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    Navigation bug with added stop

    Had interesting bug/feature, I assume this would repro on other cars too? Steps: 1: Start from home and the car assumes you're driving to work and sets navigation there. 2: Add waypoint so it takes different route than normally 3: Enable FSD and start driving (I think FSD not needed, but...
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    Strange blinker stalk behavior. Bug maybe?

    As backstory, occasionally when changing lanes and pressing the blinker stalk the opposite way to cancel blinkers, it accidentally turned on the blinkers for the wrong direction (and blinked 3 times, making me feel stupid and wondering if the people around me think I got my license week ago). I...
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    Navigate on autopilot was removed?

    When I got the 42.3 update it came with navigate on autopilot. I used it many times. I drove to Canada last week, and was using NoA on the way too. Yesterday leaving from Canada, the option wasn't there anymore. Same for today. The button on the navigation panel has vanished completely. Did...
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    Frunk latch open mid-drive

    I guess I should write here also what happened today. Potentially dangerous situation: Just had interesting experience. I had a carry-on luggage in frunk, and after driving about half mile, while braking the car gave big alert that the frunk latch is open and I should stop driving. I pulled...
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    EAP newbie question

    I haven't completely figured out how/when the EAP brakes, so can someone clarify. I've understood that in normal situations the AEB will drop your speed by 25mph if it anticipates collision coming. Also if you have EAP enabled and you're following a car, it'll automatically slow down or speed up...
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    How much value is SC for you?

    Assume Tesla gave you option to purchase free super charging for life when you buy your M3, what's the price you'd be willing to pay for that? I was thinking this as I'm assuming I'll barely ever use SC, maybe couple times a year. So for me the value isn't much, but some people who commute...
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    Window tint with frameless windows?

    From some earlier, I remember that you shouldn't retract windows for couple weeks after tint, and that had some problems with vehicles that have frameless windows as they automatically retract when opening the door. Is that still issue? Is the material improved to overcome that? Or you can tell...
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    Your M3 price vs. your disposable income

    On FB someone was asking how much is M3 compared to their income. It's not perfect question for many reason, taxes and living costs are very different in certain places. Try living downtown Seattle or SF with $2000 monthly salary but other places it would be different. So I think better question...
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    WA-state distracted driving law vs. EAP/FSD

    So glorious WA just had new law about week ago about distracted driving. The major point was that (basically) any use of electronic devices is not allowed. Fine $124 for first time, and some $200+ after first. However, they also had interesting extra items as secondary offences, including...
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    EAP/FSD cameras as dashcam?

    I was wondering, since the car has lot of sensors and cameras, do the also act as dashcam? Can the owner pull the videos somehow if needed, or are those only for Tesla?
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    How much would you pay for options?

    I was wondering/guessing about different options, and how much I would pay them if they were offered. So ignoring that some options are not available for 3, or at least not at the launch, how much would you pay for them at most. Feel free to imagine options that might be there but not confirmed...

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