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    Subwoofer? Is that what the hole is for?

    is there supposed to be a rattle when the deeper bass hits? I can definitely hear one coming from the rear. no hole.
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    For anyone doubting buying FSD, go ahead and buy it now

    to the people that recommend FSD - do you actually recommend it or are you justifying your purchases? Im guilty of doing the latter sometimes when I know im in the wrong. At this point, FSD is a 6k loan to tesla
  3. Z

    Unpopular Opinion: The 3 is a $30k car and was built as such

    you know just as well as the rest of us that even when you point out the issues, tesla just defers it to their service center and says theyll take care of the issue later. Then theres a 50/50 chance that they'll a). actually do the work under warranty b). sufficiently fix the issue the first...
  4. Z

    Unpopular Opinion: The 3 is a $30k car and was built as such

    you're tired about hearing about build quality issues even though youve faced - and rejected - 2 vehicles due to said issue? Just because you've accepted this practice, doesnt mean that others must, too.
  5. Z

    Leather Console Wrap

    that basenor leather vinyl looks like a pretty good solution. I dropped my car off for a chrome delete and the guy offered a center console wrap for 100 so I had to do it. If I didnt, id go with the basenor leather wrap
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    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    Is smart summon only for FSD or do basic AP also get it too?
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    Squeaks from Driver Side Window?

    my only concern adding some sort of lubricant to the door seal is that my windows are tinted and the tint film comes up all the way to the edge/lip of the window - id be worried with that constant up/down of closing the door + lubrication may get between the film and effect the tint
  8. Z

    Leather Console Wrap

    Has anyone wrapped their center console in leather? Possibly a padded leather?
  9. Z

    Squeaks from Driver Side Window?

    same car - noticed this as well. Thought it was the seatbelt but mobile service confirmed its ok. My windows are ceramic tinted, are yours tinted by chance?
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    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    are none FSD's getting v10 yet
  11. Z

    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    i wouldnt lead the video with "smart" summon going down the wrong way in 1-way parking lot
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    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    i think people that bought in q2 of 2019 got the worst end of the deal here: 2 weeks later these p3d- showed up for basically the same price haha team #feelsbadman.jpg of course i jest, i know we're still ok and ive been purposely trying to avoid and not post in this thread until something...
  13. Z

    Tesla Mobile Service

    Optimum No rinse - $15 on amazon microfiber towels - $20 from costco High quality wash sponges - $15 from amazon two 5 gallon buckets - $5 a piece from home depot rinse off the grime first with a hose then use the 2 bucket method - work section by section, drying off each section as soon as you...
  14. Z

    Are winter tires necessary with the long range dual motor AWD?

    are 4 winter tires required? Could people that dont go to the snow that often get by with 2 rear winter tires on an awd?
  15. Z

    Right amount of tint?

    id recommend getting night glasses for driving and not tinting your windshield. I know lots of people on this forum have tinted their windshield but I think the negatives far outweigh the benefits, ie visibility issues since you have sensitive eyes - but thats for you to decide as for tint, id...
  16. Z

    Back problems, anyone

    try elevating the front bolster and adjusting the lumbar. You want the seat "bucketed" slightly. That helped me out
  17. Z

    Going Plaid

  18. Z

    MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation

    whats the wait time for the awd comfort coilovers?
  19. Z

    What's the most surprising thing you've found once you got your Tesla?

    the most surprising thing to me is that im able to get by on 110v charging despite draining my battery 40% apprx 3-4 times a week commuting to work. Sure, I may not be able to get to 80% every day, but usually leave with 75%+ i know this is unique to people who only commute into the office a...
  20. Z

    Paint damaged at Tesla but they are refusing to fix

    i previously took it into the servicer center - we flagged the spots on the car - left my car there all day and picked up before the service center closed. Spots were still there and there was no one around to talk to. Funny how a $10 bottle of detailing compound and some elbow grease could've...
  21. Z

    Paint damaged at Tesla but they are refusing to fix

    thanks so much for this! I guess i didnt know the capabilities in the detailing world but you've helped me remove the blemishes that have been bugging me since i picked up the car 3 months ago. I owe you a beer!
  22. Z

    Paint damaged at Tesla but they are refusing to fix

    it is - do you have any further information on how to go about this? thanks
  23. Z

    Paint damaged at Tesla but they are refusing to fix

    this thread makes me want to cancel my scheduled service to have them address a dull spot in my paint (that they did not fix after the first visit)
  24. Z

    Ideal home charging practices...Daily? What %?

    LikeTesla is too cringey
  25. Z

    How to order parts for Model 3? Tesla wont sell to non authorized body shop

    you wrote that to the shop that agreed to fix your car? o_O
  26. Z

    Tesla Finally Caught on I guess

    where do you even see the option to purchase FSD? I dont see it anywhere in my account
  27. Z

    Final Decision: Is Going from AWD to P Worth $9,946-$12,946?

    definitely not worth it and Tesla agrees which is why they've been continually lowering price to meet demand. I would contest the existence of LR AWDs with performance speed but save for the hardware upgrades further indicates that Tesla understands it may be overpriced
  28. Z

    San Mateo or San Jose: Looking for someone to vinyl wrap my center console

    As the headline states, I'd like to get my center console vinyl wrapped for about $100 including material and labor in san mateo or san jose. Does anyone have any decent recommendations? Doesnt even have to be a shop, could be a dude you can vouch for. Thanks
  29. Z

    I love all colors of model 3.

    @ecarfan ever park nearby the sm fire dept or that middle school nearby? Im wondering if thats your car im referencing
  30. Z

    High mileage Model 3's

    does tesla offer extended warranties for the model 3? I drive about 2500-3k miles a month and dont want to own this sucker without a warranty
  31. Z

    I love all colors of model 3.

    My commute is primarily in one of he most tesla congested routes (milpitas to san mateo via 280 mostly) and I try to actively gauge which color is the most popular and it really depends on the day. Some days, I see mostly white cars, some days I see predominantly blue cars on the road - only...
  32. Z

    How likely is it that we'll see end of Q3 sales?

    2k free supercharger miles is probably the least attractive referral incentive - and it has to be used within 6 months!
  33. Z

    Any practical advantages of PUP red brembo brakes over standard brakes?

    does anyone have experience using both the LR AWD & the P3d with the upgraded brakes? I have an opportunity to install the brakes from a p3d and was wondering if it was worth the trouble as ive read here that real world difference is negligible. Im hoping someone has experience with both and can...
  34. Z

    Impressed With Customer Support

    they are attentive angels before they get your money
  35. Z

    Petition Tesla to make the Model 3 Performance 0-60 <3s

    right but youre assuming the speakers (and motors/battery) are set to 100% output - if all of your speakers output isnt being fully utilized, you can program the settings to raise in proportion to their current settings based on available output left you really think that, even not considering...
  36. Z

    Model 3 Glass Roof Sunshade

    i use the front shade and its great - rest of the windows are ceramic tinted and it definitely helps darken an otherwise extremely bright white interior
  37. Z

    Petition Tesla to make the Model 3 Performance 0-60 <3s

    a lot of people speaking in absolutes when in reality their information is as credible as bigfoot - id bet good money these folks are current p3d owners not wanting to accept the difference between their cars and non p cars (aside from obv hardware) are just a software flashed difference...
  38. Z

    Who Else Doesn't Care about the Performance Model? vs. AWD

    all in due time :D
  39. Z

    Customer Service Nightmare at Tyson's Corner, Virginia

    to be fair, what if you showed up after multiple cancelled appointments and were told that your car wont be fixed even tho it should be taken care of under warranty? OPs story isnt the first, definitely not the last. Teslas service centers are like voldemort around here - no one dares mention...
  40. Z

    The woes of wrecking a Tesla Model 3 Performance...

    given the shape of the structure you hit, your car is likely to have thought you hit a tree and therefore deployed airbags. Happened to my MBZ S Class at relatively low speeds when I accidentally hit a bowling ball sized rock - all airbags deployed - car totalled
  41. Z

    Tesla Insurance Launches in California

    you are the sole beneficiary of this program - literally made only for you oops - spoke too soon: Tesla Insurance Algorithm update in progress.
  42. Z

    Worried about service centers

    at this point its just a fact: tesla customer service is non-existent. You cant even call it terrible or the worst in the industry because it literally is so hard to get a hold of anyone. When people ask me how i like the car, im brutally honest. I let it be known to any prospective buyers: "i...
  43. Z

    Worried about service centers

    pray that you dont ever need service
  44. Z

    Who's tinted their windows?

    a quick search hows that model 3 rear windows crack regardless of being tinted or not (ie not the tints fault)
  45. Z

    Speakers/Subs Rattling

    My lr awd is about 2 months old now and every now and then I hear the speakers have a "static"-like sound and I hear rattling from the rear sub. My eq settings are basically flat - immersive audio on or off doesnt effect it. Notice it on both bluetooth and slaker/podcasts Just wondering if this...
  46. Z

    Lowering the Model 3

    I'm leaning towards MPP Comfort Coils but am hesitant as I drive a lot (mostly freeway miles). How often do coilovers need to be replaced?
  47. Z

    After 6 months or more of ownership (Model M3) - Poll

    what did you do with your mr?
  48. Z

    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    has your car always had the red underline or did you just notice it? Have yo received software updates since noticing the red underline?
  49. Z

    How much do you value SR+ to LR (AWD) range upgrade?

    somethings no one mentions is that recommended charge for these cars is from 80% max for daily and 20% before you should start charging again. Thats effectively 144 miles of range for the SR+ and 186 miles for the LR unless youre doing 45mph on the highway in warm weather, no ac on, you...

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