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    Cabin camera and mic; Elon!

    Elon should consider this and allow us to turn on cabin camera and mic recording for purposes like this and others. 'Alexa, I'm being pulled over': Ring announces a new camera for the car that can record police interactions
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    Voice command - Climate on and climate off

    When clicking on the right knob and saying “climate on” or “climate off” the hvac still runs but noticed a message saying climate keeper enabled or disabled. What is that? I normally say hvac off or hvac on to have the climate control on or off but today I said climate instead. And noticed the...
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    Charging mode: departure time question

    There is a new feature in 36.x that I’m using called departure time when charging. Question I have is, when this is set say 7:30am departure time on weekdays, it suppose to kick on the cabin hvac etc to get it to the right temperature. Question is, if I don’t work on one of those days does that...
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    I drive 20% of my battery; percentage response

    I have alway been asked, so how many miles do you drive a day. Or the common, how many miles do you have left on your normal day of usage. Now that I have switched to percentage display; when asked these common questions; my reply would be - my daily commute I use about 20 percent of my...
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    PIN to Drive bug

    There seem to be a bug with 2019.32.10.11. Can someone verify if you are seeing the same issue with your model 3 as I am. Here are the steps. With 2019.32.10.11, there seems to be a bug with pin to drive. If you first get into the car, don’t close the door. Put on your seat built first and...
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    Calendar Sync and iPhone

    One if the best feature of the car is the calendar. It comes in every time I get into the car in the morning to remind me of my day. We have two kids who are into sports so our schedule is all over the place. Well for the past few days I noticed it wasn’t on any more. Went to it and it said the...
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    16.2 and battery calibration

    Must have been enhanced algorithm. Charge to 90 now shows 277. Prior versions was at 268. After I did a 100 charge it showed 274. After a few weeks before 16.2 is still showed 274. Now it shows 277. Never touched my set limit. I always charge to 90.
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    Tesla owner equal rich?

    First off I don’t even go to this rec center. I received this in my mail box today with no return address. Do people assume Tesla are rich owners? What about BMW or Mercedes or Audi’s? There are a few Tesla model 3 in my area and they just assume. I drive by this place cause it’s next to my son...
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    Tesla and being blame for being rich

    First off I don’t even go to this rec center. I received this in my mail box today with no return address. Do people assume Tesla are rich owners? What about BMW or Mercedes or Audi’s? There are a few Tesla model 3 in my area and they just assume. I drive by this place cause it’s next to my...
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    100 charge to 300 miles

    Have my model 3 since sept of 2018. Charge to 100 percent today for the first time. Fully charge shows 300 miles.
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    Console Lid Warning

    This car is too smart. Scares me lol.
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    LR awd battery 90%

    normally At 90% I get about 279 in range. The past few months I see this dropping. Today it dropped to fully charge to only 272. Anyone seen this? Thinking of getting a service appointment to have them check it out. I drove the car to 10% this week and charged in to 90% and still seeing only 272.
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    Long range awd non p

    anyone excited? How fast you thinking? 4.1 seconds?
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    Test Tesla In Alaska

    Interesting video -
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    Cold Battery Degration By Charge Amount

    i know that battery degrade quicker from cold weather. But has anyone seen or have scientific proof that EV battery degrades quciker at certain battery charge levels? I am curious if 50% charge degrades at a quciker rate then say 85% and so on? Or none at all?
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    Software Update Notification

    while on holiday break this week I got a software update notification sometime yesterday. I came home today and it’s no longer available on my app nor the car screen. Anyone seen this? It’s ljke they pulled it after a number of hours? I’m on 42.3.
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    Battery Heating

    Some folks keep insisting that the model 3 don’t have the battery heating element like other model from Tesla. This morning it was cold and I start the interior heater and I see the battery heater comes on in my app. Did I miss something? Is the heating element that comes on uses the motor to...
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    Aero Wheels Center Cap

    I got a kit from Telsa for the center cap and lug nut covers when you take the aero wheels off. Anyone know an easy way to take out the center cap?
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    Tesla $tore - Items worth it or not worth it

    I caved and ordered the covers for my aero wheels so i can take them off and go naked here and there. I also got a T shirt that has the Tesla logo embroidered too. Sort of expensive for 35 bucks since the shirt itself is pretty thin. Oh well.... Anyone got anything from Tesla store that...
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    Tesla Dealerships

    Interesting article on tesla dealership bans and gasoline manufacturer not liking tesla ways of selling direct. Why you can't buy a Tesla in these states
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    Month+ Review

    After owning the m3 for a little over a month, coming up on 5 weeks to be exact, I still love this car. I thought going from a fossil fuel car, my life style of getting from point A to point B would change. But nope it’s is the same. In fact it’s is better. The drive is definitely more...
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    Mobile Charging Cord - Extension

    Does anyone know if Telsa sells a longer mobile charging cord? I need another extra 4 feet.
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    Set Charge Limit

    I’m just curious what everyone generally set their charge battery limit to on their model 3. I don’t commute for work much, mainly taking kids to practices in the evenings so I set mine to 70% and charge every other day. Thursday night I set it to 80% knowing the weekend is coming up since I...
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    Soliciting Some Ideas for Personalize Plates

    5 - 7 characters, let me get started with some - NoGas 0 GAS 0 EM ZERO
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    Tint Advice

    So i'm planning to get my car tinted this week, 20% on all 4 windows (doors). I'm curious for the rear windows, i'm debating if i should or shouldn't tint it. Has anyone left the rear window as factory and has pics that they'd share? Also for those who tinted half the rear windows (instead...
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    Summon Feature

    Has anyone tried this? I have this enabled in the m3 and curious to try it out trying to back the car out of my garage. The app under summons keeping saying connecting to car and after awhile, times out. What is wrong?
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    Invitation to TEAP

    Anyone got this invitation to join tesla early access program? Hi xxxx, .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... You’re invited to participate in the Tesla Early Access Program. By joining, you’ll have the...
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    sports aluminum pedals

    i have an AWD non performance, do you know where i can get the performance aluminum pedals to replace these black pedals?
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    Battery Charge vs Performance

    I have a question. When i was younger i use to play for RC cars. When the battery is fully charge, the RC car takes off fast. When the battery is about 50 percent, the RC car isn't as spunky. This leads me to ask, does battery charge in tesla act the same way? For example if you had 40...
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    Rear Wheel Well Liner

    Anyone have the same issue i have here (my model 3 that i have just gotten delivery of less then 2 weeks ago), i just noticed the liner on the driver side rear toward the bumpers sonar sensor isn't lined up. It's exposed like the liner was bad. The passenger side is perfect and covers the...
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    Model 3 Power Reduced Warning

    After only 7 days, my baby is in the shop. I was at lunch today and the warning came up 3 times in an hour - Power Reduced Warning Ext and re-enter car - may restore operation. After the third time, i was near tesla service center here in utah. i pulled in and the service guy when to grab the...

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