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    Supercharger - Asheville, NC (Whole Foods)

    Asheville is also roughly at the middle of the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC and gets a lot of traffic from that during peak seasons.
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    Supercharger - Pigeon Forge, TN

    Great update! Thanks! Looks like the destination chargers by REI are going to become less useful (for a good reason, not a bad one)! Looks like a coffee shop, a candy shop, and a distillery in the same shopping center as the only immediate food options. A deli, a local pizza place, a Honeybaked...
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    Looks like price increased 500 just now.

    That's not inflation. That's a screwed up short-term market that was disrupted by a pandemic. Prices will eventually reset because the global auto industry is fiercely competitive. Suppliers will ramp up production, auto manufacturers will ramp their production back up, etc. I will almost...
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    Looks like price increased 500 just now.

    I definitely don't like this trend! I have an 11-year old Audi Q5 (~115k miles) that I was considering replacing at some point in 2020-2021. With full-time telework during covid, I have easily made it through 2020. I've been thinking maybe I would pull the trigger on a Model Y this summer...
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    Supercharger - Pigeon Forge, TN

    FWIW, the REI in Pigeon Forge has 6 destination chargers that are free and seem to have consistent charging rates. Lots of positive reviews on Plugshare just this week with 10-11kw. Still not as good as a supercharger, but may be better for you than having to drive out to the Knoxville one just...
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    Supercharger - Greenville, AL

    Hopefully there will also be some relief provided to the I85 and I65 routes once the new sites in Columbus and Dothan are both online (Columbus is already online, but Dothan will make a bigger impact, IMO). That will pull some of the traffic heading to the panhandle to the east.
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    Supercharger - Pigeon Forge, TN

    Yeah, I doubt it will be built quite that soon. I'm curious which direction you're coming from and heading toward? Always along 75 or 40? If on 40, it looks like a Pilot Travel Center near Waynesville is getting a DC fast charger (CCS and Chademo) soon. That could be a nice backup option for...
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    Supercharger - Pigeon Forge, TN

    As an Atlanta-area resident who regularly visits GSMNP, I am very happy to see a new "coming soon" supercharger listed in Pigeon Forge. Supercharge.info does not yet have any information about it, but Tesla is estimating Q3 2021, so more info should certainly be out on location and permits...
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    Trade-In: What Pictures Do I Need?

    That is true in most, but possibly not all, states.
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    Supercharger - Buford, GA

    I wonder if they will do deliveries here or if people will still have to go to Decatur (at least I think everyone has had to go to Decatur, right?)
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    Have we all been played by Tesla?

    Clearly the multi-coat paints are more trouble. I'm sure it's why there are fewer of them coming out of the factory and why they're now $500 more than the others.
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    Have we all been played by Tesla?

    Wow.. those are such completely different accusations that it's rather insulting and pathetic that you would equate them. There is actual evidence that what I described is happening. There are anecdotes from people who have late reservations getting delivery much earlier than some with older...
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    Have we all been played by Tesla?

    You completely misread my point and are completely missing what people are saying is happening with order priority. People now believe that the following is happening: Customer A gave Tesla $1k on 4/2/16. Customer A configured his car, a white LR, PUP with wheel upgrade, and gave an additional...
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    Have we all been played by Tesla?

    How does delivering a specific vehicle to Customer A rather than to Customer B change anything as far as Tesla's viability?
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    Have we all been played by Tesla?

    Which is a nice slap in the face of those of us who reserved on 3/31, especially those of us who did it in person. Yes, I could have theoretically ordered before now. No, I had no reason to suspect Tesla would go overnight from releasing small batches of invitations to order to then throwing out...
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    UMC Garage Mounting Solution

    I don't have a Tesla yet, but I assume that thing will get very hot while charging. Make sure to check the temp and see if the bucket is melting after a long charge session.
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    US Federal $7,500 Electric Vehicle Credit Expiry Date By Automaker

    Uggg.. wrt the InsideEVs piece, as an attorney I am highly annoyed by pieces that are providing something that looks and feels like legal analysis but that does not actually quote or cite the relevant statutory and regulatory language. The IRS website might be a useful source of information, but...
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    So...What is cool Elon?

    I hope I actually get this one. I reserved in person on the first afternoon/early evening and never did get the poster/image. I've even emailed them to ask for one and got no response at all. Oh well....
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    Trunk is now 5 inches longer than at the initial reveal.

    Logically it makes perfect sense, but it just further confirms in my mind that the Model 3 is not a small car. The Q5 fits in my garage fine, but it's much easier to get my wife's 2007 Corolla in there. The Model 3 may end up being her car. I'm not sure how she'll feel about a car the size of...
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    Trunk is now 5 inches longer than at the initial reveal.

    It just struck me that those dimensions make the Model 3 longer and as wide as my Q5. That's pretty crazy, honestly.
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    Trunk is now 5 inches longer than at the initial reveal.

    Very fair comments about judging length from these. As I said, I wasn't really trying to get an exact measurement off of it. 5" would be a much bigger change than I would expect. I might expect an inch or two at most. Of course we don't actually know how long the alpha was, aside from Motor...
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    Trunk is now 5 inches longer than at the initial reveal.

    Hi there... It's the guy who did the comparison. I'm certainly not saying it's exactly. I was mostly trying to highlight a few chnges that I'm fairly certain have been made in the design (e.g. the back of the trunk appears to be angled a little differently in the RC's vs. the alpha and there is...
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    Can Taillights be on a moveable object like the Trunk?

    Nope, the main brake lights for legal purposes are on the bumper. They're very clear in the picture. So no, the brake lights cannot be entirely on a lift gate or trunk. And yes, I own a Q5 and can confirm that the red stripes on the bumper are functioning lights and not just reflectors.
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    2017 Superchargers in Georgia

    What is? I was basing my comment on the 2017 Supercharger map. Let's see if this one shows up a little better than the previous poster's screen grab... . EDITED to change image to one that has existing superchargers marked as green.
  25. Screen Shot 2016-12-30 At 1.52.06 PM

    Screen Shot 2016-12-30 At 1.52.06 PM

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    2017 Superchargers in Georgia

    I think the one north of town is at the store/showroom at Avalon in Alpharetta. The point of the pin isn't the location, the shadow is, so it's not as far up 400 as it might appear. It looks to me like the others are Columbus area, along 16 in what looks like possibly Metter (is there anything...
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    This Is The Model 3 Pre-Order Gift

    Ordered in person at Lenox around 5:30-6:00pm on reveal day. Still nothing for me.
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    Giga Animals

    Thanks for catching my hint. I didn't pick turkey for nothin'. ;)
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    Giga Animals

    First of all, thanks to everyone for their reports and pictures from the event. Looks like it was a fun time, and I appreciate the glimpses into what was actually revealed--not much, honestly, but it's interesting nonetheless. I'm glad Tesla respected your right to carry the dog. Looks like a...
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    Supercharger - Memphis, TN

    A BBQ stop that keeps you from having to deal with downtown and that isn't too far from the SC location is Germantown Commissary, known by locals as just The Commissary. I actually prefer it to the downtown places, but with all things BBQ, it's all personal preference. Atlanta only sort of has...
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    This Is The Model 3 Pre-Order Gift

    I ordered on the afternoon/early evening of 3/31 in person, several hours before the reveal. However, I did not wait in line. Have received nothing in the mail. So that's a little disappointing to see that people who ordered later are receiving something. I'm happy they're receiving something...
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    This Is The Model 3 Pre-Order Gift

    Not everyone who ordered in store on 3/31 has gotten a print yet either. Just sayin'... Too soon to jump to any conclusions about who's getting what.
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    Possible reservation number hint on My Tesla

    I'll add my data point. I ordered in store on the east coast about 6PM EDT on 3/31. My reservation_id was in the 400000-405000 range, but I didn't write it down and don't remember it exactly. I got the confirmation email on 4/1 at 6:34pm, so over 24 hours after placing the reservation. I think...
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    Roof Rack for the M3

    It's not the outside temperature that causes the car to heat up with a big sunroof. It's the IR energy from the sun. You're in central Indiana. The amount of solar insolation in your area is about the lowest in the lower 48. A glass roof can make a big difference somewhere like Georgia or...
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    Reserving your Model 3 (official Tesla blog)

    Insurance is a totally different thing. It is highly regulated by every state. All states require significant reserves held in trust to assure that the company has sufficient funds for all anticipated claims.
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    Reserving your Model 3 (official Tesla blog)

    They didn't make any sort of agreement to hold the money in trust. They can most definitely spend it. We paid $1,000 for the right to buy a car. That $1,000 is theirs until we exercise our right to a refund or until we order a car, at which time the $1,000 is given back to us as a credit against...
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    Elon tweet re: lack of instrument cluster

    Umm... no. An image that is projected out of focus will always be out of focus.
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    Model 3 Notchback Trunk - Deal-Killer?

    He didn't say it would be better. He said it would be able to fold the seats down and would be fine for sleeping in.
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    Well THIS is interesting....200K max

    "Calendar quarter" just means one of the standard quarters (i.e. 1/1-3/31, 4/1-6/30, 7/1-9/30, and 10/1-12/31). So not a quarter that starts 2/1, 5/1, 8/1, etc. or some other arbitrary range. The phase out because the 2nd "calendar quarter" after 200k is reached. So if they "deliver" #200,000 to...
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    I can't imagine - What will part 2 bring?!

    My assumption is simply that Part 2 is going to be the details about standard features, available options, etc. I think he was just saying that they didn't think anywhere near that many people would put down $1,000 for a mid-high market sedan that won't be sold for nearly 2 years without knowing...
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    Model 3 Notchback Trunk - Deal-Killer?

    I've never seen the term "notchback" before this forum either. It's a sedan trunk or "boot", same as an A4 sedan, Corolla, Civic, etc. If the surfboard is laid parallel to the ground, it'll slide into the trunk and across the back seats, if those are folding forward and flat. 7' is 84". An A4...
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    Model 3 Notchback Trunk - Deal-Killer?

    Yes, you're somehow wrong. Back seats drop. Front passenger seat might also drop. Surfboards aren't terribly wide or thick, so they could easily slide straight through the trunk opening laying flat. I'd love for a hatchback variant, but the Model 3 is clearly a straight up traditional sedan.
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    How does the trunk work on the Model 3

    There are some very good tints and coatings that will help, but yes, there is serious potential for greenhouse effect--the irony!
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    Guesses on "token of appreciation" for line waiters tweeted by Elon Musk

    I wonder what "waited in line" means. Definitely should mean anybody who placed a reservation in person and within the first 1-2 hours of opening. Would be really cool if they included anyone who ordered it in person at any time on the 31st. Would be amazing if they included anyone who placed an...
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    Spectacular! Model 3 will go to Brazil!

    No Tesla yet. Still just a fan rather than an owner. I'd love a Model S, but can't justify the cost. Travel is more important. :) I'm really hoping I'll be able to convince my wife to take the Model 3 that I reserved. She's driving a 2007 Corolla that doesn't even have cruise control! I'm in a...
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    Spectacular! Model 3 will go to Brazil!

    Yay! Glad to see you'll finally be able to get a Tesla down there. I remember you posting on MilePoint about your efforts to convince them to let you have a Model S in Brazil. I see you have a Model S in Florida at least. Hope everything's going well with you.
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    Elon tweets - count @ 198k & rethinking prod - east coast doomed?

    As an east-coaster, I will say that it would be pretty crappy, and possibly deal-breaking, if they don't use some blend of time, in person vs. online, and geography rather than just "all west coast preorders go first, then slide across the country." That could mean as much as a $7,500 net...

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