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  1. whttiger25

    Thankful for biodefense mode

    Never imagined I’d be using it as much as I have been the last week. Thought it was a fun gimmick when I bought the car but now I truly have experienced the real value of it.
  2. whttiger25

    New vampire drain after updating to 2020.28.5

    My 2020 LR+ was losing 3-4 miles a day very consistently. I updated to this new version yesterday evening, and awoke this morning to a loss of 8 miles in 12 hours. I'm watching it today and it's lost 2 more miles in just 3 hours. Sentry off, cabin overheat protection off, I didn't use or enter...
  3. whttiger25

    Was FSD Worth it to you?

  4. whttiger25

    Brand new car, squeaky a/c

    Has anyone else experienced a quiet but annoying and constant squeaky sound when running the a/c in a brand new model s? Not the fan, goes away when turning off a/c and leaving fan running.
  5. whttiger25

    Help with USB Music

    Hi all, I just upgraded my car from a 2017 to 2020 model S, moving from MCU1 to MCU2. I reformatted my USB drive into two partitions to enable both TeslaCam and Music with one physical drive. I have about 500 GB of FLAC music on the music partition. It worked fine (obviously very slow to...
  6. whttiger25

    Model S Trade-in heads up

    Just want to give everyone a heads up here. I had Tesla value my 2017 100D as a trade in (AP2.0, cloth seats, only options Blue+EAP) with 53k miles at $40,500 on a trade in. I thought it was a real lowball, and took it to Carmax who gave me $46,000. Only downside is it takes 10 days for their...
  7. whttiger25

    Tax on FSD after Delivery?

    Hello, My understanding of California law is that an OTA software update, where nothing physical changes hands, cannot be taxed. I'm looking at the $7000 upgrade on an existing inventory order, and wondering if I should wait till after delivery to buy it? I can't get straight answers from...
  8. whttiger25

    Autopilot Lane Change question

    Does currently standard autopilot include lane changes with the turn signal? The language on the Tesla website about FSD including "automatic lane changes" to me isn't clear - is it the navigate by autopilot lane changes only, or does it include driver-directed lane changes as well? It's a...
  9. whttiger25

    EV Savings after 2.5 years and 44,000 miles

    Hey all, I wanted to share a screen shot of a spreadsheet I built to track the true cost of my Model S. My goal was to quantify the statement "electric cars are cheaper to run, thus you can afford to pay more for one than a comparable gas car". At the time I bought the car, given how much I...
  10. whttiger25

    Massive increase in vampire drain for 2019.32.31

    Hi all, my vampire drain increased dramatically when I moved to 32.31, and still exists with my recent upgrade to 32.31.1. it went from 2-3 mi per day to more than 10! Energy saving still on, sentry mode still off. As is parked in a cool garage that never leaves the 60-70 degree range. I have...
  11. whttiger25

    Should have paid $30 for Valet!

    Went to a show at the Paramount theater in Oakland last night. Drove past valet parking for $30, thought, why not circle the block and just see...found a great parking spot! 20th st, between telegraph and San Pablo. Came back from the show to this: 5D89B054-D4E8-4B9C-A005-F6E3019D3607 by...
  12. whttiger25

    Current blind spot for Autopilot

    I've now had two instances highlighting the same weakness of current AP 2.0 technology that I would like to share. I use autopilot with a following distance of 6 or 7, which usually gives enough space for vehicles to change lanes in front of me and for autopilot to adjust to the new car. In...
  13. whttiger25

    End of Year Goals for Tesla

    Earlier this year, Tesla updated their supercharger map, with nearly double the supercharger locations predicted in the US by the end of the year. I was impressed and assumed they were rolling out a major initiative to begin construction across the country. Months later, however, I see no...
  14. whttiger25

    Supercharging cost and charger efficiency

    Living in a state for which Tesla charges for Supercharging based on kWh (California, $0.20), and preparing to take delivery of my new vehicle (after saying goodbye to my S with free supercharging) I have two questions I hope someone with experience paying for Supercharging can answer. 1) Is...
  15. whttiger25

    Air suspension Required on S100D after April 24

    I just talked to a Tesla Sales Rep, and confirmed that half of the $5000 price increase in the S100D on April 24 is coming from the required addition of the Air suspension. So, if it was something you were going to get anyway, the price increase is really only $2500. If you didn't want the air...
  16. whttiger25

    Model S saved my life

    Thursday evening my friend and I were driving home from Berkeley, CA to the Oakland hills on grizzly peak blvd. Driving perhaps a tad too spirited, a deer appeared at a curve at the worst possible moment. I instinctively (mistakenly) swerved to avoid it and my car ended up over the edge. We...
  17. whttiger25

    Supercharger Charge vs SOC Peculuarity

    Hi all - I have a pre-face lift 90D, February 2016 build. I've experienced some throttling issues at superchargers but have had enough experience at Superchargers that weren't throttled to make an observation about my vehicle because the same pattern has happened many times. The situation is I...
  18. whttiger25

    Reus audio 2.5 vs 3.0

    I'm having trouble deciding between the two. I am starting from the base system not UHFD. I listen to electronic (more dub, ambient, trance than house/techno), rock/alternative, hip hop, trip hop, classical, jazz. Not looking for insane volume just rich and detailed sound. Will I regret 2.5 vs...

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