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  1. zƬesla

    Total Pack Power vs. Ownership Lifetime

    Tesla did an update a while back after which my PWs went from ~98% to ~102%. Not sure if that was just to make the number look better or if there was an improvement in measurement. So I take a lot it with a grain of salt.
  2. zƬesla

    Total Pack Power vs. Ownership Lifetime

    @h2ofun - is that in aggregate? might be interesting to look at them individually. All 3 of mine seem to be at ~102% !?
  3. zƬesla

    Total Pack Power vs. Ownership Lifetime

    @ParaAdBellum That's your nominal_full_pack_energy and not nominal_energy_remaining, correct? The latter is how much the PWs currently hold (i.e. if they're not fully charged at 100%). I had 2 PWs installed in Spring 2020 and one more a year later. My current nominal_full_pack_energy for all 3...
  4. zƬesla

    New Powerwall install...appreciate some feedback if all ok

    @evanston45 - I'm north of you and have mini-split heatpumps (2 outdoor units + 5 indoor heads). When it's 30s or below they often draw 3.5-4.5kW. I have 3 Powerwalls and in winter have them set ~50% if there is at least alternating sunny days, or 70%+ if there will be a couple of days or more...
  5. zƬesla

    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    Interesting. Wonder if I should have one of my 3 poles tilted more horizontal. They're all at 66° now and will be at 70° soon. It's a 17.5kW array with 14.4kW in inverter capacity. Last full sun day was a week ago and generated 44kWh with most of the morning in shade. Plenty of cloudy days...
  6. zƬesla

    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    Thanks to @BGbreeder @wwu123 et al for suggestions on a heating solution, and sorry all for temporarily hijacking the thread. I would very much like to go off grid in winter but it's just not realistic where I'm at especially if I end up adding to the load with a HWHP. I'm already cringing as we...
  7. zƬesla

    residential EV charging station for payments

    Some states are starting group solar where other households can benefit from your panels. I think NH started this not too long ago.
  8. zƬesla

    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    The new ones seem to be faster. I do have a HE front-load washer.
  9. zƬesla

    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    @wwu123 The in/out pipes for the SuperStor can be seen to the front left of the unit in the photo. So that's the option where the boiler gets removed from potable altogether. My main concern with that is if the HPWH would not be able to keep up in extreme cold. The nice option of the oil...
  10. zƬesla

    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    That's kind of where I'm at unless I see some potential return. With a quote of $10k+ for a new boiler (installed), and ours still in decent shape if not the most efficient after 30+ years, I rather wait given what seems to be rapid changes in heating tech. The HP dryer issue as I understood it...
  11. zƬesla

    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    @BGbreeder we used to have antifreeze but was finding it causing corrosion so had it taken out as we live here full-time. In addition to the front circulator, there are two in back for an addition built just before we bought the house. They used PEX for that and it's all discolored. Don't care...
  12. zƬesla

    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    @wwu123 not sure I follow how to have the HP-WH inline for just partial heating. The general flow for potable is: cold in -- boiler -- SuperStor -- faucet And for heating: cold in -- boiler -- baseboard I think what you're suggesting is having the HPWH between the boiler and SuperStor...
  13. zƬesla

    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    The boiler handles both the forced hot water baseboard heating and potable hot water. Years ago we installed a 60-gallon SuperStor indirect hot water storage tank. So the boiler heats and the SuperStor maintains potable. There is a total of 7 heating zones including 2 generally unused in the...
  14. zƬesla

    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    @BGbreeder The product you linked to looks like something for water tanks, not boilers. Let's say we get a heat pump water heater. Does it go inline with the boiler and indirect hot water storage tank (SuperStor) and if so where, or would a bypass for one or both need to be installed? If we...
  15. zƬesla

    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    The tricky part for me is how to handle hot water – both potable and backup forced hot water (baseboard) heating when it's really cold. My current setup is a 30+ year oil boiler and an indirect (potable) hot water tank. I'd love to get something like the Rheem potable water heat pump somehow...
  16. zƬesla

    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    I purposely did not get the sun tracker to avoid additional parts that can break. The mounts are from Home - MT Solar (see profile photo). The cabling is underground and only required a trench to the house. Much rather have the panels on the mounts rather than on the roof in case maintenance is...
  17. zƬesla

    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    On the snow retention issue, this is where we've lucked out with pole-mounted PV and a crank that allows us to change the vertical angle throughout the year. Mid-winter, the angle is 70 which makes for great snow shedding. And mid-summer we're at 20. Not sure how much extra kW we get out of the...
  18. zƬesla

    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    @DrGriz: time to add wind
  19. zƬesla

    Generac PwrCell

    Time to buy:-?
  20. zƬesla

    Added some more batteries, and disconnects :)

    You should invite over the local fire house for a BBQ and make sure they know how to do the switch-throw shuffle :)
  21. zƬesla

    Required Safety devices NEC 2020 code Powerwall installation

    My certified Tesla installer put in a separate switch outside for each of our 3 batteries. So, in an emergency, 1 breaker (grid) and 4 handles must be thrown (PV + 3 PWs). I asked about putting in a single switch for all 3 PWs but they wouldn't do it. Would probably run out of wall for breakers...
  22. zƬesla

    Powerwall 2 dead! [After lightning event]

    Thanks @Vines and @BGbreeder! When I first looked at the posting, I read it as breaker panel install (vs main breaker install); thus the confusion. I'd have an electrician do it. I'm fine with low voltage, but anything beyond it I'm not entirely comfortable. Guess I'd need 2 - one for the...
  23. zƬesla

    Powerwall 2 dead! [After lightning event]

    I thought these were get installed right on the main breaker? For people installing them, are you you also getting a surge protector for cable?
  24. zƬesla

    New 30% Solar tax credit

    Depends how much you have to pay in taxes, although I think you can apply it over a few years.
  25. zƬesla

    Excessive PW Installation Pricing

    We were required to have a separate shut-off for PV and each of 3 PWs, so lots of boxes on the outside of the house by the meters. I tried getting the installer to use a single switch for the 3 PWs figuring any firemen coming over would appreciate not having to throw so many switches, but it was...
  26. zƬesla

    Excessive PW Installation Pricing

    If memory serves, our third PW was installed in 2-4 hours: ran cable, added new shut-off outside, added PW in front of another in basement, activated/updated everything. There were already 2 PWs installed.
  27. zƬesla

    Should I request Power Optimizers?

    For what it's worth, I have 50 panels facing south on 5 strings and 2 SunnyBoy inverters. From Fall to Spring, assorted panels are shaded by trees in the morning and/or afternoon. As near as I can tell, shading of one or more panels on a string does *not* knock it out, and all 5 continue to produce.
  28. zƬesla

    Automating self-powered reserve %

    haven't bothered yet. Been doing it manually and there is enough variability especially with inaccurate forecasts for my area that I'm not sure it'll be worth it.
  29. zƬesla

    UK Grid Export Limiting Device for Powerwall with Gateway and Solars

    I'm not in the UK but would expect this to be a gateway-wide setting as panels are generally "dumb". IOW, adding more panels should not affect the setting.
  30. zƬesla

    Why so many “outages" [recorded by my system]

    Last year, we used to get these frequent 5-minute grid outages during which PWs would power the house. Eventually tracked it down to a tree branch that would hit the power lines ~1/2 mile down the road from us. Neighbors would only have a flicker of lights so it didn't bother them much, but it...
  31. zƬesla

    Anyone regret switching to electric heating?

    That's where the microcontrollers come in handy: https://www.zakon.org/robert/projects/MiniSplitPi/
  32. zƬesla

    Anyone regret switching to electric heating?

    We switched to mini-split heat pumps but still keep the old oil boiler for potable hot water and backup heating when it gets really cold. Hoping to install a heat pump water heater at some point so boiler doesn't have to be used at all in summer.
  33. zƬesla

    Connected Solutions Real-World Experiences (MA - National Grid / EverSource)

    Nope. Eversource has been a pain to get information from.
  34. zƬesla

    Connected Solutions Real-World Experiences (MA - National Grid / EverSource)

    Looks like in NH Eversource is phasing out BYOB for Demand Response (no new sign ups in over a year) and instead will start a new program where they pay half the PW cost up front and auto-enroll buyers in Demand Response.
  35. zƬesla

    New Powerwall Advanced Options [Toggles for charging from and discharging to grid from powerwalls]

    SolarCoin * * just in case it's worth something some day
  36. zƬesla

    PW owners, summer is coming/here. What is your reserve percentage?

    Been at 35% the last several weeks
  37. zƬesla

    9.6kWh Solar System total power production

    It will vary year-to-year. Something else to keep in mind is that the panels will degrade over time. Just enjoy it!
  38. zƬesla

    9.6kWh Solar System total power production

    April/May are typically the best productions months. And yes, estimates are usually low-balled. Check out PVWatts to calculate what you should have on average.
  39. zƬesla

    Get some Sense... [sense monitoring solution]

    @tga Are you in a grandfathered plan? Eversource in NH pays me a fraction of the $/kW for export vs import, with no TOU.
  40. zƬesla

    ConnectedSolutions Demand Response Revisit

    Looks like they have a program in CT where they pay 50% of the battery cost, up to $7500, and are allowed draw-downs for 10 years. Guessing they may do the same in NH?
  41. zƬesla

    ConnectedSolutions Demand Response Revisit

    Heard back from Eversource/NH that the current Demand Response program remains closed and will go away. They are apparently replacing it with another where they help customers pay for Powerwalls and are automatically enrolled in Demand Response. Wonder what the install $ incentive will be.
  42. zƬesla

    Regular Powerwall Related Failures?

    When I had major issues with the whole house losing power, it was caused by there being too much solar being generated for the number of PowerWalls installed. Once the installer put in an additional PW, those issues resolved.
  43. zƬesla

    Tesla App Energy Production: DC or AC?

    Perhaps assuming it's a Tesla inverter. For other inverters, you'd probably have to use their API (not Tesla's) to get the info.
  44. zƬesla

    String Set-up on Sunny Boy inverter and production behaviour?

    @scotsmanswan, I have a SunnyBoy 7.0 (2 strings) and 7.7 (3 strings). Each string has 10x 350kW panels. You can see each string graphed below for a mostly sunny day this past week (I1=7.7, I2=7.0 S#=string). We are still getting morning shade from trees which is the large dip you see around 9am...
  45. zƬesla

    ConnectedSolutions Demand Response Revisit

    I am once again considering whether to join Eversource's Demand Response program in NH. The program had been stopped but there's word it will get going again this year. The NH program provides for $225 per average kW with 30-60 events of 3 hours from June 1st to September 30th. I have 3 PWs and...
  46. zƬesla

    My system is clipping on 12.6kw system with 7.6 inverter

    OP's 1.7 ratio isn't good. Is it clipping year-round of only for a few weeks?
  47. zƬesla

    Buying used PowerWall [any issues with commissioning?]

    There was a recent post about potential issues with PWs sitting for more than a year unused. If your qualified engineer is a Tesla certified, they should be able to advise and commission.
  48. zƬesla

    Tesla solar installed today. Can I turn on

    Be careful with the advice above. If there are service people working on the lines there could also be a safety issue if you're exporting to the grid
  49. zƬesla

    Tesla solar installed today. Can I turn on

    Only if you turn off the grid coming to the house and have enough PowerWalls to carry your loads. Otherwise, you need to wait for PTO.
  50. zƬesla

    What devices do you have UPS connected even though you have a PowerWall?

    @Vines with pole-mounted panels, would you recommend FS100s on both the breaker for the utility AND the breaker for the PV?

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