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    Help me understand my options for backing up circuits using a single Powerwall.

    I'm running out of time to make final decisions to lock on Tesla's commitment of the 2020 tax credit value. With a single Powerwall what can I back up on this breaker box? I know all the 15/20 amp outlets and lights aren't an issue. It's the 30amp and higher circuits that I'll have to make...
  2. IMG_20201122_202847


    Breaker Box
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    My 2020 credit is guaranteed by rebate, would there be a benefit in requesting a 2021 install date?

    Just for clarification, yes, Tesla guarantees that if all of your paperwork is in order by December 1st then you are guaranteed to get the 2020 tax credit. Maybe that's through them installing it by December 31st, maybe its a discount off the price if the installation slips to January. It is...
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    My 2020 credit is guaranteed by rebate, would there be a benefit in requesting a 2021 install date?

    Obviously there's the time value of money - if I get the system installed in December then I get my money back a lot quicker than if I have it installed in January. But is there any compelling reason you all can think of to request a January/February installation? Is there perhaps a chance that...
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    My ROI is about 14 years, are there any other hidden savings that could help this make sense?

    Thanks for the help everyone. I've decided to go solar with an 8.16 kw setup for the increased home value, the immeasurable but helpful roof shading, and a desire to do my part for the environment. Because my utility offers net metering I couldn't find any compelling reasons to get the...
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    My A/C unit has a LRA of 38 amps. Can a single Powerwall support that?

    I'm in Maryland, if it matters. I can barely justify the cost of a single Powerwall for the rare power outage, but I can live with the price as long as it keeps the AC and some lights on the second floor on. Will one Powerwall be able to supply enough power to start my AC unit?
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    My ROI is about 14 years, are there any other hidden savings that could help this make sense?

    Energy is dirt cheap in Maryland and my roof orientation is sub-optimal. I just moved into a new construction home but nobody can predict where they're going to live in 14 years. Are there any other ways that solar saves you money that could possibly shave a couple years off of this ROI?
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    X 2020 new or X pre-2017 used / free supercharging for regular long trips?

    I've owned Teslas since 2013 and have supercharged four times in my life. I feel like free supercharging is just an extension of range anxiety, where you think it'll be a big deal before you buy the car and then you find out its not a big deal at all. Specific to your circumstance, I wouldn't...
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    Is there any advantage to using a GEN3 charger if my GEN1 charger still works fine?

    My mistake, what I have is classified as a travel charger. The charger that comes "free" with the car.
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    Is there any advantage to using a GEN3 charger if my GEN1 charger still works fine?

    I can either buy an adapter to allow my GEN3 charger to work, or I can just keep using the GEN1 adapter I have leftover from when I traded in my old S. Is there any reason I should make the change to GEN3?
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    X or S?

    The S is backbreaking with kids. It was really not designed to tote a family.
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    Model X section 168 bonus depreciation

    I hate the term IRS Red Flag. If you aren't cheating on your taxes, then absolutely nothing should stop you from leveraging every letter of the law to reduce your taxable liability. Do not voluntarily pay additional taxes because of a perceived reduction in audit probability.
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    Possible wind noise around drivers side mirror Model X Raven

    I was just in the shop for the same reason. They replaced both mirrors and the whistling is gone.
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    New LR OR Wait...

    Buy the car and then stop reading the internet. You'll be much happier.
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    Demo 2020 Perf Model X California Save $14580 Red/Black/6 seater

    I haven't been impressed with my inside sales guy. Want to connect outside of this messageboard and work together or should I just sit tight and watch for your posts?
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    Demo 2020 Perf Model X California Save $14580 Red/Black/6 seater

    Is there any way for non-employees to find these deals?
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    Demo 2020 Perf Model X California Save $14580 Red/Black/6 seater

    Well here's what I'm looking for just in case you stumble across something similar. Model X Black/Gray/Silver Exterior Black Interior 6 or 7 seater Non performance. No FSD It doesn't necessarily have to be a flaming red hot deal. It just has to be appreciably better than what I can buy a brand...
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    Demo 2020 Perf Model X California Save $14580 Red/Black/6 seater

    What's your secret to finding these demo cars? I'm in the market for a 2020 X 6 or 7 seater. Too soon to find used options but demo options could be available?
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    What year did they 'perfect' the manufacturing of the X?

    In some circles they say 2016 was the year that Tesla really figured out the S. Reliability became outstanding, fit & finish improved markedly, autopilot came into its own. I'm looking to trade my S for an X. What should my limit be for model year?
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    Family man finding the S a little too tight. Is the X significantly better with kids?

    When I purchased my S in 2016 my family was only two. Now its four, and the S is tough with two baby seats. Really only good for local drives and even then its tight getting the kids in and out. We have a Highlander so I we don't really NEED two SUV's but the falcon wing doors seem like...
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    Is Bioweapon worth it?

    It's an overpriced air filter with a silly name.
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    Would you buy again MS with MCU1 or wait couple of yrs to get newer model?

    MCU2 is definitely nicer, but you're going to pay a LOT of extra money to eliminate some very minor, very tolerable hitching compared to MCU1. The only way I could ever justify an upgrade is if I intended to get a lot of use out of the built in web browser.
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    about to buy a cpo model s. IS AP2 that much better than AP1?

    AP1 is really good, AP2 and 2.5 are better but its not worth paying more for.
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    Tesla Changes Service Requirements - 3rd and 4th Year No Longer Needed?

    Hummm I'm on year three and never got a drive unit or break fluid service. Am I killing my car?
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    lost in value compensation

    The word you're looking for is diminished value. On cheaper cars you can just ask the other guy's insurance for an offer and take what they give you, but on a $100,000 car sustaining $20,000 in damages you should be talking to a lawyer that specializes in DV.
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    I'm in mourning...

    Hard to go back to an ICE after you've driven electric. I've always told people that I don't know if my next car will be a Tesla or not, but it will be electric.
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    Bluetooth phone as key is coming to Model S and Model X

    If there was an app that could set the Bixby button on my Galaxy Note, or even just be a one-touch option on my homescreen, to unlock and start my S, I would pay $15.00 for it.
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    Anyone have a successful Diminished Value / Loss of Use Claim?

    The laws are ultra-specific to the state. I've successfully been awarded diminished value three times (never in my Tesla) without ever hiring a lawyer. But those were in cars worth $10k-$15k. Given the value of your car my only advice is that you are 100% in lawyer territory here. Do not try...
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    Hepa Filter Biodefense Model Upgrade and Option Code

    Can't believe how much they used to charge for that feature.
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    Has anyone ordered the “Full self-driving” option and took delivery yet?

    If you believe in the technology, and believe in the mission, buy stock in the company.
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    Anyone have experience with diminished value claims?

    Get it patched up to your satisfaction first. Once that's done, contact the representative from the OTHER guy's insurance that you gave your side of the story to and notify them that you're seeking diminished value. They'll most likely send you off to somebody else. How it goes from there...
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    Out of curiosity, what do you hate about your Tesla?

    The display is unacceptably slow and hasn't been updated since the car was released in 2012. For what this vehicle costs, and given the target demographic, something in the ballpark of Android smoothness is a reasonable expectation. The navigation system is abominable.
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    32 Hour Drive in 2 Consecutive Days...Thank You AP1!

    I always knew I'd use AP on the highway. I never anticipated that the best use for it is in stop-and-go traffic.
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    navigation- Tesla navigation poor safer to use mobile phone with google maps

    I wish car manufacturers would stop trying to be unique and just license Google Maps in their vehicles. There isn't a proprietary navigation system out there even half as good as Maps.
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    Are the premium upgrades worth $5,000?

    I don't fault anyone for buying an $80,000 vehicle and loading it up with options, but from a pragmatic standpoint the PUP is a very poor value for the money. I wouldn't even pay $2,000 for those features.
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    Is my $7500 tax credit in jeopardy

    I categorically disagree. I think it will hurt Tesla the least, but adding $7500/$3250 to the price of every electric vehicle sold over the next two years is going to cost them some business.
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    Is my $7500 tax credit in jeopardy

    For starters it adds $7,500 to the price of every person anxiously waiting on that long Model 3 preorder list.
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    Is my $7500 tax credit in jeopardy

    Wonder if wiping out that tax credit was a subtle ****-you to Elon for quitting the panel he was on.
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    Diminished value claim...

    Not in my Tesla but I can give you two examples in Maryland. Vehicle: Hyundai Tucson Estimated Value Before Collision: $17,650.00 Damage: Rear ended. Most of the trunk had to be replaced. Cost to Repair: $1,765.00 Diminished Value Offer: $882.50 Vehicle: Hyundai Tucson Estimated Value...
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    I got locked out of my car!

    You can unlock doors with the Tesla app. You can even start the car.
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    Just for fun I went back

    It's funny how owners both love and distrust Tesla at the same time. Like I said earlier in this thread: You have to buy your car based on what it is right now. Because they'll change their plans on a whim without muttering a word about it. I'm especially worried about people who prepaid for...
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    Just for fun I went back

    People have to buy a Tesla for what it is right now. Because that's all you're guaranteed to get. A car that valets itself, phone mirroring, a freaking autonomous taxi service, are all dreams that Elon had but he bares no obligation to deliver on any of them. It's a very sloppy PR method that he...
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    Considering Used Model S vs New Model 3...

    Tesla isn't a fantastic car manufacturer. They just have a fantastic model - and that's the S. It took some time to become a reliable car but right around 2014/2015 everything clicked and it started winning awards and earning recognition for being more than an ipad on wheels. It culminated with...
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    Confused on Tinting in AZ

    Just want to throw another vote out there for PhotoSync. I've always gotten premium tint jobs in the past, but this is the strongest heat rejection I've ever felt. Just make sure you get a light layer on the roof too.
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    Advice needed! Is saving $12k worth having no warranty in 10k miles?

    I'd do it. I think you'll find most people have far more warranty calls in miles 0-10,000 than they do 10,000-100,000.
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    After the M3 Reveal, Who Regrets Their Recent Model S Purchase?

    The following remark: "Yeah, 'cause it works so much better when nobody buys the early production vehicles" You're saying that we have a duty to purchase early production vehicles to "make it work better" for Tesla. I feel nothing of the sort, and recommend based on experiences with the S and...
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    After the M3 Reveal, Who Regrets Their Recent Model S Purchase?

    I have no obligation to beta test a vehicle for a billionaire. I purchased the S because it was a great car, not to sacrifice $90,000 of my own money at the EV movement.
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    Model 3 vs. Model S Wars

    I would agree that Tesla did a poor job of significantly differentiating the vehicles. The difference in size and the "premium" interior features unique to the S just don't justify the staggering price difference. I think they're going to see some serious cannibalization.
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    After the M3 Reveal, Who Regrets Their Recent Model S Purchase?

    It took four years for the S to be a car reliable enough to purchase. Frankly the X still isn't there yet. I can't believe people want the first 3's off the line.

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