get to work (thanks MTS!) I was considering renting it out maybe 1 week a month on Turo to cover costs . I have some friends who do this in Norway for the same reason with Nabobil with decent results. Anyone had experience with Turo...
  36. twonius

    DU failures... Still a thing?

    I haven't heard much about newer drive units failing lately. Have the gremlins finally been exterminated in the later revisions or has the world just reached the acceptance stage of the grieving process?
  37. twonius

    Facelift without premium pack.. Frunk space?

    ok the new 60 has moved me from a potential CPO buyer to a likely new buyer. (Damn you Elon) I don't suffer from allergies and am not impressed with the performance of the adaptive headlamps. So I'm considering suffering the indignity of opening my own trunk and skipping the premium package...
  38. twonius

    Buying out friend's lease - Double sales taxation?

    My friend's lease is coming to an end and fortunately for me he lives in Michigan, which hates Teslas so he's not planning to keep it. He still loves the car and wants to see it stay with his friends, family though (lucky me). Anyways the lease residual on his car is a screaming deal, but if...
  39. twonius

    Reuters article: Tesla warranty costs

    A bit clickbait-y, i think they burried the context here Link: High warranty costs reflect Tesla’s struggle with quality I think Daimler is the correct comparison here and Tesla comes out looking pretty good considering Tesla's lineup is all < 4 years old. MB on the on the other hand is...
  40. twonius

    The Incredible Shrinking Frunk

    It looks like whether or not you get Dual motor or Bio Defense, Facelifts will have a smaller frunk. (skip to 1:44)
  41. twonius

    Living without home charging in downtown San Diego?

    hey I'm looking at moving to little Italy but I'm not sure how I'll get buy with the charging infrastructure downtown. I have about a 10 mile commute and there's a charger near work but not many buildings have charging in little Italy. Will I not have trouble finding public charging or should I...
  42. twonius

    Pre / Post refresh: What will you call them?

    I know the roadsters use releases like software (1.0, 2.0 etc) I've even seen a bit of this with Porsche on the 997 (997.1) I've also heard pre-autopilot cars called "classics" but now that there are essentially 3 flavors of Model S this seems like it's not enough.

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