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  1. DC Autocraft

    Use Tesla owned or Tesla approved body shop

    Matching paint is pretty easy; a decent shop can take care of that without issue. However, we recommend being more selective when it comes to structural repairs. We're biased, of course :)
  2. DC Autocraft

    SoCal Body shop recommendation

    Hope you get your car back in short order!
  3. DC Autocraft

    Do I need to go to a Tesla approved Body Shop to have a Rocker Panel repair done?

    It's not 100% to tell from just photos and your description... We'd recommend getting a high quality shop familiar with Teslas to do proper inspection (i.e. looking behind the panel) to ensure no that there is no undercarriage damage to the battery. It's important to keep in mind that body work...
  4. DC Autocraft

    Show off your aftermarket Model X wheels...

    ^^wow that looks great!
  5. DC Autocraft

    Need to know how to replace front plate holder mounting for usa model s 2017 facelift.

    Agreed. There'd be noticeable damage if the plate fell off with the bolts installed correctly.
  6. DC Autocraft

    Leaving Tesla in a body shop. Battery question

    Most shops that are capable of working on a Tesla should know to keep the car charged up :)
  7. DC Autocraft

    Maybe I'll get Lucky

    Wow, that is a big hit! Glad that you're just a little sore!
  8. DC Autocraft

    Salvaged or no?

    Hope all the passengers are ok!
  9. DC Autocraft

    Model X FWD damage | Hit garage wall

    Don't worry, we've seen much worse !:) Hope that it gets fixed in a timely manner.
  10. DC Autocraft

    Nooooooooo!!! *Fender Bender*

    Glad that it's a minor bump!
  11. DC Autocraft

    MS Service Experience Augurs Well for Upcoming M3 Ownership!

    Glad to hear about the optimistic experience!
  12. DC Autocraft

    Can this Model S Quarter Panel be repaired?

    There may be a chance that PDR can work. Just make sure that they won't compromise the structural integrity of panel by drilling a hole to gain access to performing the paintless dent removal. That's a tricky spot to get right, but definitely worth starting a few conversations.
  13. DC Autocraft

    Body shop help!

    Insurance companies can recommend shops, but you have the right to choose what shop you want to do the work. Non-Tesla Approved Body Shops are only restricted from getting structural and mechanical parts. Don't worry, you'll be back to 100% soon!
  14. DC Autocraft

    ACCIDENT!!! Oh No!!!!

    If Burbank isn't too far, we can give you an estimate Monday morning :)
  15. DC Autocraft

    Minor accident, looking for some advice

  16. DC Autocraft

    Minor accident, looking for some advice

    Generally, insurance companies have the right to pay a certain (i.e. lower) rate for non-structural repairs. Some shops will then ask the customer to pay the difference. This is more common with shops that are newer to the Approved Body Shop program. The way we - and I'm sure many other shops -...
  17. DC Autocraft

    Minor accident, looking for some advice

    Since the other party has already admitted fault, it would be less complicated to work directly with the other party's insurance company. However, you may have to submit a claim through your company if the other party's coverage isn't high enough to cover the repairs + rental.
  18. DC Autocraft

    Beside myself with saddness!!!

    Sorry to see this happen and also glad that the car kept everyone safe (Q7's are big!). Based on the limited perspective of the original photo, the quarter panel most likely needs to be replaced. It is a good idea to ask the shop you choose to let you keep driving it if they don't have access...
  19. DC Autocraft

    Minor Accident.

    The part about the raw plastic bumper is correct. It needs to be sealed and primed. However, the fenders only need to be blended when replacing the hood or if the hood has damage that is being repaired within 6-12” of the adjacent fender. There are a lot of variables here and it's tough to offer...
  20. DC Autocraft

    Accident and Repairs

    Congrats on this beauty! Glad to see a happy outcome!
  21. DC Autocraft

    Accident and Repairs

    Hope that it's just a mix up and not fraud. And hope that this gets resolved for you soon!
  22. DC Autocraft

    Parts Availability

    Which parts and what model year? We can try to give you an idea on how long we're waiting (if at all) for those parts.
  23. DC Autocraft

    This is why Teslas are totaled so easily

    @Mike K How badly damaged is the radiator support? Replacing the radiator support is rather involved and a certified shop may not be willing to try just 'get by' with the repair. Certified shops should aim to bring the car back to manufacture's specs, which isn't always the most cost efficient...
  24. DC Autocraft

    Body shop repair >2 months no end it sight

    From our professional perspective, getting parts has substantially improved. @Dave e., hope that you get your car back soon!
  25. DC Autocraft

    How bad is this damage; what are my options

    Bummer that this happened, but the good thing is that everyone is safe! It looks like you will need the rear quarter panel replaced, but we can't be sure until inspecting it in person. The one piece of good news that we can offer is that this part is a lot more available than it used to and...
  26. DC Autocraft

    What to do with Model X in repair

    We certainly understand how frustrating this situation can be, especially when you've paid up for an innovative, luxury vehicle. However, we should take a step back and look at how far Tesla has come (i.e. multiple production vehicles) in such a short period of time. While it's true that BMW and...
  27. DC Autocraft

    Any recommendations for body shops in LA area (valley)?

    Where did you end up going? :) Hope everything is going smoothly!
  28. DC Autocraft

    Vendor Technician wanted (Los Angeles)

    We're expanding and are looking to hire an experienced, Tesla-certified technician. We are located in Burbank, repair a lot of Teslas (briefly talked about in our intro post), and offer a compelling compensation plan. If interested, please reach out here or by email ([email protected]). Thanks!
  29. DC Autocraft

    Accident and Repairs

    Zack, We aren't able to comment without inspecting the vehicle in person. Additionally, assessment of damage typically isn't complete until some parts are removed from the car as many safety features engineered into modern cars are hidden from the exterior. Keep us in the loop with what happens!
  30. DC Autocraft

    Accident and Repairs

    Bummer to be rearended while you were stopped, but glad to hear that the car did a good job protecting the precious cargo!
  31. DC Autocraft

    Non approved body shop

    As a Tesla Approved Body Shop, we wanted to offer our perspective on this topic. A Tesla Approved Body Shop means that all technicians who work on your car have gone through extensive, Tesla-specific training. Tesla Approved Shops typically repair more Teslas than non-approved shops and thus...
  32. DC Autocraft

    Show off your aftermarket Model X wheels...

    Looks amazing with the chrome hidden!
  33. DC Autocraft

    Model x repainted classic brown.

    So great that you turned an unfortunate event into something awesome! Love the brown on the Model X!
  34. DC Autocraft

    Vendor Tesla Approved Body Shop in Los Angeles

    Hey Everyone, We're excited to be a new vendor on the forum! We are a Tesla Approved Body Shop located in Burbank, CA and primarily service the greater Los Angeles Area. We've repaired 1,000+ Tesla vehicles (includes hundreds Model X's!) - from minor bumps to significant structural damage...

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