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  1. Xero

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

  2. Xero

    2022.20 Enables Green Light Chime Without EAP/FSD!

    Autopilot has been included for the past few years now. I’ve not heard of EAP ever being included (Always an upgrade). If you believe you were downgraded, what features did you use that you no longer have access too?
  3. Xero

    Turn signal screen

    Autopilot > Automatic Blind Spot Camera 5 or 6 options down.
  4. Xero

    So I decided to get a Tow Hitch...

    the color mismatch isn’t as bad as it seems in the photo.
  5. Xero

    So I decided to get a Tow Hitch...

    This cover works pretty well. not As easy to remove as I’d like, but it is worthwhile. also get a rubber grommet to plug the hole. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0986F8CZZ?ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_dp_68P92HPEM00PKV5EXWX1
  6. Xero

    Smart Summon Question

    I thought there was a range limit, just double checking you’re not too far from your car.
  7. Xero

    Today's trivia: 9 ways to open the charge port door

    or the SEXY buttons.
  8. Xero

    Today's trivia: 9 ways to open the charge port door

    Isn’t there a 3rd party module (from Hanshow) where you can use the rear door handle (hold it partially open) to release charge door. Not speaking from experience, just remember seeing a YouTube video at some point.
  9. Xero

    Sky Force Reloaded Multiplayer

    Same as last replies, I’ve got two wireless controllers (cheapos with dongles from Amazon) and am able to play multiplayer. Unplug and plug back in when it doesn’t pick the controllers up. My 6 year old loves to play skyvforce with me, well worth the efforts to get this to work.
  10. Xero

    Don't blow your $ on accessories before delivery

    All sorts of accessories here, and love them all. Listed in order of importance ;) All Weather Floor Mats & Trunk Liner, SSD sentry drive, vinyl center console wrap (older console), Window tint, USB Hub, Cup holder sleeve, 12v Jumper pack, Trunk side cubbies, iPad holders on back of seat for...
  11. Xero

    Adding a tow package to a 2022 Model Y

    I also installed this 3rd party hitch panel. I put a rubber grommet in the hole. Hitch Cover for Tesla Model Y https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0986F8CZZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_HVQXQ3DN10WC33B2JT1H?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  12. Xero

    Adding a tow package to a 2022 Model Y

    I too added the tow hitch after delivery, same story as Jaydee above. No squeaks or rattles, the hitch is perfectly centered. We use it for bikes and it’s worked well so far.
  13. Xero

    Preconditioning for fast charging, worth it?

    Interesting, I’ll have to cinfirm. I’m certain I saw the energy meter go from 330ish (before pre-conditioning) up to 430ish (once pre-conditioning started) and back down 330ish after I tapped the banner.
  14. Xero

    Preconditioning for fast charging, worth it?

    PRO TIP: I found clicking on the Text/Banner “Pre-conditioning Battery” just above your next navigation step cancels the Pre-Conditioning. No need to route to a nearby location like earlier suggestions offered. I just returned from a decent road trip with the family, 800+ miles in around 20 deg...
  15. Xero

    2 Model Y or Ioniq 5?

    Oppositely, I appreciate that my 2020 MYLR still looks like a brand new car. I like to assume it’ll still look new for a while.
  16. Xero

    Car names…

  17. Xero

    Which car to buy?

    Either option sounds good, if FSD is important and you can’t wait, the used 2020 will be great. However if FSD is not so important and you can wait, your order will be an excellent choice. I’d choose the latter of the options personally as the several improvements that have and will happen will...
  18. Xero

    Has anyone added red calipers to a YLR?

    Used the following paint. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IK21RFW/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_MCEPFMXGT5H1FHAWNSCJ?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  19. Xero

    Has anyone added red calipers to a YLR?

    Painted mine a few months ago with caliper pain. Turned out great. Then had wife use her vinyl cutter to cut the Tesla letters out.
  20. Xero

    Phone lights up on acceleration

    It’s likely that your phone lifts off the charger for a split moment and stops charging due to the coils separating too much (hence the battery % showing). Then settles back down and charges again.
  21. Xero

    Who can Beat my Average Whr/mile? (Over life of Car)

    I’ll play, 276 kWh/m though im surprised it’s not higher, as I do enjoy a heavy foot.
  22. Xero

    Condensation in tail lights verdict??

    I had mobile service replace one tail light due to condensation. though this video helped shed some light on the issue.
  23. Xero

    Who ordered a Tesla Model Y without test driving one first?

    We took delivery of our 2020 Model YLR without ever test driving one. I did test drive a couple Model S from some friends. I never really thought about needing to test drive it. The car is an absolute dream to drive/own. No regrets.
  24. Xero

    Steering wheel heat inconsistent

    Isn’t this just apart of the cold weather update, so the window doesn’t have to drop as far when its frozen/sluggish window motor. So you don’t break your glass/pop your trim when opening door in cold weather. Your post above about not drying out vegan leather seems to make the most sense. I...
  25. Xero

    Map Changed After Update

    If you double tap on the the pointer/car indicator on the map it zooms in now. Then Pinch to zoom out and re-center. I did like the “+” and “-“ buttons before, but this seems simple enough.
  26. Xero

    How dependable is Carvana's offer to buy?

    Carvana was awesome, was super easy, take a few pictures, schedule the pickup date. They cut you a check right on the spot. The check was exactly what they quoted me originally (less anything you still owe the bank). I will be selling my future cars through carvana.
  27. Xero

    The one thing keeping me from ordering

    My last couple of cars had a moon roof which I appreciated and used. I can’t say that I miss having it, but I definitely appreciate having a solid glass roof. Such a great view and I have no regrets. Also I’ve become more of an AC guy now, keeps me cool and the cabin cleaner ☺️

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