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  1. J

    Both HID low beam lights failed at the same time...

    Both my left and right HID low beam lights are being reported for checking by my 2.x Roadster. It seems that the car is choosing to run the high beams automatically and not showing that on the dash. I've noticed no difference if I turn on the high beams (other than the dash indicator appears.)...
  2. J

    New Tires should not be this difficult (broken lug nut tool)

    So my 12v battery needed replacement and my tires were pretty well worn so putting in some work on the Roadster seemed required. It took over a month of stops and starts. I'll just hit the high points here... * TireRack took three weeks and a difficult chat with their customer service because...
  3. J

    TireRack search issue

    I just had a flat. So of course I go to tirerack.com to order new tires and it comes back no tires available. WTF!?! But it's not real. Once I start searching on tire size and not by vehicle I find Advan Noeva AD07 with a little different designation on the full name. A moment of panic...
  4. J

    Wiki Roadster Speaker Replacement

    The Blaujunk thread has some nice instructions on speaker replacement. I wanted to replace the speakers in the Roadster. The front speakers are easy to access. Just a bent paper clip can pry out the screen and then unscrew the plastic mount. Here's the speaker that was in the car. The mount...
  5. J

    Charging for not Charging

    I just left a free Blink charge station where a Chevy Volt had been connected for more than five hours and was still then when I left after I was done. Free charge stations are nice, but if they're just being used to park or taken for a whole day but only really charging for a few hours, it...
  6. J

    When would you let your kids plug in your car?

    I'm curious, for those parents with a Model S. Probably your kids will see you plug in the car. If they're curious, about what age would you let them do it themselves? I don't have young kids but now grand-kids are visiting and they are curious. With my Roadster I've been at public charge...
  7. J

    Locations which might cause TPMS problems - Roadster

    So my Roadster has lost TPMS sync while driving at a couple locations and I'm suspicious of radio interference being a problem. The last time this happened I was on Sacramento County road E-13 (Twin Cities Road) off I-5 heading to Walnut Grove. The thing about that is I lost TPMS sync right...
  8. J

    Lost post due to login timeout and other problems

    Hey, Grrr... I lost a nice post due to login timing out. Logged back in and got the url... Tesla Motors Club - Enthusiasts & Owners Forum which was a blank page. Refresh - nothing. Went to my profile to see if it was saved - nothing I could find, clicked on 'view articles' and it...
  9. J

    Pump Rebels - Pin-up calendar

    I'm not certain what to make of this. Is this the future? Is this why electric cars haven't sold? Pump Rebels Pump Rebels 2012 Fuel Efficient Car Calendar
  10. J

    DeLorean is back and Electric

    All-Electric DeLorean Car To Hit the Streets in 2013! | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World http://delorean.com/2011/10/electric-delorean/
  11. J

    CA AB 475 Allow ticketing of vehicles not connected to chargers

    So almost law in CA is a bill AB 475 which will allow ticketing of cars parked at chargers but not connected to chargers. I think this is a bad bill because anyone can disconnect a car and subject you to ticketing and towing. It seems to me a ticket is adding insult to injury if someone...
  12. J

    What would you tell a new Roadster owner?

    So my Roadster 2.5 is due this week or next. I've read lots of the forum stuff. There is a lot of material. I have charging lined up. What I wonder is... Existing owners... What would you tell a new Roadster owner? Hints? Most valued resource? Advice? Jeff waiting for #1026
  13. J

    Power Harmonics due to Tesla Charging

    Does anyone have any figures for production of harmonics in power lines due to charging electric vehicles and specifically the Tesla? I'm thinking that there is essentially a high current SMPS involved but when charging off a 240v supply the neutral conductor should have little to no current...

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