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    OEM Michelin warranty?

    Michelin will give you a goodwill credit if you purchase new tires from them.
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    Longer term Ohmmu experiences?

    Has your Tesla given you any problems with the Diehard?
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    Should I get new tires?

    888-553-4327 is the Michelin phone number to request a Goodwill credit on your OEM tires. Once you are assigned a claim number the tire shop will verify your info and contact Michelin so they can determine how much of a discount you get. It is a very quick and painless procedure.
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    Longer term Ohmmu experiences?

    OEM 12V (AtlasBX 85B24LS) is out of stock so decided to purchase the Diehard EV. My local SC just called to let me know the OEM 12V (AtlasBX 85B24LS) is back in stock. If not Diehard just came out with a 12V for Teslas. Here is link to Advanced Auto Parts. Advanced Auto is the only place...
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    Has Anyone Tried the Diehard 12V Battery ?

    UPDATE: Tesla service just called to let me know the OEM battery is back in stock. The Mobile tech is coming tomorrow. So in the end the Mobile tech is coming on the day Tesla had originally scheduled! I bought the Diehard mainly because Tesla told me the OEM battery would not be in stock...
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    Should I get new tires?

    Seems Discount Tire is expanding into the South Florida market. They opened a store in West Palm Beach last year. I went to thier Broward store in Weston, which just opened a month ago David Ortiz, the manager was very helpful and one of the service reps, Zito, drives a M3P so they are...
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    Should I get new tires?

    I was also able to get a 40% goodwill credit from Michelin! The orignal Primacy MXM3 18" tires on my M3AWD were down to 3/32 front and 1/32 rear after 26K. THE TIRES WERE EVENLY WORN WITHOUT EVER HAVING BEEN ROTATED OR ALIGNED. Michelin immediately gave me a claim number when I called them...
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    Possible to schedule multiple service appointments

    If you have a Mobile Service scheduled you can not add an appointment to a Service Center without losing the Mobile appointment. The solution is to call your local SC and they can add the SC appointment to your app.
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    Model 3 12V System Failing & Tesla Can't Fix for a Week?!

    If your out of warranty, Advanced Auto sells a Diehard EV 12V battery just for Teslas. Actually there are a few Battery Group 51R that fit.
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    Has Anyone Tried the Diehard 12V Battery ?

    My first OEM 12V battery lasted 2 years and was replaced for free under warranty. My 12V battery needs replacing again and the warranty on my Model 3 expired last month! Mobile Service will replace it for $85 plus $28 labor! Great price but the OEM 12V battery is on backorder. So I...
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    Has Anyone Tried the Diehard 12V Battery ?

    OEM battery only has 1 year warranty from Tesla. Diehard EV has a 3 year free replacement from Advance Auto Parts
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    Has anyone found a product to stop people from pulling the manual open Tesla keeps track how mandoor

    I saw a Red M3 with a lighted red "T" rear emblem. Completely tacky! Definitely does not look like a $300 product!
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    Has anyone found a product to stop people from pulling the manual open Tesla keeps track how mandoor

    Thanks for the link. The rounded edges are a nice touch but I could make those with my label maker. I much rather prefer the individual die cut letters. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07VV33P17?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title The raised texture makes it easy to find for first time...
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    Has anyone found a product to stop people from pulling the manual open Tesla keeps track how mandoor

    Hard to tell from just a promotional photo but the sticker looks dull and the font is rather plain. Any real world uploads of that sticker on Amazon?
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    The Best Tesla 3 Accessories

    Tesla Model 3 Center Console Organizer 20190923_103645 by SPIKE's M3AWD posted Oct 3, 2019 at 12:59 AM
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    Has anyone found a product to stop people from pulling the manual open Tesla keeps track how mandoor

    Open Door sticker in action! 20190923_102556 by SPIKE's M3AWD posted Oct 3, 2019 at 12:59 AM
  17. 20190923_201338


    Puddle Lights
  18. 20190923_103645


    Tesla Model 3 Center Console Organizer
  19. 20190923_102556


    'Open Door' raised sticker
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    Condensation in headlights - left light stays on

    Condesation in the tail light is common and an easy fix (replacement). First I have heard about it in the head lights. I assume it stays on for safety reasons. Try booking a mobile service call. You will get it done quicker.
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    When should I use a Supercharger?

    Tesla has an excellent battery management system in both the car and the external chargers so SC does not damage the batteries that much. Overheating, the main issue is kept to a minimum. Charging to more than 80% does worse damage to battery life in a Tesla. Charging to 100% leave no room for...
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    2019.8.3 First release of traffic light detection?

    Does the red light detection work if the view is blocked by the car in front of you?
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    2019.8.3 First release of traffic light detection?

    No. And I'm not paying $5K just to find out if my M3 will warn me when it sees a red light!
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    Model 3 Convertible

    Newport Conveetible Engineering makes a Model S Convertible for $29K plus the price of the car. Tesla Model S Convertible Is Real, And It's On eBay: Video Convertibles today are made by companies that specialize in turning regular cars into convertibles. American Specialty Cars was a major...
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    2019.8.3 First release of traffic light detection?

    The speed did not matter nor did any other variable. I tried it slow (18mph) all the way up to 45mph. I did extensive tests at several intersection that I have routinely driven through on AP over the last 6 months. Again I can not speculate and am hopeful it will work soon. I love AP and I...
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    2019.8.3 First release of traffic light detection?

    I did not run any red lights but I definitely had my front end exposed a few times. I would brake just short of entering the intersection. I will leave the running through a red light testing to someone who lives in a more desolate area. I assumed Autopilot would warn me BEFORE I entered...
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    2019.8.3 First release of traffic light detection?

    I am hopeful but today, March 24, my car never warned me when I was going to run a red light on Autopilot. Drove over 50 miles in daylight, dusk and dark. Too soon to speculate why this new feature did not work for me. The only videos I have are of the M3 acting as before, oblivious to stop...
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    2019.8.3 First release of traffic light detection?

    Yes. Release notes show Peak Power Increase & Autopilot Stoplight Detection. Holding out on FSD until it is launched. Then again I might buy it for $2K if they offer it again.
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    2019.8.3 First release of traffic light detection?

    I have an M3 with EAP. Just updated to 8.3. I will be driving around town tomorrow and will report back on how well it handles red stop light detection.
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    Software Version 2018.50.6 - No new features

    If Tesla improved the algorithm it is still inadequate. Tesla needs to increase the sensitivity. There was a light rain today and several times I could barely see. At least I did NOT have to manually engage the wipers. If the windshield wipers are on "automatic" they should turn on any...
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    Software Version 2018.50.6 - No new features

    I have gone though 11 updates and it always states it will take 45 minutes. In reality most updates took 10 to 15 minutes.
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    Need a referral code

    You can use my Tesla referral link to get six months of free Supercharging on your Model 3P. https://ts.la/michael62280 As one of the first M3 dual motor (non-P) owner I can assure you will enjoy the Performance Edition. You can buy a wall charger directly from Tesla for $500 or Tesla will give...
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    A.M. Radio

    Any radio station that does not stream is seriously out of touch with their listeners.
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    Charging reminder?

    My old Nissan Leaf would send me a reminder to plug in when I was parked near a charging station
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    Do you feel Cheated? Unlimited Super Charging

    I'm not upset. Every day you wait you miss out on driving this most awesome EV. The super charger incentive was a short term Q3 incentive. I waited years for the M3 and now you can get it in merely months. No regrets. Nor will I regret it when a newer M3 comes out with improved features.
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    Bubbles in console screen

    I advise replacing the factory film with a real screen protector. I installed a Tech Arm screen protector, it effectively eliminates glare. Installation was easy. Well worth it.
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    Email from Tesla describing Version 9.

    Tesla stated goal for v9 is for the MS and MX interface to resemble the M3 with all the controls in one place. Right move for right now! Maybe by v10 they will allow plugins to customize the myriad of variant Teslas that have been manufactured.
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    Dashcam - Only on AP 2.5?

    FSD will also only be available on AP 2.5
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    Model 3 production issue: Water gets into tail lights

    Also have a M3 manufactured in July 2018 with condesation on the rear left lense cover. Service Center took a picture so they could order new part. Told it would arrive in 6 to 8 weeks. Still waiting. Still have condensation.
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    Software Update 2018.36.x

    I'm on 34.1 and have the outside lane lines. They might have been there earlier as I was only recently made aware of them.
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    Tesla is offering free supercharging if I take a delivery in September

    The joys of leasing a car! At least you don't have to worry about that with the M3
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    Tesla is offering free supercharging if I take a delivery in September

    How many of your co-workers also ordered the M3? Why did you defer your VIN assignment?
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    Interestingly I find regen braking one of my favorite things

    Agreed. Two options are not enough. I have driven other EVs and know the range (pun intended) is tweakable. How about "Coast, Low, Standard and High".
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    Took my first long(ish) trip today. Observations, and a question

    The 310 combined range is a mix of the following two actual Test Cycles: 321.9 City driving range. 295.5 Highway driving range. fueleconomy.gov has all the details. Most importantly the numbers come from the manufacturer.
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    Software update v8.1 2018.32.2

    Did the steering wheel mute button functionality improve? Before update : Changing volume while muted did not unmute the volume. Audio only unmuted when button was pressed. After update: Changing volume while muted unmutes the volume. Like a standard TV remote.
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    POLL: Do you use the Frunk on your Model 3?

    Hopefully this flaw can be fixed with a software update so it only opens when the 12V battery is drained. In the meantime can the internal wires be disconnected?
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    Credit card amount due

    Assuming they still let you, Plasiq is still valuable if you want to buy your Tesla with a credit card!
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    POLL: Do you use the Frunk on your Model 3?

    One month into ownership and I have not used the frunk yet. When I get out of my M3 I walk towards the rear to plug it in. It is more convenient to use the closer trunk. Also I am still uncomfortable closing the frunk. Does the hood dent as easy as the manual leads you to believe? It looks...
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    Credit card amount due

    The hack is to use Plastiq. They charge 2.5% and put the purchase on your Credit card. The hacker got 3X points and turned $330 worth of points into $5,000 worth of travel rewards.
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    Software update v8.1 2018.32.2

    Just updated to 32 2 from 28 2. I have the dual motor non-performace with 730 miles driven so far. No major complaints. No major issues.

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