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    Leak on passenger side A Pillar

    Curious if anyone has had issues with a leak from outside the car coming down the A Pillar into the passenger side floor? I have noticed after a car wash or heavy rain there is water staining on the A pillar trim and leaking down to the floor...anyone had this problem? It seems to be coming...
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    Is a 60kWh pack large enough?

    As a 60 owner in a moderately 'colder' climate, I think a 60 is plenty for what you need. I drive 70 miles roundtrip and can do it twice in a day if i needed too. I have also done 500-800 mi road trips, while the charging may be a little slower - unless you are traveling constantly won't add...
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    TRULY touch less car wash?

    I've tried the Kingsgate and Airport touchless - wasn't impressed with the Airport location, but the Kingsgate works well. There is also a touchless in downtown Snoqualmie, much closer and does a good job.
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    Unhappy Owners Post's Removed / Censored

    Read the rest of this thread, and all the others on this site, there are piles and piles of passive aggressive banter like that. Why is ar4c the only one that is not able to participate? I also find it ironic that ar4c is being lambasted for calling people an idiot and attacking other members...
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    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    installing now!
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    What's your 90%?

    I am right there with you. I am at 172, I have been as low as 168 @ 90%. I lost a few miles in chunks after driving from 90% down to 15-20% or so on a couple of day trips. It consistently works its way back up to 172/173..but 100% is only 191 - 194 :( I have tried all the tricks to regain...
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    How best to contact Tesla about unacceptable changes in "v7" dashboard.

    Some of us buy the car BECAUSE the UI can change. I for one think that it is awesome to get a new look-and-feel in an older car, not having to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade just for a newer looking and functioning software revision. Think about how angry people were because of AP was...
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    daytime running lights

    I do not have the tech package nor DRL's. I do however have NAV ;)
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    What's your 90%?

    I have actually seen the opposite happen lately on my S60. If i charge to my normal 90% and then drive down below 10-20% or so, my next charge is a few miles lower. It then seems to come back over a few 90% charges.
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    Thank you for the window washer at the Centralia Supercharger!

    +1 I have benefitted from this as well at Centralia a few times.
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    Tesla Referral Program

    Let me know if anyone wants a link :)
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    pano roof - vent position changed

    I noticed this as well, but I thought it was actually malfunctioning. I had my entire pano replaced early on and have had on and off problems, so I just chalked it up to that. Good to know this is on purpose!
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    Article on Supercharging effect on Model S battery capacity

    I wish I was as lucky as you. I am about 26,000 miles into my 60 and have charged to 90% regularly, super charged maybe 15-20 times, CHadeMo another 10-15 times and my max charge is 187 :(. I was rolling steady at 178/179 mi @ 90% but have lost a few miles a number of times. I am down to...
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    Firmware 6.2 - Navigation for non tech package?

    Just a note to non-tech owners out there. I saw someone posted a few weeks ago that they were quoted 3k for upgrading their non-tech to NAV. I was in the SC last week and asked if this was accurate - and it looks like the price has been cut in half. I had a quote from last year for about 6k...
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    Lost 5 Miles of capacity in 24hr?!?!

    I had started gaining back mileage and was up to 174/175 @ 90% charge until yesterday. I drove about 120 miles with pretty average Wh/mi (~300) and left the car with about 40 miles. 90% charge last night only went to 168?!?!? What the heck? I lost 7 miles in one day?
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    Next Generation seats soon to be available for older Model S cars

    I agree…I actually think the $8k is not that bad, considering that parking sensors were $6k - I have textile seats so it might not be a bad upgrade for that much…especially next-Gen considering I didn't pay anything up-front for leather. Even $2500 is the UPGRADE price from the base model...
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    Lost 5 Miles of capacity in 24hr?!?!

    I have started to gain some of that mileage back. Very much like Kabirakhtar, I have been getting 177-178 and then it has stepped down over the past few months to 175-176 and recently down to 170/171. The latest charges have been up to 173, so I am hoping it is calibrating. One thing I have...
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    Firmware 6.2

    I just had .249 installed on Friday and I lost 5 miles off my 90% charge. It didn't happen right away, but it happened about a day later and a few 90% top-offs.
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    Lost 5 Miles of capacity in 24hr?!?!

    My 60 has consistently charged to 90% daily, sometimes multiple times a day and this has been ranging in the 175-177 mi range @ 90%. I had my speedo display replaced on Friday and updates software to the latest 6.2. On my first nightly 90% charge, I hit 176 mi and all was good. Last night I...
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    CHAdeMO Adapter Price and Necessity

    I bought the adapter and only recently used it. It was nice to have alternatives to Superchargers, it allowed me to travel a shorter route and skip a SC. In the PNW, there is a pretty good density of them. Most of them are Aerovironment out here, its kind of pain in the butt to have to call...
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    Seattle to Sunriver, OR in S60

    I'm curious if anyone has done this in a 60, or any Model S, and how long it took door-to-door.  It looks to be about 6hr of driving and 1.5-2hr of Supercharging.  Any advice or details of the trip would be great!
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    PSE Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate

    What piece of paperwork is the "invoice" exactly? MVPA? Or is this a copy of the paperwork you sign when taking delivery?
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    I dipped my Model S

    This is a pretty cool and seems like the easiest/cheapest way to change the color of your car. How long does the "dip" last? Does it offer any protection to rock chips, etc? Also, how much time and money did this total job cost?
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    Bugs in firmware 6.2

    I did not read the whole thread, but has anyone reported their console freezing much more frequently with 6.2? I listen to slacker and at least half the time the whole console freezes up when searching for a new song. I never had this happen pre-6.2.
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    April 30th Event SPECULATION: 100kWh Battery + 2.8s 0-60 Model S to be announced?

    He said it won't be a car…the Model X is not a car. I am surprised no one thinks it will be the Model X unveiling, possibly with X70 and X100 battery sizes? The only reason I could see them investing any time/money in something other than cars/suv/etc is that they are worried about their...
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    Firmware 6.2 - Navigation for non tech package?

    I agree that the new Range Assurance feature is useless and does nothing for our anxiety (which I don't have anyways) since its just not going to be accurate if its as the crow flies. In the places that the range is impacted the most (mountains, etc..) that is when the crow-fly calculation is...
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    Firmware 6.2 - Navigation for non tech package?

    I think non-tech cars have to have capability in the Google Maps display and don't understand why it would be a hardware limitation for that aspect. For the Navigon to work in the heads-up display, that I believe is because there is no storage/RAM in the center screen for that data to reside...
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    Firmware 6.2 - Navigation for non tech package?

    But the Trip Planner and Range Assurance only work if they know the destination and the route you are trying to take, correct? The current Maps application only gives you distance based on how the crow flies. I am not saying that I expect to get turn-by-turn instructions read to me, the...
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    Firmware 6.2 - Navigation for non tech package?

    I received an email, mass email, that indicated Range assurance and Trip Planning were going to be available to me and my Model S. I am guessing its just a mass email that went to all users, but they knew that I owned a model s and they know my configuration, so I am hoping its a good...
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    Firmware 6.2 - Navigation for non tech package?

    I am 60 non-tech owner and do think we have a chance of getting the trip planning and (hopefully) directions in google maps. The Maps app seems to just be google maps and rendering icons, route lines and listing out directions is what it seems very capable of doing. I do agree that having...
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    Elon "About to end range anxiety"

    Regarding all the speculation around the updates to Nav and making it available to all models (including Non-Tech and Asia markets?), I thought a big issue with non-Tech cars wanting to upgrade for navigation was the replacement of the center screen because there was no storage available for...
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    99%? Max charge

    Is the car actually reading 99% using the new "%" instead of miles feature? If so, I have noticed that my car charges to 89% and 79% even though the slider is at 90% and 80% respectively. I think this happens when you are NOT in range mode and have noticed if you are in range mode, it will...
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    CHAdeMO adapter wait frustration

    I was added to the list in August 2014, was told I was 520 on the list and got the email and ordered this afternoon. Already have a tracking number and expecting it early next week.
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    Interesting frunk usage

    I don't really keep anything in the frunk or use it for storage regularly, but I have found it to be a great place to change diapers on the road.
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    85D First Impressions

    I will be on the lookout this afternoon in North Bend by the Outlets if you are thinking about taking a drive…camera in hand!
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    Rear Facing Seats Retrofit - Did It Include Button to Open Trunk?

    Has anyone had the seats retrofitted as well as the rear cross member? I am seeing a wide range of costs quoted on the forums and want to understand the exact cost for a 42XXX VIN car to have the rear seats retrofitted. Also, is the retro-fit any less safe than the in-factory installation?
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    No Tech...was told I could just press handle?

    Nothing is wrong with your car - that is just how it works. I have non-tech, was told the same thing by the Tesla sales people, but that is not the case of the car without tech package. You have to use the fob buttons to unlock the car. For the first 10,000 cars or so, they built passive...
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    Firmware 6.1 - no tech package

    I do not have tech but did get a bunch of updates. The smart pre-conditioning works, not well - but it works ;) All you have to do is set a home and work. In addition, I got the following updates: - Media Improvements - Charge Port Opening with Fob - Consumption graph updates (Avg is default...
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    Firmware 6.1 - For Classic Model S

    I got the update last night and installed this morning. As ClearwaterBchSteve pointed out, it seems to only show updates that are pertinent to your car. Having no tech package, it seems I only missed out on the Nav related stuff, and AutoPilot of course -- but did get pre-conditioning. I...
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    Firmware 6.1

    Has anyone without the tech package gotten the 6.1 update yet? I know I won't get the AP features because of my build, but curious what features will be updated on non-tech S's. I'd imagine the backup-lines, media-player, battery percentage, calendar enhancements and the chargeport/fob update...
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    Owning a Tesla is awesome, until you get into an accident...

    In WA I would go with PEMCO…they have a history of doing the customer right. There is no guaranteed replacement in their auto-policies but I think you could do an Agreed Value. They have a history of treating customers well and only insure the highest quality drivers (no tickets, etc..) which...
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    What Will Tesla Do with all the Used Seats?

    I for one wouldn't mind maybe upgrading my Textile seats to the newer version of the original generation seats (or even the sport seats). I enjoy the textile seats, but would think about upgrading them to a "used" leather set if it wasn't too cost-prohibitive.
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    How would YOU configure a Model S for the budget conscience?

    I would definitely drop the 85 over the tech, given the newest updates to the tech package. I have a 60, pano, SC enabled with no-tech. No AP or ACC at the time, so it was pretty easy to skip. I regret the lack of tech more than I do the limited range. I have never regretted a 60 from a...
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    How rare are Model S' without the Tech Package

    It does not apply to the window trim - just the bottom trim on the rear diffuser and the "rakes" on the lower front fascia next to the cornering/parking/fog light assembly.
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    How rare are Model S' without the Tech Package

    This was removed after about 10,000 VIN. I was under the assumption when I skipped the tech-package I would have that feature, which is one of the big reasons I skipped it cause that seemed good enough, but learned after delivery (and so did my SvC) that they stopped shipping this months earlier.
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    P85D with wrong seats, but had to figure it out for myself

    Please don't confuse me with someone that actually has a P85D issue, I have an S60 that is one of the cheapest models you can buy, and I have loved every mile of it - so much that I can't wait until I can buy an X, even with the list of issues I have had (master charger failure, creaks, seat...
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    P85D with wrong seats, but had to figure it out for myself

    Don't get me wrong, if I had a P85D on order and fell into that group of having to take old seats while still getting the car delivered in '14 (tax credit, wanting to drive it ASAP!) I would have definitely taken delivery. I just don't think we should be making excuses for the company and need...
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    P85D with wrong seats, but had to figure it out for myself

    You made my point for me, its out of your capabilities to see Tesla do any wrong, so you have nothing you can say that will resonate with any non "fan-boy". But I would still love to hear your explanation about why a supplier that Tesla engaged, went into contract with, marketed 'their'...
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    How rare are Model S' without the Tech Package

    No tech package here. $3,750 for a bunch of "cool" things and having lived without in-car nav for my whole life (and considering i know where I am going 99% of the time) I skipped it. With AutoPilot, I would definitely order it though. At the time, the passive entry was the only thing that I...
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    P85D with wrong seats, but had to figure it out for myself

    How is it out of line? It's no secret that Tesla does what ever they can and "rush" as many orders in before the end of the quarter and even the year. You don't think its a consideration by Tesla to try to figure out how to still deliver these thousands of cars even though they don't have all...

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