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  1. RDuke

    Energy Consumption Graph - What does the Gray Line Represent?

    I found this in the Owner's Manual: Trip: If your Model S is equipped with navigation, you can monitor the amount of energy being used while navigating to a destination. You can track actual usage against the initial prediction. The green line represents the actual usage whereas the gray line...
  2. RDuke

    Energy Consumption Graph - What does the Gray Line Represent?

    Does anyone know what the gray line represents in this Energy/Trip graph from a recent trip I took?
  3. RDuke

    Charging issues at home after a storm

    I'd call the power company and ask them to install a logging monitor (on a temporary basis) to see if you're getting clean power 100% of the time. I had a situation that turned out to be a corroded neutral wire on the feed line from the street transformer into my house. It was really...
  4. RDuke

    Vendor The Tesla Studio's Model 3 - The Project

    Love that color!!
  5. RDuke

    Model S doesn't turn off always running eating battery

    Was your Tesla SC able to diagnose the problem?
  6. RDuke

    Took my first long(ish) trip today. Observations, and a question

    When your battery is depleted down that low you definitely want to get it on a charger as quickly as possible.
  7. RDuke

    Tesla unlocking battery

    How can you tell if you have a software locked battery?
  8. RDuke

    Weird Sound coming from MCU

    I had exactly the same experience yesterday for the first time in my 2015 S. Sounded like the fan in the MCU was over-revving. Resetting the MCU cured it, at least for the time being. I have a 10 second video clip, but can't figure out how to upload it here to TMC.
  9. RDuke

    Anyone wondering about the "Coming Soon" Supercharger Stations in Florida?

    One in Miami would also be useful to relieve the sometimes crowded Plantation SC. My wife and I made a quick trip to Miami last month from St. Petersburg (Sun.-Tues. around noon), and in both directions there were 2-3 cars waiting for stalls. Can only get worse when the Model 3's start arriving...
  10. RDuke

    Phishing Attempt?

    Received this rather strange email today, purportedly from TMC:
  11. RDuke

    The Tesla App is taking longer to connect to my car

    I've seen this problem from time to time. Last time it happened the app was trying to connect to the car via Brighthouse Network's hot-spot Wi-Fi service. No go. When I switched Wi-Fi off on my iPhone, the app connected to the car right away via LTE.
  12. RDuke

    Evtripplanner Down?

    Linkedin is reporting a new position: Ben Hannel is now Intern at Tesla Motors. Congratulations, Ben!
  13. RDuke

    Paint Guard in South Florida? and paint repair question

    I've had my Deep Blue Metallic 70D for almost a year now, and Tesla has never had touch-up paint in stock for it. So I ordered a small bottle from drcolorchip.com. It matches perfectly.
  14. RDuke

    Which Dash Cam To Get?

    I'll echo what others have noted in this thread. I purchased a Street Guardian model SG9665GC from Pier28, and couldn't be happier with the camera and the support they provide. I have mine tapped into the rearview mirror area (constant power)...
  15. RDuke

    ICEd Superchargers - Next Steps

    ICE Vehicles Parking in EV Charger Stalls Interesting thread over on the Tesla Forum regarding an ICE vehicle parking at a Supercharger: https://forums.teslamotors.com/forum/forums/ice-vehicle-ticketed-arizona-supercharger
  16. RDuke

    new Midnight Silver Metallic touch up paint not available

    Dr. Colorchip mixed some deep blue metallic for me and it was spot on. So if they can do it, don't understand why Tesla can't.
  17. RDuke

    Installation of a Radar Detector and Dashcam - I found switched power!!!

    Excellet, Jeff; thanks for sharing this info.
  18. RDuke

    Solution for Hard To Buckle Passager Seat-belt

    Yes, the one in the link is the right size for the Model S (7/8" wide tongue).
  19. RDuke

    Solution for Hard To Buckle Passager Seat-belt

    I've had passengers complain about this as well. So now I'm using a $10 seat belt extender from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005J6JRMM
  20. RDuke

    Clearplex on windshield causing chattering wipers?

    And don't forget this warning found in the Owner's Manual: "Caution: Do not use windshield treatment fluids. Doing so can interfere with wiper friction and cause a chattering sound".
  21. RDuke

    TeslaLog.com - Your hosted Tesla Data Logger - Announcement / Support threads

    @mochouinard you've obviously spent a lot of time figuring out how to read & interpret the Tesla data. Thanks very much for doing this. The data and graphs are very insightful, and will certainly get even better as time goes by and additional data is collected. Keep up the good work!
  22. RDuke

    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    Does any one know where to purchase a -2- pin "Y" / "Tee", connector to tie into the stock -2- pin Tesla wiring in the trunk? (-1- male to -2- female)? Since installing Pete's new units in my trunk I no longer have a power supply for previously installed LED strip lights.
  23. RDuke

    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    Source for a 2 Pin "Y" LED Lighting Connector Bump - I need a "Y" harness also. Anyone have a link to buy one?
  24. RDuke

    Floor Mats Poll

    I bought Lloyd Mats (TruBerber) for front and & rear. Their rear mats do not fit properly in the newer Model S with NextGen seats, possibly because the clearance underneath the passenger seat has been reduced. When you move the passenger seat towards the back, it causes the mat to bunch up...
  25. RDuke

    New floor mats- Thoughts

    Rear Lloyd Mats Do Not Fit Newer Model S The problem reports I've seen refer to rear Lloyd Mats not fitting properly; and I'm sad to report the issue has not yet been fixed by the Lloyd Mats Company...
  26. RDuke

    map updates!

    How can you tell if (and when) you get a map update?
  27. RDuke

    Notifications tab in Tesla app.

    I am experiencing the same thing AustinP (and others) are noting with the iOS app.
  28. RDuke

    Lloyd Luxe mat issue ?

    This is the Lloyd TruBerber rear mat. The photo shows that when the passenger seat is pushed all the way back, it causes the rear carpet to bulge. When the passenger seat is somewhat forward (towards the front of the car), the Lloyd mat slides under the front seat, rests flush up against the...
  29. RDuke

    Lloyd Luxe mat issue ?

    I have seen several posts indicating that the rear dimensions might have changed with the introduction of NextGen seats. I bought Lloyd's mats, and the rear one puckers up when the front seat is moved all the way back. I contacted the vendor in late August, who in turn contacted Lloyd's. The...
  30. RDuke

    A Plea from an Old Guy - Larger FONTS!

    I think the point here is why did Tesla spend time and man-hours on something that turned out as mundane as the new clock, while overlooking the degradation they introduced with the new 'look and feel' of the 7.0 UI.
  31. RDuke

    Argh - touch up paint still backordered for months

    I just received this message from the Tesla Online Order dept. Doesn't sound like they are at all interested in stocking touch-up paint. Hard to understand how this fits the bill of "good customer service".
  32. RDuke

    A Plea from an Old Guy - Larger FONTS!

    Good points, Jim.
  33. RDuke

    A Plea from an Old Guy - Larger FONTS!

    I also received a reply back within 24 hours. Here's what I sent them, and their reply is below: To: Tesla <[email protected]> Subject: Request for v7 UI Improvements I want to share my observations with the new v7 UI. First, I spent 30 years of my working career "managing change"...
  34. RDuke

    A Plea from an Old Guy - Larger FONTS!

    Good suggestion, so I did exactly that. Was very surprised to receive an automated response that this email address is no longer monitored? So how are we supposed to contact the company?
  35. RDuke

    Vendor We are now carrying AlloyGators for your Tesla

    I was the first to have Pete install AlloyGators on my new Tesla back in June'15. It was well worth it! The car is wider than my previous ride, and it took some serious getting use to, to prevent rubbing the wheels against curbs (especially when parking at the end of a lot, and sometimes in...
  36. RDuke

    A Plea from an Old Guy - Larger FONTS!

    I am an old guy having trouble reading some of the data on the new V7 UI. The font size needs to be enlarged, especially for the Trips app, as well as the newly redesigned Energy display (which I really don't like). Tesla, hope you're listening to your customers.
  37. RDuke

    How The Model S is Made

    +1! That is the most obnoxious music.
  38. RDuke

    Vendor 2015 Model S 70D - Ultimate New Car Prep

    Another beautiful job, Pete!
  39. RDuke

    Must have accessories?

    Another alternative that cradles the UMC quite nicely: http://amazon.com/gp/product/B000RYBGFM?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=od_aui_detailpages00
  40. RDuke

    St Augustine SC AMP fluxuation

    Kalud - how did you produce that graph & chart?
  41. RDuke

    2012 Model S Signature - Ultimate Complete Detail

    Another example of the superb work Pete does in restoring / preserving a Tesla Model S here in Florida. Great photos!
  42. RDuke

    Vendor 2012 Model S Signature - Ultimate Complete Detail

    Another example of the superb work Pete does in restoring / preserving a Tesla Model S here in Florida. Great photos!
  43. RDuke

    How It's Made:Dream Cars/Tesla Model S on Velocity Channel on Sat 6/13

    It's a very good video, but the background music is horrendous.
  44. RDuke

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    Is there something wrong with the Google Spreadsheet? I have not been able to access it for the past two days; getting a "File Unavailable" error once the spreadsheet looks like it has loaded up in the background.
  45. RDuke

    Vendor 2015 P85D Multi-color red...Get your popcorn ready because this one was a big project

    Great work, Pete. Love the photos too. Just hope our new metallic blue Model S arrives in better shape than jbcarioca's! Tampa SC arrival now scheduled for next week (fingers crossed). Will give you a call when the date is definite (we spoke on the phone a few days ago). Assume you're OK if...
  46. RDuke

    Very poor to no 3G and GPS signal

    robert774 - what did this problem turn out to be?
  47. RDuke

    SOC Setting?

    Larry Chanin - what percentage to you personally charge to (presumably every night)?
  48. RDuke

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    Yeah I'm guessing it's on a CSX train, as I see they have a route from CA into Tampa. Tic Toc......

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