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  1. habanero69

    Do ALL New 2022 Model S Ordered Come With the Yoke? I ordered in October and it shows it will be supplied with the yoke. I'm sort of on the fence..

    I think I'd prefer to just go with the standard wheel, but if it shows up with the yoke it won't be a no-go. Is there an official way to reach out to tesla to see what options are other than trying an unlikely phone call to a human or ask/confirm in the app where the car is in order/verify status?
  2. habanero69

    Model S 2022 - Is There the TESLA Lettering (strip?) right below where the trunk closes like the 2016 and earlier have ?

    I cannot definitively tell from rear end angled Model S 2022 pictures on the Tesla website or other ramdom site pictures, whether there is the the thin tapered strip (chrome/black) with the raised TESLA block font lettering that exists. I dont see after market parties providing skins or letter...
  3. habanero69

    “Service Request” notification

    I assume this is NOT a mobile service capable fix?
  4. habanero69

    Alarm Mode and Lightening

    Has anyone had issue with the Alarm being set off by either lightening or thunder? Its happened several times and I don't know what the exact 1 of the 2 is the cause. I believe it's the lightening, but the loud thunder rumble might really be the cause. Once I get the ap alert, being away...
  5. habanero69

    Recalls for loose bolt

    Can anyone show an image of what the bolts look like? My wife found a bolt in our driveway and threw it away thinking it was construction debris since homes are still being built on our street. :( It could also be related to my S. That would be a bummer.
  6. habanero69

    Tesmanian Model Y spoiler matte black

    I don't know about the Tesmanian made version's overall quality, but quality of carbon fiber (CF) varies greatly. Also, some people, possibly your husband, just like the look of CF better than matte or gloss black plastics. I have a CF on my S that is 4 years old. It is gloss CF, and was made...
  7. habanero69

    Driver side mirror does not fully adjust

    I'm guessing there's an issue with the mirror. Your height would not have any affect unless it's a vertical adjustment you are missing. I would think for blind spot it would be horizontal. MY will adjust further than I need so again, probably issue that service should check.
  8. habanero69

    Lets see some different aftermarket wheels

    #1, is that a wrap (I'm guessing no), and #2, if it's not WHAT are you using to get such a mirror shine/reflection? Most I've seen so far. :)
  9. habanero69

    Paint repair of scratches from road debris

    I had this guy fix my Model S TWICE where the garage door moving down scratched my bumper WAY WORSE, and he was able to fix in about one hour and you can never tell. About $100-200 was all it cost. https://fixmypaint.com/ Might want to give him a try if able.
  10. habanero69

    Error showing with Samsung usb for recording?

    I feel your frustration. For now, I'm using a very old Sony USB stick with only 32GB; even has poor write speed compared to today's devices. It works until I figure out what to do next. I've not tried to format my Samsung SSD drive from a computer (other than thru car), so I may try that. I...
  11. habanero69

    Possible Wifi Fix for Those That Can't Connect - Check Network Name Error

    I've been dealing with a new Y since delivery on Sept 12th, where it will not connect to ANY wifi network other than my or my wife's iphone's hot spot. My 2 home networks, nope. My ATT portable LTE hotspot, nope. A local Starbux hotspot, nope. Zip, nada. Always failed with "network connection...
  12. habanero69

    Error showing with Samsung usb for recording?

    I have a Samsung SSD 1TB drive that has been working fine UP UNTIL I took this weekends firmware upgrade for the Y. Now sentry will not work at all. It keeps requiring me to format the drive, but as soon as I leave the car, it shuts down any recording by the sentry mode. The car went in for...
  13. habanero69

    My New Y Nearly Stopped.......... for a tree leaf

    I haven sentry, but I've not learned all its in and outs. I know I have the horn honk set to record the last 30 seconds or whatever it does, but I didn't think to do that. I still don't know enough about sentry mode. i.e. Is it recording all the time even when in motion, or just when parked...
  14. habanero69

    My New Y Nearly Stopped.......... for a tree leaf

    Picked up new MY Saturday. Was driving today on divided four lane state highway. Median separated the double lanes had trees of all sizes, most fairly large. Car was on cruise, but not autopilot; 60mph. Out of the left corner of my eye, I caught a decent sized tree leaf beginning to tumble...
  15. habanero69

    iPhone Ringtone - Musk "Bring on the Cybertruck"

    Thought it would be cute as ringtone or sound effect to use as you wish. M
  16. habanero69

    Late 2016 / Early 2017 S Owners: How Are Your Daytime Running Lights Holding Up?

    I had passenger side replaced on a 2016 refresh. I noticed a ballast hum coming from the light when off shortly after getting car. I was told on this forum it was a sign that it would eventually quit. About a year later it did. Service replaced. If they are LED I can't see why there would be...
  17. habanero69

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    That’s why many pack. And I’m not talking about an overnight suitcase.:cool:
  18. habanero69

    Gurgling bubbling sounds from my 85D

    I'm OCD so as long as I know it's not something about to break or fail, I can live with it. I'd rather it not be there, but since mine's gone away with warmer weather, I will just take it in stride. Mode meds if it's not. :(
  19. habanero69

    240 outlet in garage and quad 20-40-40-20 circuit breaker

    I don't know of anywhere that requires by code a GFCI or ACI breaker for an EV outlet. Why would they? EV cables, at least Tesla, are make connections by the control power prongs before energizing high power, so unless there is a breach in the charging cable and you were to have the ability...
  20. habanero69

    HVAC Fan Seed Falls Back to 1 After Leaving Car

    I still have the issue. I have a service appointment on Monday for a few things so I will ask if it’s a known feature.:(
  21. habanero69

    Einhorn - Tesla on Brink.... again.......

    Hedge fund manager David Einhorn slams Tesla: 'The wheels are falling off'
  22. habanero69

    Gurgling bubbling sounds from my 85D

    Mine has seemed to have gone away with the warming of the weather here in FLorida. Mine must have just been the A/C refrigerant bubbling because of temps as some suggested to me. :cool:
  23. habanero69

    2016 Tesla Brake Issues with Low Miles.

    I have a 2016, Sep delivered S70 that has just started to do the vibration when braking. It does not always do it, and it is not severe, but bothers me nonetheless. I am in FLorida so no extreme temps/snow. I don't think I've ever braked hard at all except once for some idiot that cut me off...
  24. habanero69

    Gurgling bubbling sounds from my 85D

    If A/C is off, it stops almost immediately. Thanks. I think I just noticed sound due to recent frigid temps in FLorida o_O
  25. habanero69

    Gurgling bubbling sounds from my 85D

    2016 Model 75 here just started noticing this exact noise. Sounds like refrigerant boing off or something. Almost repeats itself every 30 seconds or so, basic same repeating over and over. Def not related to battery coolant as I only hear with A/C on; no, heat not on. Turn A/C off and it...
  26. habanero69

    No surround sound?

    =====> I have played with the 'immersive' setting, and I found the difference between off/standard/high to be subtle/minimal. ^^^^^^^^^^ Totally agree...o_O
  27. habanero69

    Headlight auto dimming override?

    You have better "on" time than me. I can almost NEVER get them to stay on. I think it detects a car before it even sees light and dims. o_O
  28. habanero69

    Weird TuneIn "Loading Error" Bug

    I get my share too. Also, every time I leave the house, the radio will not reconnect when dropping wifi and picking up LTE. Worked for 18 months, now not in 8 months. a DRAG.
  29. habanero69

    HVAC Fan Seed Falls Back to 1 After Leaving Car

    I did the last firmware upgrade and one annoying issue has cropped up that I could not find thru search. When I exited the car before, when I returned, the A/C fan was where I left it OR maybe up 1 level. Now when I return it is always on level 1. In South FLorida, that sucks. Should it not...
  30. habanero69

    Model 3 - SN1 - Anyone catch the door handles?

    What about it can detect any pressure on the rear/fat portion which causes it to auto-swivel out some fixed amount, and you can then grab? Once fully deployed by pulling/opening the door, when released it then closes flush. I can see that... :cool:
  31. habanero69

    My Tesla Home Charging Setup

    I WANT one of your digital power monitors. I assume you built it? Share the plans? :cool:
  32. habanero69

    Tesla Branded Music Service?

    My jaw dropped when I heard. Can they first fix all of the issues we here on the boards keep identifying OVER and OVER? Open the car up to 3rd part apps too. Elon can re-land a rocket on a postage size barge in the middle of an ocean but not get the current audio/entertainment system to be...
  33. habanero69

    Opposition to Mars

    Problem #1 IS Maher. Lib nut IMO.
  34. habanero69

    Charge port service on 2 day old S75

    Bummer. Welcome to Tesla's inconsistent QC/QA. At least it's not too serious a fix I'd expect. My delivery came with non-working brake and flickering tail lights... that I didn't know about till I was followed by wife in her car. Quickly fixed, but still a bummer on day one.
  35. habanero69

    Predicting Initial Model 3 Options and Cost

    A base 3 P75D approx $8K over a S 75D? Just can't see that...
  36. habanero69

    Ugly Wood Trim Strip

    Camo duct tape for the win. :oops:
  37. habanero69

    Rocklin, CA supercharger destroyed my tire

    I'm having a hard time visualizing what actually cut the tire wall. I see what appears to be a concrete bumper like in most parking lots, but I assume that was not it. It would put you too far back in the stall and on top of the other facing car. Tesla NOT stocking the tires is odd and...
  38. habanero69

    Does the 12v Outlet have constant power?

    My 2016 refreshed S AP1 (delivery Sep 2016) DOES NOT stay hot. After car is left/doors closed, it turns off. :(
  39. habanero69

    Blog Fisker Drops New Images of 400-Mile Electric Range EMotion

    Reminds me of part 370Z ish rear and Vette front end. Pics are not really worth much as presented. A wait and see for sure. And how do you charge away from home??? o_O
  40. habanero69

    Parking sensor in wheel arch

    Add a little duck tape in the meantime... :p
  41. habanero69

    66"x54" Tesla Area Rug

    Sent PM
  42. habanero69

    What do you think of this? Early buyers of Tesla's Model 3 get two choices: color, wheel size

    I was on the call and heard what he said. He indicated that there would be only a couple of choices as in probably color and wheel size. NO one challenged him if he was to be taken literally, and nothing further was said or elaborated on. I personally don't think it will be ONLY those 2...
  43. habanero69

    [Unverified] Defective Design- A Disaster

    I would have to agree that driving any distance with a broken steering arm would have been nearly impossible. Unless it basically, finally broke at/near the destination. I'd like to see more pics too. The 1 provided doesn't show us anything.
  44. habanero69

    No replacement for the 90D

    I see no reason to drop the S ever (realistically speaking). They would drop the S and only have the 3 for a sedan? Makes zero sense. The S will become the luxury car (from the inside) it might should have been if you listen to all those that compare the interior to everything from a VW to a...
  45. habanero69

    [Unverified] Defective Design- A Disaster

    I don't agree. It is entirely possible to strike something large enough to do considerable damage to ANY car without being able to see it as you drive. He didn't indicate if it was at night, but that still is not a requirement for hitting something you did not see. Concrete blocks blend into...
  46. habanero69

    What's the surprise at Semi unveiling?

    I don't think it will be that, BUT, that is an interesting proposition. Imagine if they were to offer "AUTONOMOUS" freight transportation services with pickup and delivery, all without a driver. That could provide a much needed revenue stream... :cool:
  47. habanero69

    Blog Elon Musk Will Work on Production Line to Study Safety

    I'd like to see him on the "QA" line. THAT is for sure a need. ;)
  48. habanero69

    Elon Musk: Departing presidential councils

    Please enlighten us on exactly what that $500 mil got us? 3 Trillion $ is supposed to get us .2 degrees over many years. Laughable. :rolleyes:
  49. habanero69

    Elon Musk: Departing presidential councils

    Anderson Cooper is a fake. Period. Add him to Dan Rather and Brian Williams. ALL FAKES. :mad:

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