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  1. Nick77

    Theatre mode bug

    Bit of a strange one. Whenever I'm parked up and go to load Netflix or YouTube, it gets halfway through loading then kicks me back out to the theatre screen, with the message "available when parked". It also kicks me off WiFi and disconnects my phone hotspot. It reconnects to the hotspot...
  2. Nick77

    Updating software whilst charging?

    Just wondering if this is possible as I have a pending update to install whilst sitting here charging. It will finish before the charging ends. I'm guessing no, but thought I'd ask.
  3. Nick77

    Solar Roof Panels (On the car itself)

    This popped up on my feed. https://futurism.com/solar-upgrade-teslas/amp I don't for one minute believe their claim of 60 miles per day. Maybe on the summer solstice on a perfectly clear day perhaps. But even if it could provide 10 miles per day it'd be worth it. I was under the impression...
  4. Nick77

    Bug report + Screenshot

    I've just read on Facebook Owners group that you can apparently do both of these in one by holding down the Car icon in the bottom right of the screen (I assume this is the Car controls button). So if you have an issue I assume you can screenshot with a bug report that you can maybe refer to...
  5. Nick77

    I can't handle it! - A Rant

    OK. Who came up with the designs for the door handles on these cars? I've genuinely lost count of the number of times I've had to wind the window down and explain to people how to open the car door. I've probably had 10-15 different people in the car since I bought it and EVERY single one...
  6. Nick77

    Home charging restrictions coming?

    This is a properly stupid idea IMO. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9982253/amp/Charging-points-electric-cars-preset-turn-NINE-HOURS-day.html Especially if you can just override it. Most people will be scheduling charging over night any way.
  7. Nick77

    F-Zero saw the future

    This reminds me almost exactly how you'd regenerate your car in F-Zero!! First time I've seen it being used for anything other than buses or trams. Make car-parks out of this in every town as well and we're sorted...
  8. Nick77

    You call that a stone chip.......?

    Was driving down the carriageway earlier and heard a small clunk at the front. Thought I'd hit a small stone underneath or something. Got home to see this! Completely dented/pushed out a small section of the front left bumper leading edge. FFS. I'm not enjoying this paintwork at the minute! It...
  9. Nick77

    Tesla Service - Paint chip repair

    So I've just had my first service visit for a couple of things at Nottingham, including a small paint chip on the passenger door, right down near the bottom of the door smack on where the natural crease/bend is. They've basically just done a 30 min job (I spoke to the guy who told me that) and...
  10. Nick77

    Reset nav update?

    I've been trying since last night to get this update to download. It is seemingly stuck at this point with the green download icon at the top constantly on, even if I turn WiFi off. It started downloading last night but was going so slow it would have taken hours (via phone hot-spot). Now it's...
  11. Nick77

    DIY Tesla Key

    A what I did to my Tesla today type thread. I wanted a backup for my phone key just in case my phone died in any way while I was out. I don't like carrying the key card around with me as I don't take a wallet out with me any more, and I'd only end up losing it or leaving it in the wrong...
  12. Nick77

    Tessie App

    Anyone else tried this? Can't see any mention of it on here. Available on Android and iOS. Seems like a nice user interface with the same detailed analytics as TeslaFi. Price is the same too, though you do get a 2 week free trial. Has lots of info, voice commands using Alexa/Siri/Google and...
  13. Nick77

    Cigarette lighter 12v constant power with Sentry on?

    I've been looking up older threads for installing your own dashcam in the Model 3. There were a couple of threads from 2019 that mentioned a software update meant that the 12v cigarette lighter was getting constant power while Sentry Mode was active. Obviously this isn't ideal with a dashcam...
  14. Nick77

    Sentry Mode scheduler

    I've tried searched but can't find much definite info. Is there a way to schedule Sentry Mode for certain times of day, other than the obvious work/favourites exclusions in the car? I'm assuming one of the stat tracking apps could do this. TeslaFi, Tesla Mate, etc. Ideally want to schedule it...
  15. Nick77

    Is supply/cost going to get better or worse?

    So, as someone who looked at getting a TM3 last year, for those plans to be scuppered by the pandemic and not knowing job security, I've been shocked by how expensive they are now compared to back then. Seems to be almost £5-10k more expensive from memory. The government EV Grant seems to be...
  16. Nick77

    Public Charging Only

    I have my heart set on a M3, but the issue is I have no off-road parking at my house and no option to move in the near future. I do however have three 50kwh CCS Rapid Chargers all within a 10 min drive, including one right near to my regular snooker club, which is ideal. I do approx 200 miles...

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